Isuzu Rodeo 2001 Rough start

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Hello everyone,

I have a 2001 Rodeo with 80k miles on it which runs great except that a few days ago it started to be rough on cold start. After switching to start it fires up but stalls so I need to press the gas pedal a few times and then it stabilizes around 1000 RPM. If I don't do the pedal pressing the engine stops. Once it has stabilized I can power it off and back on and it will start without any problem.

Could this be spark plugs, cables or maybe the MAF sensor? The check engine light is not on, so I have plugged in an odb2 scanner but it did not show any error codes.

Any guidance/help you can help me out to track the problem is appreciated.



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    When was your last tune up? If it's been a long while, that's always a good place to start, or at least to check. Plugs and fresh air filter are not expensive, are easy to do and generally improve any car that hasn't seen them in a while. I think your truck has coil-on-plug ignition, yes? If so, no cables to worry about.

    Also I found a VIDEO for you on how to check and clean your EGR valve--which is often a suspect in rough idling.

    Maybe you can also borrow a fuel pressure gauge and check that against spec, in case you have an issue with a weak fuel pressure regulator or pump.
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    Thank you Mr_Shiftright, You are right, this car is coil-on-plug. I have checked the video about the EGR valve and will start checking on this.
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