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Chevy Silverado and GMC Sierra Transmission Problems



  • sgeorge1sgeorge1 Posts: 4
    MY 2001 Sierra with less than 50k miles (duramax diesel) has had shifting problems for the past 5 yrs now, mostly when its cold out (below 50 degrees when it happens) started 3 yrs ago during the cold and got a lot worse quickly..
    start it up, let it warm up, drop it in drive and when it makes the first shift (1-2) it goes into neutral! has happened so many times. or the other situation when driving and making a SLIGHT turn,(usually left) take your foot off the throttle and it drops agian into neutral sometimes it recovers and continues, sometimes not. if it drops out, it sits either waiting for you to recycle the ignition (if you do it either wont respond, or drops into 1st and stays there, or third and stays there) or if you stand on the throttle waiting for it to shift, it goes BANG and back into gear. enough to bark the tires. once i drove it 40 miles at 30mph with the engine pegged just to warm it up! if the temp is hovering between 40 and 50 this happens a lot, if its colder forget it youre not going places. right now the service engine light is on and has been for over a year. 2 NSBU switches no fix, allison dealer wants $1500 just to diagnose the problem which they claim may be electrical in nature. personally i am waiting for this truck to be stolen, or a tree to fall on it , or recall, or Jesus to show up :>) im not paying for this any more! corrosion on the brakes are another issue and all the lines under are sh^t as well as the frame.. 50k for a POS
    GMC! cant sell it or trade it.. stuck..
  • i've been having the same problem, i took it to aamco and they said it was my radio which was tied into the trans fuse, rewiring it stopped it for awhile but it started up again what part did you need to fix this annoying problem, please let me know thanks.
  • i contacted the dealer on this problem and they said there is nothing wrong. I asked if i would start losing gears if it did a fluid and filter. He said,"thats 1000.00 mile oil in there you shouldnt have to touch it yet." On the other side i have a family member that runs a reputable repair shop and he said at this mileage the oil is already dark, and instead of doing f/f, just do a flush. Any help out there?
  • obyoneobyone Posts: 8,054
    I would do a drain and replace the trans filter and refill with new trans fluid. A complete flush may cause more problems.
  • gmcustsvcgmcustsvc Posts: 4,251
    Hello Jwttitze80912,
    Unfortunately, I cannot diagnose your vehicle over the internet. Doing a flush won't hurt your system especially if it needs one to be done. Thank you,
    Mariah GM Customer Service
  • muddog213muddog213 Posts: 1
    I recently bought a 2007 Silverado 2500HD (new body style) with 6.0L gas. I put an Edge reprogrammer on it to monitor vitals as I tow a 5th wheel trailer regularly. While the engine coolant and trans fluid seem to run in normal ranges, I will often get an engine oil temp warning when I'm chugging up even mild hills, and even on mild days in California. Does anyone have any advice on adding an aux engine oil cooler? Or any pix of what the oil filter adapter and cooling core positioning should look like? I have found a nice unit made by Hayden but am a little unsure about the install. Thanks!
  • baronjubaronju Posts: 1
    Im leaking really bad between the transfer case and transmission..... Just wondering what it should cost to get the seal replaced, IF thats what it is?
  • ekomekom Posts: 1
    Three weeks ago, we purchased a new 2010 Chevy Silverado 1500--4x4. It has 1500 miles on it. We had the windows tinted today (approx. 60 miles from home), and the gear shift won't budge! Of course, it is under warranty, but I am wondering if this is a common problem. A co-worker of mine had a brand new Chevy Avalanche, and the transmission went out at 8000 miles.
  • it is tough to say. mine went out at 7,000. and i have heard of a couple of others. but mine is the new body 2007 and a lot of trannys have been made in that time. It has 56K on it now. I pull a boat(22 ft), 4-wheeler trailer(4 4-wheelers) and have used it to pull a loaded car dolly several times. it is strong as an ox. keep-it. -- chuck
  • i just had my 4l60e trany rebuilt and i put bout 500 miles on it and now its leaking pushing trany fluid out the overflow hose i took the pan off to see if the filter had come out and i didnt i duno what it could be does antbody have n e ideas
  • Hi, I Had The Same Problem With My 1994 Chevy 4L60E And It Was The Brake Switch Not Letting The Lockup Converter Work Causing It To Over Heat On Longer Trips.It Will Run Hotter Than Normal. So Check To See If Your Lockup Is Working, If Not Then Replace The Brake Switch On Your Brake Pedal. If It Is Bad It Will Sometimes Not Let Your Cruise Work Neither. "Hope This Helps"
  • my transmission is not shifting 3 or 4 gear.....just started happening did a filter & flush about a year ago &it ran fine. But just like that it happened. any ideas what it may be,
  • I'm in the middle of changing the tranny filter. The filter's seal is still in the housing and I need to get it out. I don't want to destroy the housing. The new filter's seal does not detach from the filter. I've seen a video on YouTube where he says to use a hammer and screwdriver to mangle it up a bit then you can get pliers around it and pull it out. Is this correct or is there a better way? (using a hooked tool doesn't work)
    Also, I snapped the head off a seized bolt on the pan (holds the shift linkage cable bracket in place -1 of 2 bolts. What's best? Heat? liquid wrench (could contaminate tranny fluid)? easy out tool (bolt is already seized, will it work?)? -any suggestions?
    Please reply soon as the truck's in the driveway, the job is ready to go back together, and it's about to rain!
  • Can anyone tell me if it is possible or feasible to put an Allison tranny on my 02 2500hd with 6.0 liter gas engine, I pull a 9000 lb travel travel trailer and want a stronger transmission
  • I have a 2000 Chevy Silverado 1500 5.3 liter V8. With 148,000 miles on it. I have a rebuild trans in it. About a month ago I it started delaying going in Reverse. I fine it does it when it been running for a long time and in drive for a while. When I go to put it in R it light up on the dash that its in R and my back up lights are on. If I take my foot of the brake to give it gas to go back wards it will start rolling forward. If I gi ve it a little bit of gas it will make a lond clunk from underneath the truck and then it will go back wards. Its been to my trans place and they did fine a leak and fixed it. But its still doing and its starting to bother me as I use this truck to pull a horse trailer. And when it does it, It screws every thing up. I love my Chevy But wish I can afford a new one with more torque and diesel.
  • i have read all the posts my problems are a little different. i have no reverse or 2nd gear, truck runs great on highway @ 75 mph @ 3000 rpm. shifting from 1st i have to get truck up to 35 mph before it shifts into what i think is 3rd gear. does anyone else have this problem or heard of this?
  • A Burned Out Overdrive Band Normally Causes You To Have No Reverse Or Second Gear. Also The Servo That Pushes The Band May Have Something Wrong With It. " HOPE THIS HELPS"
  • thanks, jbh40. i am not much of a tranny guy so i have a couple of more questions. i presume that either one of them means i need a new tranny. so with that said do you happen to know which tranny i have in my truck the 4l60e or the 4l80e? if i have the 4l60e is it possible to put the 4l80e in as a replacement? i have heard it is a little beefier tranny. again thanks for the info it really did help.
  • obyoneobyone Posts: 8,054
    You have the 4L-60E. I'd check around and see if you can fit a 6L-60E before looking at a 4L-80E. Just my opinion.
  • hi, if you thought the trans fluid was oil that indicates to me that it is burnt, when a clutch pack burns out it will cook the oil. 35 mph is the usual shift point for 2nd to 3rd at mid throttle, what you can try is to push it to 40 to 45 mph at heavy throttle then let all the way off and see if it shifts into 4th gear that will let you know if you have a pack burnt out. as for being 1 qt low that should not affect the operation there is a built in cushion, even so it is still a good idea to keep the fluid levels in their operating ranges as indicated on the dip sticks. the year and engine displacement would help even further.
  • The 4L60-E is what you have. The 4L80-E will not fit your transfer case,Bolt pattern is different and the 4L80-E has a larger output shaft. It would be easier to build your 4L60-E with heavier upgraded parts to make it beefier. "Good Luck"
  • My 2008 Z71 4wd with 28000 mi tries to shift from 5 to OD at 1200 to 1400 or so but cant seem to make up its mind and goes back and forth from 5 to 6.. Problem started at 26000mi The result is a chug at that rpm range and 40mph. It happens at light throttle. with a load it doesnt do this. Drivability is not a particular problem just annoying. I have had the transmission taken down and checked. no problems found. The conclusion is that the software says shift to 6 to save gas and for better mileage.? Maybe related to 10% ethanol gas? No software change is available says dealer.
  • i have the same issue with my 2010 sierra 2wd. took 1 truck back because of this.
    now with 4800 miles this one is doing it.
    dealer says there is no problem. BS! unfortunately it is intermittent and hard to diagnose but, it definitely is not right. anybody heard of any solutions to this issue?
  • I've got a 6.5 turbo diesel, type "s"; Ext cab; 2wD.

