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2004-2009 Toyota Prius Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • Go for 25,000

    I just got a black package 5 in North NJ yesterday for 25,000 at 5.4 financing. Put 4000 down.

    My wife is thrilled so I guess it's a good price for me...:P

    The one thing that I thought was weird was that the dealer wanted 600 bucks to install the on board XM/Sirius...????? I didn't go for it and they didn't really push it either.

    Do you guys know how this works with the sat radio so it's integrated in to the console ?.. Is it possible ?

  • temsleytemsley Posts: 4
    I just noticed that there were a couple of inquiries to my posting of 2/29/08 (#1282). Sorry to have not noticed this earlier. I purchased my Prius #2 at Fox Toyota in East Providence, RI. They were good to work with. There was a bit of a mix up with the paperwork but the salesman was good. Hope this helps.
  • sallyrusallyru Posts: 1
    I just bought a package 2 at Hollywood Toyota for $22k + tax and title. I just emailed the internet saleswoman until she agreed to my price, which I think is pretty great. Plus, they were all really nice there.
  • norcaloznorcaloz Posts: 1
    I just picked up a Magnetic Gray package 6 for $25,431.

    I saw an ad from a San Bruno dealer on Craigslist for $25,600 (which is the lowest I've ever seen for a pkg6!) , and I called Walnut Creek Toyota (my local) to see what they could do...George in the Internet Sales dept was pressure at all, long test drive by ourselves to check some things out, came back, paid cash, and thanks to this website (and priuschat) the guy in the finance and insurance dept didn't have a chance of unloading his crap on me!

    $27,953.00 out the door with TTL in northern california. :P
  • Good job Norcaloz. Sounds like a great deal!
  • Just purchased a Mag Gray #6 w/leather in Honolulu, HI for $27k out the door. Sounded like a good price at the time, maybe it was, maybe it wasn't. Either way, it was the only Mag Gray/leather combo available at the time so they weren't budging any more. Servco Hawaii(the one and only Toyota dealer in Hawaii) has a monopoly out here but still they're price "seems" to be reasonable compared to what I read on these forums.
  • mrx1mrx1 Posts: 3
    Just bought an 08 Prius (pkg #2, plus floor mats) used as a "loaner" w/10 miles on it for $22.3 including tax, title, fees in Wisconsin. No trade-in and cash purchase. How does that stack up?
  • Just purchased a Mag Gray #6 w/leather in Honolulu, HI for $27k out the door. Sounded like a good price at the time, maybe it was, maybe it wasn't. Either way, it was the only Mag Gray/leather combo available at the time so they weren't budging any more. Servco Hawaii(the one and only Toyota dealer in Hawaii) has a monopoly out here but still they're price "seems" to be reasonable compared to what I read on these forums.

    Out the door? You mean including tax, license, etc...? Sounds like a good deal.
  • Just bought an 08 Prius (pkg #2, plus floor mats) used as a "loaner" w/10 miles on it for $22.3 including tax, title, fees in Wisconsin. No trade-in and cash purchase. How does that stack up?

    Sounds ok. You paid $20k (plus tax, etc...) for a car that others are buying NEW for $22k or so!? I would rather buy the brand new car myself. You did fine but to me that small price differential is not worth buying a used car. Would you buy a used suit at Nordstroms if they gave you 10% off? I would not.
  • voidvoicevoidvoice Posts: 24
    Im looking to buy a prius08 with package #2, what other pay in new york city? any dealer recommendation? how much do u pay? thanks
  • imaneeshimaneesh Posts: 2
    I can't seem to get a hold of a Prius #2 in Texas for under $25k drive-out.

    This is getting crazy. I've called almost 50 dealers. And hardly any are selling for a dime below MSRP.

