Infiniti G35 vs. Lexus IS 250

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I can't decide between a Infiniti G35 sedan and an Lexus IS250. Help. Main concern is not performance.


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    Both are good cars. If performance is not really important to you then IS250 might be a better choice. It's more luxurious, better styling(IMO)and liability than G35. G35 has one issue that really concerns me- The rear crash test receives a poor rating from National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. The plus side is that G35 has more horsepower than IS250 (280 vs 204)

    My suggestion to you is try out both cars and see which one you like best. Also, don't forget to do some research about the model you're going to pick. The online reviews can be subjective so please be aware of that. Good luck
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    I agree both are good cars. Lexus will probably keep it's value a little better. But G35 has a larger back seat if that's a consideration.
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    Back seats in the G35 also recline if your rear passengers are a concern at all. I was waiting for the IS's to come out for awhile last year, and while I was impressed with the luxury, the huge difference in horsepower kinda irked me. Not even for the performance value, but because on their low end model, there was such a huge difference between that and the high end engine, which is the same size as the infiniti coupe's. I know you were interestetd in performance as much, but for me was more me being annoyed they're giving you less for a similar price. Again, I think the interior of the IS might be a little higher end, but that being said if you can hold off a little, Infiniti is going to be showing off the new Sedan in the New York auto show this April, which *rumor* has it will have a sportier design, so the interior might be brought up a little too.

    Personally, I feel you get more bang for the buck from Infiniti, and I used to have a nissan for 10 years, really low maintenance problems with that car. Oh, and a side note, might just be here, being Canada, but my dad bought a Lexus a couple years ago, GS430. Canadian was around 87K I believe, and 2 years later when he was looking at trading it in on a new Lexus, partly because the newly designed 430's were out, but the "blue book" value listed at 38K. So apparently it lost over 50% value in 2 years, which is the suck.
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    I looked at both and the Infiniti offered me a better bang for my buck. I have two kids so the rear seat was important. IS250's rear seats are pretty useless.

    Been driving a G35x for several months and couldn't be happier. Well built, solid and no rattles to speak of either!
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    I disagree with the statement "IS250's rear seats are pretty useless". I'm 5'9 and find no problem sitting in the back of IS250 nor front.

    It all comes down to the taste. For me, IS got a fresh look, sexier, extremely quite in the cabin even at high speed. G35 on the other hand is getting old with its look and a bit noisy and not really well-built as compared to
    IS. Anyway, it's just my opinion and I believe you can't go wrong with either choice...well, unless you considered BMW ;-)
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    OK, perhaps "useless" is a little harsh. And if I had a 250, I'd probably find something positive with the rear seating space as well.

    However, most of the industry pundits, including our very own Edmunds disagree with you. Edmunds list it as a Con and I found this in their IS 250 review:
    "Rear seating isn't as comfortable as we'd like, which surprised us given the IS 250's growth from the old IS 300 days".

    Most every review I have seen on the 250 mentions the tight quarters in the back. But, that said, almost all have given it very good ratings.

    From your post, it sounds like "fresh look and sexier (which is highly subjective) were more important than the interior space. For me it was the opposite - although in my opinion, the G35 is still a good looking vehicle and "not getting old".

    Since you don't have a G, just curious as to what makes you believe it isn't well built? Although I have seen a few posts regarding rattles and brake wear (I believe this is dependent on how hard you drive the car), I have been driving mine for 6 months and no issues. Don't know any manufacturer, including Lexus, that makes a problem free vehicle.
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    After just getting back from an IS250 AWD test drive, I feel as many others do. While there are many good points to be made about the new IS 250. It's hard for me to rationalize spending $34-35K (ie. base IS250 AWD) for a 204 HP 4-door sedan and little if any rear seating space.

    I'm 6'-1" and you should have seen me on the test drive, stop in a parking lot to checkout the rear seating. In the end I moved the passenger seat very far forward and pretty much upright. At that point I was able to get into the back, and once there it felt not too bad. But I was laughing pretty hard at that point.

    Very nice car..just wish it wasn't such a sung fit and the base car had 230-250 HP. Maybe the trick is to give up on the back seats...and pony up the $$$ for the IS350 :)
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    I really don't think they are really comparable, except in price. The G35 is a significantly larger vehicle, and has much more power. The IS250 is really cramped in space (the rear seats are suited to children) and is better matched against the BMW 325i and the Audi A4 2.0T. In terms of performance, the 330i, IS350, and the A4 3.2 compete better with the G35.

