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2004-2009 Toyota Prius Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • hfrisch1hfrisch1 Posts: 1
    We got our first prius with the top of the line package early in March. We put nothing down at all including tax and registration. It is costing us $464 a month for 35 payments plus a first payment of $764.

    When our second car goes back in May we hope to get an additional Prius. At 471/2 miles per gallon we are very happy.
  • Hi,
    Does anyone have recent prices paid on the '07 Prius Touring edition for (package 2 or 3) in the Washington DC area. Its hard to find prices on the touring edition, and i just wanted to know what the going rates were. Thanks.
  • lk307lk307 Posts: 1
    I just took delivery of a 2007 Silver touring with package 1 on the last day of march in downtown chicago. Paid 22,796 (250 under invoice), added platinum 6 yr/100,000 mile extended warranty for $1200 (quoted 1800 then 1400..then i bargained some more). Spent 2 hrs getting to dat point. 0% apr for 24 months make the deal even better.
  • bgk99bgk99 Posts: 24
    Toyota of Northridge:

    Pkg #6 ($5,925)
    Carpet Floor/Car Mat ($199)
    Rear Bumper Applique ($65)
    Delivery ($620)

    TOTAL ($29,879)

    INVOICE ($26,768)

    NEGOTIATED PRICE ($27,095) a $327.00 difference

    First they tried to add a $249.00 "service prep" fee - I said "no".

    I also had a 2001 Toyota Rav-4 in "good" condition that Kelly Blue Book had valued at $9,300

    They offered me $7,000 - I told them that price was the best April Fools joke of the day, they upped it to $7,500. I told them I would go to Keyes Toyota in Van Nuys, they upped it to $8,000 - When I was packing up and getting ready to leave, they upped it to $8,500 - I told them "the difference between $8,500 and $9,300 is $700 and I would rather sell it to a private party", another manager took over and "magically" upped it to $9,000. That's where we closed.

    I then informed them I would like to lease. I have Tier 1+ credit and they gave me the .00113 rate (2.7%) for 36 months using the $9,000 down at 12,000 miles per year.

    *****Here's the problem*****

    Reading these boards, the residual rates were anywhere from 57% to 53% - the BEST they said Toyota Financing was offering with this package was $14,550 (49%) - Again I threatened to walk but the head of the dealership (a British guy) brought out the numbers of every single vehicle he had in stock and the Toyota bank rates. He told me "Go through it all if you like". Which I did and found that indeed for 36 months Toyota was offering only 49% which DOES go against what CarMan said here. (though reply #37 stated that #6 package was $14,040...?)

    (note: they ALSO tried to include GAP INSURANCE which I said "get rid of that NOW!... and they did... but they tried...)

    The difference between 49% and 53% is $37.09 (x 36 months is $1,335) and 57% is a whopping 71.55 (x36 = $2,575)

    Payments (after $1,689 in tax, title, acq fee) were $197.49

    I guess they wore me down 'cause I'm sitting here feeling a little taken - I should have walked and had them call me the next day after I had done some more research.

    I guess the saving grace is that if the vehicle IS worth 57% in 3 years ($17,031), then I have equity in it and could make the difference of $2,481 back then.

    Lesson learned.

    If this is confusing, hopefully CarMan can put it in Laymans Terms!

    Love these forums - hope it helps.

    Oh, love the car :)
  • Hi,
    Actual PRICE seems good as touring models are hard to locate people are saying.
    "Regular models can be bought for " invoice.
    I always buy so lease data is VERY confusing to me.
    The car itself is great fun.
  • Boch Toyota in Norwood, MA. Brand new Prius. $209/mo + $3000 down including all fees. We pay taxes. Non-touring Prius with package 3. Rear-camera, mp3 player, traction control and iPod input. Money factor was .00001. Pain in the you-know-what to get them to go that low but we are happy.
  • wooha2000wooha2000 Posts: 54
    I just got an email from a LV dealer indicating that there is now a 500$ Rebate on toyota's? Is this true?
  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H Posts: 11,024
    You can also check the Incentives & Rebates page here.


