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Toyota RAV4 Accessories



  • caryscarys Posts: 3
    How do you like the bike rack? How easy is it to use? I'm trying to decide what type of bike rack to get or just continue to put the bike inside.
    Sorry I don't have an answer to your original question.
  • caryscarys Posts: 3
    I really don't like the front cup holders. They don't work for regular sized cups. Does anyone know of an after-market solution? If they don't make it yet, somebody will!
  • I agree.
    The cup holders are not that great. Makes me feel nervous that they are not that secure in there.
    Any solutions?
  • There are several solutions including an insert made for another vehicle. I can not mention the site as my post will be removed. Google: cupholders "2006 Rav" and take it from there. If I knew how I'd try to copy some pictures over. Essentially folks have found a part number for another make / model that has rubber staggered inserts that apparently fit the RAVs jumbo holders nicely....
  • steverstever Posts: 52,683
    Pics are easy - upload them to your CarSpace page and then either send people to your CarSpace album or link to the ones you upload there. Detailed instructions are in the Help link at the bottom right of this page.

    To set up your CarSpace page, just log in to with your user name and password and then you can set up your albums.
  • Anyone install the bugshield? I am thinking about getting the AVS (Auto Ventshade) Bugflector II but read that it is difficult to install. Is there a better one out there that installs easily?
  • desertguydesertguy Posts: 730
    That is the title of this forum. What a laugher. I mean just what accessories? My Limited came with a folder showing the "available" accessories (some due in the spring of '06) and none are available. I just came back from the dealer and wanted the bug shield/deflector, the sunroof wind deflector and for sure some protective side moldings. All are not available and they won't even take an order as there is no estimated production date. My car came with the splash guards and DRLs so at least I have those. So I bought some touch up paint and a couple oil filters. Come on Toyota; get on the stick here!

    BTW, I had my Sirius radio from my trade in mounted down by the little cubbie on the left side of the steering wheel and it works out great. Much better than the top of the dash mount in my previous Highlander.
  • steverstever Posts: 52,683
    Ok, we'll fix that; no, we won't put zero in the title - there must be something out there somewhere. :shades:
  • desertguydesertguy Posts: 730
    Hey Steve: It was a little tongue in cheek but there really aren't any model specific things yet. Maybe we could call it "promised" accessories or "hoped for" asseccories. ;)
  • steverstever Posts: 52,683
    Maybe if we keep it open to all generations this discussion will attract some more traffic; most of the buzz is about the newest generation RAV4 anyway.

    Maybe you can settle for JC Whitney until Toyota's "Spring" gets here. :shades:
  • VERY SIMPLE TO INSTALL! I had this and the VentVisors put on all 4 windows. It took the guy about 7 minutes to install the Bugflector II. No drilling require. It appears sturdy. I wish it came up a bit over the side headlights though. It does cover the nose effectively though.
  • desertguydesertguy Posts: 730
    "I wish it came up a bit over the side headlights though."

    That is why I'm waiting for the custom fit from Toyota. According to Toyota parts guy some of the after market sunroof deflectors don't have a long enough flange to attach properly. I don't want the hassle of finding out they don't fit and having to send them back for a refund. I installed all of these including the vent shades on my previous Highlander with no problems.
  • If you have an 2006 RAV with a moon roof it is fairly easy to replace the rearview mirror with one that has AutoDim,Homelink,Compass features.

    Link to Gentex site

    AutoDimming Mirror
  • desertguydesertguy Posts: 730
    Thanks for the website. I have the mirror on order from Toyota. The Homelink, auto dimming and compass. It was part of my deal for my Limited which will have this mirror later in the year. My agreement is that I will assume the labor charge to install. Looking at the 50 Gen45 which, would be the same mirror, the instructions are 10 pages long so I don't know how easy it would be for me to do. I do have the sunroof.
  • jimdrewjimdrew Posts: 84
    I too am very interested in installing the mirror with the compass and auto dim....any other information. I think the mirror alone is a couple of hundred dollars...thanks.

    Jimmy Drew
  • promikepromike Posts: 35
    Check here:
    I installed mine myself. Pretty simple with these pics & instructions.
  • ...but by the time you get it the damage may be done. For $40 or so you might as well put it on until the better one is available...can likely then sell it on ebay!
  • desertguydesertguy Posts: 730
    We were in a Target Store today and looking at their auto accessories, I noticed that they had cup holders like you would hang on the door with 5 or 6 spiny fingers to hold the cup. I bought two (they are only 99 cents), clipped the plastic door hook off and since they are tapered I just stuck them in the factory cup holders and they work fine. They will hold my travel cup much firmer than the OEM. They aren't the worlds greatest looking thing but for traveling they are an improvement.
  • I found two sources for aftermarket body side moldings,1&item=15002506051- 0&ih=005&sspagename=STRK%3AMEWN%3AIT

    Between the two, there was a four dollar total difference --E-bay offered free shipping, Sportwing was initially less expensive for the product, but when shipping was added, it cost more. I went with e-bay.
  • desertguydesertguy Posts: 730
    Thanks for the web addresses. Now there is $10 difference in the two. $157 @ Sportwing and $167 on Ebay. Sent the Ebay guy a message. Maybe he will meet the lower price.
  • The Sportwing one doesn't include shipping. the e-bay one, does.
  • desertguydesertguy Posts: 730
    Yeah, I'm aware of that. Actually the ebay one is $169. I just ordered it and talked to the guy. His and the Sportwing are exactly the same molding. Sportwing's $16.95 for shipping is ridiculous.
  • This has likely already been mentioned but Canadian dealers have genuine Toyota side moldings prepainted to your car's color. Mine were about $105 shipped via UPS. There are simple to put on but remember to back them off enough so they do not rub when the doors open and close.
  • desertguydesertguy Posts: 730
    These are painted to the Toyota color code. They are also the wider molding which I prefer. Personally, I am getting them for the protection, not for the look.
  • Is there a photo of one on a Rav4?
  • I recommend a Garmin 300 or 500 series with a window or dash mount, a lot cheaper and works really well for us and friends.
  • Does anyone know if there are aftermarket ways to change the color of the lights on the radio consule? I wish it matched the dash lights.
  • I have a 2007 Limited RAV4 with third row seats. I want to protect the cargo area when the third row is stowed away. Does anyone know if the toyota cargo liner or cargo mat fits into the third row cargo area?
  • sayers1sayers1 Posts: 42
    I hav an 06 w/ 3rd row. I bought the cargo mat through e-bay and it works great. The link is somewhere around here. I think it was about $70, from a company in Canada. When the 3rd row is up, it just folds behind there. When the 3rd row is down, it completely covers it, protecting it from any kind of spills. Lightweight and waterproof.
  • Hello!
    I am about to purchase one of these bad boys. My dealer says it has arrived at the port in Florida and so I wanted to review the options I'm thinking about putting on this thing. Cann anybody tell me where i can see pics of this Carbon Fiber Dash option? What is it and is it any good? Is it worth the price ($400.00)Why would i want this option? Thanks to all..
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