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2004-2009 Toyota Prius Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • srm1srm1 Posts: 3
    I spoke to my fifth dealer in Miami and now I am convinced they are price-fixing here. Has anyone else experience dealers taking your license and entering the information on-line? How else can they all be coming up with the same price…and the same lie about “no such thing as invoice price.”?

    For a 2007 with package 2, the price they quote is $24,600+ and that is not the OTD price. They will not go lower. This is for a left-over but then again, this pack of sleazy dealers claim 2008 cars will not be available for months and that I must pay over the MSRP price if I want to buy a Prius!

    Please, can anyone recommend their dealership (hopefully, not in Miami or in Florida!)
  • acdiiacdii Posts: 753
    This is what is known as a Sellers Market. People want a Prius, dealers have limited inventory and sell the car for whatever price they want because they know someone will pay their price for it. This is one of the reasons used Prius are going for top dollar as well. I also think the end of thetax incentives ends soon, so there will be a rush to buy the last of the '07 models, and dealers know this. If you are serious about buying one, there are other states you can look to that may offer a better deal, but from what I have seen lately, the lots are empty again and the waiting list is growing. Good luck, maybe you can find a model that doesn't sell as well like a base model like I did, so it doesn't have smart key or play MP3's in the CD deck, but it has everything else, and with the $140 DICE unit I installed I now play my Ipod in it. I got mine April 2, right after the incentive was cut in half, the Saturday before they all sold out at this dealer, but 10 minutes before I pulled in, they got a base model off the truck. I got it for sticker, plus $4K for a 98 Exploder sight unseen. I drove out of there for under $20K, and it has everything I need in the car save for leather and power seats, which was something I was looking for in a car, but I can live without those. Timing is everything.
  • A bit pricey but you can fly to Calif and have a nice vacation drive back to Florida. Just got my pkg 4 (base, not touring) for $23,471 + TTL in No. Cal. on Aug 31. Still plenty on the lots up here.

  • srm1srm1 Posts: 3
    Wow, we just moved from CA to FL and thought it would be cheaper to purchase a Prius here. CA is not known for ‘reasonable rates on anything.’ Go figure!

    After flipping through this site, I learned a lot about the Prius. I thank all of you for enlightening me. Is it worth buying a Prius in the CARB states for that “generous warranty’? Do you pay extra for it? Since my bad experience with the Miami dealers, buying one in the NE is doable. Any dealer recommendations for CT, ME, MA, NJ, NY, RI, VT?
  • have you looked at A lot of posters from back east say that they are fairly reasonable, not the cheapest, but not the most expensive either, and easy to deal with.
  • James

    Could you pls give me dealer info? I'm in the same boat.
    looking for prius with the package #2. No one knows for sure
    when the 08's are coming out but all say no changes except
    tail lights. Not as many choices of colors towards the end
    of the model year either

  • Many of my friends warned me from buying a prius. They are all senior citizens and their major complaint is lack of comfortable seats, lack of height adjustment and their spouses complain that the rear seats are not very comfortable either.

    Other wise no problems at alls. Some of the Prius I have seen got more than 130 thousand miles with no unexpected repairs.

    I am 65; at this point comfortable seats are of importance at this age... My friends suggested go for the leather seats (package #6).No of us have seen, or traveled in a prius with leather seats.

    I ordered one with a touring package and, option number 6.
    I used Costco buying service. It is about 700 dollars above the invoice and depending upon where one lives there is about 1400$ discount (eco savings) package 6.

    The local dealers are not very helpful. They want 1000 $ above invoice plus 175 dollars for dealers preparation.
    Buying through Costco seams to be an easy way out without spending time with dealers to get one at a reasonable price. I live in rural Midwest and not in southern California.
  • With friends like that, who needs enemies? Prius seats are
    very comfortable. Rear seats are fine also. It's one of the most reliable vehicles on the road. IMO, the leather seats are a waste of money. For one thing, they are only partially leather seats - lots of the seat is still vinyl.
    For what they charge I would opt out of leather and use the cash to buy about 20,000 miles of fuel.
  • Your friends don't have a clue. Hopefully they are not the same ones that move to Florida or the warm weather only to stay shut up in their air conditioned homes and riding around in their air conditioned Lincolns!

