won't run, gear shift won't move, ABS & other warning lights on.

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Purchased a 2005 Envoy SLE v8 with lots of miles on it. 2+ years ago. This was to replace my 2003 which I sold to my granddaughter for school car. Another story. Problem arose several weeks after I bought the car, it died and would not start. I was only a few block away from home but had it towed to the dealer, and they said it was the starter...? $500+ later it was okay again.
Several weeks ago, while in my driveway, the dash lite up like a christmas tree, especially ABS service brake system, engine stopped, would not turn over, shift lever was locked in park. Disconnecting and reconnecting the battery, it would start but would not stay running. The only way to get it to a dealer or the junk man, will be to have it towed.
I have looked at most of the other complaints on this vehicle and have not found any solution or similar conditions to mine. I had liked the Envoy V8 as it had plenty of power for towing.
I am retired so am living on a fixed income. I am capable of doing a lot of my own repair work if I know where to start.


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    I think, given your symptoms, that the first thing to do would be to insure that you have a fully charged battery and that your alternator is putting out the correct voltage. If there is any voltage drop on the car, the computers and modules start to go crazy--they don't like that.
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    A year has passed and I do have the 2005 Envoy running, Several people recommended changing the neutral safety switch as a lot of information passes thru or is controlled by this switch. I got a used switch from an GMC salvage person who only works on Yukons, Envoys, & suburbans. Cost was about $30 and it worked!!! I drove it for a while until I found out the rear air suspension air pump is out. Now waiting to get a different pump. Thanks for your info. You might keep this recommendation in your data base as a possibility to correct the problem.
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