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Ford Mustang Accessories and Modifications

gmanfordsgmanfords Member Posts: 3
edited September 2014 in Ford
swaping engines from 5.8 to 5.0 h.o engine but oil pan is holding up project. what oil pan can i use to replace 5.0 oil pan so that it won't hit center link.


  • gmanfordsgmanfords Member Posts: 3
    1969 mustang 5.8 to 1993 5.0 HO engine but oil pan wont work, does anyone have any suggestion on what pan to use.
  • rorrrorr Member Posts: 3,630
    I'm not sure I'm clear on the issue.

    Are you swapping a late model 5.0 HO(302) into a '69 Mustang? If this is the case, then it sounds like you need to get an early style front sump oil pan for a 302.

    Or are you swapping a 351 from a '69 Mustang into a '93 chassis? Is it a 351W or 351C?
  • gmanfordsgmanfords Member Posts: 3
    yes i am swapping an 1993 5.0 engine to a 1969 mach1 and the oil pans do not mach, neither dose the oil pump.(sorry for the misunderstanding). but you know i never thought about the fact that i have a 302 and not a 351. thanks for the help
  • rorrrorr Member Posts: 3,630
    Sounds like a fun swap. You'll also need to get the wiring harness and computer out of the '93 as well as a bunch of other assorted stuff. Does the '93 block bolt up to your trans or did you swap out the trans as well?

    You might want to check with one of the many Mustang parts/restoration outfits for advice on swapping a late model drivetrain into a first gen Mustang.
  • sacxivsacxiv Member Posts: 8
    I have recent installed a re-built 302 Police package engine in a '67 coupe. Car originally had a 289/C4. Transmission ws not rebuilt as there was no problems. Engine ran smooth on dyno but now, installed in the car, there is a vibration. I have replaced the harmonic (and everything elese on the front-end) but the vibrations is still there. Any ideas?
  • riverronriverron Member Posts: 26
    I take it the 302 is a later model ? If you are still using the C-4 trans the trouble is the "flex plate" btwn the engine and the trans. You have to use the later model flex plate because the late model 302's are balanced differently than the 289 or any earlier model engine
  • ClairesClaires Chicago areaMember Posts: 1,222
    Another good place to ask about this is in our Speed Shop: Tuning & Modification Forum.


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  • sacxivsacxiv Member Posts: 8
    Engine is a 1984 "Police Package" and I was thinking about changing the flexplate and the torque converter.
  • lecompte2006lecompte2006 Member Posts: 1
    i have a 93 fox body mustang lx. it has the 2.3 four cyl with the t-5 five speed. i am dropping in a 5.0 H.O. out of a 92 0r 93 (not sure of the year)thunderbird lx in the fox body. what will need to do to the fox body besides change the computer, motor mounts,ac lines, power steering lines, possibly the oil pan,possibly unbolt the four cyl bellhousing off the trans,and put a v-8 housing on. is there anything else i need to do to make it work? my e-mail is [email protected]
  • dunemasterdunemaster Member Posts: 2
    How are you guys doing? In responce to 69 swap,the only other things you need to do is change out to bigger brakes and 5.0 struts. I have a 93'2.3 and I'm putting that in my 80' Pinto wagon. But what I'm really excited about is Fords new 3.6 twin turbo dual overhead cam V-8 diesel motor that will put out about 450lbs of torque @ 2000rpms.Hopefully they will put it in the 2008 Mustang or I will.
  • jason420jason420 Member Posts: 1
    wanted to know were to get info on how to install a 5.4 liter lighting engine into my 1996 mustang gt, any web sites or books will help very much, also what all is involved in changing to a 5.4 liter engine. Thank you
  • mschmalmschmal Member Posts: 1,757
    Visit Ford Racing Parts, there are 2 crate engine choices.

    http://www.fordracingparts.com/mustang/main-s4.asp?vehicleid=6&year=1996#fromFla- sh

  • tommyboy6489tommyboy6489 Member Posts: 1
    I have a 1993 Mustang LX with a 2.3L engine; I'd like to put in the V8 5.0L engine. Is this possible and what amount of alterations am I looking at?
  • brindle01brindle01 Member Posts: 2
    just istalled a exhaust system
  • merinofrmerinofr Member Posts: 2
    Hello, my name is Francisco and I have the following question.

    I Currently own a 2001 V6 Mustang with 17 Inch Custom Wheels. I am in the process of buying a 2007 Mustang GT. Will my 2001 Wheels fit the 2007 Mustang?

  • riverronriverron Member Posts: 26
    NO,,,,, the 05-07 Mustangs use a completely different back spacing than the 04 and earlier cars.
  • wlockmanwlockman Member Posts: 1
    I want to create a flip down rear seat in my 88 LX coupe. Any suggestions on how to approach this project?
  • ftroopgaryftroopgary Member Posts: 2
    is the wiring harness in place in the 2006 for the pony package ?
    the reason i ask is i was installing a pony grill and when i went to hook up the wires to the light switch there were already wires in the terminals for the fog lights if this is the case has anybody seen the wire loom the main loom located in front of the radiator and is where the factory pics show the pony wires coming out of.