    Seats...get the car. If you have trouble like I did, invest a bit in a high quality car seat cover system. I sprung for the Wet Okle ( after reading a bit on this site. I have 2 kids and having the waterproofiness is keen. I also though the fabric was a bit low quality and probably would not handle the abuse. I opted for the inflatable lumbar for the driver which while not automatic, can be repositioned. I also opted for the pin stripe, the logo, and the zipper pouches on the back. Go to the website and the pics look exactly like what was delivered.

    The seat covers are not cheap, but the quality and fit has to be unsurpassed. Since I'll have the car for while, I thought it was a wise investment...and the first time the coke turned over in the back seat and the next time when the Rita's ice spilled, I was relieved!
    :) :)
  • prusaprusa Posts: 43
    Let me have their website, please. Is it I am going to give it a try. I have been trying to buy package #6 and the dealers want the MSR price which I am not willing to pay.
  • Just go to costCo com.or google for costco auto purchase program.
    You can even find the opinions about costco in priuschat and also about seat comfort Etc.Opinions defer.
    50 dollars for membership. The dealer may be away and may not be the near to you.
    You will not have finalprice unless you are there in dealership and ready to buy it.
  • Anyone out there know what the '08 are going for in the DC area? I'm looking for a 2007 package 6 but I don't think it's going to happen. Anyway, any help with the '08 pricing would be great!
  • In April 07 a friend of mine purchased in DC, touring edition for 1300 below MSRP. I do not know about the prices now.
    In KY and OHIO some dealers I contacted want

    Full MSRP

    1000 $ above invoice plus 175 dollars of prep charges Plus 395 dollars of paint and protection package. This is the lowest quote after sending e-mails to several dealers.

    Finally I went with Costco. It seems to be 700 dollars above invoice. (Can not confirm it)
    Not all colors and option packages are available in my distribution zone. But it can be ordered. The Costco dealer said it may take 2 months to 6 months.

    The 08 models are slowly rolling in. As per this dealer normal supplies for this Prius will take 2 months.
    You can check the Toyota prius website to know what color and option package combinations available for your zip code.
  • Just bought a 2008 Base model with Option Package #6 from Concord Toyota (San Jose) at $1200 below MSRP, final price $26200+TTL. IMO, only way to buy a car is through internet dealers. Getting a deal takes time, patience, and a certain flexibility for your local market at purchase time (I originally wanted a 2007 Touring, but those are hard to come by right now).

    I would also recommend shopping your salesman. There are hundreds of Toyota salesmen in the bay area, and quite frankly, some of them just seemed too huckster-ish over the phone. But on the other hand, some salesmen who didn't have the car I wanted were nonetheless helpful and informative over the phone, giving me insights into the local market that proved useful in the negotiation process with other dealers.

    The Berkeley salesman indicated that buyer negotiating will improve in the next few months as production for 2008 Prius has been increased and dealers will have more cars on the lots (again, this may be true only for the hot California Prius market). When I later changed my specs for my car, he gave me a great starting price, and I likely would have bought my car from him had I not had to wait a week for its arrival.

    I ended up in a "bidding war" between the Concord dealer and the Capitol (San Jose) dealer. I would recommend either dealer, especially Rick Perez at Capitol SJC, Tobey in Berkeley, or Hamid at Concord.
  • Bought from Fremont Toyota for $391 over invoice.
  • smr36smr36 Posts: 59
    That's what I'm looking for. Where did you get it? How much was total cost?

  • prusaprusa Posts: 43
    WOW! Where did you buy it? Please email me with the information and the amount you paid. That is really a good deal. I am desperate trying to find a good deal like the one you got. Thanks for the information.
  • prusaprusa Posts: 43
    Fremont Toyota in what state and city? I need more details, please. I will be in touch with them as soon as you send the information. Thanks,
  • smr36smr36 Posts: 59
    It appears that a lot of us are trying to buy an '08 touring model yet the dealers tell me that Toyota limits their allocation to only a very small percentage of touring models. I've heard figures of 5-10% deliveries of touring models. Why? Why doesn't Toyota increase the ratio of touring models they manufacture?

