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Ford F-Series Computer Problems



  • doc46doc46 Posts: 2
    did you ever get it fixed? i have the same problem, 02 f-350 thanks
  • dave205dave205 Posts: 4
    I have the same issue on a 2001-can you tell me what fixed it. Wire assembly to the throttle? I know it is not the fuel filter.
  • dave205dave205 Posts: 4
    You may want to check and see if the cam senser is working.
  • i have a 94 f350 with a 460 engine runs great no problems but when i tow my rv and i shut it off it spews coolant into the puke jug but if i idle it for a few minutes then shut it down it doesnt do it i thinking the clutch fan isnt keeping up this a new one and done the same thing on the old fan what do you all think.thanks
  • already changed the batteries and both fuel filters. Everything we have read says that if the glow plug light comes on, then it works and that isn't the problem. Was working one day and the next it wasn't. What else could it be?
  • I am disabiled so things i can afford to do are limited
    I bought a 1989 f350 ton dually that someone changed out the engine. it was a 460 with e4od EFI
    now it has 1987 e150 5.0 Aod EFI . I drove it for week before buying. I was worried about having power I have to say i was impressed it ran out great and got very good milage but couple days after paying for it, it died going down the hiway running about 65 mph tried to start in nuetal but it would not engage starter i had to come to a complete stop and start it. it died 3 more times so i let it set a few minutes and it started and ran went to gas staion filled the tank and it ran fine for 2 more days.
    When it died again i managed to go to mechanic shop they put new distributer in it $186.00 it made it home died when i parked it and it has not started since.
    i bought some books did the koeo test. the books tell what the codes mean but dont tell how to fix it another waste of money. the codes are:
    67 nuetral drive switch open
    52 power steering preasure switch open
    81 air management circut 2 failure
    41no HEGO switching detcted or system lean
    32 EVPvopltage below closed limit
    29 insuficaint input from speed sensor
    18 spout circut fialure or spark angle
    33 EGR valve opening not detetcted

    i have put new oxygen sensor and new map sensor
    fuel pumps( all 3) new distibuter module new EGR still wont start
    I am considering removal of THE EFI and goinig carb
    any suggestions or help out there?
    Thanks Daniel
  • Was wondering if anyone has heard of this. 2003 F-150. After parking and walking to the front door the truck was trying to turn over by itself. Is this a computer problem.
  • mmafanmmafan Posts: 2
    OK...I have been facing problems with my 02 F150 for a couple weeks now and can't seem to get anywhere. I have pulled the code 1504 IAC circuit malfunction and have replaced the IAC Valve but still pull the code and my truck runs like crap under load when accelerating. When just sitting at idle it's fine and I can rev it up and it never misses. Put her in gear and accelerate and she goes to hesitating and running like crap. The warmer the weather the worse she runs. I have checked all kinds of crap and can't find anything that test bad. Please help me out. What is all included in the IAC circuit? What else should I check? I have 139k miles and just now am I having a problem. The dealership said to replace the IAC so I did and called them back and they said replace the plug...get real...I'm not made of money!!!
  • whem i get in to start it turn key over and theft light starts blinking odometer has------- al the way across and it will crank but no fire . but take key and turn over two or three times dont matter wich way and every thing is fine it cranks right up but turn it off and try it nothing have to do proses all over again oh its a ford f150 super crew 5.4 triton please any help before i have to take to shop trying to fix my self dont got money to take it to shop. if so email me at
  • connon1connon1 Posts: 15
    900 miles on it and tonight sitting in the driveway the dealer installed alarm goes off. I check it out and the indash display is lit up. I open the door which turns off all power delay functions then close and lock up only to see the dash power back up by itself! Now what do I do ? Wait til morning and find the battery dead? I sit in the truck for a few minutes with no keys and the power seats start to move and the climate controls start to cycle through the settings.really strange. Anyone out there with similar experiances ? If it starts in the morning then back to the dealer.
  • emtdawnemtdawn Posts: 26
    If you haven't already done so, go out and disconnect the battery cables so that your battery doesn't drain. This of course will also take care of your light problems temporarily.

