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Toyota RAV4 Accessories

rukindrukind Posts: 17
edited April 2014 in Toyota
What factory or dealer accessories are you buying for your new 2006 RAV4? Why? How Much? Advantages? Disadvantages?

Is the Toyota security system worth the bucks? Is it dealer or factory installed?


  • Security system was factory installed on our 2006 Rav4 V6 Limited. Purchased the all weather mats and mud flaps from Toyota, you can save some money by buying them from:

    Will be getting tube steps and front grill push bar to protect the vehicle from road debris and people's car doors, but may consider aftermarket parts as first picture I saw of Toyota's tube bars were chrome, not matte black.

    Bought a Garmin c340 GPS and am very happy with the size in the windshield area. May consider a satellite radio unit. Will be looking for some cargo organizing stuff, nets and other items.

    Longer term will look for beefier suspension controls, such as sway bars, as fast lane transitions are a little unsettling in the RAV4 with this much hp.
  • bikejackbikejack Posts: 12
    I purchased Toyota mudguards for my 2006 RAV Limited. I purchased them from my local dealer and with my discount the price was close to what people are paying on E-Bay after one takes into account shipping charges. Front mudguard installation was very straight forward. All you have to do is to pop in a plastic screw grommit in a existing hole and screw on the mudguard with supplied screws. Four attach points

    The rear is more complicated. Toyota's instructions are to remove the rear bumper cover so one has room and access to drill 2 new holes in the bumper. The wheel gets in the way. There are are 2 dimples identifying where to drill. I was concerned about damage to the bumper and body during removal so I deviated from the Toyota procedure and removed the rear wheel instead for drilling. You put in 2 spring clips on the new holes and they attach the mudguard with 4 screws utilizing existing holes as well.

    The black mudguards look extremely sharp and the black matches the window trim.

    Sport model mudguards installation is different and does not require drilling. Make sure you get the right mudguard part number for your particualar model for their is different mounting hardware involved.
  • nojnoj Posts: 1
    My 2006 RAV4 Limited came with a tonneau cover and cargo net (PC5). Does anybody know whether this is the same cargo net as the GN?
  • andrelaplumeandrelaplume Posts: 934
    We now have our new RAV. Ironically it came with a very nice carpeted mat in the hatch that covers...carpet! A cargo tray might be nice but I fear it would make getting in that 'trunk' part under the carpeted mat difficult. Is the cargo tray by chance hinged. Anyone know what they cost or if non-oem is available.

    Also, any reccomendations on a hood protector and body molding...only Canada has matching molding as far as I can tell.....
  • gregorylynngregorylynn Posts: 38
    I bought the OEM cargo tray. It is rather thin compared to the one I bought for my ML-430 years back, and is definitely not as robust as the all weather Toyota floor mats I got for the RAV4. That said it seems to be holding up so far ok and it is easy to lift up to get to the storage below, perhaps that is why they made it so light/thin.

    I would like any info anyone here has on body colored side moldings from Toyota for the side doors, also nerf/side tube bars and a front push bar. I am considering the plastic film guard for the rear bumper as well.
  • andrelaplumeandrelaplume Posts: 934
    This post was in the RAV 2006 forumn...note that the molding is available in Canada...
  • wxworks1wxworks1 Posts: 2
    What is the mudgard # for the Limited ?
    Some one has some but they don't mention if they are for a sport or other, they do mention 1 type for flared & 1 for non flared ( I guess they mean fenders or overfenders.
    Also would you be able to drill without removing the tire if you had a right angle drill.
  • dlbensondlbenson Posts: 13
    I purchased the toyota bike and ski racks which are made by Yakima. They come with a universal mounting adapter that is attached to the rack and then the bike and ski racks are attached to the adapter. It does not come with written instructions although the dealership put the bike rack on.
    Any idea how to get information so I can figure out how these racks come off and are put back on?
  • koyztoy23koyztoy23 Posts: 2
    Are those plastic running boards or are they chrome? I've been wanting to get some chrome one, but can't seem to find any for a reasonable price.
  • toyzruletoyzrule Posts: 5
    I've been tearing apart the 'net in hopes of finding a nice chrome center bumper grill guard for my black V6 Ltd. I found the side step tubes, but the grill guard is another matter! Anyone got any ideas?? :confuse:
  • luvmbootyluvmbooty Posts: 271
    I have the 2006 with third row and I want to buy for all 3 rows. Where could I buy and how much would it cost?
  • avrguy73avrguy73 Posts: 26
    Do you really want to pay $700 for a grill guard? :surprise:
  • noshnosh Posts: 1
    I bought a rav4 2006 base, and I am looking for the fog lamps kit, does any body knows where can I buyit? at the local dealer it might take over a month and the price is quite expensive.... any suggestions?? tks...
  • avrguy73avrguy73 Posts: 26
    Get an aftermarket fog lamp, a 3.5" will fit fine and with some fabrication if you are handy, you'd be able to make it work. That is what I did. And it cost me $60.
    But i went with the driving lamp instead of a fog lamp.
  • roman1roman1 Posts: 12
    Hello RAV4 enthusiasts,

