How to verify the odometer miles on a 2016 Sienna

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I bought a brand new Toyota 2016 Sienna in September and the odometer and paperwork show 2,783 miles. Last night I was entering the Toyota Owners website. Checking the section on Parts and Service, I found that the sliding doors problem was fixed in July ....and the mileage says 34,172 miles ! There are three service listings starting with the new car delivery inspection in January, 2016, and all list me as the then owner. I have never been in for service and have only had the van for 3 weeks.
My question is how can I find the true mileage ?


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    Post a VIN and we'll have a look on Carfax. I think a scan tool could verify your mileage, but it would have to be a professional tool, not a cheap hand-held code reader.

    Web sites might also so entry errors from service departments--not uncommon.
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    VIN 5TDYK3DC0GS695428
    The paperwork says no flood damage, but under the circumstances I also an suspicious about the round about way it got to the dealer I bought it from; Made in Toyota plant at Princeton, IN.....delivered to a dealer in West Virginia.......then to a dealer in Virginia.......then to the dealer I bought from in Michigan. I live in NW Indiana.
    While I was checking the van before taking delivery, I noted that the tires looked new........If this is with 34K miles, they may have replaced the tires to disguise the distance. Up until I started the web negotiation, this van color was black.....then someone checked and it is silver. Yes, web descriptions are full of errors.
    Am I becoming too skeptical ? Thanks for helping.
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