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Infiniti G35 vs. Lexus IS 250



  • scottm123scottm123 Posts: 1,501
    We agree to disagree, and that's what makes this so much fun.

    It certainly depends on the test drive and the given car as well.
    My IS test drive showed some rattles, squeaks and popping noises...But I still wanted one :blush:

    The G was rock solid and after driving it, my decision was made.

    Both are nice cars though, I I honestly don't think you can go wrong with either decision.
  • wes_888wes_888 Posts: 38
    Hey KC -- im planning to buy in June. Its basically between the IS250 AWD or the G35x. I live in Toronto, and we get a pretty good amount of snow during winter times and I do lots of highway driving. All wheel drive is a must for me.

    Have you driven the IS250? in terms of steering wheel "feel", is it similar to the 350? * aside from HP of course*.

    and if it is, how do you compare it to the G35 feel? One thing I really liked about the G35 is how the wheel gets REALLY nice and FIRM on curves and turns.

    Does the IS do that? when I test drove the IS, I recall the wheel getting firm, but I dont recall it getting AS FIRM as the G35.

    And to everyone else..

    So you guys say that the IS has more body roll on turns/curves than the G35? I love taking corners fast.
  • kring5kring5 Posts: 144
    There's no comparison at all between these two cars, the IS250 is more like a Camry, it has nothing to do with performance. while the G35 is a 306HP sports sedan that happens to have AWD. Completely different vehicles, an IS's 204HP vs 306, is a completely different beast, the IS250 is sloppy in the turns, like I stated before, it's a Camry.

    I don't mean to trivialize your comparison, but I promise if you drive both you'll be laughing at yourself on how you could have ever thought the two were comparable. Especially when the IS250 cost more then the G35 when both are fully loaded.
  • scottm123scottm123 Posts: 1,501
    The IS was not as sure footed in the curves, when compared to the G35.
    That, along with the lack of power, caused the IS250 to fall from my short list.
    The G35x, I have driven.
    It's a blast to drive and will still get you where you need to go, no matter what Mother Nature throws at you.

    Kring5 hit the nail on the head... he just types faster than me :P
  • wes_888wes_888 Posts: 38
    Wow, you guys reply so quickly~!

    Well the reason why I compared the G35 to the IS was mostly because.. of cost and they are both "sport" sedans.

    Although engine HP is important to me, I feel 204 HP is good enough for me. Although I would enjoy 306 HP much more than 204, I dont know if I wanna spend over 2L/100km at the bare minimum for each gas fill up for a good.. 6-10 yrs that I will be owning the car. And apparently, maintennace cost is much cheaper than the G35. So im thinking more about.. cost in the long term while having a "sport" sedan. Thats the angle that im taking.

    I currently drive a 4 cylinder 2001 honda accord.. hence, having the IS is a HUGE difference to what im driving now. I am used to a car that rolls on turns like there is no tomorrow, underpowered, and just plain boring.

    Nonetheless, thx for the input! its very much appreciated. If the IS250 is sloppy on turns.. that would annoy me. I LOVE taking turns hard.. and if the IS curves sloppily.. it makes me think twice about the car.

    I have test driven the IS250AWD and the G35x. I guess maybe I wasnt able to take the IS hard on turns, thus, I cant really say it takes sloppy turns. And its been a while since I drove it. I recently drove the G35x about a week ago.. and it certainly feels more fun to drive.

    Anyone else who can argue on the IS's behalf? or is the G35 the clear cut winner in terms of "steering" feel and taking the turns.. ?
  • louisweilouiswei Posts: 3,717
    Anyone else who can argue on the IS's behalf? or is the G35 the clear cut winner in terms of "steering" feel and taking the turns.. ?

    As a current IS350 owner whom has also driven the IS250 and G35S before I'd have to say that hands down G35 is more confident through the corner/turns than the IS. However, if you are coming from a Honda Accord (like me), the IS is still way better than your normal midsizer. It certainly is NOT a Camry like someone stated earlier. The IS only felt sloppier when compared to the such like 3er and G.

