Scion xB Accessories & Modifications

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This is the place to talk about what you're doing to "tweak" your xB to get it just the way you like it!


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    Has anyone installed a Cruise control in either the XB or it possible or does space limitations prohibit this???


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    There seems to be a lot of plastic hanging off the back of the bumper. Is it possible to mount a hitch receiver back there, on the frame, so you could put a hitch-mounted bike rack on the back?

    Then again, I don't know about opening the rear hatch upwards with a hitch-mounted rack and bikes in place. Any comments?
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    For a cars with a rear hatch where you want a rear bike mount, consider spending a bit more $ and get a rear rack with a pantograph action or one that swings away to the side. Otherwise, using the hatch with the racks on is a no-go.
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    Can you be more specific about the pantograph-type rack and about the kind of rack that swings to the side?

    Are these hitch-mounted?

    Can you suggest a couple manufacturers who offer these kinds of racks?

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    A few years ago I had the bed of my 1991 Mazda truck sprayed with Line-X and it's great. I wish I could see what your xB looks like with the lower part sprayed, because I also have a TCM silver one and might want to do it. I will email you to see if you have any photos.
    For suspsension mods, I did these myself (age 63) and highly recommend them:
    - Changing the rear shocks to softer SensaTracs. Softens the bumpy rear.
    - Adding a rear sway bar. Flattens the curves some more, and makes the handling neutral.

    Here's two albums I made for my xB photos:

    Scenic shots:
    Changing transmission oil: /
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    Where did you get the rear sway bar?

    On a 2003 Echo, I swapped out the stock struts/shocks for Sensatracs - to firm up the ride (the Echo was too wallowy!).

    (The Sensatracs are made by Monroe's European subsidiary and the valving is firm to satisfy European tastes - apparently on your xB the extra firmness is offset by the extra xB weight and gives you just the ride you want! That's a great user tip, by the way.)
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    I just got my xB friday and am thinking about putting vent visors on it. I was just wondering if anyone new if they created any wind noise or if they create any other issues? :)
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    I looked into vent shades and decided not to. People's experience seemed to vary a lot.
    The kind that slip into the window channel can interfere with the closing of the window. The kind that stick onto the outside of the door can leave residue when removed. Some people found their rear shades did not fit the window. Some people returned their shades.
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    I picked a TRD sway bar because it was said to be the most flexible (or least rigid), and was also the cheapest at $155 including shipping when ordered from Sparks Toyota at
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    Hi I added four gages,air horns,heated seats.LEDS in the wheel wells,injen intake. Now I have the air bag simbels,brake, vsc,abs,track off&off air bag LIGHTS on.HELP. scion66
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    I have the vent shide that go into the window channel they work great they don't interfere with anything.Scion66
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    "... I wish I could see what your xB looks like with the lower part sprayed, because I also have a TCM silver one and might want to do it..."

    No answer there, so I took some photos of my xB and used Photoshop to change the skirts and lips to black. Looked pretty good, so I took the car to the Line-X shop that did my truck bedliner, and had them spray the skirts and lips:
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    Hey people, I got my xB about two weeks ago. The more I look at it while driving at night, the more I want to change the lights behind my big round gauge, as well as behind the center switches under the radio, and the radio buttons on my steering wheel. I would like a little more uniform lighting inside. Has anyone done this? Please guide me.
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    I finally wore out the stock Goodyear Eagles at 48k and 3/32nds of tread left. I put on a set of Falken Ziex 512's and what a difference!!!! Smoother, crisper cornering and handling are the result. I also went up a size to 195 60 15. The gas mileage that I measured today at fillup was 32.14 mpg. Not too bad I'd say. I ended up getting them from Sears because of a sale that I couldn't pass up. The stock Goodyears didn't have 48k on them--more like 38k due to the fact that I run dedicated snows in the winter. The Falken's make my commute that much more comfortable and relaxing, and I recommend them to all you XB owners. BTW, who has the highest milege on their XB to date?
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    just installed a pair of front seat covers from They were cheap ($13 + $11 shipping to Seattle area from Houston), well made, nice fit, nice material. I didn't want to take a chance on the $100+ models. HIGHLY recommended.
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    Thanks for the seat cover post. I've been looking for a backseat cover to limit the dirt and damage from the kids and dogs. This should do the trick.
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    Have any of you XB owners replaced your headlight bulbs? I drive a lot of twisty back roads to and from work and am looking for a brighter bulb. I've looked at the Silverstars but wanted some feedback from the members. Any suggestions?
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    My driver's side front door has lost it's ability to stay open. It no longer " catches " when I open it. Do I have to remove the interior door panel to see what's wrong?
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    Silverstars have been tested and shown to produce LESS light that OEM bulbs in some cars and trucks and the SAME in others. Ditto all the other "blue" or "white" bulbs. OEM bulbs work about as well as anything else and are far cheaper.

