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Grand Prix Power Window Motor Replacement Guide

paul79ufpaul79uf Posts: 5
edited August 2014 in Pontiac
I couldn't find a good guide online to replacing the power window motor and regulator in the driver's door of my 2001 Pontiac Grand Prix GTP sedan, so I had my brother help me and I took pictures.

It's actually pretty easy once you know how to do it. We went in blind and had to figure things out.

I hope this picture illustrated guide helps some of you save time and frustration when one of your motors dies.


  • jiddojiddo Posts: 9
    How do i get the right side back door panel off
  • I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions on replacing the motors in the windows. three of my windows are no longer working and the dealership said it will be about $400 a window to fix. has anyone else had problems with the windows? Thanks!
  • Yes I had the same problem with two of my windows. You can buy a kit off the internet for under 100 each. This seems to be very prevelant with them all the Grand Prix windows.
  • I would suggest I purchased a front window regulator and motor from them and was very satisfied with the price (between 80-100 bucks) and the professional service.
  • I was told that GM had a problem with the power windows for cars around this age. I have had one rear window motor/regulator replaced through the dealer and it was $525. This time with the proper research I am attempting to fix the other rear window which quit working about a month later. I also had to have the turn-signal switch replaced a couple of weeks ago. Dealer only part. Another 600 bucks for parts and labor.

    I love my 2000 Grand Prix. I just wish everything wasn't happening all at once!

    Thanks to everyone for sharing your experiences and help!

  • neustkgneustkg Posts: 35
    I have a 2000 Grand Prix GT and the passenger side rear window isn't working right now. I notice if I hit the button (down), the window goes down maybe 3 inches, but won't go up. There is a sound being made by the motor, so it is getting power. The window will slowly drop w/road vibration and when I stop, I have to pull the window up by hand. Does anyone think the motor is fried and need to replace it, or does it (and the window track) just need some lubrication?
  • Hi, I purchased a motor/regulator assembly from the website suggested by compfixr, above. It was VERY easy to install.

    The first window (passenger right) went out and I paid the dealer over $500 to fix/replace. Then second (passenger left) went out a couple of weeks later. I fixed it myself for the cost of part and expedited shipping for $130 bucks. The very next day my friggin' driver side went out. So today I will go back and order BOTH front windows JUST IN CASE the other goes out. It's Murphy's Law I think. Anyway, I was very pleased with the purchase I made online. Check them out.

    Also, my boyfriend has a Pontiac Firebird. His driver side window has been acting funky too. Well at least we're prepared for the worse now.

    Thanks to everyone for posting such great info. If it wasn't for this site I would have probably paid the dealer again.

  • neustkgneustkg Posts: 35
    Just looked at the door. Do you know of any diagrams or instructions on how to get that panel off? I don't want to tackle it until I know exactly how to remove it w/o damaging the panel.
  • Not sure of any diagrams online but this link was posted above:

    You will have to take the screw out of the door by the handle. The other parts of the panel just snap in and out. If you tug on it gently you'll be able to find out where they are connected. Mostly on the sides. If the clips break yo can replace them. I doubt you'll do any real damage to the panel unless you are really aggressive.

    For the most part it removes easily.

    I know there was an issue putting the srew back into the panel, though. Kept falling out because my screwdriver wasn't magnetic. A little piece of tape attached to screw and tip of screwdriver kept it on and once you turn the screwdriver the tape will break off. Just a little bit of advice.

  • We have had to replace the one in my 2000 all at once too. So far the cheapest I have found the fronts for is $32.00 and that is at Dr.autoparts ebay store.
    link title
    The rears however are a bit more expensive but I have been able to find them on ebay for around $60.
  • Okay, finally, my front passenger's window is out. Now all windows will have failed. Here's the kicker... The first window that I had replaced by the dealer (before finding this site)... remember, the one that was over $500 to replace...? Well it just went out again too. LOL Go figure. So I guess they'll be replacing it for free as they offer a 1 year warranty. Anyway....

    Thanks Kimmie for the eBay info. I'll go check them out too.

  • Hi,

    My window went down and I could not get it back up. It did make the sound that you are describing, and I think you will have to replace it.

    Good luck. My window broke 80 miles from home with a bad storm coming up ... I had to stop and buy plastic wrap and packaging tape to make it home semi-dry.
  • Hi all,

    I received the last window motor/regulator assembly from Dr.Autoparts on eBay. Seemed to be very slow to receive but much cheaper so if you're in a hurry it might pay to get it from somewhere else. I was okay to wait. First part I received from them was wrong but they were quick to send the replacement. All is well now.

    Anyone know anything about flashing security light? I just had my transmission rebuilt and now the light won't quit flashing.


    If it's not one thing its another. For all of the money I've put into this car the past year I could have taken a really nice vacation.


    Good luck.

  • Don't know about the Grand Prix, but I'm having problems with my Pontiac Montana power is my problem.

