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2018 xc 90 T5 Mom: These are the numbers I'm getting can you confirm please?

bpagolf76bpagolf76 Posts: 5
edited December 2017 in Volvo
Oregon, 97068
2018 xc 90 T5 AWD Mom
MSRP 59,005
Term 39 mo
miles 10k'
initial cap cost 57,800
rebate 3k
adj cap 55,595 (includes acq fee of $795)
Lease end value 58%
MF .00107
security deposit $6,500
Monthly payment $644.10

Best Answers


  • Yes, S. deposit is looking like .000005

    Total due at signing: $7568.10 (includes_ first payment, security, license, reg)
    When you say $1200 isn't a big discount do you mean the difference between msrp and initial cap? How do I ask for a bigger reduction? in the MSRP or the initial cap?

    Thanks for the answers to my questions. This forum has been such a big help with figuring out leases, which I have never done before!

  • Sweet Thanks!
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