  • jaxs1jaxs1 Posts: 2,697
    Maybe that is the ratio that was selling last year, so they are keeping the same ratio.
    Either that or they may be short on supply of Touring spoilers and wheels.
  • wlaiwlai Posts: 3
    I'm in Seattle metro, and were quoted:

    MSRP is $26,249
    Invoice is $24,538

    --->Your price is $25,538 plus tax and license.

    It's about $710 under MSRP...quoted by the costco dealer. Is this a good price? Edmund's pricing function doesn't show touring edition for 2008 yet.

    Model Number: 1226A SERIAL # :8330xxxx Check Code: 5
    Model Description: 4-DR GAS/ELEC
    Category ..........: A
    Year ............: 2008
    Current Dealer ....: 130-46050
    Interior Color ..: FE11 FE11
    Wholesale Dealer ..:
    Exterior Color ..: 01G3 MGRAY
    Previous Dealer ...: 00130
    Body ............: HYBRID GAS/ELEC SDN
  • I just bought a 2008 Prius Touring in black with package #3 for $25,800 OTD
  • 2008 Base with package 5 in Magnetic Grey for $25,000. This included destination, floor mats and cargo net, but not extended warranty and tax, title, registration. I even got slightly above KBB value for my trade.

    This was in New Jersey, but I live in PA.
  • prusaprusa Posts: 43
    Can you please include the dealership name and city where you bought your 2008 Base with package 5? I will go as far as NJ to get this deal. I lived in Jersey for many years and will find the place.
  • smr36smr36 Posts: 59
    at $1,000. off MSRP. Gave $500 credit card deposit which is fully refundable for any reason before I accept delivery. San Diego area. If there are better deals around please let me know.

  • Sorry - I wa sout of town and wasn't checking. Here are the details you were all asking for!

    Fremont Toyota is in city of Fremont, SF Bay Area, California.

    I am a CSAAA member and went thru AAA web site - BUT I never had to input my AAA number of anything - not even logged on. Just fyi, same price was offerred to me by Gilroy Toyota in San Jose area.

    Price before Taxes/License was exactly: $26691 (Invoice was 26325 with floor mats and cargo mat). Price out the door was $29187 (taxes 2206.55, license 235, doc 55).
  • Liberty Toyota in Burlington, NJ.
  • Watch out for the guys down at Toyota of Marin.
    My wife and I went down last night to test drive a car and crunch some numbers. The figure they quoted was higher than we wanted to pay, so we decided to go home and talk it over. They said "no problem, the car will be here for you tomorrow if you want to take it at our price.
    Around 10:00 this morning, I called them and said hold the car, we will be down this afternoon to finalize the deal( at their price). Our salesman said "no problem it's your car, we'll detail it , get the paperwork ready and see you later today. " Well, I get a call two hours later telling me that they sold our car to someone else.
    Get this- he also told me that the other guy was willing to pay more so they were"legally" obligated to sell it to him. They are now out of the model promised to us and can't say when they'll have another one.
    Yea, I know, its business -but I guess car salesmen have a bad rep for a reason. They are jerks.
  • See post # 1012 (Fremont Toyota) this thread. If not too far sounds good.
  • prusaprusa Posts: 43
    I was able to find a 2008 Touring Pkg 6 for 27,212 + tax + tag. Originally, it was 26, 678.54, but the salesperson said he needed to make 2% (533.57) profit. I had to pay extra for the carper mats and tunk mats (165.00 because it did not come with it). Is this a fair price? Cargo net was an additional 55.00. Included in the price was 639.00 Admin and 715.00 Manuf. Delv, Proc, & Hndlg. They really try to get you with all these extras hidding charges.
    Any advice? Should I take it or buy in NJ where they don't have any Admin fees? By the way, I live in GA.
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