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Dodge Dakota Transmission Problems



  • 47dodge47dodge Posts: 2
    It is Tecnically not Kiking out of over drive.
    The Transmission has a Lock Up Torque Converter that is Electric controlled
    The shift you feel is the torque conv. locking and unlocking.
    There ere 2 Speed sensors 1 located in the rear axle and 1 located in the transmission.
    I believe it is located in the output/ rear end of the Trans.
    I had mine replaced on my 99 about 60000 miles ago. The other thing that those sensors can do is keep the lockup engauged and make the Trans act like a manual trans. when you come to a stop sign the engine dies as if you didn't step on the clutch
  • 47dodge47dodge Posts: 2
    After driving in rush hour the engine is up to temp and then some from not moving in traffic. The trans starts out fine in 1st then into 2nd then the engine revs and no more GO!.
    Let off the gas slow down then the tranny starts to grab.
    Found that if I Shift it to1st and run a little while then shift to 2nd then 3rd so on and keep the RPM. down below 2000 it will get Me home.
    160,000 on Tranny Fluid/Filter changes some reg. approx 35-40 thou.
    First thought was time for filter change, Done still acting up.
    Any one else with simular troubles :confuse:
  • gdakota02gdakota02 Posts: 2
    Hi! Thanks for looking at my posting ;)

    I have a 2002 Dodge Dakota SLT 4x4 Club Cab 8 Cyl. 4.7 Fuel injected - Automatic Transmission, and 62,365 miles. I bought it used from a dealer.. have been happy with it till now ;( ...I have basically done the basic maintenance...oil changes tires...nothing drastic...I checked the transmission fluid is a nice redish clear color...looks to be a full/normal level on the dipstick and has not been leaking anything. Is my diagnosis...bad ;( like I have to work crazy hard to pay up for fixing the transmission...Eeeekkk.... A gal I know said her friend had the same thing happening recently... he had the belts changed..yadda yadda.. and it still had the slipping....anywho long story short..he traded his in. I do not have that option..nor do I want to get rid of it..I love my truck! Any suggestions would b appreicated. Thanks in advance! G
  • dandywdandyw Posts: 3
    2000 Dakota Standard 4X4. When I engage clutch in first gear the transmission wants to jump and "buck" hard and then when I disengage to stop the "bucking" it sounds like everything "clanks" back into place. Only does this in first gear, under torque, starting from a dead stop. If I rev the engine before engaging clutch, I can avoid this sometimes. I can start out in 2nd gear (4.7 engine) and there is no problem at all. I'm thinking it may be a broken transmission mount. Any suggestions will be great help.
  • dandywdandyw Posts: 3
    2000 Dakota Standard 4X4. When I engage clutch in first gear the transmission wants to jump and "buck" hard and then when I disengage to stop the "bucking" it sounds like everything "clanks" back into place. Only does this in first gear, under torque, starting from a dead stop. If I rev the engine before engaging clutch, I can avoid this sometimes. I can start out in 2nd gear (4.7 engine) and there is no problem at all. I'm thinking it may be a broken transmission mount. Any suggestions will be great help.
  • dafoemdafoem Posts: 1
    My 2002 Dakota is doing the same thing.

    You mentioned pressing on the gas pedal a couple times before starting the engine.

    How far did you depress the gas pedal, was it couple light taps, half or full pedal press downs?

    Thanks for the advice.
  • dustykdustyk Posts: 2,926
    Hmmm. Well, with the 4.7 engine you should have the 545RFE transmission. Problems with this model transmission are extremely rare. With that mileage I'd find it hard to believe you have a hard problem, unless someone added Dexron-Mercon transmission fluid, which will cause the 545RFE to fail.

    Since you have every drive position except "Drive," my first suspect is either a transmission shift cable binding, damaged, or out of adjustment. Another likely suspect would be a defective shift position switch.

    i would recommend that you have a Dodge dealer inspect it and check for codes.

    Please let me know what opinions you get.

