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Hello !
I recently bought a 2010 Impala from a dealership and it does this very annoying vent actuator tapping noise. Common issue and easy fix...but the problem is that it appeared between the time I signed the purchased and the time I effectively got the car.
More precisely I went to the dealership and tried the car, there was no vent issue at that time. I signed the purchase and made a deposit. Twelve days later I went back to the dealership to give the full payment and to pick the car up, and it had the vent noise at that time. The dealer witnessed it and told me he would help me getting the part.
After a few days with the car I took the time to identify which of the 3 actuators is jammed and I sent an email to the guy asking him to get me another one. He replied that as he is a VW dealer he can't get a GM part. I highly doubt this is true as there was plenty of non-VW cars being serviced at the place, plus there is a Chevy dealership from the same group a few miles away.
I am a foreigner and I have been in the US for only 1.5 month, so I don't know a lot about consumer protection laws... Do you know if the dealer has any obligations in this situation ?
I don't think the guy swapped the part with another car during the deposit time, and I definitely could buy a new one by myself. Nevertheless I am quite upset by him not sticking to his word and giving me false excuses.
What is your opinion about that ? Thanks for your help !



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    I'd be annoyed at someone not keeping their word, too.

    But, did you get anything in writing? If not, he only has his conscience as a guide. Being a car dealer, I wouldn't hold my breath.

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