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HHR Real World MPG Numbers



  • Thanks poncho, next time I take it in I'll mention your idea....I'd sure like to get it fixed before the warranty is up....
  • ray80ray80 Posts: 1,643
    ....and my milage is on the downturn again. 31.8 and dropping (DIC numbers). I have to remember to check tire pressures again on one of these cold mornings.
  • pjk2pjk2 Posts: 8
    I rented a HHR this summer to go on a 300 mile business trip. The Car exceeded my expectations for a 4cyl vehicle. In fact it was the best 4cyl vehicle I've ever driven. On my trip I got 35.5mpg all highway miles. What was really interesting to me was the room .. the smooth shifting .. the smooth quiet ride... and I had no problem with the power.. there was plenty of power. I prefer large safer vehicles like my Buick but this small car that has a decent safety weight of 3200 lbs is at my minimal safety weight.
    I really don't think any vehicle on the roads should weight less than 3,000 lbs. I read stats that indicate that you are 6 times more likely to get killed in a car weighing less than 3,000lbs. With 42,000 people being killed each year in autos ... I like to keep my odds as high as I can.
  • scortchscortch Posts: 41
    I drove mostly city with a weekly trip or two down the highway. I would say maybe 80% city. Maybe 85%. Summer and winter (Aug in the south in the 90s and 100s untill dec which has been in the 40s-70s).

    I had the 2LT 2.4l automatic and I was getting 23MPG but, only with premium fuel and certain fuel stations.

    Some stations, even with premium, I only got about 21mpg.

    With regular, I got about 20MPG and I lost a lot of performance.

    I never made it on a long trip because I got rid of it before I was able to.

    I kept track of the readout versus calculated by hand and readout was always very accurate. Pretty much right on the nose every time. Much more accurate than my Malibu Maxx was.

    I got about 21mpg in the Malibu Max 3.5l auto and getting about 21 in the Impala 3.5l auto and using regular fuel (87). Again, mostly city.
  • micwebmicweb Posts: 1,617
    You said, in part:

    "I prefer large safer vehicles like my Buick but this small car that has a decent safety weight of 3200 lbs is at my minimal safety weight.
    I really don't think any vehicle on the roads should weight less than 3,000 lbs. I read stats that indicate that you are 6 times more likely to get killed in a car weighing less than 3,000lbs."

    I think that statistics like this represent lifestyles not vehicle size. For example, minivans tend to have lower death rates not because they are safer, but because soccer moms (usually) try to drive within speed limits and more carefully. Cars weighing less than 3,000 pounds these days include whole generations of smaller economy cars which lace the major structural improvements of the Fit, Yaris, etc. and are often driven by teenagers on a budget - so there is inexperience, recklessness, and intoxication skewing the numbers.

    Consider that MOST accidents are still SINGLE CAR accidents rather than vehicle to vehicle collisions. Size only matters in two car collisions, and in that case I think you'd need a Tahoe to have a real edge.

    While it IS true that 3,000 pounds gives you an edge in head-on collisions (with one of those older, smaller cars) almost all the freeway accidents I see these days (on my commute) are richochets, pinball incidents not head-ons.

    If I were to do a calculus of risk, I would rather have side curtain air bags in a smaller, modern car than go without them in a medium to large car.

    Also, MODERN small cars do surprisingly well in side crashes - these sled used to ram the test vehicle is a uniform size and weight for all test vehicles, so results are comparable across weight sizes. Apparently some of the smaller cars do better in side crashes than large SUV's! (I guess the SUV's need some design updates.