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  • mevandemevande Posts: 190
    I have been given a firm quote of $26,600 for Pkg#6. I live in Indianapolis and the best deal was in Chicago and will press local dealers. Waiting for the 2009 is tempting and there are some nice spy shots out there. I do have a 'knock' against some Prius drivers. Today one was going 40mph in a 50 and was about to get run off the road for he was causing a backup. :mad:
  • dedrickdedrick Posts: 1
    I just bought a white 2007 prius with package 6 including carpeted floormats and trunk mat as well as the rear bumper applique for $26,781 which was at invoice price. I bought it from Thompson Toyota just outside of Baltimore. I purchased it on March 31st so that I could qualify for the tax credit before it was reduced and also was able to get the 2.9% financing for 5 years. With gas prices the way they are I would not be surprised to see a decrease in the discounting throughout the summer. I have only had it a couple of days but the technology is fantastic and the car is better built than any car I have owned (including BMW, Honda and GM). :)
  • osk86osk86 Posts: 2
    why does it seem as if the dealerships keep changing the residual values. does anyone know the set residual value for a 36 month lease on a 2007 prius in the Sf Bay area?
  • kewl2kewl2 Posts: 1
    I hardly know where to begin with the lease process. I've researched the purchase, but am still confused about leasing and what to ask for. I'd like to lease package #6....where do I start?
  • womblewomble Posts: 28
    I really want to hold out for the 09 but don't think I can. Can't decide between package 2 or 6 (ie leather or not). Anyone suggest a dealer in socal that will give me a good deal paying cash. Can I expect to get much of a discount not financing? Thought about leasing for 2 years but doesn't seem to make sense financially. Cars direct pricing seems like it could be better.... any thoughts anyone? thanks.
  • Hi,
    Send me PM I'll give you the info. We bought 2 phg #2 cars a month ago.
  • Don't get led into a discussion regarding financing or cash when you are negotiating the price. Tell the suede shoe salesman that you don't even want to address that issue until you have determined the selling price.
  • womblewomble Posts: 28
    But ultimately, can't you get a much better deal walking in with a check than financing?
  • LOL! It;s precisely the opposite. You are one of a large contingent of folks that think that auto dealers are in primarily in business to sell cars. Not so! The only purpose for the cars is to finance them. That's where the big profits at the dealerships are made and they count on these financing profits when the sales price for the vehicle is cut to the bone. So going to a dealer and announcing that you are going to pay cash actually puts you at a disadvantage.
  • womblewomble Posts: 28
    That's really good to know. I've never bought a car for cash before so now I know. FYI, just saw on the wall street journal that new incentives for prius being offered $500 - $2,000 as last round of incentives so successful. They are pushing to sell as many as possible of 2007 model.
  • Having said all that about financing, don't reject outright the financing alternative without doing some math. Assume a $25k purchase figure with 20% down and financing 20K. The bad news is that the interest on the loan is consumer interest that is no longer tax deductible. But, if the financing interest rate is sufficiently low, you end up with a better bottom line financing the purchase and investing your 20k of cash in a high quality mutual fund.
    I see some finance rates as low as 2.9%
  • So does anyone have information or links on the Prius incentives being offered. I called up 2 Toyota dealers last night, and neither one was aware of any incentives being offered. How long is the incentive for, and what's the amount?

    Also, what is the tax credit amount for the Prius now?
  • acdiiacdii Posts: 753
    Picked one up on Monday, last day of the 2.9 financing, last one on the lot. Wasnt planning to buy one, but considering how fast gas prices are going back up, what I have been spending on gas and diesel to just go to work each day, my wife and I decided to buy it after we drove it. I basically just wanted to see how they drove, but after seeing what it would cost per month, and knowing it will get AT LEAST 40-45 MPG, we bought it. Didnt get any special deal on it, paid sticker, but they did give us $4000 for an old 98 explorer that was in not so good shape, so we did come out ahead. I bought the extended warranty too, probably paid too much for it, but all it takes is one big item to go and it pays for itself, happened to me on a 92 crown vic, fuel pump went out, took all the wiring with it, warranty was paid for with that one instance.

    Whan all was said and done, this cost us $22K and change to be financed, and it isnt that bad of a car either, I got two car seats back there with room for the 12 YO, I even fit back there, a bit tight, but doable. With about 100 miles on it so far, it reads 40.3 MPG, was up to 45 on the trip from the dealer, but it was really cold and windy yesterday. We are looking to be saving anywhere from 500-600 in fuel costs by using this as our to work commute car and carpooling together. I put on over 500 miles a week on, fuel was costing me between 80-100 depending on when I filled up, and with diesel going higher, I would be expecting to pay upwards of $117 a week. THe only drawback is going from an F350 Dually crewcab, with a nice large cabin, and power up the wazzoo, to this itty bitty car that you cant hear and doesnt really scoot, but then again our crown vic doesnt really scoot either, but it is roomy.
  • acdiiacdii Posts: 753
    From now until october it is about $780 something and change, after October $0.

    The incentives are on packages, they are going to be discounting packages to help sell them, but you wont get any special fianancing.
  • pathstar1pathstar1 Posts: 1,015
    You can cancel the extended warranty and get a full refund on that (you have at least 30 days to do so). Then you can get the same warranty on-line for a lot less. The "platinum" version (7yr 100,000 mi) is $995. Check it out on Priuschat. It's Toyota's warranty, from a Toyota dealer, valid at any Toyota dealer.
  • acdiiacdii Posts: 753
    Real question is, Do I really need it? I didnt have time to really review things on the Prius, as if I waited too long, then getting 2.9% financing would be gone. That and they sold out their stock on Saturday and just go this last car in that morning. It will save us about $1900, or like you said, $1000, if it is something that I really dont need.
  • Hi,
    As I understand it you can purchase this warranty anytime before the 3/36000 warranty has expired.
    Check to make sure.
  • acdiiacdii Posts: 753
    Where can I find cancelation information?
  • acdiiacdii Posts: 753
    OK, I found the number to call and cancel the policy, it said to call the selling dealer. I did, I got the warranty for $726, they are sending me a check for the difference. I still have to pay the finance on the 1995, but a $1200 loan for 2.9% isnt bad, could always use that for something else, like pay off a high interest card.
  • larsblarsb Posts: 8,204
    Make sure the dealer is giving you the correct package discounts:

    New Packaged discounts for Prius as of April 3 2007

    Effective April 3, 2007, Prius customers will receive discounts on available factory-installed option packages, except the base and Package #1 (HE) models.

    Discounts on pricing for factory-installed option packages range from $600 to $2,000. Each package in the program offers safety features such as Vehicle Stability Control (VSC), backup camera, Smart Key system and audio system with MP3 capability and auxiliary port.
  • bugchuckerbugchucker Posts: 118
    I don't agree. Cash is king. That dealer knowns if I come into his dealership he doesn't need to worry about the the buyer being a financial deadbeat.
  • womblewomble Posts: 28
    I've decided on the leather now that they've taken 2K off the price. Any tips on how I negotiate less than msrp at a dealership? I can only think of taking in quote and asking them to beat it, but I want black and there seems to be very few of them out there.
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