02 Grand Am won't start

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Hi everyone. Here's my situation. My 02 Grand Am started having problems starting a few weeks ago. I found out that wiggling the key helped. I read that oiling the key could help so I did that and it started every time for about 3 days. Now it seems to be getting worse. I can hear the solenoid click, it has a new battery, all the lights are fine (no dimming) and this isn't a security light issue. I should mention the ignition cylinder seems loose but holding it when turning the key doesn't help. There is no grinding or whirring sound, in fact there is no sound at all other than the solenoid click. I'm just wondering why oiling the key worked for a few days but not any more. Thanks for reading this!


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    I always recommend discarding the weird occurrences and starting with basics. If your starter solenoid is getting a signal every time to turn the key to crank, then there's nothing wrong with the key/lock--if you're getting proper voltage to the solenoid relay then your problem is in the starter or in the battery/cables. The key energizes the solenoid which then connects the starter motor to the battery. The "click" you hear is the solenoid relay opening and closing.
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    I had the starter replaced. 10 minutes down the road the battery light came on and 30 minutes later the alternator went out. Today I had the alternator replaced and the car starts but won't stay running after jumper cables are removed. I'm wondering if something went wrong when the starter was replaced. 
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    I should mention that the battery is less than a year old and is a 5 year battery. I did find out that there is an ignition issue as well but it does start now but doesn't stay running. 
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