    Yes, I agree that the bare death stats on smaller vehicles look terrible, and on Buicks look good, but it may have more to do with the drivers than with the cars.
  • 45auto45auto Posts: 16
    :shades: I went to colorado springs,the to the grand canyon,and back to Ms. On the way home I got 32mpg for a brief period on regular fuel, with a 2.4 lt and manual transmission. average here in mississippi with 90% hwy mileage is 27.8 to 29.6 mpg. Vehicle has 38K on the clock :)
  • I was sitting a a stoplight the other day and it was raining. As the light changed I came out a little hot and tire broke loose because the tire was on the painted section of the crosswalk. When the car moved from the pavement and contacted the asphalt it tried to jerk the wheel from my hand. Now I am noticing a clunking sound under the car when I pull into the driveway or run over a manhole cover. I looked under the HHR but couldn't see any thing wrong. Does anyone have any ideas or info that would help...Thanks
  • dmathews3dmathews3 Posts: 1,739
    first thing I'd do is repost this in the proper forum. This has nothing to do with MPG.
    I'd take it to the dealers to have them check it out. Could be nothing but again could be major or turn into something major if ignored.
  • rivetsrivets Posts: 8
    My parents stopped by tonight and we talked a little about their HHR (2.4 M).
    Mom produced the last 5 gas receipts. They'd written down the mileage.
    Worst tank was 29.2 with some subzero (Fahrenheit) days. The second was at 32.1, and the other two were at 34.2 and 34.4.

    Not bad for December/January.
  • I have a 2007 HHR LS with the 2.2L and automatic. I have 42,000 miles on it.

    In mixed driving (60% city/ 40% hwy) my average is 26.3 mpg. This is ACTUAL mileage, based upon miles driven and fuel filled at the gas station, this is NOT based upon the mileage computer which I've found is inaccurate (it displays an mpg about 2-3 mpg higher than actual). I keep track of every gallon and mile travelled on an Excel spreadsheet (it also helps me track oil changes and tire rotations).

    Straight highway mileage is generally around 31 mpg (cruising 70ish).
    Straight city mileage is generally around 24 mpg (45 mph)

    I'm very happy with the mileage. Over Christmas I drove 1600 miles from Texas to Canada, and then another 1600 miles back again. In the HHR were 2 adults, 2 kids, a HUGE 15 cu ft Thule roof carrier full of toys and the back cargo area was full of luggage and my average economy was 28 mpg with my average speed around 75 mph for the full 3200 miles. That's pretty impressive considering the HHR had about 700 lbs of people and stuff jammed into it.

    The only thing I HATE about the HHR: Acceleration can only be described as glacial.
  • dmathews3dmathews3 Posts: 1,739
    Not going to measure any G's with all the stuff you are carrying, thats for sure. Still sounds like you're a happy camper. We me included have to give up those days of hot cars and learn to be satified with the good mileage and forget about the speed. :sick:
  • ziggy65ziggy65 Posts: 1
    I read a few so it looks as if the 2.4L does as well or better than the 2.2L. If this is the case which is the better engine?
  • dmathews3dmathews3 Posts: 1,739
    Of course the best engine is the one I have :P which is the 2.4 Seriously, I don't know which is the best engine. What is a good engine for me may not be for you. The SS engine would be the best but is it worth the extra few thousands you would have to pay. I guess that is why there are so many different engines out there as there is no perfect engine that meets everyones needs.
  • 87silver87silver Posts: 9
    I have the 2.0L Turbo in my SS and yield about 27.5 mpg with 70% hwy and 30% city. These numbers are the result of moderate performance driving.

    I could probably do better with a lighter foot out of toll plazas, but it's fun keeping pace with Cadillacs and Acuras. They never expect to be passed up by an HHR.
  • I am a very new HHR owner and I am having a problem with what everyone else in the world of hhr's is saying they get for mpg and what we are getting!!! I have a 2007 LT with the 2.4l engine. We bought it approx 3 weeks ago and in every other waywe love this car!!
    We are even considering taking it back and utilizing our "30 day if not satisfied get a different car" option. Not because we dont love the HHR but because we are only getting 17-19 city and 25max highway! What can I do? Oh and We use cruise on the highway, and we ARE running the air in town AND on the highway.
    One other comment. A gentlemen who owns a tiny car dealership swears to me that chevy makes a 100,000 mile spark plug!???? Told me if I dont believe him, call gm.Well I wouldnt even know where to guess to call.Has anyone ever heard of such a thing?
    I only have one week left to make a decision on this car, and am desperate to figure this out.
  • poncho167poncho167 Posts: 1,178
    There maybe an AC/Delco platinum plug that they say will last 100,000 miles like the Bosch 100,000 plug. Cadillac's and a few cars come with 100,000 mile plugs though I don't know if I would leave them in that long.