    On the other hand, the IS250 has exquisite fit and finish that is superior (by far) to the G35. So, if performance and room are not top priority, but styling and refinement are key, then the IS250 is a great choice. It is a great little car for two people essentially. However, if I wanted something smaller and more elegant than the G35, I probably would consider the BMW 3 series and the Audi A4 (even A3) before the IS250 -- the power is marginally deficient in the Lexus, particularly if one wants the AWD. It is too bad Lexus does not offer the 6MT or the AWD in the IS350.

    If you are undecided between the G35 and the IS250 -- it is a tug-of-war between your heart (aesthetics) and your brain (utility/common sense). Only you know if you can indulge your heart!:)
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    Does any one know when '07 G35 coupe will come-out?
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    According to the press announcement last week, November '06. I must say that it looks pretty good...kind of makes you think twice about buy the least a little. They were known to have extremely poor gas milage, though.
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    i read all the comments posted about the IS250 n the G. But what about the IS350 and the g35 coupe.I'm having a hard time deciding which one to get?Will the value of the 06 G35 drop down tremendously? thats the only hesitation. why spend 40k if its gona drop down?so Help!! thanks guys.All suggestions matter.
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    According to the press announcement last week, November '06.

    According to the Infiniti rep I spoke to, it's the sedan that's being refreshed in November '06, not the coupe. The coupe doesn't get refreshed until next spring.

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    Hey RC2006,
    The G35 ( Coupe & Sedan ) are suppose to have the best residual value in there class. My only concern is that the newly designed G35 Coupe & Sedan will be coming out in November ( Sedan ) followed by the Coupe in May.
    This could directly have a effect on the value of the current models. As for the IS350 I would say you can count on a good residual value since all the lexus models do. The Lexus IS350 is a great car and would be a good consideration although it cost about 2 K more then the current G35 ( Both Fully Loaded ). If you can wait for the newly designed G35 Coupe I would, because of the upgraded features, such as a 15-30 HP gain, a higher quality interior, and new technology. But if you can't wait the IS350 would be my personal choice. As for me I'm waiting to trade in my 03' G35 Coupe for a 07' Coupe. Hope I was some help... - Ryan
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    I own a 06 g35 coupe with premium package. it seems that you need a 4 door. in that case, i would that go for the IS. Firstly, i think the coupe styling is kik-[non-permissible content removed] (hence i own it ) but the sedan styling does not work for me. the design of the lexus sedan is much better. Secondly, you can start a base invoicing at around 27k on the lexus so by the time u click all options you are around 35k which is pretty good for a car with rear view, nav, and millions of touch tech toys and luxury features. plus the IS also has paddle shifters, but i personally do not know how responsive the transmission is. however, i do suggst that atleast test drive the IS 350 as well to experience the difference in power. Oh, the lexus 250 will probably give you better fuel mielage as well because of the smaller engine and less power , the g35 is not that great on fuel. however, the lexus should only be bought will all the toys. if you are simply going base and no option, you might as well enjoy the power of the g35 if not the creature comforts.
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    oh and just confirming this, the g35 does have amazing residual value but the new lexus should do better than the previous IS as well so it could be close. I would suggest not really caring about that.
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    We test drove the G35 and the IS350 and my wife liked the IS350 better as the interior seemed better. (I do believe she had her heart set on a lexus prior to looking)
    Residue value is typically important if you plan to sell the car within a time period, typically 5-7 years, after that there is not much residue value difference between any cars. If you plan to keep a car for 10 years or longer, I wouldn't worry about residue value.

