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2004-2009 Toyota Prius Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • 350350 Posts: 9
    Try Stevinson West or Mountain States.
  • dreasdaddreasdad Posts: 276
    would't it just be easier to tow the car than do all that, know some MIT grads demod this but come on!!
  • For those in the St. Louis area, I thought I'd fill you in on my recent "price paid" after a few days of e-mail negotiation. First off, across the board, area dealers claim an invoice of $22,572 - something about St. Louis Dealers' TDI (anyone got a clue what this means?). Since they *all* claimed this, I didn't expect much play beyond that.

    Having said that, one local dealer never responded to my price quote requests (for those in the area, I'll let you figure out which one by process of elimination)! Many simply refused to break the $23K barrier (Ackerman, Jim Lynch, Mungenast, Seeger, West County), claiming it was impossible (one even accused me of lying about getting such a quote - SLEAZY)!

    Upon realizing they'd been cleanly outbid, two dealers (Fusz and Straatmann [in Washington, MO]) offered an "I'll meet any price quote" deal.

    Tom Pappas offered at $22,870 OTD (in Missouri, you pay title & the taxman separately at the DMV), was outbid, and never responded after that,

    Feld offered at $22,572 OTD and then followed with a "nickel and dime" offer when they were outbid.

    Newbold quoted $22,492.33 OTD (no joke on the 33 cents). This turned out to be the best I could extract from anyone (in fairness, Feld "nickel and dimed" to $22,482 but only had one package 2 in stock - that combination led me away from them rather wearily ...)

    Since we'd had a VERY pleasant experience with Straatmann in the past, we elected to go with them (they also had 4 package 2's on the lot). When we got there, they haggled over the price (!!), but eventually settled with my OTD quote from Newbold. F&I guy tried the usual crud (complete with being in a room containing a flickereing overhead light bulb in just the right location to annoy me) - I "just said no" and he dealt with it eventually.

    So, I'm at home now with a magnetic gray (my first color choice) package #2 Prius, final damage OTD matching the Newbold quote (actually, I let 'em round up the ridiculous 33 cents). Could've dealt without the haggle at the end, but what can you do?

    My advice to those in the St. Louis area - don't expect anything reasonable from the "core" city dealers or those in the west county area. But do include them in the bidding - you never know. To the best of my counting, there are 11 local dealers - try *all* of them first by e-mail and then by phone if they don't respond. From first quote request to driving off the lot was just under 72 hours ...

    Hope this helps those in the St. Louis Metro area!
  • pathstar1pathstar1 Posts: 1,015
    If you try to tow the Prius with the parking pawl engaged, you will damage the thing (while dragging the front tires). You can't disengage the parking pawl unless you turn on the car (fob needed to do so). There is no manual "Park" disengagement possible with the Prius. A few owners have had the 12 V battery die on them in their garage, and the towing guy had to put dollies under the front wheels to get it out of the garage so he could "boost" it from the engine compartment (or maybe he was just towing it to the dealer).

    I find this funny, as portable 12 V "boosters" are only $20-$40. It doesn't take much current to "boost" a Prius. You could do it with a 12 V AA battery (NIMH of course)! ;)

    That's 10 cells, if anyone else wants to build one. I just completed one for another application. Keystone makes really nice aluminum cell holders, available from Mouser. They work great for this. You could even keep it in the car, trickle charging from an acc. outlet.
  • yomols1yomols1 Posts: 2
    In addition to the package 4 it came with floor mats a cargo mat and some kind of rear bumper protection that they stuck me with. Out the door price was $24,250 before tax.
    MSRP was$26,439. Think I did OK but who knows for sure.
  • Hi,
    Be HAPPY !
    The way gas prices are rising around here in So. Calif. me thinks people will soon take care of any "over supply".
    Gas is now between 3.15-3.20 a gal for 87 Oct. That's a helluva rise in last month or so.
    Another thing is the Prius seems to not depreciate quickly.
    Just traded my 05 in on one of the 07s--was very happy with the price.
  • boraboraborabora Posts: 16
    I shopped around LA area, seems the Prepaid Maintenance Agreement are generally sold for 995 and above-for 4year/55000mile.

    Is that worthy? if i do it 5000/6month interval, that adds up to 8-9times, avarage 120/service. according to Toyota Maintenance Handbook, each service requires, just for oil change, air filter, and tire rotation. will that cost 120? doesn't look like a good deal.