    What's going on ?
  • central jersey

    25K for 2008 prius package 5 w/ sirius - classic silver w/ dark interior + $198 doc fee, TTL.

    bought it through email, surprised that some dealerships still have the tower and BS negotiating.
  • mrx1mrx1 Posts: 3
    One man's "junk" is another man's "treasure". Note, if you buy a new car off the lot be sure to check the mileage. Surprising that you truely think a car w/10 miles on it is "used". If you want a 0 miles car-get ready to sit a long time waiting for that one-from the reads on this forum I'd say 6-8months. Guess we won't be taking any rides together, enjoy your Nordstroms spree. Question though, if I try on a suit at Nortdstroms and don't buy it, but you do on another day - is it used?
  • Paid 21,908 OTD for a Package 2
  • Obviously I mis-read your post. I thought it was 10k miles. Odd to post how many miles are on a new car as most have under 100 in my experience so it's not a very relevant issue. So, yes you did very fine with your purchase. I dnn't get why it was a "loaner" car with 10 miles on it but whatever. Doesn't matter.

    I hope your JC Penny's suits treat you well my friend. I will keep buying my "used" Nordstrom suits. Thanks for pointing that out to me.
  • mrx1mrx1 Posts: 3
    Just got back from Wal-Mart, great stuff. I've seen a glut of cars (6-8) in that 10-20 mile range around here. They are being labeled as having been loaner cars for the dealership. Prior to this purchase I had only been looking for the past 2 months, but have noticed a "hardening" by dealerships on bargaining. An example of such is that I offered a 22K OTD deal for an actual used 08 this one w/2-3,000 miles on it. The absolute best the dealer would do is $500 off their asking 23.9K + tax/etc... Considering the almost 6% sales tax in WI I'm happy w/the result. Having done actual negotiating w/5-6 dealerships in my search I'm curious if other parts of the country are also seeing dealers being more firm? True one can always cross the street to look for the better deal, but at least in my case timing was an issue.
  • plamplam Posts: 10
    I agree. I guess supply outweighs demand. The whole point is to save money on gas not to give the dealers a bonus. The Honda dealers are better with their civic hybrid.
  • bksinghbksingh Posts: 3
    I bought yesterday a Silver Pine Mica Toyota Prius Touring Edition Package 6 for $25997 + tax + lic + doc fee. The OTD price was $28458. I spent about a couple of week to get the quote from 8-9 dealers in Bay Area. The best deal that I got was $25997 + tax + lic + doc fee. Some of the dealers were not even ready to match this price. Though I didn't get any freebees like free maintenance service for a year etc.

    Do they usually give any incentive like free maintenance service etc ? Thanks.
  • roger1655roger1655 Posts: 12
    bksingh - Where did you end up purchasing your Prius? I just stared looking in the Bay Area as well and the first few quotes in the San Jose Area for the same equipped vehicle are mid $27k. Thanks.
  • gtguy1gtguy1 Posts: 3
    @25997 seems like a great price. I live in LA and have started shopping for a prius about 2 weeks ago and no one has prices that low. So far the lowest I've seem is arouns $26,800. When you negotiated the price with the dealer what did you do? Just offer an amount and say take it or leave it? Was it hard to get that price for the package #6? I'm just curious since I plan to buy next week and want to know what to expect. - Bob
  • bksinghbksingh Posts: 3
    I bought it from Piercy Toyota as they had the color that I wanted. Steven creek Toyota also had one with the same color but they had 186 mile on it whereas Piercy toyota had one with just 1 mile on it. Since both were ready to match the price, I went with Piercy. Sunnyvale, Tracy, and Melody Toyota said they'll not go below the invoice price and not match the price. Hope this helps. Good luck.
  • bksinghbksingh Posts: 3
    I sent emails to almost all the toyota dealers in the area aking them to send a price quote for toyota prius touring pkg 6. Some replied and some of them sent quote by emails whereas some aked to come to their office to discuss. I was able to negotiate with one of them for $25997 and asked him to send them the quote by email. Then I send another round of emails asking them to beat or match the price for the color I wanted. No one was ready to beat whereas a couple of them were ready to match. That convinced me that probably I am getting a fair deal. So I went with Piercy Toyota who were ready to match the price had one Silver Pine Mica Touring edition pkg 6 with just 1 mile on it Hope this helps. Gool luck with your search for your dream prius.
  • voidvoicevoidvoice Posts: 24
    How about just the base touring without any package ??
  • gtguy1gtguy1 Posts: 3
    Thanks for the advice. I did the same thing earlier today and got close to 20 quotes. Found a few dealers in the $26900 range, one at $26,700 and one dealer for $26,350. Several of the dealers said they would match, so I'm going to see if anyone can match/beat $26,350 for a Prius package 6.
  • taxlawyertaxlawyer Posts: 29
    Can I ask where you got yours from. It sounds like a great deal.

