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2004-2009 Toyota Prius Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • :confuse: Could you please tell me where to check the invoice prices for base model + different packages? I kept seeing you guys mentioning that here. And about the cash rebate, I am a little confused too. It seems the cash rebate is not all the same. I thought the cash rebate for Prius is 750, but why I also saw 1000, 500 here?
  • We are in Nevada. We had to go back to the dealer four times before we got that price.We didn't mess with all the salesmen. We found out the name of the sales manager and dealt directly with him. When we got the final contract the $23000 was nowhere to be seen. neither was the TDA, Dealer holdback and all that other junk. They juggled the figures to meet the agreed price. They did talk us into the extended warranty which we thought was okay because we plan to keep the car for a long time. They happened to have the color we wanted and there were eight other ones on the lot. If you have to be put on a waiting list then we are not sure if they would be willing to negotiate. The sales tax in Nevada is 7.75 which adds another almost $1800. We hear people on this forum talk about invoice but it is almost impossible to know exactly what the dealer has paid.We started off offering $22500 which they laughed at but it gave us a starting point.
    Good luck
  • Hey gerry10. If you haven't pulled the trigger on your Prius lease yet you're in luck. Toyota recently enhanced its incentives on this model in most regions. In most regions, Toyota Financial Services' new enhanced buy rate lease money factor for the 2009 Prius is now .00151, for consumers who qualify for its "Tier 1+" credit tier.

    TFS' 36 month, 15,000 mile per year residual value for the '09 Prius is 61%. The resid for a lease with only 12,000 miles per year would be 2% higher. Keep in mind though that these percentages are for base models with no options.

    Prices Paid: Buying & Leasing Experiences Forum
  • cmyawncmyawn Posts: 48
    Car_man, do you know what the residual would be for a Touring model w/ package 6?
  • Well that's about right. We already pulled the trigger (just a week ago!). Does anyone know if I have any chance at all to get Toyota to give us the new lease rate? I can't imagine the answer is yes, but it never hurts to ask right?
  • Thanks - like your idea of going right to sales manager with an overall price, and yup, I agree it's near-impossible to know "what the dealer has paid."

    Ain't car salesman/managers a hoot? Laughing at offers in a down down economy...makes me want to laugh right back.
  • cmyawncmyawn Posts: 48
    Well just got this from one of my local dealers:

    We must go by SOUTHEAST TOYOTA and not Toyota Financial Services. It must not be in this region. We have called TOYOTA JUST TO MAKE SURE ON MY END. SORRY

    Anyone else in the southeast seeing this same thing?
  • RobynnRobynn Posts: 18
    i think this is my break down. i am not sure what the dealer paid but i have got a $25,500 price for this one right now (before the 500 rebate)