    You will also feel comparably slower in an IS250 than G35. 102HP difference is certainly no joke and it shows when you step on the gas. However, the IS350 felt rather quicker than the G35 even though both were rated at 306HP. Too bad that they don't make an AWD IS350.

    The only advantage I see that IS250 has over G35 is the interior fit-n'-finish and overall built quality (including material). The IS also felt more solid then the G IMO.
  • wes_888wes_888 Posts: 38
    Thats interesting. An IS owner agreeing that the G is more confident in the turns.

    Generally speaking, in these forums, you tend to hear owners of their own car praising how much better their car is compared to the next. hehe

    its refreshing reading what you said.

    But yeah, any upgrade I get from my honda accord is HUGE. So im thinking, if I end up getting the IS250, i should be pretty happy. Provided that I dont get problems with it.

    I really really like the look of the IS... its very flashy and sleek.

    One of my... drawbacks with the G is.. Is the non-lasting appeal after having the car for a long time (I think). Looks wise at least. Although the design is new.. it doesnt.. catch your eye as much as an IS would. Its design isnt as fresh as the IS.

    In my opinion, I think aesthetically, the look of the IS will last.
  • scottm123scottm123 Posts: 1,501
    If the IS350 had an AWD, I would have bought it a year ago when I was struggling to live with the lack of power in the 250.
    As for the cost at the pump, there is a minimal difference in MPG if both are driven like commuter cars and not like race cars. You will only see a real difference in gas usage if you choose to unleash the G's potential.

    As for looks, I love the look of the IS... but really, the new 07 G is very similar and I'm not tired of the look at all, and don't see that happening anytime soon.

    Really... drive both.
    Drive the IS250 first, and then drive the G.
    Try to enjoy the second drive, assuming you can get your chin off the floor.
    Don't buy the IS250 just cause it has a "Sport" label in the reviews.
    There is not really anything sport about it, when compared to the G and IS350.

    The real comparo here is the IS350/G35.
    The IS250 does not compare in anyway but cost and looks.

    Good luck with your decision!
  • scottm123scottm123 Posts: 1,501
    Another thought...

    You should choose what you like the most, and that's the best car for you.
    Both are awesome cars and you are not making a bad decision either way.

    With that being said, if you choose the IS250 cause you like it's looks, I suggest you get to love the look of the G's backend... cause that's what you'll be looking at when we go blazing by you. :P

    Sorry, just had to. ;)
  • louisweilouiswei Posts: 3,717
    Wes, when you make the decision make sure you follow your head, not your heart. Usually the sentimental feeling will go away as the car ages and you'll be frustrated by not making the "logical" decision.

    I was on the IS350/TL fence a year ago and being a Honda/Acura faithful TL was my dream car ever since the first time I saw it. However, after test driving the IS350, the 306HP, class-leading fit-n'-finish and RWD were just too much to be ignored. Sentimentally I would choose TL over the IS but now I know if I had made that decision I would not be as happy about my car as I am now.
  • wes_888wes_888 Posts: 38
    You joker! haha

    Actually, I really like the backside of the G35 mind you.. haha I dont mind looking at that rear at all ;)

    I like both cars... I just cant make up my mind.

    Having 306HP readily available is quite something.. You can pretty much smoke most of the cars out there.

    So trust me... choosing between these two cars.. is not a happy decision for me. My gf is probably sick of hearing me talk about cars all day for the past couple of months.

