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Honda Fit Prices Paid and Buying Experiences



  • Are all the kids still in their car seats? I am assuming not, since I can't picture 3 car seats fit in the back of a PT Cruiser. If you are only putting one car seat in the back (or none) then you guy will FIT just fine. But don't take my word for it. Definitely go give it a test drive and bring everyone and all their car seats too! (I brought my sons and the dealer had no problem letting us install it to see how it fits) Factors that made me chose the FIT over the others are:
    1) I am a big believer in the Consumer Reports ratings. FIT is their "Best Buy" in its class.
    2) 2008 FIT is the very last generation of the current FIT, which means most of the bugs should have been improved through the years.
    3) The magic seat. My wife loves it that when the three of us (plus our one year old) go on long trips, she can sit in the back and stretch her legs out. (I am not sure if we're in traffic violations doing that, but oh well)
    4) While the versa has nicer interior finish, it just didn't have any character when I test drove it.
    5) it's a HONDA - which means standard safety features!
    hope this helps and happy shopping!
  • jacksan1jacksan1 Posts: 504
    If you can wait, there will be an all-new Fit for 2009. The new model was released in Japan in October, and is slated to arrive on the North American shores probably by the spring, maybe early summer. The new Fit has more room and a tad bit more power (although heavier as well).

    I personally like the Versa a lot, and if you use the rear seat with a child seat, you may appreciate the extra room that the Versa has back there. It does not get as high a mileage as the Fit, and also has had somewhat of a spotty reliability record in its first year. In general, though, I tend to regard the Versa highly for my kind of driving.
  • 22 pounds is a meager weight gain for a car. The U.S. will be a little bit more heavier due to the different safety regulations for the front bumper but even then it shouldn't be a significant weight gain. One thing that really turned me off from the Versa is that the rear seats do not fold flat, which I think is crucial for a small hatchback to have. If it did, I think the Versa would have definitely been the better choice for me as their CVT is rated as having the same city/hwy mileage as the Fit Sport AT which is great for a more spacious car.

    From what the rumors say (Autoblog, Edmunds, Car and Driver, etc), the new Fit is scheduled for a mid to late 2008 release.....but I would take that rumor with a grain of salt. I don't believe anything, in regards to release dates, until there is an official press release from Honda.
  • The question: Does your family fit in a Fit? Only way to answer that question is take the family to the local Honda dealer and put all of them in a Fit. Two other questions: In the next few years, how big will your sons and daughters grow physically ? And how responsive (acceleration, maneuverability and passing) will the Fit with the "full load" of your family and baggage? Off the line the Fit is not a fast car. Add another several hundred pounds of people and stuff...??? For sure, a realistic test drive which includes entering expressway ramps, driving up hills and passing slower vehicles is in order.

    "Drive like your life depends on it."

    The WheelMan
  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,905
    FWIW, when I put my name on my local dealer's wait list for the 2009 Fit (I was the first to do so), they told me it would not arrive until fall 2008, rather than spring or summer.
  • Well, if you've been following my saga, you'll be glad to know I have a Honda Fit again, and this one is a keeper.

    Although the internet Bankston guy said they had 2 light blue Fits, the dealership did not, and the internet rep wasn't there when we arrived, which annoyed me at first, but at least he gave me prices before we arrived, so I had something to bargain with.

    All of the Fits had been pinstriped, which I really don't like, and certainly didn't want to pay $299 for. I told my very nice sales fellow about this, and he was able to have the $299 dropped--actually, he was able to keep the $299 but get me tinted windows for free. So my dealer add ons were a tacky pinstripe and what I'm hoping will be nice window tinting (I take the Fit back next week for the tinting).

    I had a $3k voucher from AirTexas (thanks much, State of Texas) for my 95 Saturn with 175k on it and which I just sunk $2k into only to find my transmission was going out and I had three broken engine mounts (but I was still driving it and planned to keep driving, so the program did take a polluting car off the streets).

    Here's what I paid for a silver 2008 Honda Fit Sport Automatic with a pinstripe and tinted windows:

    Vehicle: $16501 (so $16202 without the tint)
    TTL: $1058.39

    My tax was lower because I had the $3k trade-in on the voucher car.

    So I drove away with a new Fit for $14559.39, which is a great deal in my book.

    And the car only had 3 miles on it when I bought it tonight. They still hadn't taken the protective plastic off the seats or the protective coating off the hood and roof (they did before we left, of course).