    Your mileage could be a combination of a few things or just a couple. Have you tried a different brand gas? Some vehicles need to get their computer reflashed to fix problems like this. You could disconnect the battery overnight. This would reprogram the cpu's memory as to your driving style. This has helped with some cars. A sticking brake pad touching the rotar causing a drag can reduce mileage a couple mpg.
  • Thank You!!!! I am so glad someone finally answered my question!lol
    The spark plug THIS guy was talking about,he swears they put in the HHR!??
    From your reply its a no way on that one......

    I am going to disconnect my battery tonight, and have my hubby take a good look at the brakes and pads.

    THANKS again!

    Carol Huffman
  • I think I should have got the manual! lol :D
    But I didnt really have that option since we bought it used off a pontiac dealer lot lmao So my question is this: CAN We trade this car straight across if I can find a manual HHR with a sunroof? (the only 2 things we wish we had!**running boards would be nice too but doubt I will find them on a car with a manual shift since most people special order them with automatics**.) and IF I can talk the dealer into the same exact price?

    I think the answer is probably a big FAT NO> but it never hurts to ask. lol

    Thanks a bunch! in advance

    Carol Huffman
  • I see this is a very old post but I am very new to this site . The difference in mpg w out air running is astonomical, to the tune of 10-15 mpg.difference.

    We just bought ours so we dont have a whole lot of running numbers but so far that is what we see.

    I am hoping your 2007 is still holding up well since that is the year our used HHR is, with a 2.4l engine.

    C Huffman
  • I have a 2008 HHR - have had it since October 2007. I get between 27 and 28 mpg.
    In the beginning, it was lower, but has improved. I have driven other HHR's (rentals) and have gotten 30 mpg. If you read your owner's manual, it says 100,000 miles for tune-up. I have 43,000 on mine and all systems are still running well. I religiously change the oil. I will be buying a 2010 when I retire in September. I put 550 miles a week on the HHR I have now - hence the high mileage. I'd keep the HHR.
  • Thanks for your response and yes, the more we drive it and really learn the car, the more we love it! Like the dealer did not tell us that the 2.4l needs premium to run smoothly.I believe it said 90+? Id have to look. But reading the manual and on this site, Im learning about things I didnt even know I had! Like a subwoofer. lol

    I am in total agreement with you.We would only get rid of this one now for a newer HHR!!! This car can function like a small truck, has great options, handles well, and gets good gas milage if your vigilant about your tires, your "lead" foot, the gas you put in it etc....Here in Louisiana we will run that air constantly so that will affect it alot, but no more or less than any other car.

    I had asked in an earlier post if anyone knew if we could get the options of the 2LT2 with a manual trans.? Thats the only thing we feel we would prefer but dont want to give up all my options. (I know auto start will not be available in a manual for obvious reasons)

    One more thing. For the second time, our engine light has popped on just yesterday. The first time, when he hooked it up to that machine it said mis-fire. Should we take it in or just clear it again? We have a one year bumper to bumper warranty on it. and it is a certified used car.