    standard 21758
    package 5 2952
    rear bumper applique 45
    wheel locks 40
    preferred accessory 182 (cargo mats, cargo net, first aidekit ...)
    sub total 24977
    destination chrg 720
    total 25697 <=== invoice
  • I live in the Los Angeles area and found that dealers were only will to go $1500 to $1800 below list. I noticed that the factory incentive in the Bay Area was $1000 (as opposed to $500 in LA) so I started looking at all the Bay Area Toyota dealer websites. I noticed that Toyota of Santa Cruz was offering the Prius with Package 6 for $3000 off MSRP plus a $100 gas card. I tried to get dealers here to match--no go. One got down to $2400 off. So, I went to Santa Cruz and I brought the car. The list was $28844, but with the dealer discount, the factory rebate and the $100 for gas (they ended up just giving me a check instead of a gas card), my price was $25744. Invoice was $26895.52 Dealership and salesperson were vey nice.
  • RobynnRobynn Posts: 18
    Hi, I was wondering if they deliver the car to you or you'd have to go up there to pick it up. Thanks
  • I went there to pick it up. I flew up on a free ticket, had a friend take me to the dealership and drove back--all in one day. It was a bit of hassle, but given the cost savings--worthwhile.
  • Wow, 25,744 for a package 6? It is really nice. I still want to wait a few more months to make my purchase, but I don't want to buy the 2010 model. I am a little concerned about new models. I kinda feel old models may be more reliable. Hope there still will be all the different kinds of discounts and rebates that time. :)
  • RobynnRobynn Posts: 18
    is it possible to see two different invoice price from different dealer? i'm comparing two print-outs I got from two dealers and for the same package, one dealer has it listed $900 less than the other dealer.
  • I never believe any dealer's invoice price. BTW, which package are you talking about?
  • RobynnRobynn Posts: 18
    i got 2 Vehicle Inquiry Reports, they are almost identical in Retail price (aka MSRP) and Dealer price (invoice) except package 5 (that is what i'm looking for). Dealer #1's report shows higher prices (retail and dealer) which are matched with Toyota website, edmunds, other auto websites. Dealer #2's report shows lower prices (retail and dealer) consistently and I can't find either price anywhere except on this report. Is that possible there are two MSRP for the same package? The description of package 5 on both reports is identical.
    Is second dealer phishing to reel me in the dealer? so shall I accept the second dealer price w/o questioning. am i too paranoid? :confuse: :surprise: :shades:

    dealer #1 is 30 miles away
    dealer #2 is 300 miles away
  • Hi there

    So after calling around to different dealers, the best price we can seem to get for a 2009 base Prius with package #3 and the only extra being all weather floor mats is $25,643. This is including sales tax and fees. With our financing i think the total will be 2 thousand more.

    What do you think? You think this is fair for that model and specs? Nobody seems willing to beat that price and we've tried a few tricks. The only thing we haven't been willing to do is haggle between two different car makes because we haven't been willing to commit to going with another hybrid if the prius doesn't work out. (And i've been told that's what you need to be willing to do..)

    Any suggestions would be helpful! :confuse:
  • RobynnRobynn Posts: 18
    not a good deal-
    i got from santa cruz dealer '09 prius with pkg 5 + floormats, cargo net, is
    $23,857 + taxes & license

    i've heard that Toy has lowered its MSPR throughout california.

    happy green shopping
  • Ooo. santa cruz is one of the dealers we are dealing with. When did you do this and how did you do it? Here's the breakdown of where we are at so far:

    Sale Price $24,251.00
    All Weather Mats 103.00
    Sales Tax 1,952.72
    DMV Charges 225.00
    Total Other Fees 111.75
    Less: Rebate -1,000.00
    Total Price $25,643,47

    total after 5 years of financing: $27,901
  • RobynnRobynn Posts: 18
    hmm.. I don't know if I want to go 300 miles to get my car. But I did get a pricing from this dealer. You should check with them again. Toyota recently lowered invoice/msrp price for packages. i am not sure about other packages but for me package 5 and package 6 price change is significant.

    the MSRP changes has shown in Los angeles so I'm getting similar price except the Rebate ($500 as compared to $1000 in the Bay area). I wonder why.

    if you go to toyota website, you will see the latest MSRP. a lot lower than what is listed on Edmunds or other auto website.

    +++ for your reference +++
    Below is the deal i got for the base model with package 5 at santa cruz

    Model #1224 Toyota Prius
    P Z1 Carpet Floor Mats & Cargo Mat, Cargo Net, First Aid Kit
    F FE 50 State Emissions
    F HZ Includes: Cruise Control,
    F NL PACKAGE #5 INCLUDES: Voice-Activated DVD

    MSRP: $27,554
    Dealer Invoice: $25,057
    Direct Sales Price: $200 Under Dealer Invoice!

    Sell Price: $24,857+ fees (document fee)
    Less Factory Rebate Expires 01/07/09

    Final Price: $23,857 + fees (taxes and license)

    I used my own excel, 8.25% taxes ($1968.2), 1% license ($238) , $55 document fee, $8.75 tire fees ==> total should be $26,128 (Out the door)

    Total after 5 years of financing depends on the rate you get. I think credit union has 5.5% APR.
  • GaryMFGaryMF Posts: 1
    I am new to this site..have been reading the Top 10 lists etc.