    I'm in the market for a package 2 as well and have found local dealers to be inflexible.

  • taxlawyertaxlawyer Posts: 29
    Can I ask you where you got the vehicle? I'm in the market for a #2 as well.

    Thank you.
  • I am on the north east. If you like i can introduce you to my sales guy. Let me know
  • bc14bc14 Posts: 3
    I just bought a package 6 with the WeatherTech window guards both front and back and mat set for $25,250 at Continental Toyota in Countryside. (+ TTL and dest. fee).After realizing I'd done a little research, the negotiation (over the phone) took about 30 seconds to come down from -500 off MSRP to below invoice by about $250. Very fair dealership. Last day of the month helped as well as it being a rainy, terrible day.
    Many other dealers would not even call back when I threw out that I was willing to buy that day for invoice. These people wanted the sale and got it!
  • tyler_bltyler_bl Posts: 1
    I'm interested in buying a 2008 Prius Touring with package #6

    The best local dealer quote was $25,800 plus tax, fee. Totol around $28,000. Is this a resonable price?

    Is anyone waiting for the next generation Prius? I've read the 2009 with be very different.

  • voidvoicevoidvoice Posts: 24
    Hi whiterice, it seems you get a good price for a pack#2, can you send me your dealer and salesperson info to me? You are in CT right? i live in NYC. You can find my email in my profile. Thanks.
  • howachowac Posts: 52
    Hi Car_Man or anyone who could help, I'm looking for some Prius lease info for Northern California. Specifically on Package 4. What is the MF for top tier credit? The MSRP is $25,914, and I've been offered invoice of $24,213.

    Toyota's website says there's a special offer (zip code 95125), but provides no further information. Any help is greatly appreciated.

    Thanks in advance!
  • hi norcaloz -
    thank you for taking the time to share your experience. i just call Walnut Creek Toyota and asked for George. the operator said he resigned yesterday. guess i'll check out other norcal dealers. thanks again.
  • 3c33c3 Posts: 76
    Try Concord Internet department. That's where I bought my pkg#2 for $21.9k, and George from W.C. would not match that price. This was end of February.
  • hey I am in the market for package #2 and i am planning to buy it from LA.I checked it in bay area and the best quote I got for base model is 22076.
    Can you give me details about your saleswomen,as well as some good dealers where I can check the quotes??
  • stormy111stormy111 Posts: 16
    Thanks for the advice - once again you saved me a bunch of $$$. Finally settled on Middletown Toyota in Middletown, CT. Went in 3 days before the end of the month, took delivery on last day of month - final deal:

    Prius (Seaside Pearl Blue) with Package #6 (leather) & floor mat package

    $26600 negotiated price ($1280 under sticker)
    $1558 down, registration, doc fee & tax
    $507 / month for 24 months, .00265 money factor
    $16458 residual (I was amazed that the two and three year residual were only about $1000 difference)

    No sales tax on Prius's in CT.