    Both offer something very nice.. it only boils down to.. what I really want out of the car.
  • kring5kring5 Posts: 144
    Wes. Does the limited back seat on the IS carry any weight for you? That was the #1 reason I cut the IS350 from my list.
  • jmannixjmannix Posts: 12
    Drove the 250/350 and the '07 G35 a few times. The Lexus did attract me with the fit and looks..loved the dash. There was the sense of it being very tight inside, especially that large A pillar. I had a '03 G35 and was time to trade her, never had any major probs and was very happy with everything from service to the mechanics of this car. But when I said to the sales that the IS was a go, but wanted the Mark Levinson..without the NAV for the purchase of the 350 but would cough in the NAV for the 250.........nada. Not even a return call after a few inquiries.
    Had the same prob with the new 3 series coupe..I wanted the Logic 7 system and not this or that but wanted this AND that...word back was that there'll probbably never be that car ordered and so on and so on. I think they just want to sell whats in the lots and never order
    Anyway....decided on the G35 Sport....couldn't be happier and it has what I wanted and not the dealer's choice.
  • wes_888wes_888 Posts: 38
    My head tells me I should get the IS.. just cuz of the better gas mileage, cheaper maintenance and the looks.

    But the bells and whistles of the G35 is still trying to win me over...
  • wes_888wes_888 Posts: 38
    The limited seating does annoy me a lil bit. I do prefer having a more sizeable back area...

    but the thing is.. most of the time, its just me and my gf in the car. I do drive other people the odd times.. but thats about it.

    So if i think about it in that regards.. then back room space isnt as "important" for me. Even though I prefer having it than not.
  • louisweilouiswei Posts: 3,717
    I know it is next to impossible to get Mark Levinson without Navi on the IS and Lexus dealers usually don't want to do special order unless being forced to.

    However, I thought BMW does special order on regular basis. Of course the wait time is longer but for my understanding that one can pretty much get a Bimmer in any configuration of his/her liking.

    Good luck on your G35S and the bottom line is one can't really go wrong with anything in this segment.
  • kring5kring5 Posts: 144
    most BMW dealers won't order cars, it's not worth the effort to them. BMW as a company does not want you buying their cars, they prefer that you lease what they have on the lot or walk.
  • louisweilouiswei Posts: 3,717
    That's not what I heard from many BMW owners. There is this one guy in the Entry Level Luxury Performance Sedan board insists that BMW cars are like LEGO, you can build it anyway you want even if one leases it. As matter of fact, one major reason he bashes Lexus is because one can't get the exact configuration that one desired.
  • scottm123scottm123 Posts: 1,501
    I wanted my Lexus to come with Lux/Nav/and Mark Lev packages.
    They kept pushing a Lux/Nav model on me and told me I couldn't have the ML package, but that they'd throw in an after-market amp.... never listened to my needs.

    I continued my talks with them and finally got them to agree on a special order.
    $5,000 down, and an 8 week wait, at the minimum.

    That's when the 07 G showed it's face and I dropped the Lexus thought from then on.

    The car is awesome but my experiences at the dealership were just plain awful.
    I was shown nothing but knowledge and respect from Infiniti. I had nothing but the opposite from Lexus.

    Never went to BMW, as a similarly equipped 328xi was $15,000 more than the G.

    I'm happy I waited and the G showed up at just the right time.
    For me, it's the best car.
    AWD and performance that cannot be ignored in this segment.
  • louisweilouiswei Posts: 3,717
    I went to 2 Lexus dealers while purchasing my IS and got 2 totally different experiences. So I concluded the problem lies with each individual dealership but not the manufacture.

    Of course, I bought mine from the "good" dealership. ;)
  • bruceomegabruceomega Posts: 250

    What options were you putting on each car to come up with a $15,000 difference? I assume this is a difference in MSRP.

    I just checked the Infiniti web comparator, and MSRP for the base automobiles, G35x with auto and 328Xi with manual, shows the BMW as $350 more expensive. I did not try to option out each car, but $15,000 seems like a lot if its just coming from the options.

  • scottm123scottm123 Posts: 1,501
    Well, the G35x I am purchasing is loaded. This means, Premium, Navigation, Technology, and Wood packages.

    I went to the BMW website and chose the 328xi.
    Keep in mind that BMW offers options, and not option packages. This caused me to add in individual options to mirror those I would be getting in the G.

    This meant things like Paint, Leather, Wood Trim, Stereo, Adaptive Lighting, Heated Seats, Power Seats, Navigation, Keyless Ignition, Bluetooth, etc, etc, etc.
    Adding this all into the BMW as I would have gotten in the G caused the price to skyrocket.