    I live in New York and don't own a car but am moving to the Bay Area and need to buy one.

    I love the Prius (I rent them often via Zipcar) and want to get one once I'm there. I was planning on leasing since I'd rather not make a 5 year commitment right now.

    In the NY Metro area they are advertising a lease special of $219 for a 5 year leas but like $2600 down. It expires in Feb 2.

    The article on here suggets that paying a lot up front is stupid. I also wasn't planning on getting the car till I move (although my company will pay for me to move a car if need to).

    When I go on it seems like to lease a base Prius in SF is like $460.

    Any advice on how to approach this?

    I have only owned 1 car ever 20 years ago.

    I want a Prius but doesn't have to be the top of hte line but I would like GPS in it.
  • I bought a Prius with Package 3 today. The sale price is $22,500 before $500 rebate in NY. The total amount is around $24,7**.**. I really appreciated a lot of people shared their experience here.
  • I've got so much info reading this forum for years, so thought I would return the favor on my deal yesterday:

    Prius, Magnetic Grey, Package 6:
    Drive off: 717.89
    Monthly payment: 406.19 including tax ($374 I think without tax)
    Terms: 36 months
    Mileage: 15K per year
    Cap cost: 26966.99
    Residual: $15784.
    Money factor: .00151

    Negotiated this all online, with a local dealership that was willing to deal via email (sent out several emails, only 2 got back to me). Very easy purchase. Hamer Toyota in Mission Hills was aggressive in price right off the bat, and it certainly helped that they recently reduced the money factor and MSRP. Curious what the new deal will be in a few days, but felt I got a good deal on a car that made little sense to lease until now (IMHO).

    Best of luck to you all! And thanks to all who contribute their really educated me and made me a better buyer.
  • Sounds like a good price. What sorts of fees were added to $22K net to get to $24.7?

    In WA, our dealers are playing hard to buy from -- tons of stock, juicy 2010 comin' soon, yet holding out for $23.5-$25K. I'm not buying until they get real, as apparently is the case in NY and the DC area (see

    My thought is the value of a Pkg 3 P., right now with most folks avoiding hybrids b/c economy sucks *and* gas is cheapish again, is in the $21.5-$22.8 range, plus tax, docs, title.
  • Maybe should be in another forum, and definitely shows my ignorance...but we've seen some new-ish Prii (Priora?) on the road lately that, from the outside, appear to *not* have split rear window.

    Are we seeing correctly, and if so, which years / models do *not* have split rear window?
  • Yeah, we've been having troubles too with package 3. In California, the best deal we could come up with was:

    Invoice Price $24,251.00
    All Weather Mats 103.00
    Sales Tax 1,952.72
    DMV Charges 225.00
    Total Other Fees 111.75
    Less: Rebate -1,000.00
    Total Price $25,643,47

    Considering some of the deals we've been seeing with package #5 and #6... this seemed way overpriced to us. But none of the dealerships in norcal would budge for a package 3.
  • Let me know if I am missing something, but based on what Robynn posted, why not pay $500 more and get a package #5 at Santa Cruz, which includes package 3, HID headlights and Navi.
  • I paid $22,000 after $500 rebate + DMV + Document Fee + NY Tax=$24,2**.**. I forgot the exact amount. I think that Package3 is enough for me. The dealer gave me $24,000 (after $500.00) for Package 5. I REALLY do not want to pay more $2000.00 to get package5 because I do not need HID and Navigator. If money is not issue for you, you could get Package6, Right? Good luck for everyone.
  • RobynnRobynn Posts: 18
    Hi everyone,

    I hope everyone had a great weekend shopping for your ultimate Prius. I decided to bring my business to the locals so bought mine yesterday in Los Angeles ($500 rebate and not $1000 for the bay area)

    I got Package 5 with some preferred accessories (wheel locks, rear bumper applique, floor mat, cargo mats, cargo net and first aid kit) for $23,850 + taxes & licenses. I am really happy with the Navsys because I fed up with my portable one. I took my red Prius around town and put 150 miles on it, the MPG is 42 woohoo...