    My concern would be Infinity quality, right now Nisson has a reputation of poor quality, I recently read a report in Business Week that said Nissan right now has the highest initial defects of all major manufacturers.
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    The Infiniti G 35 has historically been a very trouble free car. It has also had some of the highest residuals in this class. Buy the car you like best, don't get confused with any facts ;)
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    If your main concern isn't performance, then the IS250 is your car.
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    I had a 2003 G35 when they first came out and the car was totalled on the NY thruway. 4 people in the car including myself, and everyone walked out of it with no problems. The G35 which was rated number 1 in turning radius back then is what saved our lives, and without one airbag going off, no idea why. I now lease a 2006 G35x and would highly recommend the Infiniti brand. The Lexus IS250 looks way too small to me, but have never test drove it. I love pulling up next to a Lexus or a BMW and have them check out my G35x
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    Just sold a 2003 Infiniti G35 Sedan with Premium package having owned it for 65,000 kms. (40,000 mi.)Have ordered IS 250 with all the doo-dads. Reason: the Infiniti had an infinite number of fussy, time consuming issues from brakes that needed to be replaced 3 times to glitchy gas gauge that took 7 trips to the shop to fix to more squeaks, rattles and noises than a Hyundai Pony. (sorry Hyundai offence) Infiniti quality was brutal. Perhaps improved with new models but I sold that car and ran to Lexus where there still seems to be an interest in quality. 4 years and 25 (yes that is right - 25) trips to the Infiniti shop. Feel for the guy who bought it but I am relieved at last. Lexus or Infiniti? The choice is yours.
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    Just sold a 2003 Infiniti G35 Sedan with Premium package having owned it for 65,000 kms. (40,000 mi.)Have ordered IS 250 with all the doo-dads. Reason: the Infiniti had an infinite number of fussy, time consuming issues from brakes that needed to be replaced 3 times to glitchy gas gauge that took 7 trips to the shop to fix to more squeaks, rattles and noises than a Hyundai Pony. (sorry Hyundai offence) Infiniti quality was brutal. Perhaps improved with new models but I sold that car and ran to Lexus where there still seems to be an interest in quality. 4 years and 25 (yes that is right - 25) trips to the Infiniti shop. Feel for the guy who bought it but I am relieved at last. Lexus or Infiniti? The choice is yours.

    My buddies ES 330 has been back to the dealer 3 times since he bought it in April. So what!?!? My 2005 G35x with 19K miles hasn't seen the dealer since purchase. It is tight, gets 21-26 mpg and I haven't put brakes on it. ;) Again I say so what.

    Does my buddy beat his 330? Is he a difficult customer to please? Hard to tell from my description of him, but he is irritated with Lexus. Does that make the ES a bad car? I don't think so. I don't believe that your experience is the norm for most Infiniti owners. You forgot to mention that you never paid for a brake job. Infiniti covered brakes on that car for an additional 3 yrs or 36 months ;)

    Sorry you have had problems with your car. Hopefully, you'll have better luck with your Lexus
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    Like I said the choice is yours to make...

    And for clarity, I paid for one set of brakes, the third, which disintegrated in just 10,000 miles, post warranty. I paid for the first set, fought for reimbursement, unsuccessfully, until a fleet wide warranty extension was grudgingly announced in late 2004.

    Could just have been a car built on a Friday before a holiday weekend, who knows? All I know is that the quality difference between my 1991 Infinti G20 and 2003 G35 was like night and day.

    So Lexus or Infiniti? The choice is yours. I have made mine (Lexus) and expect a better outcome than my last choice.

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    If you want performance, get the G. If you want luxury, get an IS. The 07 G35 has the same hp as the IS350 and handles as well as a bimmer. Luxury goes to the Lexus, however. The former poster is disingenuous.
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    My suggestion is that you probably shouldn't buy cars in their first model year (such as the '03 G35 you had or '06 IS250) or revision year (like the '07 G35). I'm not sure what year IS250 you ordered but I believe the '07 comes out at the end of September. I would wait for that and avoid the first year problems (even Consumer Reports recommends avoiding first year cars).

    I definitely understand your frustration with rattles and other problems, I have an '06 Acura TL and I bet it rattles more than your Infiniti :mad: . It's really annoying and embarrassing when I have other people in the car. This is why the next car I buy will be built in Japan, like the IS250 and G35.
  • ensyensy Member Posts: 18
    To factfinder and are both correct, I am sure. Appreciate your thoughts and, to this board, my thanks for the opportunity to vent. The G35 is now in the hands of a new owner to whom I wish the best of luck. I await delivery of '07 model year IS250 with anticipation. Good luck to all!
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    In my opinion, if you want to save money in the long term, I would go with the IS250. Much better gas mileage (at least 2L/100km difference) and cheaper maintenance. IS250 will cost about 1,000ish canadian for 72,000km maintenance vs 3,000ish canadian dollars for the G35.

    Im having the same dilemna right now as well. As to what car I would like to purchase. G35x, IS250 AWD, and TSX.

    For those who are looking at the non all wheel drive versions of the G35 or the IS250, I would consider you test drive the tsx. Although its "only" 205hp with 166 torque, its a quite a FUN drive. A FUN DRIVE PEOPLE! ;) I was quite impressed when I test drove it. And you cant beat the price. Fully loaded for 37k CAD? you cant go wrong! My only quirk with the car is.. the design has been around since 04 and its about to change in 09 ( according to the dealership, but I have been hearing people speculating its changing on 08? is that true? hmmm).
    If you decide with the tsx, definately put the body kit in... it totally changes the look of the car. It will only set you back 2,400.

