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    Dennis - you never fail, really thanks for your advices!
  • dwynnedwynne Member Posts: 4,018
    Did you check on the TireRack? They have several 16" wheels to fit that look pretty nice and some are as low as $75 (plus shipping) each. I got my wheels for the xB from DiscountTireDirect but I normally use TireRack - but it depends on what you want and what they have.

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    I have purchased a set of lowering springs and was wondering if it would affect the camber settings once they are installed.
  • texasestexases Member Posts: 9,591
    "I have purchased a set of lowering springs and was wondering if it would affect the camber settings once they are installed."

    Not sure, but I'm guessing they would, given the change in geometry and the difficulty maintaining settings during the replacement process. It would be worth checking the alignment to save the tires. I know it changed on my GTI.
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    I just bought 08 xB 3 weeks ago. And Immediately found a sunvisor is too short. Sun light from the side bothers me even I pulled a driver's seat all the way to the front.
  • dwynnedwynne Member Posts: 4,018
    Wrap-around sunglasses?

    Or maybe something like this? Or maybe this?

    Or you could just get your front side windows tinted as deeply as your local law allows. This is what I did and they are nearly as dark as the other windows. I paid $55 for both windows using quality tint from a nice shop.

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    they use to make a cling type window tint for cars that you could move around as you saw fit. My wife use to have one on her van.
  • dave594dave594 Member Posts: 218
    Anyone have any experience with installing a roof rack and / or trailer hitch on an 08 xB? I see that Yakima makes a roof rack and I wonder how easy (or difficult) that is to self install? Which trailer hitch (1.25" or 2", to mount a bike rack) is the best? Thanks in advance.
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    I recently purchased a used '06 xb and am very pleased with the car. One annoyance for me was the intermittent wipers (single speed). I had read on another forum where some xb owners had swapped the wiper stalk with a variable intermittent stalk from the matrix/vibe. I was able to locate a used '03 Pontiac vibe wiper stalk on ebay for $25. The installation was very easy. Three screws and 10 minutes later, I had variable intermittent wipers (1-8 second delay). I'm also considering an after market cruise control, does anyone have a suggestion regarding type/brand and an idea of what this may cost?
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    I would get the "official" one made by Rostra. You could ask the dealers in your area who they get to install them and take your Scion there for the installation. Probably about $300-350 for the parts and labor. You can buy it online for $200 or so from places like this and install it yourself, or contract Rostra and ask who they have in your area to install it. The net price of the control + installation may be less if you just buy it from the installer, you have to check to see.

    I am interested in the wiper stalk swap, did you see that on Scionlife or elsewhere?

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    The information regarding the wiper assembly swap was found on I'm pasting the link below. tml
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    Thanks, I found it via google search after I posted :D .

    If you get the Rostra, there is a thread on SL about setting the sensitivity of the control. Almost everyone is disappointed by how bad it tracks the speed at the default setting, so you change a couple of DIP switches in the control unit and it works really nice.

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