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Ford F-Series Rough Idle/Vibration Problems



  • E-mail me direct @ and hopefully I can give you some help. One thing for should file a report with consumer affairs, talk to your States Attorney (what State are you in?) Send this in email directly to me. If someone else needs help, they are welcome to email me as well. I can pretty much direct you to legal forms, websites, people and so forth that can help you. Too much of this goes on and the big companies know that the average person doesn't have that much $ to keep on fighting them but as a group, with publicity, often we can get a lot farther in a short period of time and win just because they (big companies) would rather we shut up and go away than have to deal with media fall out and stock investor's who want answers to why their stock is falling...
  • mschmalmschmal Posts: 1,757
    Tires and wheels are suppose to be indexed at the factory and if you get new tires, they are suppose to be indexed.

  • KCRamKCRam Mt. Arlington NJPosts: 3,516
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  • eladelad Posts: 2
    I could have written almost word for word, the message written mar. 24th by sgood. I have an f150 supercab, 4.6 motor,A/T, and experience vibration at idle, that smoothes out with increase in rpm. Dealership made an adjustment to the electronic module,per,a TSB, with no effect. They say there is nothing more that they can do, and that it is normal for a truck. It didn't happen when new, and it has 20,000 miles now. Anyone have information about this condition?
  • eladelad Posts: 2
    I could have written word for word, the message you wrote. Have you learned any thing about your f150's,vibration condition? I sure would like to know if you have found the problem. Thanks Elad
  • My truck started to idle funny about a year ago first it reved up real bad and now it has reverted to opposite, its idle is way low and sometimes stauling and bucking. When i am moving there are no problems just when i am stopped or in park. Does anyone have any idea as to what might be the problem? I have tried to figure it out myself and even have taken for the diagnostic tests and it has not helped me!
  • I had the same problem and had the same tires, the tires are bad and ford know about the problem but a lot of dealers are acting ignorant of this problem. My dealer put me on a new set of Michlins and is smooth as a babies behind now!
  • afguyafguy Posts: 1
    Fish12, I have a new 2007 Super crew W/5.4L, 2,600 miles.
    Discovered this on my recent Christmas trip.
    I have the same issue. It is a short buzz on acceleation, like going over stop sign alerts. It seems to pop up most when I let off the gas, then come back on, at speeds in the 50-70 range. I have not had the buzz when the cruise control is on. Did you ever solve your issue? I would appreciate any info on this.

    AFGuy in NE.
  • I have a 2006 F150 Lariat Supercab. I am having a problem with a vibration/rattling sound heard while the truck is idling and the brake is engaged. I notice it mostly while I am sitting at a traffic light. It seems to do it even louder when I put it in reverse. As soon as I let off of the brake and hit the gas, you cannot hear it. It is heard in the cab and not outside of the truck. I have taken it to the dealer twice. The first time, they said they couldn't duplicate the problem. The second time, they said they heard it and installed a dampner. I am still having the same problem. I just received a call from my service advisor today stating that they have contacted "the Ford hotline" and they stated they have had similar complaints and they are looking into it. They said that at this time, no other repairs would be made. They even went as far as to say that what I see as a problem could possibly be a "characteristic" of the truck! It did not do this when I test-drove the truck or when I drove it off of the lot. If it is in fact a characteristic of the truck, they should be putting it on the window sticker!! Anyone else having similar problems? Any suggestions? Thanks! :mad:
  • I have a 2004 F-150 with 17,000 miles. I just put new tires on my truck because I had 3 flat tires with the last one being a blowout in the fast lane. The tires were the original Hankook tires and they were lets say JUNK! I have never had so many problems with a tire quality ever.

    Now I have unwillingly entered the Vibration problem zone. Within 40 miles of having the new tires put on I got the nasty vibration at speeds between 65-75 miles per hour. I took them back and they were way out of balance. 3 tires were 3.5 ounces off, so they rebalanced them. Within 40 miles again the same vibration problem again. Took the tires back in and they were unbalanced by the same weights again. This time they rebalanced them and put new larger rotors on because of a bulletin, but unfortunately not covered under warranty because of the time I've had the truck. (18 months or 18000 miles whatever comes first).

    I asked them about indexing and they had no clue and they said that they did not have the equipment for that.

    Now I am out $300.00 for the new rotors and back at square one.

    Does anyone live in the Monterey bay area and know anyone who does " Indexing" ???

    I am going to call or write Ford and see if I can get a response from them. I am a shareholder of their stock but all that will get me is probably a laugh. I would be glad to join up on any other action that may be going on with other truck owners.

