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Chevy Silverado and GMC Sierra Climate Control



  • tcinaztcinaz Posts: 1
    I had the same problem with my 04,this was after i had a water pump installed.
    Heres what happens,when you remove the battery cable to service the truck and then reconnect it,the blend doors go to places they have not been in 100 years.If dirt/coke is in the door it sticks in a location.Remove the - battery cable for 5 minutes and then re connect it.This should discharge the caps and move the doors back to where they belong.,,,,,hey it worked for me and the estamate was 700.00 bucs .

    TC :shades:
  • jimm10jimm10 Posts: 6
    Did you ever get this fixed? If so, how? I have the same problem.
  • jimm10jimm10 Posts: 6
    My 2004 silverado developed the one side hot, other cold syndrome after a battery swap. Eventually, I got the driver's side cold and passenger side lukewarm. I tried the reset method of disconnecting the battery, waiting 10 minutes and letting it reset for a few minutes. Now, it is worse. the driver's side is blazing hot ( was cold ), and passenger side is cold! It changed places. I just had the system evacuated and recharged.
    Anyhow, after I reconnect the battery and turn the key to power it up ( not start engine actually ), the control panel lights up and is " operating" before I can turn it off and let the thing recalibrate itself. I can hear the various doors opening and closing.
    What am I doing wrong ? Please help.
  • ply1977ply1977 Posts: 3
    I have the same problem. When I start my 03 chevy silverado, I hear the vent doors opening and closing about 30 seconds. During that time I have air blowing through the regular vents. After that, the air only blows from the defrost vent. I tried to disconnect my battery cables to see if it would reset. No luck. I don't know what to do. I could take it in, but the cost I imagine would be high.

  • jimm10jimm10 Posts: 6
    New development, I removed the actuator that is right over the transmission hump. I could not find the passenger side actuator and I don't think I can ever reach the driver side one. Anyhow, I opened it's case and did not see any broken or cracked gears, so I reinstalled it. I figured out which way the door " closes ?", and tried to index the actuator by turning the key. It went way too far, I think. It would not even mate with the shaft. So I bumped it a little until it indexed in line and it slipped right in and bolted up. Now, I have very cold air on both sides for a few minutes. Then, it isn't nearly as cold on the passenger side and almost as cold on the drivers side. All the mode functions work as directed at least. Before, it was hotter than blazes on one side and sort of cold on the other.
    Does anyone out there think at least I am on the right track and should replace that actuator? Thanks for any opinions.
  • jimm10jimm10 Posts: 6
    Where exactly is the actuator for the driver's side? On my 2004, I think I saw it way up
    there, slightly to the left of the console. I don't see how I can get my hand up there. I was able to get to the one just right of the centerline of the console and about 2 inches above the transmission hump.
    I am also looking for the passenger side actuator and all I see is some sort of module
    near the blower motor on the case behind the glove box. Obviously, I am confused and need help. I can't find a diagram that helps anywhere. Thanks in advance.
  • seiversseivers Posts: 1
    ">I was having hot air blow from one side and cold from the other. It started after replacing the battery at the end of last summer. I have tried to reset the actuators by unhooking the battery cable (negative side only). Now when I start the truck I get cold air from both sides for about 15 seconds and then they both turn hot. I can turn the truck off and restart and I get the same problem. Does anyone have any suggestions?
  • jimm10jimm10 Posts: 6
    I had several different results from trying the various reprogramming techniques such as disconnecting the battery for several minutes and letting the system recalibrate. What seems to have worked for me, is that I removed the blend door actuator directly over the hump. Not too hard. I manually figured out which way the door needs to go to be closed.I did it by experimenting while the thing was running. Then, I reconnected & disconnected the actuator and fooled with it until the shaft would slide into the actuator socket easily and reinstalled it. It only has two screws and is easy if you have one of those very small flex socket drives. Not sure why, but it has been o.k. since. The dealer wanted $ 97.20 to recalibrate it and I almost bought a new actuator on line for $ 165. I saw a GM Buick TSB that advised recalibration and NOT replacement of the actuator unless it is clicking or if you see a cracked gear when you open it. I have no idea if this " fix" is permanent, but so far so good. I think actually taking it off and resetting where the shaft couples up had a lot to do with it. Hope this helps. Let me know if this works for you.
  • orgrabbitorgrabbit Posts: 1
    1995 GMC 1500 heater airflow direction not working at all it stays in the defrost position. Both lights for air recirculation and AC stopped working the same time I lost direction of airflow. No fuses are blown.All other controls work including fan speed and temperature. Any ideas?
  • My heat & A/C won't blow on High. All other fan speeds work. Seems everyone I've talked to has a different answer: Relay / High/Low blower switch / Speed switch / Etc...HELP !
  • obyoneobyone Posts: 7,841
    probably a diode located in the switch itself
  • I replaced the entire switch panel and it still does the same thing.
  • nashcatnashcat Posts: 1
    1999 Gmc Sierra. I had the Heater core replace begining of winter.Now that its hot outside no cold air. A/c WORKED GREAT BEFORE THE WORK WAS DONE ! any tips?
  • obyoneobyone Posts: 7,841
    no cold air = no R134

