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2004-2009 Toyota Prius Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H EdmundsAdministrator Posts: 11,132
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  • tempfuntempfun Member Posts: 1
    Last week I purchased a 2008 Prius with Package#6 for ~$200 below Invoice (not MSRP). The price excluding taxes and doc fee was ~$25,700. Check with the Internet division of Toyota Sunnyvale. They got very good deals and they send the quotes through email upfront.
  • vbnsmanvbnsman Member Posts: 15
    I see that Texas Toyota dealers have no Prius in stock. :( Can anyone kindly tell me when Texas is expected to receive some inventory.
  • debart97debart97 Member Posts: 3
    I'm interested in buying a 2008 prius in the ft. lauderdale and Miami area. Any suggestions on what dealerships I should avoid or go to.
  • bigyellowtunabigyellowtuna Member Posts: 1
    Nobody has these cars in SFL. Al Hendrickson and Maroone quoted prices of $3k - $4k OVER MSRP! I found that the smaller dealers are only marking them up by a few hundred $'s over MSRP, but in my opinion, that is still unreasonable. Also, you'll have to wait a month or two, unless you pay the 3-4k over msrp at a larger dealership. Craziness.
  • jjkell1jjkell1 Member Posts: 2
    Well, from the way the market is right now I'm going to wait for the 2009 when hopefully inventory will be better and perhaps demand will level off. Only time will tell...
  • panhandlepanhandle Member Posts: 1
    :shades: Got my 2008 Touring Package 6 DELIVERED TO MY HOUSE 5/15/08 by BOB TYLER TOYOTA IN PENSACOLA. THEY R GREAT TO DEAL WITH! Got it for slightly under MSRP considering they threw in the mats, window tint, XM radio for free. Out the door was 30,168. They took my 1995 Suburban and gave 10K for it,payoff was 9400.
    This was after I had negotiated a similiar vehcle at Eastern Shore, been told I would need to send a $500 non-refundable deposit for the tint and XM to be added. EST told me the trade in would range from 9300-13000. So I sent my wife to pick it up as I was away on business.
    She got the old shake n bake. They told her she could only get 7k on the trade when she drove to pick it up, a 4 hour round trip from home. She insisted on 9400 for trade and the salesman left her in the box for over an hour......
    She called me and left in tears, feeling they had tried to take advantage of a female.
    She drove immediately to BOB TYLER in PENSACOLA and got 10k for the car the same day and the above deal. Had to wait 2 weeks for it to arrive in port and then THEY DELIVERED IT TO HER AND TOOK HER SUBURBAN BACK WITH THEM, A TWO HOUR ROUND TRIP FOR THEM!!
    Called EST and got my "nonrefundable" 500 bucks back.
    Hope this was worth 2400 bucks to EST....I was aleady paying them MSRP and only agreed to the 9400 payoff they promised in email would be the "lowest" I could expect to get.
    Ladies beware.....
  • m2mazda6m2mazda6 Member Posts: 20
    I stoped by my dealer to see how I was sitting for my New Prius comming in maybe a couple weeks yet, they had about 4 used on lot salesman told me a 2007 pkg 1 selling for 25900. WOW my New is less than that!!!!!!!!!
  • dje2dje2 Member Posts: 1
    Check out Kendall Toyota. I bought one last month on the 30th and they sold me a package 6 for $300. less than sticker. I know it's not a great price but better than the local dealers (Al Hendrickson and others) who are tacking on $1,000-$4,000. I was able to work out the deal with internet dept. through emails. Very smooth deal, no dealer fees and never felt hustled. Try to go the last few days of the month, they're more willing to deal.
  • kcbrigkcbrig Member Posts: 6
    I'm trying to shop for one right now, and I have a good rate at one dealer in Atlanta, but they don't want to pay the amount I want for my trade-in. I had it appraised at CarMax & the Toyota dealer wants to give me $2000 less. I'd like to trade it in and take advantage of the tax break, but the dealer who will match the CarMax appraisal told me over the phone that he'd also match the other dealer's sale price for the Prius so I drove over there and he told me that he misunderstood and that he could only match the trade-in but wants me to pay over $3000 over MSRP to get one that they already had to replace the back bumper because they backed into something unloading the car... He counter-offered with a price that looked a bit less than his original $28K, but then he added on the floor mats & Toyoguard AFTER - and both were included in the price I told him before. Plus he wanted to charge more for each of those than the other dealer. He then had the nerve to ask me if I was sure that those were included in the price the other dealer gave me - and he had my quote from the other dealer with very specific pricing info right in front of him! Grrr... I'll keep looking...
  • ebs964ebs964 Member Posts: 5
    I just received a call from my insurance agent saying that I had requested a quote on an 08 Prius. I had not requested anything from my insurance agent so I did not understand how this happened. He told me that there are some car dealers that initiate a quote request from the insurance card that you give to them in order to do the test drive. The only dealership that I took at test drive was at Toyota Mall of GA. I really do not appreciate this dealer meddling in my private life. I have had nothing but bad experiences from this dealer but this one takes the cake!
  • ebs964ebs964 Member Posts: 5
    Just curious - what dealership? I want to be sure to stay clear of them!
  • kcbrigkcbrig Member Posts: 6
    The one in Roswell. I felt like I was the stupid girl who couldn't read a quote without a man helping her... I'll probably stick with the other dealer who gave me the initial quote and sell the car thru CarMax... It's very frustrating shopping for a Prius in Atlanta right now. They all know there's a waiting list and they don't seem to really want or need the business.
  • vbnsmanvbnsman Member Posts: 15
    Talked to a few local dealers. Prius's are starting to trickle into TX. Both dealers I spoke with are asking MSRP. Anyone getting a better deal?
  • ebs964ebs964 Member Posts: 5
    So you have been able to find a dealership in Atlanta that actually has a Prius? I can't seem to find a single one.
  • ctsactsa Member Posts: 6
    It seems all of the dealerships in SA have waiting lists 40 - 60 people long. Luckily, I should get mine on the next delivery. Who would have thought that there would be waiting lists for a Prius in Texas? I would rather have a Tundra, but the Prius makes more sense right now.
  • kcbrigkcbrig Member Posts: 6
    The one in Roswell has one this week, but they want $3000 over MSRP. World Toyota is getting a base model in by the EOM but they want $1900 over MSRP. A few others said they'll get some in 2 weeks. The one in Kennesaw is pretty much out - and even if you get on the wait list, it's a long wait.
  • traindrivertraindriver Member Posts: 328
    There seems to be a few showing in inventory at the dealer in Asheville, NC. This seems to be a one price dealer offering the Prius at 300 under MSRP. Asheville is not that far from Atlanta. Google Jim Barkley Toyota. Call and see if the cars are really available. I know nothing about the dealer other than I think a friend at work purchased a car there and seemed satisfied. YMMV.
  • mevandermevander Member Posts: 7
    Out the door was 30,168? Must have been gold plated mats, You got fleeced. Tell me HOW you can configure a Prius up to 30,168 at MSRP?
  • ctsactsa Member Posts: 6
    Out the door includes tax, title, and any other BS fees the state and/or dealership can come up with. That is HOW.
  • woodywwwoodyww Member Posts: 1,821
    2-3 years I shopped for a new Prius. Back then, I had 2 dealers in E. Mass. offer me $500 over Invoice on any Prius I wanted. (Shoulda, woulda, coulda).

