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2007 Suzuki SX4



  • erics6erics6 Posts: 684
    I too would be interested in this 1 hr program.

    It would be interesting to get feedback from real owners with real experiences. Brakes, noise, other experiences... positive and negative feedback.
  • I know not many here have an SX4 yet -- but any info on changing the tires with out messing up the air pressure monitor system.

    on that note any feed back on the stock Bridgestone tires are in snow (again I know this hasn't been out during winter yet - but any previous cars)

    thanks in advance,

    2007 Suzuki SX4
    2005 Isuzu Ascender
  • Sorry I did not mean to upset anyone with that review. I'm in Canada, and the show is called RPM. Although it's in french (Quebec) this is the auto show with the biggest audience in Canada. The guy is really serious, not affiliated in any way with any auto maker and has been running his show for 8 years. The concept is as follow: every week he takes a car, bring it to a certified Canadian Tire auto center and shows and explains everything about the car, engine, trans, brakes, suspension, etc... He actually removes the tires shows and explains the braking systems, direction, suspension, everything. He notes any new technology and comments. All this is done then he goes on the track to do a 0-100kmph acceleration test, a 100kmph-0 braking test, sloping, doging, whatever.

    He is really serious about his thing, and very trusted. He evaluated the yaris sedan, the caliber and the versa the three weeks before. One full hour for every car! You can see the car's behaviour live, so you don't have to trust his word only.

    In any way, all I've described earlier has been shown: 0-100kmph acceleration gets decent time, but slow to start. The car's front plunges significantly when braking from 100 kmph and the distance is around 44 meters, when yaris and versa go around 39. Industry stadard is 40 The front wheels were jumping a bit during slalom...

    there were other good and bad points about the car, but I can't remember all:
    other good points: Good radio, no engine vibration inside, conmfy seats, security systems, powerful (but noisy) ventilation system, large windows
    other bad points: washer fluid reservoir neck very small, with electric connections right underneath (so don't spill) tiny tiny rear pad (although the disks are nice and big) unidirectional rear suspension (ie absorbs on the way up, but drops strait when going down, plastic inside the rear door poorly assembled on his vehicle (JX AWD, auto), only 4-speed auto.

    Anyways, the guy does not have anything against suzuki, his last review of the Grand Vitara was great. But here again, unless you need AWD, the yaris, versa and caliber got better reviews from him. It all depends on your need, and he would say.

    Anyways, I was not pleased very much since I was considering the car, but I just can't ignore what I saw .If you have any specific question about the car, I can tell you if it's been discussed in the show.
  • oh and by the way, the suspension issue is not a 'problem' per se. As he said, it's just that to offer a nice and unexpensive AWD car, suzuki had to cut costs somewhere. Cheaper or as he would say some 'very conventional' suspension, direction and braking components was their way to cut costs. Basically meaning you get what you pay for!
  • I'd like to watch this show...

    but so far I have to say the SX4 is great for what I needed. Just traded in a 2002 Montero Sport which is (was) much bigger, slightly more power. Also netted about 17 mpg and since I have a 100 mile round trip commute to work each day. And I live in CT where we get a good amount of snow on and off during the winter. Did I compromise - with out a doubt.

    Only had the SX4 for a few days thus far - I got to say its quick enough, solid enough, comfy enough and "cheap" enough to buy and enjoy! I knew it wasn't a "fast/quick" road rocket.

    as you stated maybe its only a good choice if AWD is the number one "need"... but I'd like to think the SX4 is a good choice either-way.

    did he go into any details on the awd system?
  • steverstever Posts: 52,683
    It doesn't look like the SX4 show has hit the site news but here are a couple of translated links about it:

    TQS (gotta love the translation - "The next emission of RPM") :shades:
  • erics6erics6 Posts: 684
    Good to know about the extensive review. It'll be interesting to see the English translation. Always funny to see the translation programs at work.

    I actually agree with the reviewer that if you don't need AWD, there are a ton of good cars that would probably be better choices. I wouldn't even look at the Suzuki if I weren't a believer in the benefits of AWD

    I too was disappointed by the live axle rear beam suspension (like the old and new Ford Mustang) and I'm not suprised braking suffers with the extra weight of AWD. Another big factor in braking is tires. Good tires can make all the difference. Subaru's don't do all that well, although their brakes have gotten bigger recently.

