'07 Grand-bypass YAW/Lateral Acceleration modules?

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Last year in May my '07 Grand Cherokee Overland decided to not start. Towed it to dealership since it was under an Ignition Switch Recall in hopes that was the issue. Instead it got a new starter-ok, ran fine so seemed good. Come end of November wife and I went to Wally World, go in, shop, come out and guess what? Dashboard lit up like a Christmas tree but no start-not even a grind from the starter.

Towed it home and messed with it including disconnecting the batt and recconecting it and no joy. Finally, since we are both on Disability [[stroke/renal transplant on my side, degenerative spine issues on hers requiring surgery and, at times a wheelchair, just so you understand it's not one of those cases of people playing 'Disabled'.]]

After the New Years I called the local garage to have it towed back to dealership since both starter and ignition are still under warranty. Drive comes out and has it started in under two minutes [[I had tried once again maybe 20 mins before]]. He said it was the ignition.

Drove it to the dealership for warranty repairs. They rans scans, saod electrical was fine and could not find issues with the ignition that, perhaps, a pin had gotten stuck so "Let us know if there are anymore issues!".

Drove it home, next morning go out and.....no startee.

Towed it back in and they kept it then called and said it was the "dynamic control sensor" and they want $500 to fixit. Yeah, I can send them a leg maybe but $500 is not in the foreseeable future.

I researched and researched and had no luck finding anything that used the name so called a different dealership and asked for the part then asked if it had a different name and was told "yaw rate or lateral accejeration module".

So, reading it loks like I might be able to DIY but am wondering what my options are-can it be bypassed or simply turned off so the Jeepster rolls again? Been driving jeeps for 35 years without something that 'Rescues' me in a spin/s;ide situation so can probably handle it myself thankyouverymuch but Nanny, I'd like to cease your employment for the time being.

I appreciate any thoughts you folks have.


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    I have a couple of thoughts, none of them very encouraging though.

    First off, I think the dealer might be barking up the wrong tree.

    Second, there are two dynamic control sensors on your truck--one for yaw, and one for steering angle

    Third, this problem has to be handled by a skilled professional, as it sounds tricky.

    I would recommend you visit this website:

    It's basically a professional organization for well-trained techs.

    So once you're on the website, then click on "repair shops" and see if there is anyone in your area who can help you. These people are the best of the best. Yes, you'll pay for the service but at least you'll get it done right once and for all.

    Good luck with this.

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    The Yaw Rate and Lateral Acceleration sensors are both housed inside one unit which is called the Dynamics sensor. They are serviced as an assembly. According to Mitchell On Demand, the dynamics sensor is located "behind the passengers front seat" and the step by step removal states that you have to remove the center console. Typically that means remove the passengers side front seat and then the console.


    The wiring schematic shows that power and ground for the dynamics sensor come from the ABS module, and that communication between them is on a dedicated data bus that only the ABS module and the dynamics sensor are connected to. That means, there is no way this sensor (module) is responsible for the no-start even if it is bad.

    To actually figure out what is going on with your car, a skilled technician will need to troubleshoot the problem while it is occurring. If the vehicle happens to start before the diagnostics are completed then the diagnostic process will have to be paused and then restarted when the next occurrence of the failure happens.

    Communication problems can be really tough, random issues compound that exponentially. Now add in the decades of nonsense that techs have had to put up with (poor wages, always being called incompetent, thieves, etc.) and the number of people who are really skilled to deal with a problem like this are a precious few. (Make sure to thank "consumer experts" for that the next time you see one) Consider that every time you have ever seen someone try to guess what was wrong and happened to get it right that also worked towards making it less likely you are going to find someone who can efficiently handle this problem with your Jeep.
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    thecardoc, thank you. That helps answer some of my concerns. The module not being part of the "No start" issue. I still wonder if it is not the ignition myself. According to the dealership the electrical tested fine-they ran a second "Deeper" scan [[sounds ludicrous to me but my work is on older, non-computerized vehicles you fix with a hammer and duct tape]] to find this new issue which they are trying to tell me they need to fix in order to see if something else is wrong and causing the issue.
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