    Bankston didn't offer as many sodas (none, in fact) as Jim McNatt, and the salesman wasn't super slick, but Bankston had a great deal and the salesman was very honest and understanding and didn't try to "sell" me anything. He didn't make much of a commission, but I'd certainly go back to him when I buy another (and more expensive) Honda that has more commission-room for him.

    Thanks to everyone on this forum and to Edmunds for great information that helped me make an informed purchase.

    Cheers, T

    PS For those families looking to buy a Fit, we have two children who are both in car seats. One of them is 1 and the other is 3. They fit fine for now, but they are closer to our seats, so I notice them a bit more--which can be good and bad. I had a lot of coffee before the drive home, so I was on edge and the crying seemed 1000 times louder than normal. But I was also able to talk to the kids without yelling, which was nice, and I was able to easily hear them. The plan is when the kids are older, we will buy another Honda--one a bit larger--and either keep this Fit as a commuter car or use the Fit as a trade-in. Good luck to all of you still in the throws of making a decision about the Fit!
  • Thanks again for wishing us luck. We went to another dealership and ended up with a silver 2008 Fit Sport Automatic with tinted windows and a pinstripe (and only 3 miles on it) for $14559.39. Very happy that first deal didn't go through. I really liked the tidewater blue, but the silver is nice too. Cheers! :)
  • jacksan1jacksan1 Posts: 504
    FWIW, when I put my name on my local dealer's wait list for the 2009 Fit (I was the first to do so), they told me it would not arrive until fall 2008, rather than spring or summer.

    Thanks. Maybe that dealership has the most up to date release information. Sounds like summer at the earliest at this point, and possibly later.
  • For those families looking to buy a Fit, we have two children who are both in car seats. One of them is 1 and the other is 3. They fit fine for now, but they are closer to our seats, so I notice them a bit more--which can be good and bad. I had a lot of coffee before the drive home, so I was on edge and the crying seemed 1000 times louder than normal. But I was also able to talk to the kids without yelling, which was nice, and I was able to easily hear them.

    That is the exact opposite of my experience. Isn't that strange? I previously drove a 1999 Saturn SL2 (now hubby's car), and my daughter is much further away from me in my new Fit. I used to be able to pass things back and forth to her in the Saturn but now I can not reach her from the front seat. That is so weird that we have completely opposite experiences with the same basic cars. :confuse:
  • That is interesting that are experiences were opposite. I will say that I drove our Ford Contour the most, so my perception of them being closer in the Fit might be relative to the Contour vs the Saturn. In the Saturn, we had 3 bad engine mounts, so it was a rather loud car, so maybe that drowned out the sound of the kids crying a bit. Our Saturn was loud; the Fit is louder than the Contour (in terms of road noise), but not nearly as loud as the Saturn. Since we only had the one trip home from the dealership (we haven't gotten insurance on the Fit yet, and our insurance on the other cars was only liability, so I didn't want to chance driving the Fit and having a wreck with only liability)---umm, as I was saying, we only drove the Fit home with the kids, so I didn't try handing them toys or sippy cups or anything, so perhaps physically they are farther back. I'll know more this week. For certain, the kids in their carseats are closer than they are in the Contour though. And maybe with the Saturn they were as close or closer but I just couldn't hear them as well. Also, I think maybe the fit of the Fit's front seat and where it is positioned might make passing things back and forth more difficult (or at least different than the Saturn). Our 95 Saturn sat very low to the ground, and I always felt like I had to stoop down to get in or to get the kids out. I find getting the kids in and out of the Fit (the one time I actually put them in and took them out) easier than the Saturn. Thanks much for sharing your experience. I'll see in the next few weeks what I'm up against as far as handing things to the kids and trying to pick up items they've dropped, etc. Cheers. :)
  • For those researching price... I finally bought the an 2008 Fit Auto Base (1.5 months ago) the price I paid was:

    $14,900 selling price including destination
    $600 dealer fee
    $15,500 + TTT

    It is interesting to note that the dealer would not budge on the "dealer fee" -- instead they lowered the selling price by about $400. I could of saved $100 more if I had driven to a dealer about 60 miles away but my wife was pregnant at the time and we didn't want to risk a back of the car baby delivery.

    There was a $200 difference between their price and mine (lowest price I got by email from another dealer), I wanted to split the difference at $100. It's funny, but we had to do the "I am walking out of here" before they would agree.

    Good Luck!