    Is my calculation right? How much does it cost for routine 5000 mile service charged each time?
  • nedlnedl Posts: 2
    I would like to purchase a Prius with package 5 before March 31 utilizing Toyotas 2 year interest free financing.
    I live in Florida between Orlando and Daytona Beach.I believe the MSRP is $28,075.00 and the Invoice is $25,332.00 (which includes the $620.00 Destination Charge). I would like to purchase in the state of Florida but if a better price warrants it, I am willing to travel a 1,000 mile distance of Orlando (ie. West to Texas; North to Washington, D. C.; for examples)
    What are buyers paying for the package 5 Prius, and where were the purchases made if the dealer is recommended by them.
    Also, can the car be purchased for the invoice price of $25,332.00 or less, if not what is the lowest price I can expect to pay for it?
  • Purchased a 2007 Prius with Package 1 for $21500 + Tax + Tags in New Jersey.
  • riposteriposte Posts: 160
    I got a great deal back in November from link title in North Palm Beach, FL
  • Hi,
    The web site for Earl Stewart Toyota shows they have 99 new 2007 Prius in their inventory.
    You should be able to get the one you desire for the inventory price at This will be lower than their printed inventory by a few hundred dollars. Not to worry the still make money AND move the cars to get additional allocation.
    Toyota is still offering 2.9% financing for up to 60 mos, or the 0% you like.
    At the end of February we bought 2, 2007 Prius cars (from different dealers acct of one had a good trade-in number)
    We quoted Edmunds -- they agreed.
    This is in Calif., but with 99 on the lot they'll probably do the same.
    Good luck,
  • sramsram Posts: 1
    I purchased a seaside pearl with package #2 yesterday. Paid 21,931(+tax+license). Took advantage of the 0% financing and put zero down.

    Inventory seems to be up and you can wheel and deal. I did not step into the dealership till they agreed to my price. Had to compromise on the color to get the price (wanted magnetic gray). Dealer said that past week there had been a spurt in buying which he linked to gas prices going up (we're at $3.15!)

    Thanks to this forum for helping me determine reasonable prices
  • Here is the vehicle config:
    Touring, PKG #3, Tint, Floor mats, door guards, Silver Pine Mica. Price paid $23,995 + TTL.

    I bought this vehicle from Texas Toyota of Grapevine. Toyota of FortWorth was willing to provide one for 25K. Other area dealers were at least 2K-3K more.

    After reading some of the posts here, I decided not to get the extended warranty. Will get this at the end of 3 years.
  • owenpopowenpop Posts: 12
    Hi sc4la.

    I live in LA and am about to shop for a Prius. I think I'm going after the same package as you.

    What if anything did you finally do?

  • iopepperiopepper Posts: 4
    I am thinking to buy a prius with package #2 seaside peral in the near future. So anybody had recent buying experience in central jersey? Thanks in advance. Somebody said he or she got one with #1 package for 21500. If possible, would you please share the dealer information and your experience.

  • sc4lasc4la Posts: 2
    Hi Bob,

    I decided not to get a Prius. The dealership let me walk out the door without even trying to negociate a lower price. I was not impressed with the view you have while driving out the back window. The window is at a weird angle and I was not comfortable changing lanes.

    I hope this helps.

    Good luck,

  • pitharatpitharat Posts: 1
    I got a Prius package 4 for $24125 OTD. I had to compromise on the color since I wanted the magnetic gray, I ended up with the red. Since I live in DC there is no sales tax applied. I got an internet quote online before going into the dealer and got $100 off that price. I took advantage of the 0 apr since I was going to buy the car in cash. May as well keep the $ in the bank earning interest for 2 years.
  • kdhspyderkdhspyder Posts: 7,160
    email me, from my profile. It will be a snap.
  • Hi Carl,
    I am going to buy a Prius package 2 in the So Cal area and wanted to know what dealerships you dealt with.


  • Hi Teresa,
    There is a notice not to post name, contact #, email etc.
    Send me a PM at
    The Lady I dealt with was exceptionally good in my opinion.
    She is in the Internet Dept. so is used to dealing this way.
  • kerbkerb Posts: 124
    Hello Car_Man,
    I am interested in leasing an '07 Prius Touring w/PKG #2 or #3, plus leather in South Florida; however, I am willing to drive elsewhere to avoid Toyota Southeast Distributor's extra fees & costs. I have read your previous posts regarding the difficulty of ascertaining a general MF and Residual through Toyota Financial; however, I was quoted the following by a local dealer (same of which appears expensive): 53% - Residual for a 36 month/12K mile with an added bonus of $1700 or residual bump, plus a MF of .00159. To the best of your knowledge do these figures appear to be legitimate? Also, if I decided to travel outside FL what state (region) would offer the most attractive lease deals on a Prius, and what would that particular region's MF and residual (approximately) be?

    Many Thanks,

  • iopepperiopepper Posts: 4
    Hi, there
    I was confused by this question too but after think it again, I was opt for package 1 instead of package 2.
    I was in the market for a prius with package 1 in NJ. If possible, would you please share your buying experience? You can reach me through my profile email address:

    Thanks a lot.