  • coolmarine24coolmarine24 Member Posts: 5
    Hello all, I am getting a new Mustang GT premium but I just cant decide on what Sound system to get...the 500 or 1000...obviously the 1000 sounds better but how much better? is it really noticeable?...is it worth to spend an extra $1300 for the extra 2 sub woofers? as far as i know thats the only difference between the 500 and 1000..2 sub woofers...is it worth it?? Thanks
  • cccompsoncccompson Member Posts: 2,382
    IMHO, the 1000 is about the worst value option one could purchase. It is very expensive for what you get and takes up ALOT of trunk space.

    Only you can decide how much better it sounds so compare both with your own ears.
  • tayl0rdtayl0rd Member Posts: 1,926
    Yes, the difference is VERY noticeable in the bass department. Is it worth it? That depends on a few things. If you're the type who always has to replace the factory radio, then no, it's not worth it. If you don't mind having a stock radio, but you want a little more oomph in the sound, yes it's worth it. I have the Shaker 1000 and it's one of the best stock radios I've ever heard; even compared to those ridiculously expensive systems in luxury cars. The clarity is good enough for me. It does well with high frequencies. And the bass is really good when used in moderation. If you turn the bass up too high, the subwoofers start to sound boomy.

    As far as the space the sub enclosure takes up in the trunk, it's a moot point. It doesn't take up that much space, and I can assure you an aftermarket sub setup will take up MUCH more space to produce not much more or better bass, IMO.
  • riverronriverron Member Posts: 26
    I have an 05 GT with the Shaker 500 and I LOVE it.. A friend here in town has a shaker 1000, and the only difference I can tell between the two (sitting in the same driveway) is he can dial up more base, BUT my Shaker 500 has way more base than most people will ever use. All you have to do is punch up the menu and dial in all the base you want. Personally, I have my base in at about 70-75% and it is all I want, and if you want to turn the volume up it WILL shake the windows. I also want the extra trunk room, have to get 2 sets of golf clubs and luggage in it once in a while. The Shaker 500 is WAY better than my departed 2000 BMW or my last Benz radios
  • ftroopgaryftroopgary Member Posts: 2
    i guess i will answer my own

    it turns out the wires on the light switch plug are all ground the grounds are what tells the relay to turn on

    the system is all hooked up and looks grweat
  • hawaiiscjhawaiiscj Member Posts: 1
    I am looking at buying a 71 mach 1. The only thing is its an automatic, and I really want manual but I cant pass up this price. Is it possible to swap the auto for a stick? Ideally I would like to put in a T56. Is this possible. Thanks for any info, and Aloha from Hawaii
  • fordhorrorfordhorror Member Posts: 20
    am planning to buy a 1978 Mustang hatchback. any suggestions if its worth buying a machine that old, the car is running. Can I add more power to it is it worth restoring it? What else can i do with a 78?
  • fordhorrorfordhorror Member Posts: 20
    I am planning to buy a K2 Motor COLD AIR INTAKE KIT.
    This brand is a unheard name. But cheaper than a knn or injen.
    Any one know about it?
    Any feedback? experience, story would help.

  • jbob88jbob88 Member Posts: 2
    I have a 351w 1998 picked up for free. I plan on droping into 90s mustang. The Engine is all stock. What are some cheap modifications i can make to increase proformance.

    All advice welcome.
  • mschmalmschmal Member Posts: 1,757
    It is amazing to me how willing peeps are to Modify an expensive asset like their means of transportation with some part from a fly by night or otherwise unknown company.

    I know an cold air intake may not sound complicated but do you really think these little 2 bit companys really do any true testing on the products they sell?

    Also, on the Shelby GT, the Factory cold air intake installed by Shelby peeps only adds about 25 hp WHEN COMBINED with a rom flash. Do you really want to flash your rom with software from some 2 bit company?

  • mellor_21mellor_21 Member Posts: 8
    k i have a 97 gt with the sohc, i was just wonderin if it was possible to change it to a dohc without replacing the engine.. im pretty good at mechanics, but im still pretty new too so i just dont know lol
  • akirbyakirby Member Posts: 8,062
    It may be possible but the real question is whether it's worth the trouble. You'd be better off going with high flow SOHC heads or just replacing the entire engine.
  • mellor_21mellor_21 Member Posts: 8
    k thanks! i might just replace it kuz i wanted to keep it all original but the tranny isnt the original so it wouldnt matter much.. thanks though!
  • stang15963stang15963 Member Posts: 1
    I have a 1995 Mustang with the 3.8 engine. I recently discovered that the 89-95 Thunderbird SC come with a 3.8 and a supercharger. So I looked at some pictures and noticed that it is almost the same engine except for the supercharger. If i am right would i be able to do a swap for the 3.8 supercharger with little to no modifications?
  • akirbyakirby Member Posts: 8,062
    Doubt it. The engine internals should be beefier plus they probably lowered the compression ratio with different pistons and/or heads. Then there's the PCM programming which would have to be changed. It's possible but it's not a simple bolt-on.
  • mikep8mikep8 Member Posts: 2
    I've seen a few GT-style aftermarket grilles for V6 Mustangs, but none of them look very good. The best I've found is from Mr.Bodykit:


    But it still isn't right (the foglamps are too close together).