    Got in one morning and no reverse.

    Fluid was burnt.

    Changed fluid and seal -still no reverse -nothing at all!

    All other gears work perfectly.

    I'm told the reverse band is fried, I'm hoping someone gives me a much cheaper solution.

    If it is dead and I need to get a used one, I'm told by the local dealership that ONLY trannys from this list (no exceptions) will fit in my truck:
    -Ext. Cab
    -6.5 Diesel (maybe a different sized diesel, I'm not certain on that)

    From what I understand, it can't come from a suburban, van, or anything other than from above list.

    Can someone confirm this for me?

    Also, I know this is wishful thinking, is there anything in the steering wheel/column that electronically controls reverse. There's something loose, sounds like it's coming from the steering wheel itself, that's rolling around and klunking everytime I turn the wheel.
  • i am having the same problem shifting where is the solenoid they replaced located in the trans or what?
  • gmcustsvcgmcustsvc Posts: 4,251
    Hello Lstrip,
    What problems are you experiencing with your vehicle? How long has the concerns been present? How often do the problems occur? Thank you,
    Mariah GM Customer Service
  • Hi....I began having problems with my automatic transmission in my 1999 GMC Sierra, hitting 25-30 mph and it would not shift....letting the rpm's drop down to under 2 it would sometimes catch...checked the fluid and it was way over...drained it and at first it was fine..that was until I got the engine's temp up..rechecked the fluid level and once again it was way too high. I have read that the radiator has a cooling section for the tranny I figure that there is something going on in there....what is the best test method or fix for this problem? Thanks for any suggestions.
  • So my prndl display went out on my 2003 GMC Sierra 2500 and I thought it was a fuse or a light bulb but the more I search I keep finding information that links it to the transmission!?!?! It's been like this a few months and my tranny is there somewhere I could start with having to pay $125 diagnostic charge?
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