    It will be interesting to see some performance numbers... hopefully in the near future.
  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,059
    Hi, everyone. As you've probably noticed, we have been trying to refine the discussions into more narrowly focussed topics. Our objective is twofold. We want to make it easier for people seeking specific information about their vehicles to find it easily and without having to wade through hundreds or thousands of postings.

    To those ends, we will be shutting down the general make/model discussions and work exclusively with specific issues. This requires us to populate the make/model subsections with relevant, interesting and timely topics. Rather than having the hosts simply create boilerplate topics for each make/model, we feel that you, the owner, the make/model enthusiast and the prospective buyer can best judge what those topics should be.

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    Your help and continued participation in the Forums is greatly appreciated! Thanks.
  • moparbadmoparbad Posts: 3,868
    Hi, everyone. As you've probably noticed, we have been trying to refine the discussions into more narrowly focussed topics. Our objective is twofold. We want to make it easier for people seeking specific information about their vehicles to find it easily and without having to wade through hundreds or thousands of postings.

    For over 6 years I've followed the Edmund's site and formums and participated when my particular interests or views were piqued.
    Now with this new format of 1001 topics for every vehicle I believe it is time to say farewell.
    I have no interest whatsover of checking so many sub-topics. Also, the difficult to read colors of text contribute to poor legibility and all of the bugs in the sofware are the last straw.
    Inside Line is very well done, however, the forums and Carspace must be designed to appeal to the ADD generation, which I'm not a part of.
  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,907
    What, 58 topics (like for the Fit) are too many to keep track of for one car?? :surprise:

    I agree with you. I am not ready to give up yet but am getting close. It's OK when someone is interested in 1-2 cars. But for people like me who have broad interests in the car world, it's getting to the point where the effort isn't worth it.

    There IS such a thing as a Search function in these discussions, after all.
  • prouloproulo Posts: 26
    I agree. Keep it the way it is. I don't want to go chasing 35 or so threads to keep track of 4 or 5 cars.
  • carritocarrito Posts: 38
    I agree too, we don't want to jump around different forums for the same car. :sick:
  • wave54wave54 Posts: 211
    Hi, everyone. As you've probably noticed, we have been trying to refine the discussions into more narrowly focussed topics.

    I'm with the others on this -- WAY too many sub-topics! If someone like myself wanted to keep tabs on what owners think of 3 or 4 newly-introduced models, I would have to track 50-100 discussions in order to stay on top of all aspects of the ownership experience.

    BAAAAH! We're not all retirees with 18 hours-a-day to spare.

    You guys changed the board for my current model last week and the new posts went to ZERO!
  • steverstever Posts: 52,683
    Just track the make/model groups for the cars or SUVs that interest you and all the new posts will come up as usual as you click on Read New Posts.

    They'll just be pre-sorted a bit for you instead of having, say, an iPod question butting up against a squeaking U-joint (even though the answer may be to turn the volume up on the iPod to drown out the squeak :shades: ).
  • Does anyone here know if it uses the same system? I know Suzuki calls them different names but is that just marketing (and a manual switch to turn it off and to force a lock-up)

    Just curious on its designed and how good it should be in the upcoming weather :-)
  • How do I turn on the tracking thing? Thanks for the hassle.
  • reeser8reeser8 Posts: 33
    There isn't much cargo room with the seats up, but it's bigger than the room available in the xA or the Fit, which I view as comparable cars to the SX4 in body design.

    The seats also divide 60/40, so maybe you can consider putting the small panel down, and even double-folded and clipped to the front headrest. That should give you enough room to fit your daughter and her stroller in the back.
  • reeser8reeser8 Posts: 33
    My base package SX4 has power locks on the door. The button is right there, and on the front passenger door, too! Look in your manual if you have trouble working your standard-equipment power locks.

    You can also use the remote control on your keys to open the doors.

    My front map light (on the roof by the rearview mirror) sufficiently illuminates my glove compartment. Those are bright lights!