    Now back to G35x and IS250AWD.. both are impressive cars. In my opinion, the general population would find the look of the IS more appealing than the G35. So if your the kind of person who cares about what other people think, then I find.. the IS to be the prettier car.

    The IS has an incredibly aggressive looking front fascia, nice super sleek contours and a fresh look.

    But in the G35's defense, although its not as "sleek" as the IS, I find the G35 to have a strong muscular look. * And it has the Engine to back that up * The exhaust note is amazing too.

    If you ask me what I would choose.. I dont know.

    But if i was to go with the IS, it would be the glacier frost mica. I love the way the color glimmers and shines different colors dpending on the light.

    But if i go with the G35, it would be painted black.
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    wes_888 when were you planning to buy ..... i just picked up a used IS350 with 10k kilo's on it ...... the trouble here in Canada though is that a used 350 is hard to find.

    The 350 is equal or faster than the '07 G35x i took out but I probably choose the 350 over the G35 because of the difference while driving ..... just felt more solid.

    As far as resale goes i just traded a 6.5 year old IS300 and got $18K on it (black book was $16.5K max) ..... thats about 40% of the 2001 MSRP ..... can't beat that.

    I liked the G35x a lot too though ..... if the dealer had been more willing to deal I might be driving it now.

  • scottm123scottm123 Member Posts: 1,501
    The 350 is equal or faster than the '07 G35x i took out but I probably choose the 350 over the G35 because of the difference while driving ..... just felt more solid.

    Congrats on your ride, KC. The IS is a fantastic car and you'll have years of enjoyment from it.
    I came SUPER close to buying one last year but the dealer pushed me around a lot and couldn't get me the package I wanted.
    While debating over the 5 month order wait, the 07 G appeared.

    I have to disagree with you on one point.
    Although Lexus has nailed the Interior fit/finish, it falls short in comparison to the G's feel on the road.
    The G feels WAY more solid and doesn't plow through corners like I felt in the IS.
    Infiniti has increased it's weld count in the 07, and little enhances like the double front hood latches add to it's rock solid feel.

    The car is very tight.... I didn't get that same feeling with the IS.
    -Sorry :(
  • louisweilouiswei Member Posts: 3,715
    The G has clearer road feel than the IS but I'll have to agree with kc that IS felt more "solid" than the G.

    Although both the G35 and IS350 are rated at 306HP but the IS felt comparably faster. However the G is more confident going through the corner, it's more "BMW-like" than the IS.
  • scottm123scottm123 Member Posts: 1,501
    We agree to disagree, and that's what makes this so much fun.

    It certainly depends on the test drive and the given car as well.
    My IS test drive showed some rattles, squeaks and popping noises...But I still wanted one :blush:

    The G was rock solid and after driving it, my decision was made.

    Both are nice cars though, I I honestly don't think you can go wrong with either decision.
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    Hey KC -- im planning to buy in June. Its basically between the IS250 AWD or the G35x. I live in Toronto, and we get a pretty good amount of snow during winter times and I do lots of highway driving. All wheel drive is a must for me.

    Have you driven the IS250? in terms of steering wheel "feel", is it similar to the 350? * aside from HP of course*.

    and if it is, how do you compare it to the G35 feel? One thing I really liked about the G35 is how the wheel gets REALLY nice and FIRM on curves and turns.

    Does the IS do that? when I test drove the IS, I recall the wheel getting firm, but I dont recall it getting AS FIRM as the G35.

    And to everyone else..

    So you guys say that the IS has more body roll on turns/curves than the G35? I love taking corners fast.
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    There's no comparison at all between these two cars, the IS250 is more like a Camry, it has nothing to do with performance. while the G35 is a 306HP sports sedan that happens to have AWD. Completely different vehicles, an IS's 204HP vs 306, is a completely different beast, the IS250 is sloppy in the turns, like I stated before, it's a Camry.

    I don't mean to trivialize your comparison, but I promise if you drive both you'll be laughing at yourself on how you could have ever thought the two were comparable. Especially when the IS250 cost more then the G35 when both are fully loaded.
  • scottm123scottm123 Member Posts: 1,501
    The IS was not as sure footed in the curves, when compared to the G35.
    That, along with the lack of power, caused the IS250 to fall from my short list.
    The G35x, I have driven.
    It's a blast to drive and will still get you where you need to go, no matter what Mother Nature throws at you.