    I have been searching the Internet for both, running boards and grill guards (sets), but I have not found many options. However, I did find this link to offer the package w/:price, pictures, and package (running boards + grill guard).

    Anyone else has any other information on these packaged accessories? :confuse: I would like to purchase, but I don't have many options to choose from. WESTIN AUTOMOTIVE has some, but its catalog covers plenty of SUVs/Trucks except the 2006 RAV4 (it does have 1 option to it....if I'm correct).

    Please let me know :)
  • risarisa Posts: 14
    I am looking for a side beam for a 2006 rav4, has anyone bought one? where could i find it and is it easy to install?
  • jimdrewjimdrew Posts: 84
    Looking for a nice dash protector and hood protector for my 2006 Sport V6...any one bought one they can recommend yet?

    Jimmy Drew
  • roman1roman1 Posts: 12
    I dropped by Kragen AutoParts in San Diego, CA this weekend. They are the sale representative for WESTIN (accessories). I had the Kragen AutoPart manager call the manufacturer (Westin) and found out that for 2006 RAV4, the accessories (grill guard & rolling side tubes) are NOT available. :sick: In fact, production will only start in about 6 months or so.........I guess Westin is off my list :cry:
  • hawkeye4hawkeye4 Posts: 9
    I love my new Rav4, but the doors look like a tempting invitation to shopping carts and brain dead parking lot neighbors.

    I heard about side molding being available in Canada. I checked it out and found out it is true.
    Stock numbers for the molding are:

    Apparently, the last three digits are the color code. For Example, my Rav4 is Everglade Green (color code 6T6) so I ordered stock# C0050-42066-T6.

    NOTE: These stock numbers only apply to the Canadian dealerships. All the US dealers I called had never heard of them.

    I ordered some from Upper James Toyota of Ontario. Their website is:
    My cost was $100 Canadian (approx. $80 US) plus shipping.
    I don't know yet what my actual shipping cost will be. Others I've spoken to have indicated approx. $15, but I'll have to wait to see for sure.

    The ordering process is fairly simple. The only unusual part is that they want you to have a UPS account. Getting one involves calling UPS and asking to set one up.
    (They're free).

    If you're interested, I have the installation instructions
    (with photos of the installed product) here:
  • orange99orange99 Posts: 2
    Has anybdoy found a good vent visor? I found a couple like these:
    kind of expensive though.

    Also, there is very little room on the door to stick the visor. I assume the visors designed for the 2006 model take this into account.

    thanks for the help.
  • jimdrewjimdrew Posts: 84
    Bought the mudflaps from the Toyo Parts Store...have installed them...all in all cost about $70.00 and look terrific. I'm sure the dealer would have been at least $100.00. Be sure and specify Sport or Base...

    Jimmy Drew
  • Could you please tell me the part numbers on the mudguards, I got a Limited,


  • I have a Limited do you get the flared or non?

  • hawkeye4hawkeye4 Posts: 9
    Hi John:

    I have the limited and got the mudflaps. You get the non-flared. Sorry, I don't have the part#

  • Dan,

    Thanks alot!!!!!

  • The dealer told me today that the hood sheild/guard would not be out until Nov. Has anyone tried one of these on their 2006 RAV. The part number from Auto Ventsheld web site is 241139, they come in smoke and clear. The pre 2006 Toyota looks like it wraps the hood?

    The rear bumper applipue looks like a hard or soft material?


  • dan325isdan325is Posts: 2
    Does anyone know of an in-dash navigation system that fits in the 2006 RAV4? The only one I know of is a system from
  • quintaquinta Posts: 1
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