  • i have a 02 ford f150 supercab and at around 40 to 50 it will start bumping like a shake or something its not missing or anything like that also in reverse it will do the samething when backing up please help
  • while driving down highway truck just starts shaking real bad.its done it twice .took it to a dealer said evrything in frontend was tight,they sent me somewhere else to get a wheel ailigment,they said it was also good.anybody have any ideas.i'm in fl now have to drive back to nj in a few days
  • I have a 06 f250--had similar problems--so violent, shook coffee out of the cup holder onto the dash and made the cd jump--took it in and got laughed at--happened again and told them it actually scared the bejesus out of me--did a little research--found "death wobble"--more prevalent in jeeps with lift kits--anyway-----dealer did service request for a steering problem and found some tech bulletin that indicated the tires should be at max pressure as indicated on sidewalls-my tires were way below the sidewall requirements--tire pressure was adjusted--steering box was adjusted and has worked like a charm ever since--surprised how good it rides with that much pressure in the tires--good luck
  • mschmalmschmal Posts: 1,757
    Did you have continental tires or Michellan?
  • I have the stock bf goodrich AT tires
  • Ok, I had the same problem with the bed/cab shimmy at 60mph right after I bought the truck new. Its a 4x4 F150 2006 with the General Ameritrac tires.

    I took it back the dealer at 750 miles to balance the tires and they said it was so bad they couldn't balance them so they put 4 new tires of the same brand on it. It has been fine ever since. Now have 2600 miles. Shimmy hasn't returned even once.
  • Thanks for the information. Ours came with the same tires. We had them put new tires on, but without having told them what kind, the put the General Ameritrac back on new. The still had trouble with the same shimmy, just showing up at varous speeds but especially at higher speeds. After many trips back, they did a load balance (indexing is what they called it)and it seemed to be fine for another 5,000. The shimmy has returned even though we have had alignments done and balancing done. We are going to wait for these treads to wear down and go with different brand tire. We have spent too much time at Ford. I believe it was the "brand" tire to begin with. When General first came out they were the "cheapie charlie's" of the tire market for those who went to tire warehouses to buy new tires (60's). I think Ford is probably getting great deal on using them but they are loosing time in the shop. We paid for one visit, the rest was on Ford. No wonder their profits and loss look so grim. And we love our truck otherwise.
  • I have a Ford F-150 Crew Cab that I bought brand new a year ago.After 10 months I discovered that every time the truck is parking or I wait in a traffic light the truck has a real bad idle/vibration.I went to my local dealer and they said if I didn't see a "check light" it is normal.I didn't accept this and I spoke with the service manager.He told me they received large complains about this problem especially in the 5.4 motor.I told him that my truck is 4.6 and it was a surprise for him.He told me wait at least 3 months because they are waiting for a solution of this problems;but he said that until FORD MOTOR COMPANY(engineer dept) dosn't accept this as a problem ,they consider it as "a normal characteristic of the truck".The problems is the inside of the motor,because the fuel injector didn't send the normal gas needed to work correctly and this is the reason for the idle.I am right now in the middle of the lemon law process working at this time with the BBB AUTOLINE to try to fix this problem.At this time the same FORD said it is normal.I will assit to a hearing and after that if the decision is not in my favor I will go with the state arbitration.It's incredible because it didn't happen when I just bought it .It is a fraud.Why didn't they put it in the windows sticker and explain this problem appears after?If one of the participant can comment let me know.If you are in time to put a lemon case do it because they don't have the solution to fix this problem.I want a refund ,I want my money back. :lemon: :lemon: :lemon:
  • mschmalmschmal Posts: 1,757
    If your problem is not solved by your dealer and you get some crap of BS.