    However I kept my 6 cyl. bmw, & with the low miles I put on, the gas savings wouldn't be worth dumping it to pay even MSRP for a Prius now.....
  • ck90211ck90211 Member Posts: 158
    The full tax credit for Toyota expired Sept 30, 06 (I timed my purchase to that day, that's how I remembered), and 1/2 credit expired the quarter after that, than 1/4 credit another quarter after that. So no more tax credit on Toyota hybrids. But I think Hondas are still on 1/2 or 1/4 credit.
  • mevandermevander Member Posts: 7
    You don't have to pay the "BS fess'. Some dealers try to get away w/ hitting you with advertising fees ect. Never give in, they are 'BS'. Also, if you are trading in a vehicle ask then to wash it though the books (it IS legal in most states), hence you will only pay sales tax on the difference of the new car vs, your trade. I used this when I sold my last car to a private buyer and asked the dealer if she could buy it from them.. ie wash it through the books and they said yes, with a 45 documentation fee. It is no skin off their nose if you sell it since no work on their part went into it. These are things that most people fail to ask and can save a TON of money
  • mevandermevander Member Posts: 7
    The tax credits should be restored in full. The Feds need to in-cent us all financially to buy hybrids. I heard on the news that is the entire fleet of cars on the road increased fuel economy by 8mpg we would cut in 1/2 our dependence on foreign oil. I know that is not possible. but should hasten the feds to mandate manufacturers to up the MPG of their fleets much sooner than later
  • mevandermevander Member Posts: 7
    Dealers asking $$$'s over MSRP are thiefs! No one should buy over MSRP. I am seeing posts of people paying 30,000 for a Prius, come on people, it is a small car! (yes great gas mileage), but the hyteria is nuts.
  • sbell4sbell4 Member Posts: 446
    you respectfully must have forgotten that we are fat lazy Americans. We earn our money and spend it as we wish. We do a lot of things we probably shouldn't do but immediate gratification has a cost.

