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Chevy Silverado and GMC Sierra Fuel Pump/Fuel System



  • new to the group have a 2007 sierra , seems the top speed is 89 mph. doesn't run rough , shift normal,runs somth. just won't go any faster than 89 mph . there is no check engine light . factory equipment 32000 miles dealer take well that all we can do why do you need to go that fast????? ever been on south fl 95 before
  • The issues I had with the 93 1500 were a bit difficult to track down. It's been said that this can't happen, but it did. My coil was arcing outside, I had scorch marks on the outside of the case, as well, when the motor was at temp, the ignition module would heat up and cut out. We tested it three time before I checked it hot (not fun by the way). I replaced both of these and have not had any additional problems. I don't know if this will help, but it's something that gets overlooked quit a bit. Hope this helps.
  • woltwolt Posts: 2
    Had engine light on. Originally had 2 codes.(P0300 & P0171) After research, I saw it could be numerous problems to kick those codes. I monitored the indicators and deduced H20 in gas took out the O2 sensor so I changed the O2 sensor yesterday and reset code. The light came back on and I am now hearing a clicking or sputtering sound coming from the rear of the truck. It coincides with the gas petal, as I accelerate it sputters/clicks if I let off the petal it stops. Possibly from the gas tank or exhuast. I suggest it is the fuel filter or the fuel pump. Any suggestions?
  • flems2flems2 Posts: 1
    new guy! my brother in law has 04 with 5.3 . other nite shut truck off fuel pump stayed on-killed day put charger on,key off,pump came on right away??? checked relays,fuses,all ok . pump noisy but ran fine. any ideas? live in ontario,cold these days!
  • I am looking for some information concerning the PCM circuit on a 2003 chevy silverado 4.3L 4X4. I have blown the PCM fuse twice. Both times have occurred when I have a low fuel condition. Is this related to the fuel pump? Any help on this would be appreciated.
  • if have over 30k i would replace the $9.95 fuel filter, specificaly I can't say if this is the problem but i can say from personel experience it is far less then a $300 (part cost) plus fuel pump
  • jody9jody9 Posts: 1
    i replaced fuel pump on my 98 chevy silverado 5.0 engine, vortech. My problem is when I try to start truck gas from fuel injectors will not click and pass the gas into carburator. ANYBODY GOT A SOLUTION FOR ME APPRECIATE ANY ADVICE.
  • did you also replace the fuel filter?
  • did you also replace the fuel filter ?
  • Hi Everyone
    I have a 1997 chevy Z71. The other day I was driving down the road and it just quit.
    I troubleshot the problem to an inop fuel pump. i replaced the pump........not a fun job.......and the filter. THE DARN THING STILL WILL NOT RUN!!!!!!!!!! I pulled the two steele lines behind the throtle body and have fuel under pressure there. If I pour fuel into the throttle body it will run until that fuel is burned up. Any ideas as to why I can't get it to run???????????
  • there is a fuel pressure regulator on the side of the throtle body ( drivers side) it has a vacuum hose connected to it. the regulator is about the size of a gulf ball. pull the vac hose off....

    if it has fuel in it the vac line it is bad.
  • seafarmerseafarmer Posts: 16
    Check the ground wire to the fuel pump and be sure it is connected to the frame at the proper location and has good continuity to ground. I ran into the same issue with my son's truck when replacing the fuel pump and that's all it was after a couple hours of trouble shooting more complex issues. The replacement pumps have a slightly different wiring harness.
  • dmbaerodmbaero Posts: 5
    Greeting All! 1999 GMC Sierra Z71 with 233,000 miles
    Recently had the fuel tank removed to check something on fuel pump module I replaced a year ago. When I had the tank off I could hear something rolling around in the tank. Removed fuel pump module and found rollover protection valve lying loose in the bottom of the tank. Looked in the book and could not find any info on replacing/fixing this. I have tried to reach into tank to see if it would just snap back in place or something but am unable to get my arm into tank far enough to reach. There seems to be no method to remove this from tank it seems to be integral. Does anyone have any idea if this is repairable? Is there any way to remove from tank to repair/replace? And finally what other that it's obvious function affect can this have on operation of vehicle? Any info would be appreciated. Thanks!
  • Rollover valve is either part of the tank or fill pipe. If it is part of the tank, fuel tank must be replaced if you want it fixed like the Dealer. Down side is only that this valve prevents siphoning of fuel and gushing of fuel due to a flip over. fuel will still leak out on a roll over, just not as fast. As far as siphoning, the rage now is for the gas theives to just poke a hole in the bottom of your tank! If you have the type that is part of the fill pipe, and the filler is replacable you can do that. Another option, is to leave it out and Mcgyver a fill neck that has one in it. Don't loose any sleep over this.
  • I have a 2005 Chev Duramax LS with steering wheel controls. I can access the oil filter life on the guage. I have heard that you can also set up (customize) the Fuel Filter life gauge. Does anyone know if that is even possible? If so how do I set it up?