    Best regards,
  • jjdoozerjjdoozer Posts: 2
    OK. I posted back in Nov and didn't really hit anyone who could help, but am trying again. My 2005 4.7 4x4 Dakota (48K miles) will flash the 4 lo light off and on and will "thump" as I drive down the highway. Dealer couldn't find the problem and said to drive it until it got worse. (still has a drive train warrenty). It usually didn't do it much when I was going slow, but last week it did, and actually succeeded in locking itself in 4 lo. I took it in and they cycled it back out. They said that I did not have the standard transfer case and that I must have put it into 4 lo wrong at some time causing it to still think it needed in 4 lo. "Now it is fixed". Ha. two miles down the road I was back to blinking and thumping. It is basically undrivable at this time, and they are baffled. It is going back in tonight, but they have no idea what they are going to do.
  • davenvickdavenvick Posts: 1
    I have a hesitation around 40mph on level roads. Changed tranny oil, new plugs, air filter, new TPS. No codes tripped. Problem gets worse in hot weather. Dodge garage could not find issue on first visit.....not sure if I want to fork out more money. Any ideas?
  • dustykdustyk Posts: 2,926
    I'm sorry, but after re-reading your post it dawned on me that I missed the comment about the transmission indicator being illuminated. I recommend checking all of the fuses in the instrument panel fuse block. If the IOD fuse fails this can cause your symptoms.

    The transmission indicator on newer Daks indicates a transmission overheating condition. I'm not sure about a 2000 Dakota, but if this is true you could have a clogged transmission filter or a BAD transmission filter. Some transmission filters were defective and could also cause a loss of pressure, and ultimately loss of drive.

  • 2002qcdd2002qcdd Posts: 1
    I'm looking for some advice for my 2002 4.7 Quad Cab Dakota 4x4. In recent driving, I have notice a surging of RPMs when driving on the highway (60-70 mph). The RPM will shoot up to 3500 or so for about a second and then drop back down to 3000/3100. This will happen intermittently and in varied conditions (hot, warm, cold) but only when going above 55 mph. It happens when I have the cruise on or off, doesn't matter. It sometimes happens 5 minutes into the trip or as long as 1 hour into a trip before it happens. Very random.
    I am taking our Youth Group to a gathering at the end of the month and this issue makes me nervous for our smooth traveling. The Dodge dealer said they can't do anything until they can recreate the problem and get a scanner on the truck. Problem is that they are never open when it starts happening? Should I worry about breaking something soon? Are there certain symptoms that I should be looking for to help pinpoint the problem? I am wondering and it has also been mentioned that it may be the Torque Converter or the TC Clutch? If anyone has some advice, it would be much appreciated. Thanks!
  • scoopyexscoopyex Posts: 31
    swap out the throttle position sensor. it's a $22.00 part at Pepboys and takes about 30 seconds to change. A torx drive will be required to remove the two screws holding it onto the side of your throttle body. I had the same exact problem with my 2000 Dakota. A faulty throttle position sensor doesn't pop any codes so don't expect to find any. It's causing your problems because gunk has formed on the contacts inside of it's housing. A quick fix is to repeatedly move your throttle pedal (without the engine running) from the idle position to full throttle for about 10-15 seconds. It's a bandaid fix at best.
  • new2daksnew2daks Posts: 3
    I just a bought a '02 Dak base model with 79K mi. When I shift down into P the dash indicator will either stay on R or not light up. Sometimes it is in P and sometimes it is in N. On one occasion I had reversed and when I shifted to D it would not move forward. Had to go to P and then back to D. There is a 30 day warranty on the tranny and I don't want it to expire without having this concern addressed. How should I explain this to the dealer's service rep so that the correct action is taken?

    Also, the spare tire lowering shaft is misaligned from the guide hole preventing the lowering rod connection. It being a stiff metal rod, how should it be realigned?
  • dustykdustyk Posts: 2,926
    I do not think it is a major transmission problem, in fact I'm pretty sure it's not in the transmission at all. As Dakota's of that vintage start to age I'm seeing more problems developing with the shift cable, a relatively inexpensive repair.

    Best regards,
  • new2daksnew2daks Posts: 3
    excellent. I'll mention it at the service check. thanks.
  • new2daksnew2daks Posts: 3
    I failed to mention it's an automatic. Does the shift cable symptom still apply?
  • bpeeblesbpeebles Posts: 4,085
    Yes - only the automatic has a shift cable...... The manual xmission has a DIRECT connection from the shift-lever into the xmission housing with no linkage at all.
  • I have a 01 Dakota with a 4.7 in it, just bought it about a month and half ago. It has 91000 miles tonight on it, i drove it out of town for the evening, with a round trip of about 130 miles, ive never had a problem with it before.

