Mazda 6 engine noise

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My neighbors Mazda 6 is starting stuttering stalling with really bad noise, will have to continually try n start for about 15 min then it will keep running but with horrendous noises. They were told it’s a timing chain but I’ve never heard anything like this, anyone have any ideas what it could be?


  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright Sonoma, CaliforniaMember Posts: 64,482
    No clue without listening to it. Maybe someone could make a video and post it to YouTube and then we can check it out. Personally, I would stop trying to crank it if it's running that badly and making "horrendous" noises. It's not going to get magically better I don't think the more times he tries.

    Timing chains can "jump" a tooth, and even break, but it's rare. If say the AC compressor seized, or the alternator, seized up, that burning belt can make bad noises. But if the pistons hit the valves after a timing accident, the car wouldn't run at all. I suppose...what else...? a valve could drop into the combustion chamber--that would certainly make an awful noise. .
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    Ok I will try to put up link for YouTube as soon as I can. I have told them to not drive it for over a week now and I’m afraid they will blow up their engine! 
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    Any flashing CEL associated? Hearing an "horrendous" noise would certainly have me thinking abut tow trucks rather than driving it somewhere to be looked at.
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