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Chevy Silverado and GMC Sierra Transmission Problems



  • Auto Tranny problems are harder to fix when they have mystery problems. My dodge ram 1500 had tranny mystery problems starting at about 34,000 miles just before the warranty was up. The symptoms were slight slipage at about 60 mph, of about 200 rpms several times and then it would stop until i dropped below 60 and then would start over again. I always thought it was the torque converter having problems locking up. It also had problems with erratic shifting in and out of first and second gear when making a turn, it would hunt back and forth between first and second gear several times, plus the problem it had starting out in second gear when it was cold out. I had it back to the dealer about three times over the next few thousand miles, they scoped checked it for trouble codes, and couldn't find any. The tech took it out for test drives and it wouldn't do it. I was told they couldn't do anything untill they diagnosed the problem and swap the faulty part out, but not to worry, they have it on record. So i drove it that way for another couple of years untill it failed and as i mentioned earlier it cost a few bucks to fix it(so much for having the complaints on record). I'm a little nervous about this 2nd to 3rd clunk i get with my silverado transmission occasionally because i've been down this road once before, don't want to go there again. Hope you have better luck finding the problem then i did.
  • When I am at low speeds (aka: parking lots,traffic,etc.) It feels like there's a delay when its going forward or in reverse. The best way I can describe it is, it feels as if its loose or hitting against another part. The feeling does not occur at higher speeds. I would appreciate any info on this matter.

  • I bought a 2007 Classic 1500HD in October and to me, it does seem somewhat sluggish when I go forward after I start it up and am putting it into drive,and/or reverse. It doesn't feel to me though like anything is loose or one part hitting another. It does kind of seem that something isn't connecting quickly, if that makes sense.

    Are there any other problems you are having with this truck? I would like to know!
  • I have 2004 2500 HD with a 5 speed allison transmission. It will not shift into overdrive until you get over 2500 rpm and you still have to let off the gas to make it go into overdrive. if you don't let up it will not shift into overdrive.I need to know if the ecu reflash will help the situation or not. It gives the trouble code p700 and also a wierd U2104 and U2105. My book does not have the meaning of these codes in it. Please let me know if you can help..
  • To blaroche;
    I own a 1999 Silverado Z-71 4x4 bought used, and loved it.
    Now after 77350miles transmission went,no kind of warning just broke down,managed to get to Clinton Chevy Dealer and was told I need a new trans. They put a new rebuilt in truck gave me 75,000 mile 3year warranty for $3420.00 bucks well the truck made it to 99,925 thats only 22,925 miles but as luck would have it I was over the 3-Year limit by 63Days and was sent on my way Busted Truck and all. So much for customer service. Now before the tranny went the 2nd time the Truck needed a new "REAR" $1200 bucks and lets not forget the Brake lines along the frame rail blew a hole and was unable to stop. Lesson= I WILL NEVER OWN CHEVY TRUCK WHILE I AM ON THIS PLANET! GOOD LUCK TOO YOU A.R.BLEW
  • :) have a 2004 gmc sierra the knob on the radio seems to be
    waring out any suggestions.
  • rvd24rvd24 Posts: 1
    have a 2004 gmc sierra the knob on the radio seems to be
    waring out any suggestions. could try singing to yourself.