    I have found the xB's low beams to be really nice for non-HID lights.

    You could:

    Get over wattage bulbs - those will produce more light but may melt the light wiring (unless you install new wires and a relay). They could also melt or darken the headlight lens to due the higher temps.

    Get aftermarket HID replacement bulbs. You will get LOTS of light but at a fairly high price. You will also dazzle oncoming drivers since the light is too bright and scattered. You can put an "eyebrow" on the lights to cut down on the scatter and might be OK. If you don't pay extra for bi-xenon lights you will lose the high beams.

    Get driving lights, maybe even HID driving lights. This would seem to be the best solution - bright, extra light down the road when you need it with no blinding other cars when you don't.

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    I just purchased a 2006 Scion XB. The interior lighting - just the overhead - is insufficient. Where do I go to find out what other light options there are, and someone to install them. I want lights that come on when I open the door. The overhead light presently is not useful as my body blocks that overhead light. I am located in Sanford Florida.
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    Some folks purchased one of those auto-dimming mirrors that have map lights in them. Then wire the map lights into the dome light circuit and you have more light up front.

    The lack of light up front seems to be the number one complaint on the xB. The one light does no good up front - and when looking for something under the lift-gate does not do much back there either.

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    For a light under $10 that you press to turn on and off, look at the Sylvania Dot-It. I stuck a silver one on the flat plastic area over my mirror, and black ones on each side of the trunk.
    From or from your local Meijer, Target, Wal-Mart, K-Mart, etc: r=8-2/qid=1169757497/ref=pd_bbs_sr_2/105-8291921-0032404?ie=UTF8&s=automotive
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    My friend has an xB that came with a boom tube in the back. It makes a HUGE difference in the sound. I have also noticed his Scion "Pioneer" cd player has a button or two in different places.

    My questions are: Are there different models of the cd players for the xB's?

    Or does his sound THAT much better and seem to have that much more power solely based on the TUBE?

    The xB's that come with the tubes do they also come with amps or something? Because his xB Pioneer sounds A HELL of a lot louder than mine, hard to believe it's based on the tube alone. And does the dealer install now after I bought it? (Just bought it a week ago:)
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    There are two Scion/Pioneer CD players. The "free" one that has track and folder up/down BUTTONS on the face of the player and a single knob in the center for volume. The upgrade one ($260 extra) has two silver KNOBS for the volume and tuning, adds an ipod connector (with control for your ipod from the player), and the ability to change colors of the display. So to tell which one is in a Scion - just look for the knob VS buttons and the existence on an ipod connector on the console.

    There are usually several of these on sale on ebay (along with a bunch of the older pre-06 radios) - just go there and search on scion pioneer and you should find some pictures.

    I don't have the specs in front of me, but I think Scion claims "160 watts" for either of the models - the differences being the design, ipod, and colors.

    What you can try - in your friend's xB hit the center DSP button and see if it is in "hear" or "feel" mode and set yours to the same.