    I did also get the extended warranty for 7 years, 75,000 miles, $0 rebate for $1400

    I decided not to go with package 6 because it was asked at $24,710 and I didn't get to see the car. Other dealers in Southern California that I visited and talked to, mentioned that Package 6 with Standard is not available (?!) I was not sure if that was true but I rather spend my 1K for the extended warranty than sitting on leather.

    Enjoy your Prius. :) :shades:
  • BTW, I also get some preferred accessories too because Package 3 should includes wheel locks, rear bumper applique....and first aid kit. I really love this car too. Hopefully, every Prius owner enjoy this car too.
  • Robynn,

    What LA dealer did you go to?
  • 3c33c3 Posts: 76
    > I did also get the extended warranty for 7 years, 75,000 miles, $0 rebate for $1400

    That's way too much. Check
  • RobynnRobynn Posts: 18
    Yes, thank you! I checked around last night but it was still after the fact.
    So I've found out that within 3 days, come back to the dealer and re-do the paperworks with any financial manager to cancel the extended warranty, or call Toyota Financial within 30 days.


    Toyota ExtraCare plans can be cancelled within 30 days of purchase for a full refund...less a $25.00 cancellation processing fee. And cancellations can be done either at the dealer, or by calling Toyota Financial directly at (800) 228-8559.
  • $22,000 for a package 3? That's a good deal. Can I ask the dealership you got it from? Currently, I'm looking for a package 2 and the prices quoted were higher than that.

    Thank you.
  • Most of the dealer rejected to give me this reasonable price. Actually, the price is fair for this bad market. I suggested you to get the price locally first and wait until the end of the month then you go to the best price to deal with them. You could tell them this price you want to pay. If you could not match the price, please DO NOT waste your value time to call me. After I did this way, the dealer gave me this price.
    If I were you, I will get package 3 because it is a lot of convenient and fun for driving. Most of the dealer have Prius with Package 3 more than Prius with Package 2. It is easy for you to get a good price from the dealer for Package 3. It is my opinion. Hopefully, it could help you. Good luck!
  • Just out of curiosity, is your Prius the Touring model? thanks
  • Anyone managed to get below 22K for the 09 Prius w/ Pkg 2?
  • bob104bob104 Posts: 94
    I got an extended warranty of 6 years/100,000 miles, Toyota Platinum from the dealer, for $1000 in Oct. 07. Be sure that your years match your expected mileage or you could find your warranty running out in four years. I like the idea of getting it from the dealer. No surprises.
    If you want to make a sharp deal tell the salesperson you aren't sure of what your driving situation will be and you'd like a list of the various combinations of years/miles for you. I wouldn't answer any questions as to what your driving needs are. Just say you aren't sure and what are the options.
  • In the Washington DC area (Northern VA) I've contacted 3 dealers via e-mail and got quotes of $21500-21850 for package #2. This is before tax, title, tags, freight. Out the door the lowest quote is about $23,400 before any real negotiating.
  • Hello, I am an Ex-Car Salesman, so I have a lot of answers for your questions.

    One question I have you is whether anyone has leased a car (in SoCal) and had the rebate applied? My salesperson (inside opinion so far is that he is shooting my pretty straight) has told me that taking the .00151 lease rate eliminates teh rebate - one or the other. That was the case in most ccircumstances when I sold BMW. Take the good rate if you lease, take the money if you pay cash ...

