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Chevy Silverado and GMC Sierra 4x4 Questions



  • obyoneobyone Posts: 8,054
    You're correct. It's the transmission.
  • krazy08krazy08 Posts: 1
    since it has no torsion bars, is there any way to level front end without lift?
  • lsabourinlsabourin Posts: 3
    Hey there Ognen,
    First of all, to shift into/out of 4Lo you have to be stopped and put the transmission in neutral. And I would recommend to back up several feet after you shift out of 4Lo if you are able to to ensure that the front end is completely disengaged.
    When ever you are in 4X4 mode and you are have the wheel cranked all the way right or left, your front end will feel like it is binding or "skipping" if you prefer, which is perfectly normal. It will not feel like a 2wd because it a 2wd has no drive line up front.
  • I recently replaced a front seal on my 2002 Silverado. When I went to a parts dealer to buy it, he said he had 60 in stock due to the number he had to sell for replacement. Now it makes some nice extra noise. Anyone else having the same problem?
  • havatokerhavatoker Posts: 39
    Order you some heavy duty springs, that will raise it up.
  • havatokerhavatoker Posts: 39
  • havatokerhavatoker Posts: 39
    Have replaced everything ,even wiring ,added more grounds, replaced front actuater, replaced encoder and acuater,moduale ,push buttons ,everthing but computer.
  • havatokerhavatoker Posts: 39
    Have replaced everything ,even wiring ,added more grounds, replaced front actuator, replaced encoder and actuator,moduale ,push buttons ,everthing but computer.
  • havatokerhavatoker Posts: 39
    I guess there is no one that can help , out of all the ones that have posted their problems, looks as though some one could elaberate on my question !!!!!!!!!
  • obyoneobyone Posts: 8,054
    Who did the work you listed so far?

    Why add additional ground? And where were they added?

    There were different solutions as to why 4WD couldn't be engaged but no one ever did what you described so no solution could be offered. However, I have the factory manual for your year and could look through the trouble shooting section on 4WD.
  • havatokerhavatoker Posts: 39
    I did all the extra grounds myself , replaced every thing that Chevy said replace, that is why I added all the extra grounds, after I installed the actuator on transfer case it went 4 hi, now all it does is blink when you start the engine , replaced three front actuators, because all it would do to begin with was kick in the front actuator, I am about to give up on it,and use only 2 wheel drive , by the way when I bought it , there was an alarm system on it , and I removed it by taking the ground off the battery , then cut each wire one at a time and taping them up. It was wrecked when I purchased it , so I dont know if the 4X4 was working or not. worked at Chevy for two years.
    Thanks for your reply.
  • bruce48532bruce48532 Posts: 64
    I'm not clear on everything you have done, but if you have replace the front actuator, didyou check the transfercase actuator?

    what year truck ?
    list line by line everything you have done with respect to the 4wd
  • havatokerhavatoker Posts: 39
    First thing I did was to replace the transfer case push button three differnt ones, lights would not light up,would come on breifly when cranking, then relaced the front actuator two different ones,They would only kick in ,nothing else, still did not work , then replaced transfer case actuator and decoder different ones,did kick in to 4 whell dr in transfer case, all the same part number, then replaced the control moduale behind the light switch twice, then added more grounds to make sure it was grounded, still didn't work, and out of the blue the airbag light came on and won't go off , I have tried everything but replace the wiring harness on steering column, and replace main computer.The truck is imaculant , and did not want to junk it , just bought new leather seats off e-bay with 1,600 miles on them , NEW, Was the same hook up as the old ones, so thats not the problem. This truck came with all you can buy on a Silverado 2000. Have not replaced sensors.
    Thanks again
  • havatokerhavatoker Posts: 39
    Well , it seems to me as every one has contained their problem , but me , but I will keep pluging along with it to find out the out come on my problem , Then I will post it , I am not one who gives up easy , and I will find the problem , but as of now my drivetrain is still the same , the tranfer 4X4 is not working , it is surely not in the tranfer case, but I know it is something small , unless it is the main computer, and if it is, I will replace that dog with another , it, and the starting switch wiring harness is the only thing I haven't changed,

    Thanks all for your help
  • obyoneobyone Posts: 8,054
    Has the truck thrown any codes?

    Is there any way to find out if it was working prior to the salvage?