    P.S. This was in Central Florida (Courtesy Honda, which is an AutoNation company). The whole experience wasn't great but it wasn't as bad as some other dealers. The good experience was they didn't try to sell me anything extra and the "checkout" was very fast (30 minutes for the paper work and about 10 minutes to sign everything). It still took an hour+ to get to the selling price.
  • I bought a Fit Sport with manual trans. on 12/27 at Honda of Oakland. Paid $15.5 K including destination charge and before tax and title. Paid by check, no financing. I accepted their lowball of 500 for a beat-up 96 Camry so I might not have gotten that price without the trade-in. The fact that the sales people didn't haggle at all worries me a bit now... but I am fine with the price. I wasn't looking to try the "they want to make their quota at year-end so the price will be low" angle; I was just fed up with the Camry and was ready for a new car.

    One thing I have to say about them, though. There was a $55 "document prep" fee that the finance guy tacked onto the bill and that I foolishly didn't notice until I got home. Nice sleight of hand on his part -- I caught a similar scam a year ago but missed this entirely. Maybe it was because I was stuck standing around for an hour waiting to sign everything off and had gotten drowsy. Maybe it was the hypnotic powers of his mile-wide necktie....

    Even though I should have caught it, it's pretty cheesy. It's like leaving your briefcase in his office and finding that he stole cash out of your wallet. It's not enough to get me to put a stop payment on the check, although I considered it. It is enough to be aggravating as hell. They definitely alienated a potential service customer for $55; I will not be doing any business with Honda of Oakland unless it is warranty work, in which case I will happily be a pain in their [non-permissible content removed]. If anyone needs to be reminded, look carefully before you sign, no matter how much they talk or otherwise try to distract you. I was in a hurry and that is a mistake when dealing with a scuzzy car dealer.

    Second gripe is that the TPMS monitor light was on from the moment I got into it. The salesman said it just needed to be driven for a few miles, and that if it didn't turn off to just bring it in and they would fix in a few minutes by re-setting the computer. Well it didn't go off, so this AM (2 days later) I call the service department and they said to just bring it in and they would fix it. When I arrived however they said I would have to leave it until Monday. Only after griping a bit on the phone did I get a service person to tell me to make sure the tire pressure was right. I checked, they were all at 38, so I dropped to 34 all around and the light cleared. I'm glad there wasn't a real problem because I would be without my brand new car after only two days.....

    On the upside though, I feel like I got a decent price and I definitely like driving the car. I just would not trust the people at Honda of Oakland for a moment.
  • Put down a deposit today on a Manual Transmission Fit Sport, fresh off the truck.

    $15605 plus tax and dmv fees ($300 off MSRP). I hope this is a good price....

    Located in NY
  • kaydenskaydens Posts: 47
    out of curiosity, are you in/around the new york metro area?
    I keep on wanting to find someone to compare MPG who drives around NYC.
  • No... I live upstate...
  • dagreldagrel Posts: 2
    How does the fit handle and ride with the Nokian WR tires? Am considering the same tire.
  • I just purchased a silver Fit sport w/AT in Bethesda, MD.

    Price: $15595 + $635 dest. = $16,230 (MSRP: $16070+$635 dest.).
    Tax: 6% = 979.80
    Docs/Processing = $100 (maximum in MD by law)
    TTL = $210
    OTD price = $17519.80

    Included: wheel locks as part of "dealer appearance package".

    1) Use to get quotes from local dealers (as many as possible).
    2) Print out the quotes from the dealers who actually send you a quote with the price in it.
    3) Go online to online websites of dealers from 2) and check inventory to make sure they have the color/trim you are looking for.
    4) Choose dealer with best selection and go test drive vehicle (ask for the internet sales person -- the one who sent you the quote!) Bring quotes with you!!!
    5) Show salesperson all of your quotes. Tell him to match your lowest one. When he says his dealer has added a special XYZ package tell him you'll accept your second lowest price quote to account for package XYZ (roll eyes when doing so).
    6) Say no to paint, alarm, etc... (The sport trim comes with an alarm system already installed and it even includes a red blinking light to make you feel better. You don't need anything more unless that's just your thing).
    7) Bring a copy of capital one's latest Blank Check rates and tell finance guy he must beat it to get your business (must have good credit score of course).
    8) Say NO to extended warranty. He will try and tell you he can only sell it to you only at the time of sale but you can buy the honda care warranty anytime before the car has $6k miles on it. Get an online quote. Best rates I found currently was $899 for 8yr. 120k option w/ $0 deductible. Better yet, invest that $900 and have a down-payment for your next car when your fit doesn't break down.