    The lack of passenger vanity mirror is a bit odd. Of all the things to skimp, that seems to be something rather inexpensive that they could have added.
  • rjared1rjared1 Posts: 14
    Yes! I've actually found some time to read the book. Nodded off a few times but finally got through it. As I drive the SX4 I find more things to enjoy about it. All in all I still think it's a great buy. I find the stick to be really precise and like the click for feedback though that revving between gears can be alittle disconcerting. It seems to be intermittent and happens whether I have my foot on the gas or not. At this price one really cant expect everything. I have a Volvo that costs twice this much and it doesn't even have front fog lights or AWD. For only $1300 in the SX4 you get those fog lights and a heck of lot more in the bargain. Sure, the Volvo is a tank but for the money you can beat the SX4.
    I had the SX4 out in the heavy rain yesterday and drove alittle agressive (in auto mode) to see how it would behave and it was well mannered. Stopped quickly on rain slicked surfaces and maintained secure footing on quick turns. The wipers worked well, quietly and kept the front and back windshield clear. The front and rear defrosters did their job.
    Milage so far in 2WD mode is on par with my previous Elantra. The display is showing about 22 MPG.
  • dudeboydudeboy Posts: 55
    So does yours have the Sport package, or how did you get the fog lights?
  • From what I have heard from the three dealerships in my area. The sports model won't be out until early December. I believe the fog lights can be had as an option on the base model. :mad:
  • guestguest Posts: 770
    On another site I've read there is no problem unless the sensors are damaged or the wheel position isn't maintained - otherwise you have to use a special tool to reset the system. Now, I've got to check to see what the owner's manual has to say about rotating the wheels and tires.
  • rjared1rjared1 Posts: 14
    Sorry but i didnt mean to imply that my SX4 had fog lights. I was just mentioning them because they are part of a $1300 package and for that kind of money you get a great deal. My other car doesn't even have a trip computer while the SX4 does for lots, lots less money.

    Also wanted to note that eveb though I have only driven a couple hundred miles the engine seems to be more responsive.
    For most purposes it is a fairly peppy engine.
  • i have to agree after a few hundred miles ours seems more "peppy" as well. Do these engines have "fly by wire" electronic throttle - reason I ask is I bet if it does Suzuki uses some sort of torque management software. which can explain why its "week" off the line i think,
  • I'm patiently waiting for the Sport model to reach local dealers but am dying to know what the owners manual says about towing the SX4. I need a little rig like this to use behind a motor home, drive to work and up into the mtns for hiking and fishing. If I can't tow it, it would be a shame.


  • reeser8reeser8 Posts: 33
    The book says that you can only tow the 5-speed manual, in neutral. It says in five different ways (bold print, a picture with an X over it, etc.) that you cannot tow the automatic. It's due to the AWD. You can't tow the automatic even if the switch is on 2WD.

    The book must be made for the other versions that are sold overseas. I believe there is a 2WD-only version sold in Europe or Japan, and it says you can tow that no problem.
  • guestguest Posts: 770
    Owner's manual says the manual trans SX4 can be towed with all 4 wheels on the ground, but not the automatic. To answer the other guy's question, mine appears to have a drive-by-wire throttle. I installed side mouldings, mud flaps, SWT exhaust tip, and rear cargo mat today. I've also got a rear bumper protector on order. Some of the instructions with the accessories are multi-language with only descriptive "pictures" for instructions. The front mud flaps are supposed to take .4 hrs. to install - better allow more than that! The rears are easier, but I believe there are some errors in the locations of the holes, etc. Good luck if you try installing the mud flaps - it's tricky!
  • reeser8reeser8 Posts: 33
    Looks like my real-world fuel economy is about 28.2 MPG right now. I reset the calculator and drove it for about 500 miles. The terrain and speed included some stop-n-go rushhour commuting, driving along country roads during a trip to the Napa Valley wine country, plain 65 to 75-mph interstate driving, and city driving with stoplights and stopsigns.
  • reeser8reeser8 Posts: 33
    For all of you looking to buy your own SX4, I found a website that keeps up-to-date on the current Suzuki financing deals on the SX4. Right now, the deal is 4.9% for 60 months, lasting through the end of October. This is offered by American Suzuki Financial Services, not through the website, so if you go to the dealer and grill the financing department, they should be able to give you the same offer. Don't ask the salesmen -- they don't have a clue about anything of that sort.

    Go to, click on "Rebates and Incentives," and find the SX4's.

    A new financing deal apparently kicks in during the first week of every month, but not necessarily on the 1st of the month. For example, the October one didn't start until October 5th.

    I'm loving my little car. No regrets whatsoever in my purchase decision.
  • reeser8reeser8 Posts: 33
    Car and Driver Magazine tests cars on a "Standing 1/4-mile test." I've tried searching for the answer, but I can't find what that means. Can anyone shed light on this for me? Thanks.
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