    Whether the heater core replacement had anything to do with it will require filling the system up with R134 and checking for leaks.
  • ccrealtyccrealty Posts: 1
    My 04 GMC Sierra started blowing hot air from the drivers side, cold air from the passenger side intemittently. Then the display started going crazy, changing temps by itself, changing blower speed, then just shuitting down. Now it only blows hot air and will only do that for a few seconds before shutting down. Have done the comper reset twice, worked the first time. Any ideas?
  • kmarlarkmarlar Posts: 7
    I have a 2000 Silverado that will blow cold air when you first turn the air on. After it runs a few minutes it starts getting warm. I can turn the a/c off for a few minutes and when I turn it back on it will be cold. Sometimes it will stay cold and sometimes it will get warm again. I have checked the low side pressure and it is good.
  • obyoneobyone Posts: 7,841
    Sounds like a problem with the controller rather than the system.
  • I have a 2005 Sierra 2500 HD and the blower is not working properly. It barley forces air through the vents on HI and blows with the same force on LO or wherever the knob is at. Im thinking maybe the switch went bad but Im not sure. Thanks for any thoughts on this
  • clovelesscloveless Posts: 5
    Try this site. It will tell how to fix the problem. If it doesn't work, go to Register, if needed, go to the bottom of home page to: electrical and electronics. This is a wonderful site and one can learn almost everything needed to maintain a truck.
  • greg94greg94 Posts: 4
    Our fan totally quit (after some earlier spurts) and it was the resistor in the fan harness....
    resistor wiring harness was too narrow gauge and fried the resistor etc.
    GM covered 1/2 the cost of the harness and they should have covered it all...
    IF, GM dealer had officially diagnosed the problem...and if you could get a hold of the district sup....he could authorize the repair.
  • easter85easter85 Posts: 1
    I ran across you problem with the fan blower switch that won't work on the high (5) position. I am having the same problem with my 2004 model. Did you happen to find out what the problem is? I would appreciate an answer.

    If you didn't find out the problem; let me know and I will get mine fixed under the extended warranty and e-mail you back and let you know what the problem is.

    Robert Easterling
  • Hello, i have a 2000 gmc 1500 and i have a question about the recirculation mode. on my truck i have the outside air button, the recirculation button, and the a/c button.
    Is the compressor supposed to operate when just the recirculation button is on? I thought that only when the a/c button was on (lit) and either the recirc or the outside air buttons were on, that the compressor was operating. For example, i turn on my fan and it's in outside air mode, no a/c button lit, then i press the recirc button, now you can hear the engine compensate (like the compressor is coming on) and water eventually drips from the thing in the engine compartment near the firewall (the evaporator???). I'm not complaining because the air still blows cold, i'm curious about it.
  • pighunterpighunter Posts: 9
    My '05 does the same thing, as did my '03 and my '01. So the answer is yes. I actually asked the dealer onn the '05 and they said that the compressor will run unless you put it on outside air, the recirculate and a/c compressor switch is interconnected. has something to do with the flow-through ventilation system as well.
  • johncj3johncj3 Posts: 2
    My GMC sierra is doing the same thing did you find anything out?
  • johncj3johncj3 Posts: 2
    There should be a resistor for that blower if you look at it from the bottom, you will see a wire coming from and routing to a small box like cover held up with 2 or 3 screws... behind that cover is the blower motor resistor replace that! You can get it frome a acdelco dealer for about 25-30 bucks. GM changed it with an updated one that should fix your problem.
  • I recently added some freon to my truck as it wasn't blowing cold. Now, when I start the truck and turn the a/c on, I get a growl sound coming from the compressor area. Is it possible that I overfilled the system, and it has effected the compressor? Any help is appreciated.
    2001 1500 5.3L

