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2018 jaguar f pace lease

mani2016mani2016 Posts: 5
edited November 2017 in Jaguar
Hi, I'm new here. Any input on the numbers that I got from the dealer. 2018 f pace 35t Rsport. MSRP $63300. 39/10k $5800 total at signing and $700 a month including tax in NY state. Any thoughts. Thank you.

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  • Thank you. All I have is selling price for $60500. Any thoughts?
  • Thank you. I just cleared some things up with the dealer. I'm putting $3522 as a down payment. The remainder to the $5800 is 1st payment bank fee and DMV fees. So I guess the cap reduction is $3522. What do you think?  
    Thank you. 
  • And tax rate is 8.625%. Thanks. 
  • Thank you. 
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