    By the way, which color did you choose? that choice may affect the price too.

  • Just finalized my lease of a 2007 Prius with Package #2 (includes floor mats and wheel locks) with 15K miles, no money down, tax, title and tags rolled into the payment. I walked out only having to pay 1st month's payment.

    MSRP - $24,234
    Negotiated Vehicle Price - $21,500
    Acquisition Fee - $550
    Total Cap Cost - $22,050 (about $1,000 less than Toyota's current advertised special)
    MF - .00113
    Residual - $12,546 (based on 15K)

    $332.00 Per Month

    They didn't have the Magnetic Gray that I wanted, so I'll pick between either Red or Silver.

    Selling dealership was Miller Toyota. Had a great experience with them, their sales manager and their finance manager. We actually sat down and backed into the numbers Toyota had provided for the advertised lease so everyone understood how they got to $269 per month. From there, we worked our way into the payment above. Yes, it is more complicated than it sounds. They were very open with me, even providing access to their internal computer systems that calculate the lease costs.

    Hope this helps!
  • kerbkerb Posts: 124
    Thanks for your response. I assume you purchased a base or non-touring model and entered into a 36 month lease - is this correct?

  • owenpopowenpop Posts: 12
    Thanks lc, very helpful. And a great deal.

    A few questions, if you don't mind...

    Are your payments are based on $22,050 or $22,050 plus tax?

    What was the residual value based on, percentage wise?

  • 8thyota8thyota Posts: 2
    My first post on this forum, so my apologies in advance if I make a protocol error, plus I am handicapped and on strong doses of morphine for pain. I tell you this because my memory is very poor and I forget things.

    For those who say the extended warranty is not worth it, you are probably right with a Toyota. All bets off with a hybrid.
    The fuel and electrical systems caused a lot of problems per owners from 2001-2004. The last two years are shown to be in good shape, but we are retired, on a fixed income, so we spent the $990 for the 7yr/100,000 mile extended warranty by Toyota.
    I called Toyota on their 800 number and Customer Service said these warranties ARE Toyota warranties which WILL be honored by all Toyota dealers. My local dealer wanted $2000+ for it. I asked the Customer Service man if it was legal for a dealership to sell the extended warranties this cheap and he implied Toyota cannot stop them, it might be construed as price fixing if Toyota did stop them.
    The original poster is correct in saying these extended warranties are a profit center for the local dealers.
    Personally, I am so glad I found this website. I have learned so much from the members in the last few weeks, I am amazed. I am also very tempted to sell my 2003 Avalon and get a second Prius (for me).

    My only problem area is finding a good deal on getting the upholstery protection plan. My local dealer offered it to me for $695 for inside and out, AND because they know of my
    health problems, they offered to apply it each year. I was going to take that, then their boss said no. I am not sure why, maybe it takes a lot longer than I think to apply the protection each year. We have my service dog, who goes everywhere with me and two grandsons who ride in the Prius, so protection would be very nice. Any suggestions appreciated.
  • I would not waste any effort on getting any upholstery protection plan. What I would do (and what I did) is to buy a complete set of waterproof covers from GT Covers ( that are specifically made for the Prius. They are an excellent fit and they relieve one of any concern regarding any intrusion into the existing seat covers.
  • Hi everyone,

    Since I received such valuable information from this board I thought I would share my buying experience. I am in Southern California and bought a black with tan interior package 2 Prius from Longo Toyota for $22,200(+tax and license). The person I dealt with was great, low pressure, nice guy. Another dealer who was a little further away said she would give me the same package etc. for 22k, but I ended up buying for $22,200 due to time and effort. Also, I got the exacto mats thrown in :) Oh yeah and received the 2 year 0% apr deal they have until the end of march or beginning of april. Didn't get the extended warranty; maybe in a couple years.

    If anyone wants to know details please PM me. :)

  • Yes... base and 36K.
  • They are based on $22,050 plus taxes, title, etc. For this deal, the taxes were close to $700, fees were $350 (dealer processing and tags).

    Toyota doens't user percentages to calculate their residual values. Each vehicle on the lot is provided a residual by TFS (toyota financial services) based on the equipment that it comes with. For example for 12,000 miles per year:
    Package 2 - residual of $12,990,
    Package 4 - residual of $13,140,
    Package 5 - residual of $13,640, and
    Package 6 - residual of $14,040

    IMO, the best deal here is the Package 2, which is why we ended up with that car. To me, it didn't make sense to move all the way to a package 5 or 6 (about $3,000 or more above our selling price) have the residual only rise by $600 and $1000 respectively.

    Hope that make sense... let me know if you have additional questions.
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