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2017 Hyundai Santa Fe prices paid

aldatx4aldatx4 Posts: 9
edited December 2017 in Hyundai
Hoping to score a good deal cash for this vehicle before the end of the month. How much is a competitive price?


  • It's a good time to buy a 2017 model if your local dealership has more than enough in stock (>5-10). I had $12K off an Ultimate trim recently.
  • tbirdmarcotbirdmarco new yorkPosts: 3,838
    good to no wow that is a lot off!
  • eugeneb_nheugeneb_nh Hampton NHPosts: 8
    is plan A pricing a goal or a starting point?
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 111,183

    is plan A pricing a goal or a starting point?

    If you use a plan like that, I don't think you can negotiate the price.

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    Edmunds Moderator

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