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Honda Fit Prices Paid and Buying Experiences



  • goviattgoviatt Posts: 1
    I bought my 2008 sport through don Carlton Honda in Tulsa, OK for 15,632 out the door. They had several to choose from. I went straight internet with bids from 6 dealers ranging from $15,632 to a high of $16,579, all "out the door" incl all fees. An easy experience with the printed quote in hand I picked mine up the next week and saved almost a grand over the high price.
  • is that in auto or manual shift?? 15630 is damn good if it's auto. if so i should of asked for a lower price.
  • fitman548fitman548 Posts: 172
    Registration $8????? I bought my Fit from Bell Honda in June 2006. I can't quote the registration fee from the dealer offhand, but when I renewed registration for 2008/2009 (the two year discount) was $437.79.

    Maybe re-read that website, because that seems waaaay off.
  • fitisgofitisgo Posts: 40
    On 3/10/08 I purchased a new 08 Fit Sport 5AT (auto trans) in Milano Red color for $16,167 out-the-door (not including tax/title/license/registration, which is done at county DMV offices in Nebraska). This is $43 over invoice of $16,123 (MSRP is $16,705), and NO documentation fee. Selling dealer was O'Daniel Honda of Omaha, NE. I paid cash, no trade, and was in and out to do the paperwork in less than 30 minutes. I negotiated price via e-mail price quotes from 5 Honda dealers in Nebraska and gave each dealer one shot and did not disclose any other quotes to each dealer so it was a fair process for all dealers. Price quotes ranged from $16,167 to $16,594. A key factor any buyer needs to know up front when negotiating price is whether or not the dealer charges a documentation fee; in this case, the fee range from $0 to $199 among the 5 dealers in Nebraska that I contacted.

    This is my 2nd Fit - I bought another new fit, same car, in Blaze Orange, in Dec 2007 for $16,323 for my son - so that deal was $156 more than the 2nd one.
  • scottc3scottc3 Posts: 137
    I'm in the process of buying a FIT for my son. Because he's located in LA, and I am in San Jose, CA, I have until Monday to decide on 2 things, and bring down money. 1) The Lo-Jack price... this is being offered for $400 (List is $700) and the extended warranty - a 84 month, 120,000 mile, 0 deductable, for $1200 (List is $1,605). The dealer showed me 'his cost', which I must assume is still marked up, the Ext Warranty was $905.. which he claims is 'his cost'.. now how can he have a cost on this - it's all profit in 90% of the cases! The Lo Jack 'dealer cost' indicated $345.

    Does anyone have any other numbers lower so I can show the dealer? I think I should be able to get the Exst Warranty for around $500 - which is what I paid on my 2008 Prius a month ago. This is a Honda of course, different dealer, but pricing should be about the same.

    Thanks for any inputs. I have to made a decision my Monday when I return witih my son to pay for the car.

  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 64,772
    I don't live in LA, so maybe I don't know.. If your car is stolen, do you really want to get it back? I don't... and wouldn't buy LoJack for any price..

    The dealer may not be far off on his cost for the extended warranty.. I don't think I'd get that, either... but, we have a whole discussion on that, here: Honda Extended Warranties Pricing and Info



    Prices Paid, Lease Questions, SUVs

  • jacksan1jacksan1 Posts: 504
    If you really want an extended warranty, against which I tend to advise, then you should wait until the bumper-to-bumper warranty is about to run out, which is at 36,000 miles or 3 years. As you may already know, the extended warranty term is concurrent while the factory warranty runs its course. And by that time, you will know whether or not this Honda is trouble-prone (rare but it does happen once in a while).
  • fitisgofitisgo Posts: 40
    My suggestion is to buy NEITHER the LoJack or the extended warranty. Since it's a new car I would assume you will have collision & comprehensive insurace coverage, right? And if it gets stolen you can file a claim under comprehensive. Extended warranties on Honda are just like handing money over to the dealer for free. In 2003 I bought 2 new Hondas (my first ones), a Civic LX Sedan and a CR-V EX AWD small SUV. I paid $1600 (for both) for extended warranties and I have not had a single warranty claim or breakdown on either vehicle - if you take them in ever 5K miles and have them serviced by the dealer, they 'll last for at least 100K miles, if not 200K.

    Save your money and tell the dealer to sell the LoJack and extended warranty to someone more gullible.
  • scottc3scottc3 Posts: 137
    I like the thought process about the Lo-Jack.. and not getting it. Called the LA police department, they basically told me the same thing.. once it's stolen forget it! Use "the Club" or similar on the steering wheel, set the alarm, and that should detur most that want to take the car for a 'ride'.