    Kring5 hit the nail on the head... he just types faster than me :P
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    Wow, you guys reply so quickly~!

    Well the reason why I compared the G35 to the IS was mostly because.. of cost and they are both "sport" sedans.

    Although engine HP is important to me, I feel 204 HP is good enough for me. Although I would enjoy 306 HP much more than 204, I dont know if I wanna spend over 2L/100km at the bare minimum for each gas fill up for a good.. 6-10 yrs that I will be owning the car. And apparently, maintennace cost is much cheaper than the G35. So im thinking more about.. cost in the long term while having a "sport" sedan. Thats the angle that im taking.

    I currently drive a 4 cylinder 2001 honda accord.. hence, having the IS is a HUGE difference to what im driving now. I am used to a car that rolls on turns like there is no tomorrow, underpowered, and just plain boring.

    Nonetheless, thx for the input! its very much appreciated. If the IS250 is sloppy on turns.. that would annoy me. I LOVE taking turns hard.. and if the IS curves sloppily.. it makes me think twice about the car.

    I have test driven the IS250AWD and the G35x. I guess maybe I wasnt able to take the IS hard on turns, thus, I cant really say it takes sloppy turns. And its been a while since I drove it. I recently drove the G35x about a week ago.. and it certainly feels more fun to drive.

    Anyone else who can argue on the IS's behalf? or is the G35 the clear cut winner in terms of "steering" feel and taking the turns.. ?
  • louisweilouiswei Member Posts: 3,715
    Anyone else who can argue on the IS's behalf? or is the G35 the clear cut winner in terms of "steering" feel and taking the turns.. ?

    As a current IS350 owner whom has also driven the IS250 and G35S before I'd have to say that hands down G35 is more confident through the corner/turns than the IS. However, if you are coming from a Honda Accord (like me), the IS is still way better than your normal midsizer. It certainly is NOT a Camry like someone stated earlier. The IS only felt sloppier when compared to the such like 3er and G.

    You will also feel comparably slower in an IS250 than G35. 102HP difference is certainly no joke and it shows when you step on the gas. However, the IS350 felt rather quicker than the G35 even though both were rated at 306HP. Too bad that they don't make an AWD IS350.

    The only advantage I see that IS250 has over G35 is the interior fit-n'-finish and overall built quality (including material). The IS also felt more solid then the G IMO.
  • wes_888wes_888 Member Posts: 38
    Thats interesting. An IS owner agreeing that the G is more confident in the turns.

    Generally speaking, in these forums, you tend to hear owners of their own car praising how much better their car is compared to the next. hehe

    its refreshing reading what you said.

    But yeah, any upgrade I get from my honda accord is HUGE. So im thinking, if I end up getting the IS250, i should be pretty happy. Provided that I dont get problems with it.

    I really really like the look of the IS... its very flashy and sleek.

    One of my... drawbacks with the G is.. Is the non-lasting appeal after having the car for a long time (I think). Looks wise at least. Although the design is new.. it doesnt.. catch your eye as much as an IS would. Its design isnt as fresh as the IS.

    In my opinion, I think aesthetically, the look of the IS will last.
  • scottm123scottm123 Member Posts: 1,501
    If the IS350 had an AWD, I would have bought it a year ago when I was struggling to live with the lack of power in the 250.
    As for the cost at the pump, there is a minimal difference in MPG if both are driven like commuter cars and not like race cars. You will only see a real difference in gas usage if you choose to unleash the G's potential.

    As for looks, I love the look of the IS... but really, the new 07 G is very similar and I'm not tired of the look at all, and don't see that happening anytime soon.

    Really... drive both.
    Drive the IS250 first, and then drive the G.
    Try to enjoy the second drive, assuming you can get your chin off the floor.
    Don't buy the IS250 just cause it has a "Sport" label in the reviews.
    There is not really anything sport about it, when compared to the G and IS350.

    The real comparo here is the IS350/G35.
    The IS250 does not compare in anyway but cost and looks.

    Good luck with your decision!
  • scottm123scottm123 Member Posts: 1,501
    Another thought...

    You should choose what you like the most, and that's the best car for you.
    Both are awesome cars and you are not making a bad decision either way.

    With that being said, if you choose the IS250 cause you like it's looks, I suggest you get to love the look of the G's backend... cause that's what you'll be looking at when we go blazing by you. :P

    Sorry, just had to. ;)
  • louisweilouiswei Member Posts: 3,715
    Wes, when you make the decision make sure you follow your head, not your heart. Usually the sentimental feeling will go away as the car ages and you'll be frustrated by not making the "logical" decision.