    I know the two grilles have slightly different dimensions, slant angle etc, but I'm wondering if anyone has found a more accurate GT-style grille for the V6 Pony Package Mustang?
  • akirbyakirby Member Posts: 8,062
    Interesting - I actually want the Pony Package grille on a GT.
  • ajollyajolly Member Posts: 1
    My girlfriend has an 06 Mustang, V6 with a pony grill. for her birthday I want to get her these rear turn signals that gradually fade across the three lenses. I cant seem to find them any where. If anyone knows where I can find the gradual "Fading" turn signals please let me know.
  • akirbyakirby Member Posts: 8,062
    They're not that hard to find. They're called sequential tail lights:

  • novellnovell Member Posts: 26
    I am seriously considering adding a cold air intake by either JLT or K&N, any negatives on mileage? Also do all cold air intakes require using premium fuel?
  • john_324john_324 Member Posts: 974
    Nah, your mileage will be fine (unless of course you're giving her more gas so you can feel the extra power...)

    Won't need premium gas, but you may need a re-tune of your computer to compensate for the increased airflow. Some kits do, some don't...
  • 45auto45auto Member Posts: 16
    Been a while since I have posted. I have a 99 mustang gt 5-spd convertible with 60k 0n the clock and it has the REAL 35th anniversary package. (white, only 515 in this color) Was wondering where to find a chrome alternator, and am not looking to change the stereo or anything. What amp is the stock alternator and should I upgrade or not? also any other help on under hood goodies would be appreciated. Thanks all. Elliott :confuse:
  • gzgtpgzgtp Member Posts: 83
    Hi, will I notice any difference with a DiabloSport 93octane performance tune? (no other mods).
  • vistabluestangvistabluestang Member Posts: 14
    Have you checked out the steeda web page
    www.steeda.com. They have tons of "dress up" stuff for mustangs. Including a Stainless Steel Polished Alternator Cover - '99-'04.

    I also like http://www.americanmuscle.com/
  • novellnovell Member Posts: 26
    I have ordered parts from here at www.cjponyparts.com. Free shipping today They have online sales at least once a week.
  • mlalvrmlalvr Member Posts: 2
    Hey I'm new here and relatively new to the automotive scene as well, although I've been a mustang fan all my life. I didn't see anything like this posted so here goes...

    A friend of our family used to own the 07 GT500 Cobra but recently got rid of it to order a 08 top-of-the-line Corvette (Corvettes have always been HIS dream car). Shortly after he bought the Cobra, though, he replaced the stock Cobra exhaust pipes with an even more upgraded pair. He kept the stock pair, however, and still has them as the buyer didn't want them when he picked the Cobra up from this friend. Since he doesn't plan on using the pipes again, he's offered them to me.

    I own a 03 V6 Mustang, and my three questions are as follows:
    1) Is it possible to replace the single stock pipe with the 07 cobra pipes given that the engine is completely different and the bodystyle is also not the same?
    2) If it is possible, how much work would need to be done to replace the exhaust and about how much would it cost?
    3) If it is possible, of much (if any) hp gains could I look for?

  • tayl0rdtayl0rd Member Posts: 1,926
    1) Posssible? Yes. Practical? NO!
    2) A lot! (in both regards)
    3) Maybe 15 on the top end.
  • mlalvrmlalvr Member Posts: 2
    Why would it not be practical? Because of the amount of work needed? Or because there are more efficient choices in exhaust systems? (Keep in mind that he's offering to give these pipes to me free of charge)

    I know that for a proper fit, changing the rear bumper out for one with notches (I don't know the proper term) would be best, but how much would be necessary to retrofit the pipes onto my current engine? Do you know how much these changes would cost on average? Also, would it be best to change my stock headers for better performance ones (equal-length or shorty)?

  • tayl0rdtayl0rd Member Posts: 1,926
    Impractical because of the amount of work needed. In your car, the muffler is under the middle of the car. In the new Mustangs, the mufflers are in the back. None of the bends are the same. The hangers won't be in the same place, etc. With the amount of hacking that would be done to the system, you'd be left with very little of what you started with, with more aftermarket stuff grafted in. Just go with an aftermarket setup to begin with. It might still be cheaper after all is said and done despite you getting his for free.
  • akirbyakirby Member Posts: 8,062
    Not to mention single vs. dual exhausts and the rear valance cutouts.
  • brandon10brandon10 Member Posts: 1
    I am having the worst problems, but probably is an easy fix. I replaced the sensor on the distributor, because it got broken, and the only way i could get it off was to pull the distributor out, and now, I cant seem to get the timing right to be able to crank the car. I need to know the exact way to place the distributor button and firing order. The car has an MSD ignition, distributor cap and wires. What am I doing wrong?
  • lorddrago1lorddrago1 Member Posts: 19
    HELP!! I put a supercharger on my 99' mustang now I snapping tensioner. Anyone know where I can get on that wont brake on me? :shades: :cry:
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