    Thanks for saving me $400!

  • kj898kj898 Posts: 2
    2008 Fit Sport MT

    Internet bids from 4 dealers.

    15,600 out-the-door.
  • bobw3bobw3 Posts: 2,992
    you take them in ever 5K miles and have them serviced by the dealer, they 'll last for at least 100K miles, if not 200K.

    I think it's better to say for the Fit to get it serviced based on it's maintenance minder, and you don't need to take it to a dealer for every oil change/tire rotation, which is the main service you need to do.
  • scottc3scottc3 Posts: 137
    Guys, Out the Door, means the final price, including all taxes, license, fees, ... Also statements like $15,600 OUT THE DOOR tell us nothing. Is this a sport model, the base model, have floor mats? any other extras, like extended warranty.

    We need to be specific if this form is going to help anyone.

    Yesterday I put a downpayment on a Sport FIT, auto, at $16,200 which included the $635 doc fee. The total OUT THE DOOR was $17,773.04. This is about $15,900 for the car alone. This morning I went to another local dealer, told them I wanted to buy a FIT 'right now", I had done my research and I'd give them $16,000 (which included the $635 dest charge).. they told me, $16,200 after the salesman spoke with the 'man' - I was talking to the "internet sales' guy, not a person on the lot. When I got the same price, and they didn not stop me when I walked out, I assume the $16,200 is a good price at this point for this car.

    Good luck to you all.

  • No DOC fees!!! pure junk fees.. get the final price then pay sales tax and registration fees only( includes title).

    The LO-Jack doesn;t reduce your insurance premiums in California. Save your money....or else put it on your 71 Hemi Cuda convertible...
  • scottc3scottc3 Posts: 137
    As mentioned davethecarnut, not getting LoJack. Decided to take your advice and get the 71 Hemi,.. (not!).

  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,907
    In some areas some sort of documentation fee is very hard if not impossible to negotiate away. There is a set doc fee in some states, which is not much, around $50-75. But in some states, there is no set doc fee so dealers are free to charge as much as they want for it. That adds to their profit so should be negotiable. Or if not, just something to consider in the overall price of the car.

    For example, if one dealer is offering the Fit at $15,000 plus $399 doc fee, and another is offering the same car at $15,400 plus a $50 doc fee, which is the better deal? (Also consider you will pay additional tax on the extra $400, but not on the $399 doc fee.)
  • kj898kj898 Posts: 2
    Guys, Out the Door, means the final price, including all taxes, license, fees, ... Also statements like $15,600 OUT THE DOOR tell us nothing. Is this a sport model, the base model, have floor mats? any other extras, like extended warranty.

    Let's see, I posted:

    "2008 Fit Sport MT"

    My understanding is that this means 2008 (year) Fit (model) Sport (trim) MT (manual transmission).

    Also posted:

    "15,600 out-the-door"

    $15,600 out the door wasn't meant to "tell us nothing," but rather to say that this is what I paid including all taxes and fees. I didn't mention any extras because I declined all options and additional warranties. The price before all the taxes, fees, etc, was $14,420 ("for the car alone," to use your terminology). This was the best price I was able to get on the Internet, and I got it from two different dealers.

    Sorry if I wasn't clear the first time.

    The car was purchased in Maryland.
  • plektoplekto Posts: 3,738
    It's a Honda. My Toyota 4Runner has 350K on it, and it's a nearly identical 4 cylinder engine, technology-wise(yes, it's an old model - heh). So the drivetrain is nearly bulletproof. Actually, simpler as mine is 4x4. The Fit is a simple FWD design.

    $1200 buys two clutch jobs, and that's about all that's going to fail that's important to the working of the car. You son... he can fix his own window regulators or a/c vents an other minor stuff that breaks on most every car when the time does finally come for minor repairs. But, with the Fit, there's not much *to* break in the first place. I'd op for neither option and enjoy the savings.
  • gevans17gevans17 Posts: 27
    Document fees are total [non-permissible content removed]. One Honda dealer said he could not waive his $400 document fee. I told him I wanted to meet his $400/hour secretary. Went to a different Honda dealer and paid $50 bucks for documentation.
  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,907
    So the $50 doc fee you paid was not total b.s., right?