    Thanks again,
  • Thank you so much for taking your time to respond to my post 3c3 - I really appreciate it! I will be sure to let you know how it goes. Thank you again and take care :)
  • ohmygoshohmygosh Posts: 66
    Just purchased a 2008 prius package #6 in Phila area for $26,350. I negotiated with them to include heated seats for this price. This did not iclude tax and tags. Is this a pretty fair price for this vehicle ?? I did not take delivery as yet or leave any deposit. They say it would take a couple of days to get our color choice, silver pine mica.
    Our first color choice was spectra blue mica but they said this is hard to get. Any feedback on this would be helpful.
  • scottc3scottc3 Posts: 137
    it's a done deal, does not matter if it's a pretty good deal or not. Are you happy? Adding about 10% for out the door price, you will be near $29,000. Prius's are great cars if you can live with 50mpg and not much stopping at the pump! I can - and did!.

  • bennbbennb Posts: 143
    I think the general notion is that the 2010 model year Prius will be the next redesign ... most likely appearing fall of 2009.
  • I am coming up on the end of my lease on my 2005 Prius in January '09, starting to think now about my options, because I am starting to run up against my mileage. I have a lease for 60K miles, and am at 52,000 now. The residual at the end of my lease is $9,750. I'm leaning towards purchasing at the end of my lease, because I would like to hold out purchasing a new vehicle until a plug-in option becomes available, hopefully in the next several years. As an alternative, I was thinking about turning it in, and getting a new one with a shorter lease term/loan term. How likely is it that 1) the dealer lets me turn in early as long as I am getting my new car from them, or 2) they give me a grace on the mileage, again as long as I am getting a new vehicle from them.
  • Can you comment on advisability of leasing a used Prius, eg, a 2007 with 30k miles for 3 years? Asking price $23K, prob nego price 22K? Estimate payment with $2000 down?

    Should I look into an old prius and putting new batteries in it, as a purchase?
  • mike3327mike3327 Posts: 2
    Bought at Toyota of Alamada (bay area) last Saturday. Cut the deal on the phone in about 10 seconds. Picked the car up same day.

    Sleezy dealership, didn't know sh*t about the car, gave me all kinds of wrong information bout features, etc., tried to rip me off with with extended warranty in the finance managers office, and then tried to charge me $750 to put XM in.

    But still a decent price for the car itself...
  • shermaroshermaro Posts: 3
    What dealership did you purchase the car from and who was your sales person.
  • sri345sri345 Posts: 6
    Hi whiterice,

    I'm planning to buy Prius Package 2 or 3 in CT, NY area. Can you please introduce me to your sales person. You can find my email in my profile. It would be great if you can give me the details of your sales guy.
  • Sri345, email me at [email protected]
    I'll be more than happy to give you the info to my dealer.
  • jrenton7jrenton7 Posts: 5
    I am in Albuquerque NM and am willing to travel to any state around me (texas, Arizona, Utah, CO to find the 22,000 price OTD on the prius package #2. Both the dealerships in my area quote a price of 24,000 OTD. If anybody could help me with how they got their dealer down so low or know a dealer that I can get to go that low in my area it would be much appreaciated!
  • 3c33c3 Posts: 76
    Other than an exteremely rare "10-mile loaner car" reported in this thread, you're not going to find a new pkg#2 for $22,000 OTD. In CA, it's $21,xxx + tax.
  • jrenton7jrenton7 Posts: 5
    Thanks for the response I appreaciate it. I have found one 07 Prius in city that they want 20500 for (i got them down from 21908) The car has 6500 miles on it and a perfect carfax record. Coming from a dealer do you think this is a good deal. I counter offered 20000 strait. Think I should go for it or just spend the 23500-24500 on a new one. In new mexico there is no tax on hybrids so this is a OTD price.

    Sorry to bug first new (slightly new) car purchase and first payment on a car (i have always paid cash) so this is a stressful expereince and could use all the help i can get
  • m2mazda6m2mazda6 Posts: 20
    If you order a Prius from a dealer with package 2 how long would it take to get it
  • sweetoothsweetooth Posts: 23
    Which dealership and what color? Can you please let me know, thanks. I would truly appreciate it as i am about to buy one end of this week.
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