    I have a 1999 Pontiac Montana mini-van with a burned out power window motor on the passenger side. I purchased a new window motor and tested it with a 12-volt power source before I installed runs properly for both forward (up) and reverse (down) motions. The motor has two male prongs...the down-motion male prong goes into the brown wire side of the female plug connector, the up-motion male prong goes into the blue wire side of the female plug connector. The motor sits in a plastic plug that does not have a ground. We think that the brown and blue wires act as alternating power / ground, i.e, brown as power and blue as ground (to lower the window), then blue for power and brown as ground (to raise the window). I then plugged the motor into the female plug from the up/down window control switch. Using the window control switches, I tried to lower the window or raise the does not work. Note that the drivers side window switch for the drivers side window works fine, so I doubt that it's a fuse or circuit breaker problem. We ran some more tests; ....down motion via jumpering the brown male motor prong to the brown wire on the female plug, and a ground wire on the blue male motor prong, and depressed the window switch worked properly. Doing the same test on the up switch with the blue wire did not work. So the switch's down motion works, but the switch's up motion does not work. Through several tests we found that the brown female wire was providing power, but the blue wire is not providing power and is not a good ground.
    Here are some possibilities: when the original motor burned out, the window switch circuit board up-function might have fried. I'll check the circuit board for any visual signs damage. Another possibility is the blue wire is broken....which is going to be tough to find.
    I'm trying to find a wiring diagram, but no luck so far.
    Has anyone had similar problems with this vehicle (or Olds Sillouette or Chevy Lumina APV)?
    Any suggestions?
    Many thanks,
    Jack Hirneisen

    Solve all your window motor needs.
  • My 2001 Grand Prix front passenger window was acting up and hadn't worked for quite some time. Somehow it came down three inches and froze there. I saw your posting and checked out your site, pictures, tips and help and got the thing taken care of in a few hours for $34. I ended up just replacing the window motor and it worked like a charm. I can't thank you enough for all your help. It was extremely valuable and time and money saving. Thanks again.

  • karonekarone Posts: 1
    Once you get the door panel off how do you get to the regulator/motor to replace.

  • forteforte Posts: 1
    Hi guys,

    I just replaced a window regulator, found a very helpful "how to", detailed with pic's, solved the problem thanks to the guides help. The guy really did a good job.

    What do you think?

    Good luck,
  • mikesdadmikesdad Posts: 1
    My son's 1997 (2door)grand prix(182,000 miles)has power window problems. As electrical issues are not my strong suite, I need help.The drivers side window runs very slow and sometimes not at all. The passenger side has not worked since we bought the car six months ago. The passenger side doesn't work with either switch so I ruled out the switches and they seem to have a common fuse and the driver side has power, so it doesn’t appear to be the fuse. I pulled the fuse out and there is power to the fuse block when the driver side window switch is activated but not when either passenger switches are used. Would this indicate a bad motor, a short in the electrical system or something else?
  • bossgbossg Posts: 1
    The driver's side rear window comes down on its own. After taking the door panel off I realize that the motor works but ony one of the tension cables move. One is loose and one is very tight. It appears that the motor is strong enough to move the window down (due to gravity ofcourse) but not enough to move it up. How do I get the window to stay up?
  • Attn: jhiersen

    Help, I read your reply to above subject. I have the exact same problem you
    described, can you please tell me what you did to correct? My 12V test proved window motor good, my test light lit up when applied to the prongs of the plug that
    goes directly into motor. My switch works in both directions up and down, but when I plug in motor, (2 of them (both already tested)), I get no positive movement whatsoever. anybody reading this that can help please email me at [email protected] thanks to all in advance and help please. Ground problem?
    plug problem? dont know and need help....
  • I sort of have the same problem. Back window won't do anything, it slides down when it wants. I have duck tape holding it up for now. What needs to be done to fix it without taking to someone? Please help
  • Unless you are mechanically inclined, your best bet is to carry to a pro.
    More could be revealed once you remove door panel. There is a tension spring
    mounted on window regulator that keeps window in the up position. This could
    be bad, the regulator could be bad, the motor could be bad. You will probably have to go through several electrical tests to include motor, switch (both master and individual door). Advise if you are capable of performing such tests. As you test
    you eliminate one possibility after another until you arrive at the final definitive problem. Once found, should be simple enough to repair.
  • sag38sag38 Posts: 1
    Once I determined that the motor was bad I ordered a window regulator for my 02 Grand Prix. I used the guidance from Paul's Traveling Pictures (Google "Pontiac Power Window Repair".) It really doesn't take a lot of mechanical ability to do the job. Once the part arrived and I examined it, the light came on as to how the system works and fits into the door. The best advice I got from Paul's Traveling Pictures is to cut the cables off the old regulator. This releases the window and allows you to slide it up and down by hand. After thirty minutes of work (not including the time to remove the door panel) I had the job done.
  • pherwynpherwyn Posts: 1
    I would like to know how you replacesd the power window motor for only $34? The best price I got was $200 and it wasn't a dealership.
    Could you direct me to the sources you used? How do you remove the door panel, etc.?


  • i have a 94 grand prix the wiring on the power window got mixed up is there anyone out there know the correct order, to both the front and rear main window control. I have alot of mechs ect look at it they say the wiring is not the same as most cars my make model and yr, they think the wiring was that way just maybe 4 months any help i would me thankful
    thanks again
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