    I got stranded my first time having driven it 10k past the dealer schedule. I replaced it again at 15K miles but would like to know if there is a way to monitor the life of the fuel filter.
  • at3davisat3davis Posts: 1
    Did you find a fix for this? I have exactly the same problem, and have been unable to fix it.
  • My truck turns over(no starter problem)but it takes two to three times before it starts. Seems to be a lack of fuel going to the engine. I can hear the fuel pump prime when the key is turned on.Once it starts, no problems, no hesitation, no misfires, etc. Any ideas?
  • yadi711yadi711 Posts: 1
    Im having trouble starting my truck, actually i cant start it, some friends say its the fuel pump but actually i never got signs that it was going to bust so i think its not that. i did mess with the key switch for a while cus i was programming a keyless entry remote. so i talked to other friends and they said it could be the fuses or the relay on the fuel pump. i had someone check the fuses for me and theyre fime but i dont know where the relay for the fuel pump is so i can get it checked out. can somebody tell me where the relay is? it is a 2003 chevy silverado. thanks.
  • bsgb22absgb22a Posts: 2
    Hey question i have a 2000 gmc 2500 4x4. I have a problem with my fuel gauge i can start it and it runs great and everything but my fuel gauge goes back and fourth. Like for instance i can fill it up and let it idle for a sec and it will read empty. Then i get in it and shake the truck and it reads full again. I put some mytery oil in it and still the same thing. Also i can be just driving down the road and it will go back and fourth from full to empty i thought it might be my float in the gas tank getting stuck but not for sure any ideas?
  • "Fuel gauge goes back and fourth"

    When is the last time you changed your fuel filter?

    I had the same problem my fuel gage, the fuel pump died within 12 months.
    I think…the problem is irregular voltage draw to the fuel pump affecting the voltage to the fuel gage causing erratic movement in the fuel gage needle.

    Fuel filter - $ 9.95
    Fuel Pump - $ 300.00
  • Forgot one fact, the fuel pump I replaced was purchased from AutoZone, big mistake… as it was an after market. It constantly makes noise!
  • Could also be the "fuel pump pressure regulator" same symtoms

    I replaced this on my truck. It is located near the throttle body under the hood driver side on the top of the engine. There is a vacuum hose connected to it, if it has fuel in the hose when you pull it off, it is bad.

    $60 apx

    i can send you a pic showing the location if you email me, too bad i cannot attached a pic on this forum">
  • eug3eug3 Posts: 2
    My 2007 sierra has paint missing where bugs have hit only the plastic parts (ie) mirrors and bumper area. They will not cover under warranty. I have seen the same issue on a 2007 yukon. Anyone have this happen and did GM help?
  • bsgb22absgb22a Posts: 2
    I changed my fuel filter the last two times i have changed my oil. Still it fluctuate's back and fourth i hope its not my fuel pump. DO you think it could be the float in my gas tank getting stuck??
  • Your fuel guage is electrical. The guage itself is powered in the dash cluster and recieves a ground from the sending unit in the tank. As the float in the tank goes higher due to fuel level, the ground resistance is reduced (a better ground)moving your guage needle. Most likely cause is a mechanic didn't connect an extra ground that is found on GM's to the chassi good enough, or its dirty. On GM it is usually above the tank in front center and is either a clip or rivited ground strap. Simple test is to use a jumper cable and connect it to the metal part of the tank and the negative on the battery and see it this corrects the guage. If it does, you have a grounding problem with the tank. If it doesn't, the sending unit is usually what goes bad.
  • seafarmerseafarmer Posts: 16
    I got the dealership to replace my gauge cluster under warranty. There's a special recall on the fuel gauge cluster. It stemmed from a class action lawsuit. E-mail me with an appropriate subject line and I'll send you a copy of the class action lawsuit. If someone can find a paste to post it for a good link that would be great for everyone's future reference.
  • ggreco0313ggreco0313 Posts: 1
    I have a 88 GMC Sierra Pickup 5.7 and having a problem with power. On a cold start the truck runs fine, as soon as the engine warms up I have a loss of power. This is throttle body injection and can not figure out what is going on with the truck. This problem is also intermittent and doesn't also happen. I have had it looked at by 3 mechanics and they really dont want to spend the time to figure out the problem. They have tested fuel pressure and said it was fine, but I dont seem to believe they are correct. It feels like the truck is sometimes running on less cylinders, and sometimes when i give it throttle it stalls. This happens at a red light or while driving and accelerate. I am steering over thinking its the fuel pump(maybe there is crud on the inside of fuel tank) but im no mechanic. I would appreciate any help or suggestions if anyone else out there had a similar issue.
  • seafarmerseafarmer Posts: 16
    Is this model equipt with a mass air flow sendor? This is a common problem with this age GM products. It's located on the air intake before the air filter. The test is a highly technical 'tap on it' according to Chilton's manual. If the engine sputters or dies, you've got it. Generally a $10's of dollars and 30 minute repair. Quite worth the check.
  • johnboy60johnboy60 Posts: 1
    how do i replace the centre support bearing if i don't have a hydraulic press?
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