    Another thing to try - make sure your dealer (and his dealer) set the unit to the proper car. I think you push and HOLD the DSP/SSP button and it will come up and say either "xA", "xB" or "tC". The same radio/cd is used in all three and needs to be programmed to match the car they stuck it in. One of those settings sounds really bad in an xB and the other two are similar. Check your friend's and yours to see if they are set the same - and see which you like better in your box. Mine came set wrong (on the car that sounds bad in an xB) so once I changed it was happier with the sound. If I recall, you use the volume control to change the car type. This works in any generation Scion/Pioneer unit: the old ones, the new non-ipod, and the ipod one. A ton of Scions are driving around with this set wrong.

    The Scion 8" bazooka tube is $429 + install (full price) from a Scion dealer and most folks seem to think it is not worth the money. You can get an aftermarket sub and amp installed for the same or less money that will sound a lot better.

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    Thanks Dennis. I already called and prepaid for the sub/tube at my Toy dealer since they only had one... NOW I see I can get the same thing at CC for $150 less. I can get a REFUND for the Dealer Bazooka right? I haven't even picked it up yet. I would like the dealer to install though b/c I just have never had much luck with "other shops". They always seem to scratch something or not do something right.
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    Thanks for the feedback on the headlights. While I'm not actively pursuing new lights at this time, it is an upgrade that I may do in the next few mos. I drive many miles of twisty two lane roads, over mountains into DC gridlock. A neighbor informed me that he installed the new Sylvania Silverstars CB's (cool blue) in his '06 XA and said they are a huge improvement over the stock Scion lights. I'll take a night ride in his XA to view the lights firsthand.
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    If you just paid all that money for new lights, wouldn't you THINK they made a big difference as well? They may look better (cool blue color) but I would bet they do not put out more light (and probably less) than new OEM bulbs would.

    That is another thing to note - with standard halogen bulbs the longer you use the them the less the light output. So if you replace old bulbs with new ones (any kind) they COULD produce more light that the ones you replaced. If you put in a new OEM type bulb and a new "blue" bulb the OEM type should produce more light.

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    Another thing to try - make sure your dealer (and his dealer) set the unit to the proper car. I think you push and HOLD the DSP/SSP button and it will come up and say either "xA", "xB" or "tC".

    This was BIG. Mine was set to tC and it sounded like a tin trash can. In fact a friend at work that HAS a tC I told this to him in hopes maybe he could adjust his... well, his was also set to tC, though it still sounded weak. He instantly changed it to xA. Mine xB on xB makes a world of diff but I'm still getting the tube:) Thanks Dennis:))
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    Got the tube installed! Wow. Just wow. My son is a HUGE audiophile, knows all the specs, etc I told him I got the 100W Bazooka tube installed and he wasn't really impressed (to my surprise), but to his surprise he was AMAZED. He said he never knew a 100W Sub like this could sound that good (he deals in 200W on UP). I think it could be combo of the xB design and the fact this was designed for the xB but it sounds incredible to me. Also since there aren't a lot of extraneous parts in the xB the whole vehicle doesn't rattle like many cars would, it's a very clean sound. Amazing too, this thing is barely set one quarter of the way up and at times it's excessive! So you can't even take full-FULL advantage of it unless you want to get blasted out with bass.

    Praise be the xB:)
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    My 2006 Scion does not have a alarm as far as I can tell??? In addition, I want to open the doors with a remote. I see they offer this for a lot of money at toyota. Has anyone added this option, and is there a less expensive solution than OEM?
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    No alarm standard on the xB, but keyless entry is standard. You say you want to open the doors with a remote, I do this every time I get in mine. Did you not get 2 keyless entry key fobs with your xB?

    As to the alarm system, any good shop (and even CC and BB) can hook you up with an alarm system that ties into the keyless entry so you will have an alarm and door lock and unlock. If you xB is an auto, for a little more you can get a remote start added to it. The xB does not use in anti-theft code keys so remote start does not cost much extra. Most folks I talk to are partial to the products from Directed Electronics (Python, Viper, etc).