    I was on the IS350/TL fence a year ago and being a Honda/Acura faithful TL was my dream car ever since the first time I saw it. However, after test driving the IS350, the 306HP, class-leading fit-n'-finish and RWD were just too much to be ignored. Sentimentally I would choose TL over the IS but now I know if I had made that decision I would not be as happy about my car as I am now.
  • wes_888wes_888 Member Posts: 38
    You joker! haha

    Actually, I really like the backside of the G35 mind you.. haha I dont mind looking at that rear at all ;)

    I like both cars... I just cant make up my mind.

    Having 306HP readily available is quite something.. You can pretty much smoke most of the cars out there.

    So trust me... choosing between these two cars.. is not a happy decision for me. My gf is probably sick of hearing me talk about cars all day for the past couple of months.

    Both offer something very nice.. it only boils down to.. what I really want out of the car.
  • kring5kring5 Member Posts: 144
    Wes. Does the limited back seat on the IS carry any weight for you? That was the #1 reason I cut the IS350 from my list.
  • jmannixjmannix Member Posts: 12
    Drove the 250/350 and the '07 G35 a few times. The Lexus did attract me with the fit and looks..loved the dash. There was the sense of it being very tight inside, especially that large A pillar. I had a '03 G35 and was time to trade her, never had any major probs and was very happy with everything from service to the mechanics of this car. But when I said to the sales that the IS was a go, but wanted the Mark Levinson..without the NAV for the purchase of the 350 but would cough in the NAV for the 250.........nada. Not even a return call after a few inquiries.
    Had the same prob with the new 3 series coupe..I wanted the Logic 7 system and not this or that but wanted this AND that...word back was that there'll probbably never be that car ordered and so on and so on. I think they just want to sell whats in the lots and never order
    Anyway....decided on the G35 Sport....couldn't be happier and it has what I wanted and not the dealer's choice.
  • wes_888wes_888 Member Posts: 38
    My head tells me I should get the IS.. just cuz of the better gas mileage, cheaper maintenance and the looks.

    But the bells and whistles of the G35 is still trying to win me over...
  • wes_888wes_888 Member Posts: 38
    The limited seating does annoy me a lil bit. I do prefer having a more sizeable back area...

    but the thing is.. most of the time, its just me and my gf in the car. I do drive other people the odd times.. but thats about it.

    So if i think about it in that regards.. then back room space isnt as "important" for me. Even though I prefer having it than not.
  • louisweilouiswei Member Posts: 3,715
    I know it is next to impossible to get Mark Levinson without Navi on the IS and Lexus dealers usually don't want to do special order unless being forced to.

    However, I thought BMW does special order on regular basis. Of course the wait time is longer but for my understanding that one can pretty much get a Bimmer in any configuration of his/her liking.

    Good luck on your G35S and the bottom line is one can't really go wrong with anything in this segment.
  • kring5kring5 Member Posts: 144
    most BMW dealers won't order cars, it's not worth the effort to them. BMW as a company does not want you buying their cars, they prefer that you lease what they have on the lot or walk.
  • louisweilouiswei Member Posts: 3,715
    That's not what I heard from many BMW owners. There is this one guy in the Entry Level Luxury Performance Sedan board insists that BMW cars are like LEGO, you can build it anyway you want even if one leases it. As matter of fact, one major reason he bashes Lexus is because one can't get the exact configuration that one desired.
  • scottm123scottm123 Member Posts: 1,501
    I wanted my Lexus to come with Lux/Nav/and Mark Lev packages.
    They kept pushing a Lux/Nav model on me and told me I couldn't have the ML package, but that they'd throw in an after-market amp.... never listened to my needs.

    I continued my talks with them and finally got them to agree on a special order.
    $5,000 down, and an 8 week wait, at the minimum.

    That's when the 07 G showed it's face and I dropped the Lexus thought from then on.

    The car is awesome but my experiences at the dealership were just plain awful.
    I was shown nothing but knowledge and respect from Infiniti. I had nothing but the opposite from Lexus.

    Never went to BMW, as a similarly equipped 328xi was $15,000 more than the G.

    I'm happy I waited and the G showed up at just the right time.
    For me, it's the best car.
    AWD and performance that cannot be ignored in this segment.
  • louisweilouiswei Member Posts: 3,715
    I went to 2 Lexus dealers while purchasing my IS and got 2 totally different experiences. So I concluded the problem lies with each individual dealership but not the manufacture.

    Of course, I bought mine from the "good" dealership. ;)
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