    9) Last but not least: If you are not trading in. Drive your current vehicle to dealership BY YOURSELF. Negotiate price, financing, etc... as above. If happy, sign the paperwork but DO NOT TAKE DELIVERY OF THE VEHICLE. Tell your saleman you must drive your vehicle home and you will be back in the morning to take delivery (he will resist because the deal is not complete until you take delivery). He will even offer to drive your new vehicle to you but tell him whatever you have to and just wait one more night for your Fit. Why? Now you can go home with all your paperwork and have the whole night to make sure you are not getting screwed! I had originally taken the 8 yr. 120k extended warranty for $1580 but after a few minutes of research I found the $900 price. Next morning BEFORE taking delivery of the vehicle I told them I was declining the warranty, they took it off (with some grumbling) and then I drove the car off the lot feeling good. (BTW, you have 60 days to cancel the warranty if you already purchased one).

    10) check out for accessories (much cheaper than dealership). In fact, print out the prices on before going to the dealership so you know exactly how much you should pay for those floor mats, wheel locks, etc...

    11) Enjoy your new fit!
  • Very sage advice, especially the part about not taking the Fit home that day. When I purchased my first Fit, I bought the HondaCare for more than twice what it would cost online, and the Fit already had 300 miles on it from being test driven at the dealership, etc., and I was talked into taking it home that night although I drove by myself in a car I wasn't trading in.

    I was lucky, and the dealership made a huge mistake by giving me 2.9% financing (or something ridiculously low) on a 2008 Fit, which Honda wasn't offering, so the dealership tore up the contract, and I drove the Fit back to the dealership and happily gave them the keys, did my research on Edmunds and then bought a Fit elsewhere for several thousand less and paid cash for it. Cheers!
  • parvizparviz Posts: 484
    Great advice.
    Had a question on the Honda Care and the fact that you can return it within the 60 days past purchase. Do you know if they would still sell you one on line if you returned the one bought from the dealer at higher price? Better yet, do you think the dealer may refund the difference if you showed them the online quote not to lose a sale? Just wondering since a friend of mine over paid for her TL Honda Care at a dealer. Thanks.
  • Hi,

    I just bought my Fit sport Auto yesterday and I live in the Bronx. I don't do a lot of driving but when I notice the MPG, I'll let you know. What MPG are you getting in the city?
  • kaydenskaydens Posts: 47
    hey! awesome!! keep in touch and we'll exchange monitored MPG
    worst tank, all city driving on regular fuel: 18.5 MPG
    best tank, all highway on regular fuel: 32 MPG
    I'm in Queens, by the way.

    It's been a bit of a disappointment, I really hope it picks up after the supposed "break-in" and when the weather gets warmer...
    What color is your FIT?

    Congrats on the new car and enjoy!
  • I bought the Milano Red color. Will be in touch with you via carspace email if that's ok.
  • sounds good.
    How did you do on the first tank?
  • isellhondasisellhondas Issaquah WashingtonPosts: 19,554
    " How did you do on the first tank"?

    Probably not very well. A lot of that gas was used as the car idled and went through it's Pre-Delivery Inspection. Then short trips on the parking lot etc.

    And, for whatever reason, Hondas don't get their best mileage until they have several thousand miles on them. I have noticed this with my own Hondas.
  • I just filled her up yesterday. I think I got ~22 mpg, but it's hard to say because I don't really know exactly how much was in the tank. Will have a better indication with this next tank.

    Frankly, this is what I expected since most of my driving was in the city.
  • that's actually not so bad compared to mine. I am only averaging around 19 in Queens...
  • paul_spaul_s Posts: 17
    2008 Fit sport MT
    Pearl Blue
    $15,625 + tag and tag
    $16,700 out the door.
    Lake Worth FL
  • paul_spaul_s Posts: 17
    Got it. Sales dude put in a new set of Honda FIT mats and pin strips + full tank of gas. Braman Honda in Lake Worth is great :) :) :) :)
  • I am eager to buy my new 2008 Honda Fit Sport Black Automatic.
    I got 3 quotes over the net so far. All are without tax and tags.
    $16,705 (plus free maintenance for 36,000 miles, but its 50 miles away)

    Also, what are most of you paying annually for insuring you fit?

    What would you do? What else should I look out for?
    Many thanks,
  • i'm about to purchase a 08 fit sport auto in silver for 16k plus ttl including destination. this is the best price i coudl get. i'll update everything ocne i take delivery of the car.
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