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I have a 2009 ram 3500, im having issues with taillights on rear.. truck has flatbed on since 2009 and had no issues with lights, until we went to switch out and upgrade to all led lights, we cannot seem to find out how to get taillights and marker lights to stop blinking with turn signals. we have identified all wires coming back down frame to rear but cannot figure out how to tie marker lights back in . found the white/yellow wires for taillights but when you turn on turn signal all lights start flashing... please help


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    Going to need to do some continuity testing to find out just where the tail lights and turn signals are tied together. It feels like it has to be right at the LED lights since that's what you changed. Barring a short that just happened to happen elsewhere when you made the change, I'm thinking a connection was made that shouldn't have been made. Retrace the steps of the install to double check.
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    i am testing wires at frame from dodge side with no lights connected what so ever. what is weird is that I found turn signal wires, back up lights and the 2 white with yellow trace , which both gets voltage when you turn lights on and everything works great, however when lights are off and you turn on blinker one white and yellow has signal for right turn and other gets signal for left turn. with headlight switch on everything works great.
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    I cannot seem to locate a wire diagram for this truck showing colors of wires and descriptions.
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    I replaced the fuse panel or idm they call it I believe, still nothing. With headlights on turn signals now don’t work in front of truck and flash fine in rear but if you turn headlights off and left turn signal on, everything flashes , marker lights, right turn ... everything 
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    You really need a wiring diagram to sort this out.

    Have you tried http://www.bbbind.com/tech_database.html

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