    You can buy the OEM system from a discount Scion parts dealer for around $240 or so and have it put in, but I think you will find you could get a two-way Viper or Python system installed for about the same price.

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    I checked the radio setting on my xB, and found it was set to a tC. Thanks so much for the advice!
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    I recently got a small settlement check, or free money, and thought I'd like to upgrade my "hubcap" look to something a bit racier. Anyway, does anyone know what the "stock" rim size is on the xB's (width and depth)? And what rim size can be purchased and still use the "stock tires"? My stock tires are new:) And if I went with a larger size does that effect gas mileage? And is there any benefit to having nicer rims? Better ride, etc? Sorry, I am a total novice. Any companies to stay away from? Lotta questions:)~
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    I checked the radio setting on my xB, and found it was set to a tC. Thanks so much for the advice!

    Did it sound a lot better when you changed it to xB ? After I posted that tip I checked mine and the tC was the setting that sounds the worst in an xB, the xA and xB settings are similar.

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    You have the stock steel wheels with plastic hubcaps?

    They are:

    4x100 Bolt Pattern, 15"x6" with a +38 offset

    The OEM xB tire size is 185/60R15

    You can check The TireRack and Discount Tire Direct and many other places for replacement wheels - all a lot cheaper than the 15" OEM Scion alloy wheels. You can get 15" 6 or 6.5" alloys for as low as $67 to $79 per wheel plus shipping. Your OEM size tires should fit on these fine, but you will have to pay a local installer to mount and balance them. This may be $15-25 per wheel. If you go with a 15" that is 7" or wider the OEM tires may not fit - call them to check on that. Both sites have "show this wheel on my ride" functions so you can get an idea how they will look on your xB.

    To save on the install costs, you can get a wheel and tire combo and they will come pre-mounted and balanced for no extra charge - but shipping will be more than just wheels would be. If you do this you could get wider tires or go with a +1 or +2 or +3 upgrade (16" - 18" wheels and tires). The larger the wheel the lower profile the tire and the better the handling (generally) and the worse the ride and the chance a pot hole with bend a rim. The larger wheels and tires generally cost a good bit more too.

    You have to be careful of wheel offset too - since the wrong offset will cause uneven wear and/or alignment problems. Generally if TireRack or Discount says it is "OK" then it should be. They will also supply (for free) the proper lug nuts and a hub ring, if needed. Some other wheel sites may not - so you will pay extra and have to wait before you can complete the install.

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    I am getting the front two windows tinted in my new xB tomorrow and would like them to match the back as closely as possible. I believe the guy at the tint place thought it was 15%--anyone have any idea? Thanks!
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    I am getting it done Friday on my 06 xB, but they said they would be unable to match it exactly since (by law) the rear tint level is too dark for the front windows. So they will get it "As dark as is legal" which will be pretty close to a match.

    They quoted me $55 for the work and materials, which I don't think is too bad. They have been around for years and just did 2 cars from a buddy of mine - and it was nice work.

    I also have a custom cut Covercraft UVS100 sunshade I pop in the front window. I have used these in other cars and have purchased them for my kid's cars - and they work really well. Click here for Covercraft's page They do not have one for the 08 xB yet, but check back with them later and I am sure they will.

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    I had the window tinting completed yesterday and he told me the same thing about the match not being perfect--you can either go to the light 35 tint and have it lighter than the back or go to the 15 and and have it darker. I'm all for darker. If it were up to me all windows would be limo tinted as I hate the sun period. I am wondering where you get one of those strips that go at the very top of the windshield to protect against glare--autozone?
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    I don't like it too dark, a CPO M5 I used to have had it really dark (1st owner was from OK) and while it kept the sun out it made it tough to drive at night :D . It also makes the LEOs really nervous, so if you get pulled over roll down your dark window(s) so they can see there is no thread in the car.