    We probably should take the bus and ride bicycles. We shouldn't eat fast foods, smoke or drink.

    I believe "thief" is a bit harsh.
  • nycpriusnycprius Member Posts: 1
    Would be interested to know which dealer. I am about to buy a prius, and i got a quote of $26,400 from a dealer in Nassau County for a Prius with package #5, which i think should be about $1500 less than package #6, so I think you did well. Thanks.
  • ctsactsa Member Posts: 6
    nycprius, I think that should be about $400 below MSRP assuming that it only has #5 and none of the other port or dealer adds. An even better deal if it does have extras. Good find right now!
  • ccdbbccdbb Member Posts: 18
    I am in Princeton area in NJ. Anyone know the base MF for leasing a Prius?


  • stuckincanadastuckincanada Member Posts: 1
    You want real sticker shock. Price out a Prius in Canada.

    Remeber that the Canadian dollar is currently worth more than the US dollar.

    For anything other than the base model with nothing addedd it's around $40,000.00 :mad:
  • bob104bob104 Member Posts: 94
    30,168 OTD isn't bad for a Touring #6 given this market. I paid exactly $30,000 in Oct. 07 including an extended warranty 7yr/100k worth about $1100, or $28,900 comparing apples to apples. If you traded a 22 mpg car for the Prius you'll make up $1300 in 6 or so months depending on how much you drive.
    However, I think the Touring is not worth it. $500 (after negotiations) more and it gets about 3 mpg less due to the wide, sticky tires. The fancy wheels are covered with unfancy hubcaps and the sport suspension is best described as simply stiff.

    Off topic: The Economist states that Fiat has a 900cc, 80bhp turbo engine that is rated 69gm CO2/km. The Prius is rated 104gmCO2/km. All else being equal the Fiat should get 66mpg compared to the Prius' 44 mpg. The Prius requires several hundred pounds of extra materials for the electric powertrain.
    Light is good. And the turbo allows you to putt along efficiently most of the time with the turbo in reserve like Popeye's can of spinach, just like the electric side of the Prius.
    Ultimately we'll have plug-in hybrid electrics with 40 hp electric and 40 hp turbos getting a combined 100 mpg-equivalent--Popular Mechanics.
  • CarMan@Edmunds[email protected] Member Posts: 38,514
    Hi howac. Toyota is not currently providing lease support on the Prius in any region. As a result, if you were to lease one through Toyota Financial Services right now, you will have to use its standard lease money factor. The last time that I saw it, TFS' buy rate standard money factor was .00235 for consumers who qualify for its "Tier 1+" credit tier.

    Prices Paid: Buying & Leasing Experiences Forum
  • kbenderkbender Member Posts: 1
    Hubby and I have been considering the Prius but have yet to drive one, as none of the lots in our area have them in stock. We finally drove to Naples, FL yesterday (Germain Toyota) to see to pre-owned 2008 Prius Base models they had in stock (no package...base models both. The mileage on one was around 9K, the other around 17K , I believe, but don't quote me on that. Anyway, imagine my shock when I sat in the passenger seat and saw the prices on the window.....get this...

    $33K marked down to $31K.....YOU HAVE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME! That should be illegal. We drove one anyway, just because we didn't want to have wasted our trip, but I can't believe they even had the gall to actually ask that for a base used model....disgusting!

    Woah....makes me not even want to buy a Prius at all.....and also reminds me why I never end up buying a Toyota....I always go in loving the vehicle but the dealers here just are unbelievable!

    The dealer in Ft Myers says they have a 6 week waiting list. Is that about the norm? When I go on their website, they do show inventory coming available...could that be, or could it be they just don't update their website for their waiting list backlog?
  • oldcoacholdcoach Member Posts: 28
    Just bought a new 208 Prius , with packages, plus # 2 and Good floor mats for 23,909. Which is the MSRP. I will take delivery on thursday May 29, 2008. :D:D
  • oldcoacholdcoach Member Posts: 28
    That is an unreal price read post #1509. It takes 6 to 8 weeks if you order a Prius, I was lucky mind had been ordered for the dealership and they let me buy it before it came in. :D:D
  • m2mazda6m2mazda6 Member Posts: 20
    My dealer called today I'm next in line, could have hade one now but it was black, we want a Green one, we can wait so I get the next Green one in
  • klasklas Member Posts: 22
    It alwasy puzzled me what's with the hysteria around Prius? I personally didn't buy the 2008 model because I did not see any substantial savings in it and waiting what next generation will bring us. Is it 2009 or 2010 that we should be waiting for?
  • sharon22sharon22 Member Posts: 28
    The 2009 will be a carryover with no significant changes. The 2010 being announced in January will be the one that will be the 3rd generation Prius. You can see the exterior and read all about it on
  • 204meca204meca Member Posts: 370
    I am seriously looking at Prius. Typically used a Prius with less than 20K miles sells for about $ 500 less than a new one here in NW WA.
    I am considering a loaded 2007 Prius w 9K miles for $18500. The hitch is that it has a salvaged title & was originally registered in my county (so at least it is not flood car!). Carfax says airbag deployed. The seller swears it did not & says take it to a mechanic. I imagine even Carfax could make an occasional error.

