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Toyota Tacoma Tires and Wheels



  • i bought a 2006 tacoma 4x4 double cab. Its the sport option with 265/65 R17 tires. I am wanting to put a more aggressive off road tire on it but nothign is relaly available in that size. Does anyone know if putting 265/70 R17 tires on the vehicle will work or if they rub against the mud flaps or bottom out? The tire palces i checked into said it would be a close fit and may cause issues in the front. If anyone has replaced there tires to the 265/70 R17 size let me know if you have issues with it. thanks
  • tumwetumwe Posts: 7
    I am looking at purchasing a 2007 access cab with TRD offroad and towing package, stock tire size is 265/70R16 BFG Rugged Trail. What I would like to do is swap the OEM rubber for Michelin LTX/AT in 265/75R16 size. Does anybody know of clearance problems or any other issues this larger tire size might cause. We're only talking about a 1/2 inch increase in radius. Thanx for any input.
  • I have a 2006 Tacoma Double Cab. My tire pressure warning light won't go off despite there being 32-34 psi in all four original factory tires. Is the spare also monitored? Anyone else have or heard of this problem? The dealer told me 32-35 psi is recommended.
  • Yes ... this happened to me as well. The spare tire is monitored along with the others.
  • How did you fix the problem? Was it the spare or did the dealer have to fix? Thanks for the reply..:)
  • tacovivatacoviva Posts: 116
    There's a reset switch near the hood release lever under the steering wheel. Stop the vehicle and hold it in for 10 seconds, then release. It should blink, then remain on. Drive the truck for a bit and it should go off. This will work if the tire pressures have already been set per spec, the sensors are good, and it's not too cold out. Mine did the same thing and that is how I corrected it. It still comes on if it's really cold uot, but once it heats up it goes off.
  • milo8milo8 Posts: 1
    My 2002 Tacoma gets bearly 20 mpg on the highway with Michelin X Radial LT P265/70 R16 tires. Will smaller rims help gas milage? Any suggestions for a tire to improve gas milage? Thanks.
  • I just got a 2005 tacoma, and had a nail puncture on the back left tire. Thought I could get it fixed with a plug easy enough, but the 'techs' at the tire plug place screwed up the sensor. Toyota's techs tell me that I will now, in addition to a new tire, will need a new sensor ($40) and then they will have to 'reprogram the CPU' for $90...WTF????? So now my $10 tire plug is costing $150 + $90 + $40....$290 for a popped tire? Why the heck would they design a system that had to be 're-programmed' in the event of a broken part? I wish I had never bought from Toyota...they take too easily from the consumer...and I will never get a Toyota again. It is sad to see I am not the only one experiencing these problems. :sick:
  • Sure thing. I got a tire plugged and thought the plug was failing, but when I manually checked the pressure it was fine, perfectly set. Apparently when the 'tire plug tech' did the job, they can 'nick the sensor' or break it with the tire removing device. So my $10 tire plug fix is probably going to cost $300 now because they have to remove the bad sensor and replace it, then reprogram the TPMS which costs about $90. This is terrible because tire pops are common and shouldn't be lumped into a new category of a 'major' repair, but Toyota has managed to do just that.
  • My BFG Rugged Trails didn't last until wear out. At about 16,000 miles, within a month I had 3 flats on separate tires. The tally is: One flathead screw driver, one screw in the sidewall, and a nail that was patchable. Granted, there has been a lot of growth in my city, so construction is no doubt the culprit. But I was unwilling to buy 2 Rugged Trail tires when I wanted BFG A/Ts or M/Ts. So, I went ahead and got 4 new BFG A/Ts from Americas Tire Co, and got the road hazard warranty. So, a question, will a 265/75/16 tire fit in the spare bay underneath the bed? Haven't tried yet. 265/75/16s do not rub with TRD Off Road suspension.
  • cawwiecawwie Posts: 15
    Can we just throw new rims and tires on the truck, and say F*#* it? Do we have to worry about this system? What will actually happen? I have seen tacos with custom rims and tires. What is everyone doing? Will it void my factory warranty?

    Thanks. ;)
  • ryand82ryand82 Posts: 1
    About 5 years back I put larger tires on my wimpy 1997 2WD Toyota Tacoma truck. Everything was fine until I had those tires replaced. The tire store put on the same size tires, but with a much larger tread and now whenever I hit a bump or pull into a driveway, my two front tires rub the top side of the wheel wells.

    Is there anyway I can fix this? I was think about having a 1 1/2" lift kit (coil spring spacers ) installed on the front to lift the wheel well away from the front tires. Will this work and are there any better or cheaper options other than getting new tires?
  • kiwi79kiwi79 Posts: 10
    Not many notes have been written regarding larger wheel size/tire combinations that will fit the '05 onwards Tacos.
    I want to purchase a second set of rims with tires for road use only, to suit my TRD O/Road D/Cab. The original factory 16's run M/T tires for my off-road work and don't want to blow them out with excessive highway use.
    Does anyone know somebody that is running 20" or 22" wheels? What width rim and tyre sizes are good without clearance problems? (with lift-kits and/or without)
    EG; I'd like to run either 285/40R22's on 22x9's or 285/50R20's on 20x9's. Not sure of the offset needed to achieve either combinations. I look forward to any assistance. Cheers. :confuse:
  • Just curious if you were able to find a larger tire to fit. I have the same truck with a 3" lift kit and was told I could fit 285/70x17's on it.