    It might be a glitch in the computer system but it also sounds like a short in the elctrical system. Pray that it's in the computer. Electrical shorts are so darn hard to trace. Make sure you keep tabs on date, time, in case you are dealing with the "Lemon Law" at one point. Good luck,
  • connon1connon1 Posts: 15
    Brought into the dealer this AM their subcontractor alarm tech says he believes it's the remote start or even the pager/keyfob itself. He disabled the alarm until I can bring it back for svc. I fully expected to find the battery dead this morning but it atarted right up. If it wasn't pouring last night I would have disconnected the battery. I hope this is the end of it, I waited 10 weeks for this truck and I dont relish the thought of a lemon.
  • atopperatopper Posts: 1
    try cam sensor there was a recall on this also so save receipts for sometimes reinburses also save old one.
  • we have a 97 f-150 the check engine light is on and when the engine warms up and gos the truck shacks what could this be ?
  • My check engine light came on, I took my truck to Discount Auto so they could hook up their machine and give me the computer is not working. Any ideas as to what might be wrong with the computer and how to fix it? The truck is running fine...never had any problems.
  • I have a 99 F-150. One morning I tried to start my truck and all it would do is turn over. After a few tries it started, but after you shut it off again it might start, it might not. We noticed that when you turn the key and the THEFT light is blinking fast it will not start, but when you turn the key and the THEFT light stays on then it will start. Once it starts it runs great. I've heard this is called anti-theft mode. I've also heard that it may not be recognizing the key. What else could cause this or how much would a dealer charge to fix something like this??
    Thanks Vicki
  • Here is what the answer to your code problem:
    Intake Air Control circuit malfunction :)
    Take it in, shouldn't be too much. Especially if you tell them in advance what's wrong. Good luck,
  • Can you sit there when it won't start, and by turning the key again, usually get the truck to start? At any rate, go to Auto Zone, get them to put the machine on the truck and see what codes you get. Sounds like you have a computer that is malfunctioning. Did you notice anything that it might have been doing before this started? Engine light, anything?
  • P0340 Camshaft Position Sensor circuit fault . There is no po-344 code. Now, this may make you feel a little bad... "and I am yelling"... "DID YOU REPLACE THE STUPID SENSOR"???????????? This is bad, this is why your engine is cutting out and this is why your "check engine light is on"... if you don't know how, take it in to the garage and tell them to replace the sensor. Now, that wasn't hard was it. It's causing your computer chip to act up, which is causing your truck to miss. Doesn't matter if it's in intermittent or not.. it "needs to be replaced".
  • Go in to Ford, not the same one that wants $1,500 for the tranie.. have them hook it up to the diagnostic machine. That should give you some error codes that can tell you what might be causing it. If you don't want to go to Ford, take it to Auto Zone.. NOT discount auto..Auto Zone. If you have codes and you don't know what they mean, give me a hollar at my regular email addy. They might not let me post it, so you know the sign for @ and so write to me once you have had it diagnosed.. with code numbers. emtdawn "at" and let me know the numbers of the codes.
  • No, they aren't all the same. The 99''s have several codes that are different.Read below;
    9202 Fuel Sender Open
    9204 Fuel Sender Short to Ground
    9213 Anti-Theft Number of Programmed Keys is Below Minimum
    A103 Antenna Not Connected / Defective Transceiver
    9317 Battery Voltage High
    9318 Battery Voltage Low
    9342 ECU Is Defective
    9356 Ignition RUN Circuit Open
    9364 Ignition START Circuit Open
    9600 PATS Ignition Key Transponder Signal Is Not Received / Damaged Key or Non-PATS Key
    9601 PATS Received Incorrect Key-Code From Ignition Key Transponder (Unprogrammed Encoded Ignition Key)
    9602 PATS Received Invalid Format Of Key-Code From Ignition Key Transponder (Partial Key Read)
    9681 PATS Transceiver Signal Is Not Received (Not Connected, Damaged, or Wiring)
    A103 Antenna Not Connected Ä Defective Transceiver
    A139 PCM ID Does Not Match Between HEC and PCM
    A141 NVM Configuration Failure (No PCM ID Exchange Between Instrument Cluster and PCM)
    A143 Odometer NVM Memory Failure
    5284 Oil Pressure Switch Failure
    1197 SELECT/RESET Switch Circuit Failure
    D011 SCP (J1850) Invalid or Missing Data for Engine Air Intake
    D027 SCP (J1850) Invalid or Missing Data for Engine RPM
    D041 SCP (J1850) Invalid or Missing Data for Vehicle Speed
    D073 SCP (J1850) Invalid or Missing Data for Engine Coolant
    D123 SCP (J1850) Invalid or Missing Data for Odometer
    D131 SCP (J1850) Invalid or Missing Data for Fuel System
    D132 SCP (J1850) Invalid or Missing Data for Odometer
    D147 SCP (J1850) Invalid or Missing Data for Vehicle Security
    D148 SCP (J1850) Invalid or Missing Data for Audio Control
    D262 Missing SCP Message
  • I have a 2006 F150, aftermarket remote start. I pushed the remote start today, it started, made a horrible metallic sound, like something broke, which I assumed was the starter. I changed the starter, which was acting up slightly for a few months prior, still won't start. I checked all fuses, they are all ok. I hear the fuel injectors engaging, all the lights work fine. I had an issue with the remote start and the PAS system a few months ago, and learned how to disconnect the remote start. I did that, still won't start, and my arming system is fine, meaning that the vehicle is not armed while I am trying to start. I wonder if the sound I heard was the flywheel teeth breaking?? I looked at the old starter and there are 6 teeth with excessive wear, like a stripped screw. The rest seem decent. Any ideas??? The truck has about 46K miles and my husband is pissed. PISSED. I was a mechanic for several years, and this one has me stuck. I've changed a hundred starters and never had this problem. The new starter bench tested at Oreilly's ok.. but, maybe I'll try checking it myself.. HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • By the way, today the inside unlock buttons will not unlock the doors. I have to manually open the pass. door from the inside. Rechecked starter, and it is good.. Totally lost here.
  • Well.. In the light of day :) I found a fusible link (aka-a bigger fuse in the fuse box for the normal person) that had blown. I didn't see it in the dark, but went today and re-checked every fuse. Problem solved!
  • My 2001 F150 is doing exactly the same thing. Did you ever find out what the problem was?
  • yes .. it turns out the ignition is somehow wired into the door panel with the window and door lock controls .. we popped the door panel off and some wires were kind of loose .. pushed them back in and it has started fine ever since
  • could be your cam sensor. I had replaced mine when the engine stopped on me. according to your millage you have, it might be covered under warranty. call the dealer first.
  • My ford F-350 diesel truck will not release the 4 wheel drive what can I do to release it?
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