    kidding. i'm trying to laugh. backed out of my parking spot at work today put my 02 silverado in drive and BAM!!
    had forward gears but man did they whine. pulled into a gas station for a look-see and found out i no longer had reverse. towed to a tranmission shop for the good news. "busted sun gear,common problem".i guess i faired a little better than some of you guys. i've got 95k miles on her and he says about 14-1500 total rebuild.
  • jjl2jjl2 Posts: 1
    Owned GM trucks since I bought my first 2WD HD GMC new in 1977. Always been the Chevy guy in the Ford Chevy debates - trucks, nascar, you name it. My fifth GM truck bought new, June 2005. 1/2 ton Silverado work truck - 4x4, I always have tool boxes, ladder racks and usually plows on-board, that's how I make my living. Newest truck has tranny shift problem, GM is aware, has no fix. It's results in a loud draintrain lash clunk that's make me think the universals are going. Also have the lash in the steering linkage/shaft. It's been greased at the dealership 3 times. GM is aware, there is no fix. The rattle is loud when this happens, feels like the front end is going to fall out, I can feel the vibration through the floor. Also, I have the problem when I roll ahead to stop and back into my driveway, my steering turns hard or not at all, until my truck is in motion. It feels like my tires are touching a curb and can't turn. Again, GM is aware of the problem, claims it is normal. Have also had the truck into the garage on 6 occasions when the check engine light came on. I work my trucks, but am easy on them, got 175,000 miles on my last plow truck without ever touching a front end part or having tranny trouble. Also, what part of Southern Florida did the engineer hail from that designed the no-lift windshield wipers. I can't even fit my snow brush under them. Anybody else have excess quality problems with their newer GM?
  • KCRamKCRam Mt. Arlington NJPosts: 3,516
    U2104 CAN Bus Reset Counter Overrun
    U2105 CAN Bus Error ECM
    P0700 is Transmission Control System Malfunction

    Sounds like your Allison has a computer glitch. Dealer will have to diagnose that.

    kcram - Pickups Host
  • Ok, I have a slight issue,
    I have a 4l60-E transmission with no reverse, It had reverse when I took the trans out to replace a broken pump. The truck is locked down and will not move even in neutral. It shifts and everything in other gears, what could the problem be? any clues?
  • I have a 2005 chevy silverado, auto transmission with a second to third gear clunk. It happens under a light throttle condition, when I'm on the gas it doesn't seem to do it. Chevy is aware of the problem and they told me the same thing, there's no fix for it. I also had the same problem with a steering wheel rattle when the truck turned 8 months old. If the road was bumpy i would hear and feel the rattling in the steering wheel. Chevy is aware of this problem and there is a fix for it. They replaced the intermediate steering shaft for me, it was covered under the warranty. I haven't had any steering wheel rattles since they replaced that shaft a year and a half ago. They told me they were getting their steering shafts from a different supplier. The battery also went bad and the dealership replaced it when the truck was a year old, that was covered by the warranty to. Other than those three problems its been a great truck. Its a little thirsty, I'm only getting 14.9 mpg in the city with the 5.3 HO.vortec under a light throttle, if i go any lighter on the gas I'll be going backwards. I just installed a K&N filter the other day, and I'm hoping it will get me another two or three mpg.
  • I have a 2000 model (old style) ¾ ton Chevy pickup with 350 motor, automatic transmission and 72,000 miles. A few months ago my transmission shifted hard from 1st to 2nd a few times then started working properly. Within the last month it shifted out of OD on a hill, but would not shift back to OD once I was on a level road. It has done this 3 or 4 times. I ask the Chevrolet Service Manager about the problem and he said it was probably the shifting valves or ignition switch.

    He said next time it did this, to stop, turn motor off, then start it up again and see if transmission shifts properly. If not, the problem is in the shift valves. My transmission did not correct itself.

    On this forum an Chevrolet Service Tech said to try LUBEGARD in the transmission and many times it will free the shift valves. I did this:

    I have driven the truck over 300 miles and it has shifted perfect, even shifted out of OD on a hill and back into OD once I was on a level road.

    If I had any money I would invest in this company.