    Thank you
  • Ok i just broke 100,000 miles-95-Chevy Silverado 1500 and theres a flapping noise coming from the passanger side under dash and i have no clue what it is and when i change my setting for my a/c example. for the floor it will go away but come right back.I know it's got to be a vent door.If anybody has information Please let me know.THANKS
  • I have the same problem on my 95-Chevy sliverado 1500.Evertime i turn the ignition on or just driving it the vent door knocks under the passanger side dash even if my a/c is not on it still does it.If anyone has a answer please let me know.
  • how do I install a cabin air filte in a 2004 silverado 1500?
  • obyoneobyone Posts: 7,841
    GM discontinued the air cabin filter in the 2003 model year.
  • A buddy has a 2002 chev x-cab 4x4 silverado. the windows fogg up bad. He is not loosing coolant so I don't think its the heater core. What else might it be?
  • tdenttdent Posts: 1
    My 1991 silverado climate controler doesn't work. The fuse is ok but the controller will not light up. any suggestions?
  • I just bought a 2004 GMC Sierra SLT with dual heater/AC controls. The heater blows hot when set at 32 C which is full heat setting. Turn it down to 31 after the cab heats up and only cold air comes. Any setting other than full {32C} gives cold air.
    I have seen this come up in this forum a few times, but never finding an answer.My local mechanic did a flash but still didn't help.
  • I had a similar trouble. It would only blow hot air out of the defroster. I tried to "flash" it a few times by unhooking the negative post on the battery and it did nothing. I took it to the dealer and they re-programed the computer. The service guy said it would not come out of full blower and that would be really expensive to fix. I started it up and it has worked beautifully since. If the computer isn't fried, seems as though re-setting or re-programing the computer is sometimes a fix.
  • My problem is when I set the temp from anywhere between 1/2 way to full heat, the air will not stop blowing HOT air unless I turn the truck off and wait about 20 minutes. As long as I leave the temp under 1/2 way, it works fine. I have replaced the climate controller with new, but problem persists. All other systems work great. Any help would be appreciated.
  • does the ac relay keep the blower motor from working and if so where is the relay located on the vehicle?
  • fritchfritch Posts: 1
    I own a 2001 chevy 3500 dully truck. I am having tempeture problems in the cab. When the air speed is at the low speed I have control of the temp but when the air is on high speed I have no temp control. What can the problem be
  • Hi Fritch, your problem sounds just like many. I had a problem such that the only real complaint I had was that the a/c wouldn't get as cold as it should. The a/c unit was working just fine, the air mixing valves wouldn't let it go to full cold. I tried to unhook the neg. post of the battery to try to "reboot' the computer and it did nothing the first couple of times. Then one time I tried it the system would only blow high out of the defrost. After reading all the posts I could find, I decided to see if the stealership could fix it. They said the computer would have to be reset using their expensive time and equipment. They tried to reset it and it would cool great! Only thing is, they said that now it would only blow at the high setting no matter what they did. They wanted hundreds to "fix" it and I said no. I went out to go home and it worked perfectly and has ever since.

    So - I think it depends on the stealership and whether they know how to use their equipment whether or not they can fix these problems. I think I was lucky because it only cost me around $100.
  • Did you ever find out what the problem was? I have a 2002 Chevy Silverado extended cab with the same problem. Any help would be appreciated.
  • dykesdykes Posts: 1
    i have the same issue have you had any leads on how to fix this problem??
  • 3chvytrks3chvytrks Posts: 2
    edited February 2010
    Hello wakejunkie. Did you have any luck finding a solution to your problem? (only getting heat at full 90 degree setting) I have an 03' Suburban Z71 and a 03' K2500 HD with the EXACT same problem on both vehicles. Seems common, someone must have the answer. I have disconnected the neg cable from the batt for a few min, then left the key on without starting for a few min after reconnecting the cable. No luck. I have read a few other post saying to leave the neg cable disconnected for 10 min or to disconnect both cables and hold them together. Plan on trying both, in addition to removing HVAC fuse. Removing the DIC (Driver information center) fuse has worked on the gauge (stepper motor) problems on the 2500.
  • I have the same problem with my truck. I had the battery disconnected when I was replacing stereo speakers and after that no heat when auto climate is set below 90 degrees. Can anyone help? :(:(:(:(
  • 3chvytrks3chvytrks Posts: 2
    edited February 2010
    If this happend after the batt. was disconnected, then that leads me to believe that it might be a reset issue. I still have yet to try some of the tricks I have read about on reseting the climate control (computer). I have read some more on the problem and talked with some experts...and their best guess was an interior temp. control sensor, or a bad climate control system. My plan is to try all the reset tricks, then replace the sensor (depending on cost). I am sure it is to expensive of a fix to replace the whole system.
  • cliff85jcliff85j Posts: 7
  • cliff85jcliff85j Posts: 7
    the air recirc on my 05 silverado stopped working. when i push the button it flashes a few times goes out and it doesn't work. any ideas?
  • Mine was doing the same thing. Yesterday it stopped working altogether. I checked the fuse, bu it was good. Did you figure out what was causing the problem on your truck?
  • foxwoodfoxwood Posts: 1
    I have a 1999 Sierra and it has been attacked by pack rats (the real rats). The chewed out the rubber flaps that were located inside the fender just forward of the door. The have carried acorns into the ductwork. I pulled the plastic screening off of the air intake just below the windshield and used my shop vac but wasn't able to vac anything out. I removed the cabin air filter elements and pieces of acorns and rat dropping came out. Does anyone have any ideas how to block off the area where the rubber flaps were and what is between the outside air intake and the cabin air filter. There is still something blocking the air when I turn the blower up to 3 or more.
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