    Thanks for illustrating my point with your real-world example.
  • vbnsmanvbnsman Posts: 15
    The best quotes I have gotten in the Hou TX area are:

    17400 OTD 2008 FIT Sport auto

    15200 OTD 2008 FIT Sport manual

    Has anybody in the area gotten better? I am especially interested in the auto.
    If I could get in the low to mid 16000s I would buy today. :shades:
  • alamocityalamocity Posts: 680
    Here they run about $500.00 more the last time I checked so price doesn't sound too bad.
  • Hmm...ok, backy, I guess it is a state to state thing...Are they saying DOC fees are part of the registration purpose? Or are dealers up front in saying that they are a profit "cushion"? But gevans has the right attitude. It's a free market. Capitalism works two ways. The Buyer and the Seller have to come to an agreement. It ain't all about the Seller. But some dealers like to think so. In California, they try to do the DOC thing and they sometimes try to do the "advertising fee" thing. It's laughable. Just remember three things: purchase price, sales tax and registration.
  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,907
    There is some "documentation" work to do on a new car. But some dealers charge more than is necessary to cover their costs for the work, if it is allowed by law (see below). So then it adds to their profits.

    I consider advertising fees part of the cost of doing business. If a dealer wants to add on a special fee for "advertising", that's fine with me, but it all goes into the mill for calculating their bottom-line price.

    And that is what it's all about for me. What is the dealer's best price, before license/title fees (which will be the same in a given state for a given car, no matter who the seller is) and sales tax (which is a set percentage for a given area, but will vary with sales price)? I really don't care how they go about figuring out what their best price is. They can toss in big documentation fees or advertising fees or whatever they want into it. But that's the number I'll compare to other offers from other dealers.

    P.S. I don't have to play the documentation fee game where I live, in MN, because it's a set fee, built into new car contract documents. The last time I bought a new car, four years ago, the doc fee was $50.
  • vbnsmanvbnsman Posts: 15
    I mostly agree with backy. Before I bought a 2008 Fit Sport AT, I had several sales offers from different Honda dealers. My experience was, if they choose, dealers can adjust the car price and fees in order to meet the final price (drive off) offer. I saw this several times when they would write up a contract at a higher price, tear it up and come back with a contract to meet a lower offer.
  • lozroycelozroyce Posts: 4
    my wife & I are trying to get a new fit, and just found out about the voucher how long does the process take and how difficult is it to recieve the voucher for air texas..thanks any information would be very helpful
  • lozroycelozroyce Posts: 4
    i did go to it and have filled out the application. But was wanting to talk to someone that has gone through the process..I need to get a new car asap..
  • svofan2svofan2 Posts: 442
    I just purchased my 08 Fit Sport (Milano Red)....what a pleasant expirience it was....I am in NJ....the price I got from DCH Paramus Honda was unbeatable...other said it could be done but DCH did...
    Honda Fit Sport 5AT sticker was $16,705 (including dest of $635). This is the price of the car alone...I got it for $16,000.00...(including $635 destination). Nobody around could or would do that number.

    Then I got taxes (in NJ 7%) plus in NJ you pay $1.50 x 4 for tire disposal..I know the car is new but that is how the state makes more doc fee was $199.00 (reasonable considering others want up to $400) and then registration for $ years $232.00 ( another NJ trick to get their hands on more money quickly).
    I am getting Honda's mats and cargo cover over the internet for almost 50% off the dealer's price.
    All in all I am satified with the selling process,which was done over emails..
  • scotty99scotty99 Posts: 9
    I did a bit better than that. Black on black 5AT Sport for $15,623, including destination. The full order:

    Price (incl. dest): $15,623
    Tax: $1093
    Tire fee: $7.50
    Registration: $234
    Doc: $289

    Total: $17,247

    Planet Honda in Union, NJ. If you're going to shop there, PM me, I'll share the referral cash with you.
  • svofan2svofan2 Posts: 442
    Thanks for the offer but I just got mine (red) Thrsday....and you DID much better than I...(don't be shy about mine was $16000 including destination of $635...and yours was $15623...that is over $300 less...congrats you did great....Honda dealers have the habit of quoting prices without including the dest fee ($635)..and I found that invoice price on the Sport (including dest fee) is $15448..when I was quoted at all 3 Bergen county delaers they quoted a price without the dest fee which one has to add to that figure..all the cars that I previously bought through the years (Fords, Toyotas etc) the price and the negotiations as well, always included the dest fee...(after all that is how the MSRP sticker reads with a total at the end and the price that one negotiates on),so you actually got the car for about $175 above their invoice (full price including dest)...and I actually paid about $475 above invoice.(also including dest) did really in Bergen county none of the 2 other dealers would come even close to my figures at DCH HOnda in Paramus and to be honest I did not feel like traveling out of the county,so all in all I did fairly well and lets not forget that the FIT is still a hot selling car and only a few dealers have decent selections and quatities...and you did VERY well!!!.
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