    Just my opinion.
  • 89 c2500 2wd 200,000 + miles, tranny wont go past 45 mph and sounds like it is struggling to move truck, sounds like somethinhg is turning hard, at times when starting out acts like it slips but then goes, fluid is ok, changed filter or screen and fluid last summer, was great for a few weeeks then acted up again, some days it is fine, not sure what to try, torque converter, tranny, cant afford shop or $700.00 rebuild at this time, need to get gmc on road first.
  • azmike07azmike07 Posts: 2
    I just bought a new 07 Silverado ext cab 1500.
    I've noticed it shifts kinda rough at low speeds or when its downshifting from first to second.
    Parking lots are where I notice this most of the time should I be worried about it or has anyone else noticed this?
  • ariles7ariles7 Posts: 2
    I have just bought a 2005 Silverado 2500. I love the truck and it gets great gas milage and runs great, but I hear a clanking noise when I shift gears. Like something is loose. (5 speed trans.) I have taken it to my local dealer since the dealer I bought it from is 2 hours away. I have emailed the GM company and they said try another dealer and if I am not satisfied with their diagnoses, let GM know and they will make it right. Most people I talk to say it is normal. I just wonder if it normal or if it is a real
    problem that GM is trying to avoid. Should we join forces and contact the consumer protection agency or something?
  • geo9geo9 Posts: 739
    HMMMMMMM.....You have 1 RARE truck....A 2500 5 speed ?
    Miles? 2 or 4wd? auto or stick??????//

    Take it to another dealer...............
  • chrmdomechrmdome Posts: 107

    I picked up my 2007 Silverado K1500, 4x4 Crew on Friday, March 9th and noticed the same problem. Rough shift from 1st to 2nd. It had 5 miles on it when delivered. Now at 36 miles the shift is smooth. I attributed the rough shifting to incomplete trans fluid distribution. I have driven the truck at low speeds for last two days and am not noticing any rough shifting now.

    Chromedome, San Diego
  • dustykdustyk Posts: 2,926
    The 4L70E and 4L80Es have new shift control assemblies and are now semi-adaptive. Your transmission was probably going through it's learn cycle. I think you'll find that if you ever disconnect the battery for a minute or two, it will do the same thing.

  • pinspins Posts: 2
    I have a 2004 Sierra, same thing with my shifting. I have had it in twice and same as you, I have been told this is normal. Love my truck!
  • oomag12oomag12 Posts: 5
    42,700 miles on all highway miles, no hauling or towing. Anyone else had any troubles with new "hydromatic" trannies???
  • My 2004 GMC Sierra 2500HD 4 x 4 looses power when my transmission temp gets between 180-200 degrees. It only gets hot on the hot summer days or when I tow my boat. There is also an unusual noise(higher RPM?) in the transmission when I take off after sitting a controlled intersection. I get my vehicle serviced on a regular basis. I have yet to take it into a dealer..any ideas?
  • oomag12oomag12 Posts: 5
    42,700.. easy on her, no hauling, no towing..all highway miles....just went, no warning. I did have a little ride on slush ice the day before she went, down shifted and upshifted from D to 3 maybe a dozen times. next day, slipping and serious grinding growl. perplexing indeed. My 97 Jimmy Z-71 v-8 4wd has been bullitt proof..I am knocking on wood. Any insight. 06 did start using a new trans type correct?? I have the v-6 vortec WT 4 sp auto 2wd. Uses the new VI fluid type.
  • iamlemkoiamlemko Posts: 1
    06 Silverado, tranny shifts really hard from 2nd to 3rd gear in the automatic, or maybe it is just me......
  • likearocklikearock Posts: 13
    Start saving your money for a new transmission, GM Will be of no help, Afterall this is normal according to their service notice.
    I sold mine after getting tired of beating a dead horse trying to talk to G.M.
    I took a gamble and bought a 2500 HD with a Duramax diesel and the Alison Transmission, I am very happy with this truck and the transmission is great. but will never buy another G.M 1/2 TON truck again.

    Good luck
  • paisanpaisan Posts: 21,181
    This is good to hear Likearock. I'm always worried about trans issues on any automatic trans.

  • i bought a new style 07 1500 w/the 6.0 vortex max package. the first gear always sounded like it had a whine but at 7,500 miles it has gone. bought it dec 05 2006. it came apart and gm said they will rebuild it. i wanted a new transmission but the warranty says rebuild. i will be taking them up on that new 100,000mile factory warranty.
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