    I would definitely take it to Toyota dealer a for a pre-purchase inspection. Will a dealer be able to tell definitively if the airbag are functional or is there someway a savvy rebuilder could cover up a missing airbag? Thanks
  • oldcoacholdcoach Member Posts: 28
    Be careful, there must be a reason for selling a loaded 2007 Prius for 4 or 5 thousand under book. What seems to good to be true, sometimes are to good to be true. Check it out.
  • sharon22sharon22 Member Posts: 28
    Do any of you know what this color looks like? I've been on waiting list for an 08 Siliver Pine Mica and dealer just called to see if I'm interested in this color TODAY. I can't find an "accurate" picture of it online and have to tell him in a couple of hours. (Dealer is two hours from here.) Thanks!
  • oldcoacholdcoach Member Posts: 28
    It is a pail green.........light green
  • sharon22sharon22 Member Posts: 28
    Really? I thought the pale green was the Silver Pine Mica. Thanks for such a quick response! Anyone else have an answer?
  • kyfdxkyfdx Moderator Posts: 194,080
    Well.. if it has a salvage title, something happened to the car...

    I certainly wouldn't risk $20K on it... Even if the dealer told you nothing was wrong with it, you would still have the salvage title, killing it's resale value. I doubt it has any warranty..


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  • 3c33c3 Member Posts: 76
    Based on what I see at, Seaside Pearl is more blue than green. If there is a Toyota dealer nearby, see if they have another vehicle with the same color.
  • bob104bob104 Member Posts: 94
    You can go to and configure your Prius including colors. The Silver Pine Mica is the more popular color, being kindofa "enviro green" khaki. I have it and it's doesn't heat up too, too much in the sun. White shows every tiny ding and scratch.
    Try this link:
  • gadriver4gadriver4 Member Posts: 15
    Hi! I'm another Atlanta area Prius hunter. We talked rt @ the time you got on the waiting list. Anyway, I think the Seaside Pearl looks v pretty but def more bluish if that makes any sense? Did you look at this photo? So what did you decide??

    Also wanted to update you as we finally decided it just didn't make sense NOT to get a Prius. We put $ down & ours should be in tomorrow b/c we didn't specify any color or package so was easier to find. I'm v excited. :) Our's is driftwood pearl w/beige interior. I wanted grey interior but just happy to get a Prius w/our commute. Edited to add we're paying MSRP which I've never done b/4 but still think it's worth every penny to be honest.
  • oldcoacholdcoach Member Posts: 28
    seaside pearl is light blue...sorry thought you wanted the color silver pine, which is light green.
  • sharon22sharon22 Member Posts: 28
    Yes, I remember talking to you about the difficulty we were having finding a Prius in the Atlanta area. Congratulations!! I think the Driftwood Pearl is a great color. I had said I wanted Silver Pine Mica, but the dealer I'm using over in Athens called this morning and said a Seaside Pearl was arriving and wondered if I'd accept it since it was a pkg 2 with no Toyoguard or extras on it that I didn't want. Finally, found some "real" pictures of the color on I do think it's a nice color so . . . I thought it was on the lot, but it actually arrives June 10th so my name is on that one and when it arrives, it's mine if I like it "in person". Heyward Allen Toyota in Athens has been fantastic to work with. What dealer are you using? Let the forum know the details (since that is what this thread is about). I'll do the same. Congratulations again!!!
  • gadriver4gadriver4 Member Posts: 15
    I'd def accept the seaside pearl since it's got everything else you want & nothing you don't want! Congrats! Darn it that's a bummer it's not on the lot today! Glad you're happy with the dealership. We're purchasing from Legacy Toyota in Union City and they have been good so far. Car suppose to arrive any day (litarally tonight). Whoo-hoo. Will post details once purchase is complete. :):)
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