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Ford F-Series Computer Problems



  • Hi.

    Can anyone tell me if the computer for a 89 F250 and a 90 F250 are different in any way?

    Thank you.
  • Hi! We have a 98 F350 that was a tow vehicle and has been converted back to a work truck. Now when your driving down the road at any speed and you turn the wipers on the check engine light will come on and the engine will die and cut back on again or if you pull over when it dies the engine will usually start right back up. We tested the wiper motor and when the motor would come on other electrical components will loose ground and the truck will try to die so we replaced wiper motor... no progress. Could this have anything to do with the cam sensor? :confuse: Some rewiring was done but not found any problems with it yet. Any suggestions?
  • mrbbmrbb Posts: 1
    I have a 2002 F250 7.3 Diesel that does the same thing as previous post by katthomas. I can let the truck idle in the driveway with the wipers set on intermittent for about a 9-10 second delay and after 7 minutes, the motor cuts out. The wipers keep going and the electrical inside the cab (radio, lights, etc) keep functioning. I have replaced the Cam Position Sensor and problem is still persistent. The truck can be restarted after a few seconds.
  • badloserbadloser Posts: 2
    I dont think you can I have never heard of it. I would recomend a SCT livewire to check out the codes
  • emtdawnemtdawn Posts: 26
    You can get a book at Advanced Auto Parts or Napa. Actually, just about any auto parts store will have them and they do tell you exactly how to access the codes and exactly what they mean. I think they run around $25.00 Good luck.
  • Greetings, I have a 2001 F350, 7.3 no modifications. Intermittently, the check engine light comes on and the throttle becomes unresponsive. The engine stays at idle. If the truck is rolling at 10 mph or higher I can turn on the cruise control and speed up using the accel button on the steering wheel. i.e. the accel button makes the engine rpm's increase but the throttle won't. Also when this happens the transmission shifts into 3rd WAY early and with a hard thump then immediately jumps back into 2nd. (I hope I got the gear numbers right. Maybe it is shifting into OD?) I've replaced the fuel filter and oil filter. Maybe coincidence??? but this seems to have started with the new low sulfur diesel. Maybe coincidence??? The problem also seems more prevalant when it is very hot and humid outside. I live in Alabama. It happens when the engine is cold coming out of the driveway and when it is at temp running down the road. All engine gauges look normal and other electronics on the truck work fine.
    Please help. I'm loosing my mind!

    Thanks in advance!
  • 02f35002f350 Posts: 1
    I have a 2002 F350 7.3 Diesel that does the very same thing. It cuts out when the wipers come on or when driving down the highway it misses very bad. I have replaced the cam shaft sensor and the wiper motor with no luck. Does anyone have any ideas?
  • John

    I have the same problem with a 99 F350 Diesel and have yet to find the fix. Did you have any luck?

    Ed Boyle
  • Before replacing the fuel pump, replace the gas filter. Located on the frame on the driver's side, kinda located under the driver's door area. Filter cost around $10.00, it takes a special tool that costs less than ten dollars for the press on connections. They are spring loaded connections. We had the same problem.. and it was the filter. Found out, what we should have known.. buying cheap gas at cheap stations is a big no, "NO". All your Mobile, Exxon, British Petroleum stations have refineries. All your places like Pilot, El Cheapo and discount gas stations buy from the lowest bidder. They are getting dirty gas, probably sold by the refineries when they get down to the bottom and have to clean out their they sell this crap to the guys who deliver to these cheap gas stations. We checked our was filthy, shook ours out in a cup size glass and got a quarter inch of dirt out of it. My husband was ticked. And, if you keep buying this crappy gas, it's only going to end up costing another bill getting your injectors clean. We thought about it and we had a friend who used to "always" buy from the cheap o places.. he got stuck out on the lake and looked in his tank and all he saw was dirt!! Take care, and Happy motoring... we love our F-150, but it wants to be fed better gas! Our last F150 had 298,000 miles on it and we sold it, buyer is still running it a year later and loves it! Home maintenance!!
  • honhon Posts: 34
    Take it back to the first mechanic. DUH.
  • Maybe someones had this problem before, my dad just bought a 96 f-150 (straight six), on his way to work it shut off, we figured the ICM, bought one put it in , started right up, next day it did the same, put another ICM in, started up 30 min. later did the same. Anyone have an idea what would be causing the ignition control module to go every half hour? Any help would appreciated. Thanks
  • i have a 2000 ford f-250 super duty 7.3 diesel.sometimes when driving or at first start up it will not recognize the throttle when can push throttle many times but it acts like it don`t recognize the will not rev it stays at idle.if you turn engine off and restart sometimes that fixes it.
  • tyson7tyson7 Posts: 1
  • Hi,
    I have a 2000 f-250 6.8L V10 4x4,Automatic... One day last summer right after refueling I was sitting at a red light and my engine just died, I went to crank it over in neutral, and it started right up. When I put it back into drive the whole truck jumped forward about a foot and then killed the motor again. repeated the process a few times and finally after reving engine to about 3000 rpm's and slamming it into gear it took off but was real sluggish and non-responsive... Shortly after that the check engine light came on.. :mad:

    I took it to a transmission shop they thought it was a pump inside the transmission that was warped, but quickly figured out that it was not. So they unplugged the transmission from the computer to test on their diagnostics machine, it shifted through all gears just fine. And apparently with the computer unplugged it will drive like an old school tranny.. just hi and low gears (2 and 3) no 1st or overdrive but you have to manually shift.. so they told me it was most likely a computer issue and to take it to the dealer. So I took it to ford and after the $543.40 diagnosis fee and a week of headaches they supposedly found nothing wrong with any part of the computer or electrical system besides a misfire on cylinder 9.( Which I fixed) And then they told me they thought it was the transmission!!..If anyone knows what might be wrong please help!!! Having to manually shift with no overdrive I'm getting roughly 5 miles to the gallon on the highway and I'm working out of state!!!! :cry:
  • P0300 is a tuffy when it is intermit ant. The PCM detects random misfires but doesn't know why. This usually means something that the PCM doesn't know about; fuel pressure, power to the coils, something like that. I would first check the fuel pressure and test drive it until the misfires occur again, and see if there is a drop in pressure during the test. Unfortunately, you have to start ruling things out, or keep changing parts.
  • Nick, I am having same problem. Throttle often has no response. Now getting severe bumps from trans. F-250 diesel s/d. Did you find the problem with yours? Thanks, bob
  • i am having severe problems with my truck and also looking for answers, my troubles seem to be related to water or cold, when something on the truck gets wet it will idle ok util you put in gear, the speedometer gose nuts... maxing out at 100mph, when i put the truck in gear it dies. this started to happen when we get snow at first. but now when i wash the undercarrage or under the hood. it also stalls sometimes, most recently it did it when i washed the truck and it was cold out . i avoided getting water under by the tranny or speed sensor on the rear end and it still went nuts.. if i am moving its ok the speedo still gose crazy and the od light flashes but it will work till i stop and then die.. sometimes it stops within 1/2 to 1 hr. but has lasted as long as two days cycleing the key helps to get it rolling again butit dose not always work doyou have the spedo problem or know of anyone who has heard of this????
  • I have a 97 F-150 and had changed the starter on it after that it never started again. it sounds like it wants to start but doesn't, I had put a wire in the spark plug wire and held it to metal, and there was no fire at all, so could it be the Ignition Control Module or something else, and I don't know where to find the module to take if off so I can get it tested or matched to purchase a new one. so please help me figure this out.
  • Hi,

    The instrument cluster on my 2001 F350 (88,000 miles) suddenly went dead today. In addition to the instrument cluster, the windows do not roll down the horn doesn not honk when locking the doors remotly and the dome light flashes like I have the hazard lights on.

    I have checkd all the fuses and cannot find any that have blown. The truck runs fine and the rest of the electrical system seems to work without any problems.

    I live in the high desert and we have not had any rain for quite some time so I doubt I have an condensation issue.

    Any feedback would be greatly appriciated.
  • I got a 1999 F350 with 7.3
    The truck starts and idles fine
    When I am exelerating (changinging gears) The trucks vilantly shakes just once
    The check engine light comes on briefly (less than a second) when this happens
    Once the light goes out the truck is fine until the next time
    Its almost as if you turn the ignition switch off then right back on
    Checked all fuses and relays All connections in harness
    Have had on the computer/scanner No codes No help
    I am lost Please help
    Thanks John
  • I have a 2006 Ford F250 Super Duty Diesel
    with an air bag light on. Used a scanner
    and is flashing 032 code. My Chilton manual
    does not have any information for air bag codes
    and says to take to dealor. Any info on this type of
    problem or info on this trouble code would be appreciated.
  • turn the key on and the ICM relay clicks cont.,no power to fuel pump or glow plugs. PCM must be out right?
  • I have a 2000 f 250 v10 and it has the same problem but the engine light will flicker and not run right. if the light stays on theres no power i've narrowed the problem to the computer plug in my truck condensation get's in it and causes it to short out so i take it out and dry the computer side i still have not came up with a solution to stop it from condisatiing from but it stops it from happening for a good while
  • i got the same problem with my truck but when mine first did it it sheered the gears in my rear axle nd cracked my tranny replaced them and it has a hard shift and no power with the pcm hooked up disconnect it got some power back but then my torque converter went out had a shop run a diagnostic they told me the pcm was bad because it didnt send a signal 6 months later im just about fed up i think it could be the condensation when i took it out it looked a little wet but havent hooked it back up due to the torque converter being out any ideas on how to keep it dry :confuse:
  • check your peddle assy. or throttle position sensor(fuel peddle) it has 3 bolts that hold it in place and a plug assy that needs to be disconnected. if you replace this assy it will fix your problem. what leads me to believe that is i had the same problem with one of my trucks and i could run it using cruise but the peddle wouldnt work. it should fix your problem.
  • Went to start up truck at work all gauges showed fine except for speedometer and tach did not go through cycle. Had power to rest of dash lights but could not start truck, any ideas??
  • Hi guys... there is a possibility that my check engine light turn's on because my gas cap is no good?
  • first time using this....anybody there?
  • This is not constantly monitored by any one person. If a question regarding our particular vehicle is asked, we get an email if we chose to "want to respond" to questions asked about our particular make, model, etc. I was checking in regarding a question as to whether or not your "check engine light" would come on if your gas cap is bad.. in an F-150 model. That's when I saw your post. This isn't like a live "blog" where someone is sitting here waiting for someone else to write something or ask a question. If you have a question, type it in and submit it. Someone will come back and respond to it if they can answer you or if they can tell you where you can find the answer, particularly if they know! Good luck.
  • doc46doc46 Posts: 2
    vehicle only cuts out or misses and ck engine lt only comes on when wipers are on ( even when dry) in intermittent only, i noticed others w/ same problem any fixes?
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