    I stopped at a store when I got into town, and when I get back out, my dakota is acting very wierd, It was almost as though it dropped gears, and when I was in first it was having very hight rpms, in fact when i got it into "5th" gear it was running about 3500 RPM and i was going under 30 mph.

    Along with this it was clanking, almost as though their were loose metal parts just dragging on the road along with me, when i got home i saw nothing was disconnected, but I did notice what I assume to be the clutch was smoking. I havent touched it and decided to wait and see if it starts until morning, but any ideas?
  • andyb1975andyb1975 Posts: 1
    Hello all, I hope someone can help me out here...I have a '98 Dakota Sport 3.9 V6 2WD, about 105,000 miles. I haven't had too many problems with it until now. I took it up the road about 4 miles, and along the way, the transmission began to slip. Luckily I made it back home, but it was slipping so bad, I could only go about 25 mph. When I got home, I noticed the leak. Red fluid coming from the front of the truck (around the radiator). Does this make sense? A buddy told me that I need a new radiator, but he knows as little about cars as I do. There is a mechanic about a mile away from me, but he's overpriced, and I don't know if the truck would even make it there. And I'd prefer not to pay for a tow. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance! Andy
  • disumiadisumia Posts: 6
    i hope im doing this right im a new member. i own a 2001 4.7 quad and something keeps leaking into my front passenger floor board. i have checked all houses and i do not loose coolent or wiper fliud. i love my truck but i am in to it more then it would have cost to by a new one. please can anyone help i dont know were else to look.
  • ronslakie1ronslakie1 Posts: 57
    You might want to check the AC drain which is in the area of where your leak is. There is a possibilty that the drain hose is clogged and it is backing up.
  • disumiadisumia Posts: 6
    i will try that thank you so very much. any ideas though on which hose that would be. im sorry to have to ask. i love my truck but it has been one fix after another and now im trying to do simple things on my own so i can at least try to make payments on the motor and trans.
  • rtm7550rtm7550 Posts: 3
    I have a 2005 dakota quad cab w/ 4.7L v8 magnum engine it has 25,000 miles on it. Yesterday i drove over to a friends house ( 10mi.) no problems. 5minutes later I went to leave and got to end of driveway stopped at stop sign when I pressed on the gas, truck wouldn't go. it was like I was in neutral. put gear in park then tried reverse same thing. We pushed it back to her parking space. I checked the tranny fluid and was less then a 1/4 of a qt. low. which I replaced. A few hours later l tried again truck shifted gears and engaged fine but tranny seems to be making a "whirling" noise like it's turning but not catching right away when I put it in P and D. And it "clunks" when I put it in Park. I'm taking it into the dealer's tomorrow but wondering if anyone has had similar problems. I notice that for the past week when shifting into D it seemed to be in neutral but when I "wiggled" gear shift it was fine. This only happened a few times. Other then that truck has ran fine
  • bpeeblesbpeebles Posts: 4,085
    Lets hope that you added ONLY the Dodge-approved automatic-xmission fluid. (Using Dexron...etc is asking for trouble)
  • rtm7550rtm7550 Posts: 3
    yes I did Mopar atf+4 transmission fluid
  • disumiadisumia Posts: 6
    i use to once in a blue moon have the same issue with my 01 quad and then all of a sudden about a month ago i noticed that when i would stop it almost felt like the abs would kick in. then my check engine light came on. i took it to aamco to find that there is a pressure ring in a planarity gear Over drive. that had broke and was causing slippage. so you may want to have it checked.
  • rtm7550rtm7550 Posts: 3
    thanks I'll do that. hopefully that"s all it is.
  • memo2memo2 Posts: 1
    my truck is great but there is a noise that come fom the transmission when you drive it. It drives good there is no delays on the shifts you step on the gas and it takes off really smooth. ive tried everything someone please give me some info
  • I hope someone can help me out I have a 94 dakota 2wd and i just rebuilt the tranny in it but i have a leak from the pan. There is a brand new gasket on it I was thinking to drop the pan back down and put just RTV on it. would that be a good ideal or no.
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