  • egm1egm1 Posts: 9
    I bought a '07 Tacoma and purchased after market wheels for it. Love the wheels, but the TPMS sensors would not fit the new wheels. Now the TPMS warning light is always on and I can't figure out how to turn it off. I looked at the reset switch and at the fuses. The fuse is grouped with other functions so I can't go that route. The reset switch was of no use.
    Any ideas on how I can delete the warning light?
  • I have a 2003 Tacoma Extended Cab 2WD with 40,000 miles on the original tires. They are Firestone Wilderness HT P205 75R15 97s M+S. They are rated at 60,000 miles, and still have good tread. However, I am beginning to shop for replacements. Can anyone recommend good replacements (competitor or otherwise)? I live in Florida, and I drive mostly on improved roads and highways with very little off road driving. Any suggestions would be helpful. Thanks.
  • i have a 2001 doublcab ltd and i bought the michelin-x ltr because i saw them on the landcruiser and liked the look. it's not the knobby type tire you have but rather a muscular wider street tread style that's still rated for offroad. it gives the tacoma a much more authoritative grip and stance driving and a stronger look. we're lucky we have a truck that's so well-balanced that it won't beat up a set of tires so soon...these tires cost more but last forever too. killer ride also
  • I recently bought a 2006 Tacoma 4x4 access cab. The tires it came with were Dunlop AT20 245/75/16 and are about done for. I am looking to purchase a new set of tires and was wondering if anyone had any advice on a good tire and size. I drive alot on the highway and some off road, probably 85/15% so I'm looking for a tire that does well in all weather conditions and gets good gas mileage but can handle some light off roading. Any suggestions would great. Thanks
  • I have a 2007 TRD offroad tacoma with 4 doors and was looking to get new tires. I got a steal on a set of Goodyear Wranglers 285-75-16, and was wondering what I should do to get the tires to clear. I want to get some Mojaves with teflon coating by American Racing and when I called a shop, they said 285 would not fit. I saw some "spacers" that gave a 2'' lift in the front and was wondering if they work well and if they would even work. Please let me know....Thanks!!
  • 95tac95tac Posts: 2
    I have a '95 Extended Cab Tacoma. It has the factory steel wheels and wheel covers (hubcaps) on it. I have seen a sport/rally type wheel on other Tacomas but have never had the opportunity to ask anyone about them. The logo on the wheels looks like a figure 8 or S and they appear to be a Toyota product. Anyone know what they are called or where I could find some?
  • falcon2falcon2 Posts: 3
    Looking for some advice on installing bigger tires on my 08 Tacoma regular cab 4x2. It came with 215/70R15s. I would like to move to 16 inch wheels and maybe 235 size. What advice can I get. Is this going to mess up my gas mileage or speedometer reading?
  • mickster4mickster4 Posts: 2
    Did you get an answer? I am wanting to do the same thing and am not sure what size to go to, maybe 17"? Let me know if you come up with anything. Thanks.
  • mickster4mickster4 Posts: 2
    I have a 4 cyl Access cab and want to put larger wheels on my truck. Without a lift kit, does anyone know what size tires/wheels I can install. I also would like to know where to purchase fogs lights, oem. I am told not to use universal.

  • I have a 2008 4 door tacoma, put fatboys 2.5" spacer on front and 1" block on back and now 33" tall Bridgestone A/T RH-S LT 285/75R16 on stock wheels. Fit and work great and looks great too. These tires come stock on a Hummer h-3.
  • I have a 2006 4 door tacoma and wanted to get the same size tires as you. ( 285 75R 16) How much will it cost and what kind of lift should I get?
  • I would love to know how to diactivate the system. Any help with proceedure would be greatly appreciated.
  • cool what is your mpg with your 285/75/16 and 3 inch lift?
  • hah2hah2 Posts: 1
    Long story short, I have two sets of tires; Firestone Destination A/T's and BFGoodrich Long Trails...Which would be the better overall tire to have on a 2002 Toy Taco 4x4..? Both sets of tires are practically brand new and I don't do alot of off-roading..Thanks in advance and be careful out there...
    Also, will tires keep or would they dry-rot?... Any input would be appreciated!!
  • I personally have seen really POOR performance with the BFBullcrap Long Trails; they came stock on my 2004 PreRunner, and had to be replaced before 20K miles ( dry rot, rough ride, balancing issues, etc...). I replaced them with Michelins, because I needed a good street tire for commuting, but I strongly considered the Destination ATs because they now use a similar high technology manufacturing process as the Bridgestone A/T Revo. When I owned my 95 Tacoma 4x4 (sigh...), this tire was the best performer I ever tried for combination highway and occasional off-road use.

    I would vote for the Firestone tire given the choice between these two !

  • Does anyone have any suggestions for replacing the brand new Dunlap Grand Trek AT20s (215/70 15) that came with my 2007 Toyota Tacoma? The ratings/reviews of these tires seem low/poor. I'm particularly concerned about wet stopping/hydroplaning. Snow/ice is not an issue where I live. Thanks.
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