    I'll start looking up the trouble shooting for the electrical controls.
  • I don't know if it was working or not , they said it was , bought it wrecked in the rear side,I had to change the frame. I have pulled the front drive shaft, and the tranfer shaft won't turn , pulled the encoder , and shifted it with a wrench and each click,only had two clicks,each other way it was like a spring was holding it back. it stayed locked in , so its back to trying something else , like maybe a new tranfer case , when I installed the front drive shaft after I changed the frame , the front drive shaft would turn , I give up, no, I am give out.

  • Well , as it looks , no one can help on my transfer case , now that it is only in Hi 4X4, or low 4X4, it only has two clicks to it with the encoder off, it will only go in ( manualy ) when the encoder is taken off, so I guess that calls for removing, and replacing the tranfer case. Crazy as it seems , but it seems to have a mind of its own.
    Thanks all for trying to help.
  • My brother in law got my truck, a 2000 gmc sierra 1500 z71,stuck in a mudhole - a few weeks later the rear pinion snapped and the rear differential gears, driveshaft were removed, as we were told that we could drive the truck in 2wd without it.

    Someone else told me that would be hard on the transfer case, and someone ELSE told me it would be fine as long as i'm only city-driving, and someone ELSE told me there would be no issues whatsoever as long as i'm not taking her offroad.

    So my question is, who the hell is right? Lol..I've been driving it like this, for8 months and have had no issues, but need to know if i CAN take her a few hours out of the city on the highway at reasonable speeds without ending up stranded. Any and all info is appreciated..thx
  • donl1donl1 Posts: 112
    I think you answered your own question when you said you'd been driving it for 8 months with no problems.
  • Yep , you think you got problems with the differential, just wait , when the transfer case goes out , then you have problems , first of all , you are killing the chain inside the case , and if you haven't checked , then you really don't know how much fluid is in it ( the fluid is a special blend, that you buy at Checrolet ) At $9.00 a qt. , and it takes two to fill it up, so go on out on the town , and get towed.

    Have a nice day
  • took battery cable off for a few minutes , then when hooked back up , my radio has locked on it. How do you unlock it ??
  • Lol true, but its been only when i have to, at speeds of 60km/hr at the most. I'm thinking if I was to go on the highway at 80-100km for two hours, it would probably not be a good idea, but i need a pro's opinion. I will honestly say, I obviously dont know anything mechanical in nature.
  • Ok, so if the fluid is full, will that enable me to get a little more mileage out of her? I've been cruising around the city, only to the places i absolutely have to go to, at less than 60 km/hr. I am planning a trip out of town, 170 km away, but unsure if the truck should be taken that far at high speeds. So, if that chain does start going, what do I watch/listen for? and what is a repair going to cost me?
  • But when the tranfer case locks up , it will be one hell of a crash , like riding on ice with your brakes locked down.

    Be careful , it can be deadly
  • It can cost you a mint , just what I don't know , $700 - $1500, or your life

    Be safe than sorry
  • Thank you very much , i appreciate it. think i'll retire her for a bit
  • Got it fixed, was very easy , Had around 25 to 30 codes on it , the problem was two sensors was crossed, also two alike wires under the outside fuse panel was hooked up wrong. The Person that fixed it was not Chevrolet , but he was a pro.---Cost $99.00 out the door .

    Thanks all for your help
  • I think you are walking on some pretty thin ice. GET IT FIXED!!!!
  • I have a 99 silverado with push button 4x4. When i push 4hi the light comes on but it doesnt supply power to my front drive shaft. If I put into 4low the transfer case gears down but the front drive shaft still doesnt get power. In other words im in 2low. I have checked the shift motor on the transfer case and it works properly and you can asume that becase it will shift to low. My question is is it my clutches inside the transfer case like i have been told or could it be something else?
  • There is a encoder on the side of transfer case , when you kick it in , it sends a signal for the front to kick in , if the front is not kicking in , in 4 hi then check your front actuator, then if that is not the problem , it will be the encoder on the side of your actuator on your transfer case. You can check the front very easy to see if it is kicking in and out , unscrew the actuator with channal locks , leave it pluged up , can't hurt it , if it retracts back in that means the front wheel is not working, if it stays out that means the front should kick in, then all it can be is actuator encoder on transfer case.

    hope this helps, mine was simple , just did not have the computer to check it with.
    Lots of luck
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