    I would have thought the tint place could have done that top windshield thing for you quick and cheap while you were getting the windows done. I had one of those years (and years) ago that *I* put on an 83 GTI and it was a pain in behind to get on and get all the bubbles/creases/ripples out of.

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    Has anyone installed a 10.2" ceiling-mount DVD player in a 08 xB?
    Can you still see the back in the rearview mirror?
    I am looking at Audiovox Shuttle system from Bestbuy and Circuitcity, but I don't know if it will block the rearview.
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    Hopefully, someone can answer my question quickly. I'm thinking of buying 2008 xB. One of the options I like is to have 16" alloy wheels on it. Since the engine is only 158 hp, the overall weight seems to be important (if I remember correctly, wheels have a factor of 8 when the weight is calculated). I was surprised to learn that people at Part or Service Toyota dealership do not know the weight of standard steel vs. alloy wheels, so I can calculate how much weight I'm adding by switching the wheels. Anyone here knows the weights for steel and 16" alloy wheels? Also, if someone has these alloys and can tell me how it affects performance and fuel economy, I'll appreciate it very much.
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    Almost any alloy wheel is going to be lighter than the similar sized steel wheel. The 1st gen xB steelies were said to weigh 37 pounds for the pair - but that is for 15" wheels and tires.

    I would not worry about it that much and I for sure would not buy the OEM alloys, find something you like from TireRack or DiscountTire and have the tires swapped yourself. On both sites the actual wheel weight is listed, just check the details. I think most would be under 20 lbs.

    The OEM alloys are grossly overpriced and much cheaper alternatives can be found without much trouble.

    I put some MB wheels on my 06 xB that I got from DiscountTireDirect. They were $75 each plus shipping and I got a nice discount off that price too. They look a lot nicer than the OEM wheels and where less than 1/2 the price.

  • soon2soon2 Member Posts: 4
    Dennis, thanks! I'll check the site you suggested.
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    There's a chart that might help people find the right size wheels and tires for their '08 xB
    2008 Scion xB wheel & tire chart
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    Thanks for that link!
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    Dennis, hi!
    I didn't want to bother you again with alloy questions, but looks like no one else there has the answers for me... So, my present pick for 2008 xB is either Enkei J10 or MB Tucson. I think, they look cool. Prices are similar ($127 and 107), but weighs are not - 17 and 23 lbs for these wheels. MB has a structural life-time warranty, but Enkei only 1-year for finish... This Enkei model seems to be the older one, so I couldn't find out whether it is forged or cast and thus, how strong it is. MB is probably strong, but much heavier. So, here is my dilemma - I want to get a light wheel, but don't want to compromise on the strength (I drive around New York, so pot hols are a real menace...). Also, original steelies are 16x6.5, while alloys are 16x17. The original tires I intend to keep are 205/55/16R - rather a low profile tires. Is it really O.K. to put these tires on a wider rim - what could be the effect on car handling or even tire strength? If you have any thoughts, I appreciate it!
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    I understand the dilemma, you want some cool looking wheels but don't want to ruin them with pot holes and road salt. I would not think the "unsprung weight" on any xB is that much of an issue so I would get the sturdiest and/or least expensive wheel you can get. A lot of the super light wheels can be very fragile.

    You have to worry about either getting a spare wheel or making sure they don't go out of production on you. You spend the money now and bend a rim down the road and find you can't get a replacement wheel so you have to buy 4 new ones. Another reason to get an inexpensive wheel :D .

    7" or even 7.5" wide wheels should be fine with the OEM tires. On TireRack 205/55/16 is the recommended size for 16" rims for the xB in widths of 7 or 7.5".

    55 seems like a low profile tire - it you are old like me and remember when 60 series tires were "performance", but with today's tires those are not that "low". Be sure to keep them aired up and dodge what holes you can.

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