    I can't compare Base Pricing, as I'm a toy guy and need my gadgets.
    Base to Base, they are very comparable.
    Loaded to the gills, the BMW was just more than I wanted to pay for a BMW.
  • kominskykominsky Posts: 850
    When I was looking to buy my 330Ci, I went to three different dealers. When each of them heard how I wanted it configured, they said it would have to be ordered. Not one of them bulked or tried to convince me I'd be better off with something they had on their lot. This is a very common way to buy BMW's. It is possible, however, that are dealerships around who are not so easy to get along with, but I'm sure they're in the minority and even they would order it rather than lose a sale.
  • bruceomegabruceomega Posts: 250

    I went to the web sites for BMW and Infiniti, and just for grins I priced out a G35x and a 328Xi with every option and accessory offered to me as I stepped through the process of "building your car". I cannot guarantee I didn't miss something, but I marked everything I saw.

    The BMW options and accessories do add up! Price went from $34,300 base price, plus $775 destination, to $51,101 fully loaded.

    The G35x went from $33,950 + $700 to $40,640 fully loaded.

    So I can see a difference of about $10.5K, but not $15K.

  • scottm123scottm123 Posts: 1,501
    Sounds about right...
    Like I said, I only added the things my specific G had, and I'll also admit, this was at least 6 months ago.
    I have no idea what's changed... don't care to figure it out.
    I made a post about 6 months ago in another thread when this same subject came out and I itemized everything... but I think it may have been for a G35s and a BMW 330.

    I didn't add everything to the G, just the option packs I wanted, not sure if that helps build the gap or not.
    Either way, I made my decision based on price, reliability, look, driving enjoyment, toys, comfort level and so on.

    You have to admit though, adding those options to a BMW one at a time like they want you to, the price jumps quite a bit.
  • cdnpinheadcdnpinhead Forest Lakes, AZPosts: 4,570
    Accuracy is just a concept, right?

    In my world 10.5K or 11K is ~30% less than 15K.

    Help me out here.

    It certainly sounds like you're enjoying your G, but telling the world that a comparably-equipped 3 would be 10K more than what you're driving communicates a strong message. Oh, and it's actually correct.

    Telling the readers it's 15K sends a different one. I think it's called sour grapes.
  • patpat Posts: 10,421
    There really isn't any reason to think anyone intentionally misrepresented anything, seems to me. But this isn't the right place to be comparing a 3-Series to the G35 anyway. So at this point let's get back to the subject here, okay?
  • erinb510erinb510 Posts: 22
    So after test driving the G35 three times and loving it I finally test drove the Lexus 250. I was intending to drive the 350 as well, but never made it that far.

    The back seat is microscopic. I'm not a large woman (5' 7", 125 lbs) and I could barely get back there. Honestly, my old 98 Honda Civic coupe had more room in the back seat. Aside from that it felt very tight in the driver’s seat as well, especially with a passenger (who isn't large either).

    I do like the exterior a little more than the G35 but didn't feel that the interior was more luxurious like some of you had mentioned. I honestly feel the interior of the G35 and the IS are very comparable.

    Another downfall is the pillar on the driver’s side. I felt that is was really in the way of my view.

    So, the G35 it is!!!! I can't wait!
  • scottm123scottm123 Posts: 1,501
    So, the G35 it is!!!! I can't wait!

    Not a bad decision Erin... You'll love it!
    Mine is a month old and I still have a goofy smile everytime I walk up to it. :)
  • triple_7triple_7 Posts: 63
    I plan to have that same smile soon. I'm driving a old model J30 and has 210,000 miles on it. Not all mine but I wish they were. It has not been very reliable lately and just not worth putting any more money into it. I know its called an Infiniti but dont think it has more than a few months left in it.

    I also test drove the 250, but after a test drive of the G I think I was sold. I have since gone back and test drove it two more times just to be sure and every time said the same thing. "the G is the car for me"
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