    thanks again.,
    C Huffman
  • cruiser25cruiser25 Posts: 1
    Just purchased a new 2008 LT2 2.4 motor with the 5 speed, leather,etc. from a local dealer. Only have put about 1000 miles on, so have not bothered to check the mileage will do so next month on an extended trip (mtns., deserts, etc). Have been only using regular 87 Octaine and have not experienced any difficulty, I do know that the SS 2.0 requires 91 Octaine or better. My question is- what is the best way to lower this vehicle for the best ride and to make the car look lower, sits kind of high for me with the 17" wheels. What company makes the best coil spring? Thanks Rich
  • kentshhrkentshhr Posts: 1
    I have a 2009 HHR LT2 with the 2.4 L . When I first got it the mileage wasn't so good, (20 city, 26 Highway) took it to dealer who told me that Chevrolet recommends number 1 tier gasoline, example, Chevron, or Shell etc. also most gasonline has a ethanol blend that causes the mileage to drop, try gas without the ethanol, I did and have a vast improvement. I am now getting 27 mpg city and 34 highway, I still just have 3200 miles on the odo. My LT is loaded with Leather etc, I know that you can find a manuel just as easy for it as a automatic, I have the automatic, I really like the remote start. You can reflash the ecu, but the dealer told me if you have latest update it is not necessary. BTW the AC in the modern cars are not suppose to make much of a difference, and mine doesn't seem to maybe 1 mpg and the spark plugs are 100,000 mile plugs. I am extremely happy with the HHR, and would love for my wife to get one, but she seems happy with the Suburban. Although we plan to take our kids to Lagoon in Utah next week, it will cost us $102 in the Suburban and $22 in the HHR. Did I say I love my HHR?:)
  • manny48manny48 Posts: 1
    Gas mileage in you HHR has ever so much to do with how you drive it. I have a 2007 2.4 motor as well and I watch the DIC religously. The key is not shoving your foot into the gas pedal and accelerating lightly. Watching the DIC MPG readout and gauging your driving habits is instrumental in getting the best gas mileage, and it takes some time to undo old habits. I've been able to get as little as 23.5 MPG out of a tank of gas as well as 31.7 MPG out of a tank, all dependant on how I drive... the same for you I can assure you. Keep in mind, my numbers are all 50/50 mix of city/hwy driving. I'd be willing to guess my highway numbers would e around 33 MPG which isn't bad. Put my wife behind the wheel with the car, guarantee 5-7 MPG less, she drives fast and accelerates up to a red light. Hope this helps.
  • OMG I laughed so hard , and thank you for responding!
    Im laughing because I am the wife, and my husband ALSO gets superb! mpg vs My numbers! We make a game out of it and why not!? What better game than one that saves us money!? His numbers, not matter WHERE no matter WHAT the conditions are are always 7-as much as 20 miles better than mine!
    Having had our '(07 2.4 auto ) about 4 months or so now; I could not agree with you more than to say it is not a wasted feature! We watch ours religiously and do average 25.-27 now in the city! What burns me up is almost every single time he gets out if it it reads 27.7-30(city!!!) and i get in it and within a few miles it has dropped to 23-25. grrrrr :P I dont accelerate to a stoplight but Im heavy on the foot from the line!l:) After 4 months we still LOVE our car and would buy a new one in a heartbeat if economics would allow( only I happen to be a big fan of where our window controls are so I would want my year!LMAO)
    I like to tell this story often and encourage others to try our new favorite car. I cannot remember ever loving a non-sports car as much as I do my "baby girl"
    The only things we wish we had is running boards, a stick shift(oh it would be on then!)_ and wish we could have picked the color. We have the navy blue with the dx package of pinstriping etc, but I really like the pearl white and he likes the silver.
    ANYWAYS, thank you for your respunse again. I could not agree with you more that it pays to watch the DIC. Not only pays, but can be alot of fun to lighten the mood and have he/she wars! :shades:

    2Huge fans of the HHR !!
    Dave and Carol
  • Frankly, your posting is just plain stupid ... No A/C results in a 40-50% loss in fuel economy, unless your vehicle is seriously screwed up.

    Mark B.
  • dmathews3dmathews3 Posts: 1,739
    and your posting is just plain RUDE :P Lighten up, you could have posted the last part without the first stupid part included.
  • KCRamKCRam Mt. Arlington NJPosts: 3,516
    Debate without the unnecessary jabs, ok?

    kcram - Pickups/Wagons Host
  • yes>i would have to agree that was rude and a bit assuming of you. I am not a dumb, car illiterate wife. I should have gone back and retracted (part of )that statement. When I realized that what I thought was being caused by air alone was being caused by both a small percentage air and another percentage the gas I was putting in it. Yes, in MY car (2.4) when I switched from the 87octane I was used to putting in our buick to the 93 I now put in it I got as much as a 40% difference. If I had known it was going to prompt a name calling fest by not correcting my mistake I wouldnt have made such an error. I apologize if I misled any other HHR owners with my statements.
    Thanks for taking something I once really enjoyed and putting a major cramp in it. I am every bit a woman in that way and do get my feelings hurt easily. :P ****
    Im happy to see however that these posts are monitored for such a thing though.
  • Here is what I have found out on my 2.2 hhr, You need to keep the RPM's below 2400. That means typically 65 mph, and really gentle on the starts. If I do I can milk out close to 34 actual, but it does suck getting passed by P.T. crappys !!!!
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