  • About the comment of Mr Mark,the problem is not the dealer.I went to other Ford dealer in my city and they said the same.The problem with this Idle/vibration is inside the motor and Ford Motor doesn't have yet the solution of this problem.For any unknown reason,the Fuel injector system (when truck is stopped),cut send the normal fuel needed to the intake manifold and appear the idle because the motor can't work properly.Inmediate you run they dissapear.Ford Motor are in a big problem with this issue,and only repeat it is "normal characterictic of the truck".If they accept it as a problem they need recall hundred of truck and then loose money.I am in the middle of the Lemon law process and they offer me right now an extended warranty until 75000 miles.Why you offer this warranty if you are sure the problem is normal?.Or Ford offer this because they consider and want keep me as a good customer and want I am very satisfied? BS!!! :lemon: :lemon: :lemon:
  • I'm in an 06 Supercrew with just under 10k miles on it. It's doing the exact same thing as the original post--vibration/body chatter at low rpms. The second I let my foot off the brake it seems to smooth out. So far, the dealer has replaced the engine mounts as well as the harmonic balancer--no luck with either. On a previous visit to the dealership, they pulled the drive shaft and regreased the yoke. Again, no success. At this point, I'm one visit away from litigation. Any additional info is appreciated.
  • Brief history:I discover this 11 months after bought new.Went to the dealer several times,they didn't has a solution only to try to reduce Idle vibration.Contact Ford Hotline and denied my claim they said is "normal characteristic of this motor";last week I went to arbitration with BBB Autoline and arbitrator said is a defect of the car,is not a normal characteristic,but she denied too my claim.She said instead the problem exist,is not sufficient to said that truck is unsafe,lost value bla bla bla...I will continue with state arbitrator.Rightn now I have a truck,paid $31000,less than 17000 miles,under warranty,with a "defect",without fixed and waiting.Is incredible Ford!!!!!! :lemon: :lemon: :lemon: :lemon: :lemon:
  • Manufacturer only said is "normal Characteristic",they know is a problem,is a defect of this truck but trying to explain consumers is not affect normal operation of the truck.Is a "Big defect" but infortunately is not easy try to fight with Goliath.Is incredible that I have a truck with this defect and I can't due nothing at this time.i think if I lost again my only solution is go to other dealer and try to trade and don't mention nothing. :mad: :mad: :lemon: :lemon: :lemon:
  • I joined this just to comment. My problem sounds the same as most so far. My truck has a slightly rough idle. The real problem occurs at about 1500rpm up to 1900rpm. This is when the motor vibrates significantly and then levels out at about 2Krpm and up. This rpm range tends to be my cruising range, therefore it translates the vibration to the steering wheel while driving. Very annoying. I've been to 4 dealerships, called the 800 Ford # and filed my complaint and even got the Ford rep involved at the last dealership. It's "acceptable" is what they are telling me.
    What the %*#$. I'm sssoooo aggrevated. How do we get this thing recalled and what's the fix? Crankshaft, harmonic balancer, what?
  • j2goj2go Posts: 1
    Hi, I just bought a used 2005 and have encountered this shaking only at low speeds so far. Is there a chance you may be able to get the tech service bulletin # from the dealer. I took it to a front end shop that we take our work trucks to and they could not figure it out. I am mostly interested in the steering box "adjustment". I will do the tires myself. Thank You
    PS Have a 1997 4x4 also and man does the 05 ride nice.
  • I have a 2006 F150 4x4 Crew cab bought new from dealership. I bought it to pull my atv and trailer. I noticed on the drive home a vibration at 60-75 mph my normal highway speed. I had to go back to the dealer the next day for the bed liner and mentioned this to the service manager. He suggested driving for a while to see if the tires balanced out from being on the lot for couple months and if not they would re-balance. Well it did not stop and they re-balanced but that did not fix the problem or my main problem. Which is towing. I get severe vibration and steering wheel shimmy when towing my single axle tilt trailer with my King Quad on it. The dealer says it's the trailer but I have pulled three othe trailers like mine and they all do it. I even pulled a very expensive aluma trailer all aluminum and it really rocks this truck at 60-75 mph. The vibrations are so bad that the drivers windshield wiper jumps up and down on the windsheild. Dealer says that is the wind...but the passenger side never moves. I guess road wind only hits the drivers side on Ford trucks!!!!! The dealer took my truck and trailer,balanced the trailer wheels and tested,same vibration. Then they installed my trailer on an f-150 FX4 off road. It road even worse according to the dealer than my truck. They say that proves it's my trailer. One more thing..I got my service rep at Ford who ownes a Titan truck to pull my trailer and guess what? It did not vibrate on the Titan. Anybody have any suggestions, I love my $40,000.00 truck but I did not pay extra for the vibration and shimmy additions.
  • psagepsage Posts: 2
    violent shaking and excelleration out of my control almost killed me in my Harley 350 Super Cab, Super Duty with lift kit. Totaled the truck after it traveled over 5 guard rails, front ended a tree, rolled down into a gully, turned and came back up and stopped with the two front tires over another guard rail while on a forty five degree angle. Air bags did not go off (this is the 3rd ford truck to fail air bags) the trip was so violent that I was torn from fastened seat belt and ejected from passenger door. I was the driver. Has anybody heard anything on shaking or air bags?
  • psagepsage Posts: 2
    I have had three Ford Trucks that failed to deploy air bags on front end impact. Ford's answer was that the sensors were damaged on impact. I am not kidding. Has anyone had trouble with same.
  • emtdawnemtdawn Posts: 26
    Sorry, but I just had to say this. If you bought the statement, "suggested driving for a while to see if the tires balanced out from being on the lot for couple months", you shouldn't even own a vehicle! I'm a woman, and even I know that, 1. Tires don't correct themselves after sitting on a lot for a couple of months. 2. If they are out of round, they were that way when put on the truck. 3. Simple balancing does not seem to help the shimmy problem which Ford is aware of. 4. "Indexing" is the only way to correct the "tire" problem (if your mechanic doesn't know what that is, take it to another state because the technicians in Florida don't seem to bright) if that is what it is, and/or replace the tires. Keep taking it in until it is fixed, or get the truck replaced under the lemon law after several attempts. You can look that up online for the state of Florida. We had same problem and so have many people. I believe Ford has a structural problem because we seem to get ours fixed, but problem came back after 10,000 more miles and a few balancing later. Also, if you have a problem with a shimmy (and is it in the steering wheel or brakes that you feel it) you are going to have a rougher time while towing. It will be increased.
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