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Which trucks drive the best on icy roads?

wondering16wondering16 Member Posts: 1
edited January 2018 in GMC
Which trucks drive best in icy conditions? Is the 4wd auto option on the GMC/Chevy trucks better than just having traction control on a Tundra? I am looking at both a 2008 Sierra 1500 and a 2008 Tundra. I really like the Tundra but I want something that will handle icy highway/mountain road conditions the best. I know a couple people who live up in the Canadian rockies who swear by their 4wd auto. Anyone have any experience with the Tundra? Or know how it might compare? Thanks!

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  • enrico17enrico17 Member Posts: 14
    Nice insights, are there any all-weather tires available that is as good as winter tires?
  • 0patience0patience Member Posts: 1,712
    enrico17 said:

    Nice insights, are there any all-weather tires available that is as good as winter tires?

    The short answer is no.

    Anything "all purpose" is never as good as the thing made specifically for a certain purpose.
    Winter/snow tires are specific for snow and ice. All weather are generally geared toward moving water.
    While snow is technically water, it moves a whole lot different than water.

    Talk to your local tire shops and they can usually recommend the best tires for your specific situation.

    The best thing in snow/ice situations is to avoid losing traction. As soon as your tires spin, you lose control and movement. Spinning tires create heat, heat with snow and ice, creates no traction.
    Make your movements slow and easy, which means also slowing your speed considerably.

    If you are coming up on a hill and have second thoughts about making it, chain up before you get to the hill.
    Cause if you slip going up, you might be coming down a lot faster than you had intended and controlling a vehicle backwards down a hill of snow and ice is not fun.
  • enrico17enrico17 Member Posts: 14
    I see, I just thought that all-weather tires has an edge than winter tires since it was made with better traction during rain and also in muddy terrain. I have to speak with my mechanic on which one should I get.
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