    What have you heard? Thanks, J
  • Hi, has anyone had the rebate (500 for SoCal) applied towards the lease with the .00151 lease rate, or is it one or the other? Thanks, J
  • I am considering leasing a Prius. Can anyone recommend a good Toyota dealer in the vicinity of Summit, NJ (07901)?
  • I just bought a 2009 package 2 Prius last week (Los Angeles area) and wish I'd found this forum before purchasing--it would have saved me a bit of guesswork. Of course I'll continue to wonder if my negotiating skills are up to par or if I could have gotten much of a better deal, but the price seems to be in the ballpark. The OTD price was negotiated and the dealer adjusted the base price to meet it.

    Price: ~$22,600
    Tax (8.25%): ~$1,870
    License/misc: ~$245
    Docs : $55
    Rebate: ($500)

    Out the door: $24,300

    Good luck to anyone in the market!
  • No, it was not. They actually offered me a touring model and it only modestly effected the price (maybe $10 a more a month...$15 more down). I really wasn't interested in the touring model or the color they had available in that configuration.
  • LAPRguy,

    I just came back from a dealership here in NC. They quoted me 379 + tax per month for a package 2 and 12k per yr. How are you getting a package 6 with the same payment I got. And also, the finance manager swore he never heard of 0.00151 MF. Should I keep looking for a better deal?

  • I'm seeing $2000 factory cash splash-ads on some dealer-sites -- Santa Cruz Toyota, and Maita in Sacramento.

    Anyone know

    a) if this is just Cali or if it's nationwide?
    b) how it's working -- are dealers willing to knock it off MSRP or (invoice + holdback)
    c) if it's combine-able with the still-in-force $500-750-1000 customer cash rebate?
    d) if it's helping dealers *really* deal on prices?

  • 3c33c3 Posts: 76
    $2000 for Northern CA only. Southern CA is still $500. You can check the rebate available for your area here:
  • Hi cmyawn. Toyota Financial Services' residual values are the same for all Prius trim levels. Its 36 month, 15,000 mile per year residual for a 36 month lease of an '09 Prius is currently 61%. The residual for an otherwise identical lease of an '08 model is 58%.

    Keep in mind though that TFS calculates residual values differently than all other banks do. It places strict restrictions upon what options can be residualized. As a result, it is very difficult for consumers to calculate dollar residual values for Toyota vehicles on their own. Dealers are actually given a list of the dollar residuals for every unit that they have in stock rather than having to calculate them using the percentages like most other brand dealers do.

    Prices Paid: Buying & Leasing Experiences Forum
  • Hi gerry10. Unfortunately, since you have physically taken delivery of your new Prius I doubt that you will be able to get Toyota to renegotiate your deal using the enhanced lease program. Sorry that I don't have better news for you.

    Prices Paid: Buying & Leasing Experiences Forum
  • Hey cmyawn. Unfortunately, what you were told is correct. Southeast Toyota is an independent distributor that uses its own captive finance company, SE Toyota Finance, instead of Toyota Financial Services. SE Toyota is actually a pretty annoying entity. They really only serve to add another middle man to the new vehicle purchase transaction that has to profit from your deal. They usually pack new vehicles with all sorts of annoying, over priced, unnecessary add-ons that consumers in your area have no choice but to get if they want a new Toyota.

    I personally am so bothered by SE Toyota's existence that if I lived in the Southeastern U.S. I would choose another brand rather than dealing with them.

    Prices Paid: Buying & Leasing Experiences Forum
  • Hi Gary. If you choose to, you can take advantage of Toyota's special lease program on the 2009 Prius and go with a zero down lease. Even though manufacturers usually include down payments on their advertised leases, consumers are always free to go with a zero down lease if they want to.

    If I was in your situation, I personally would shop around in the New York area for the lowest possible selling price on the Pius that I wanted. Once I found a price that I was comfortable with, I would have the dealer calculate my car's monthly payment using its buy rate lease money factor. Toyota Financial Services' current buy rate lease money factor for the '09 Prius in its New York region is .00151 for consumers who qualify for its Tier 1+ credit tier.

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