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Chevy Silverado and GMC Sierra Climate Control

I have dual heat control for driver and passenger. Problem is my side blows heat all the time regardless of setting. You can turn the temperature on both to coolest setting. You reach across and feel the air coming from the vent on the passenger side its cool. The drivers side is screaming hot.
Any ideas?
Truck is a 2003 1500HD LT Silverado 4x4.
Thanks in advance - Mike


  • brianc9brianc9 Posts: 1
    My '04 is actually at the dealership for this same problem right now.

    They tell me over the phone that the problem is/was the door control mechanism on the driver side temp control. I'm guessing that this is a fancy new term to describe the temp sensor not activating the hot/cold doors when the thermostat in the cab called for more or less heat or cold.
  • hdman2hdman2 Posts: 1
    I have this problem as well. I asked the dealer to fix it once. They messed around for an hour, then told me all was well. Worked for about a week. Now I am out of warranty. Does anyone know what the GM line is on re-do's of warranty repairs that did not take- after you cross the 3/36 mark?
  • jvajajvaja Posts: 2
  • jvajajvaja Posts: 2
    I have a '93 silverado and I keep going through heater cores. I've replaced it at least six times, some as little as two months in between them. I am being told that it caused by a stray electrical current, something not grounded right. I have pulled the fuses one at a time and checked for currrent in the radiator, but it still is there. I can't seem to locate where it is coming from. Can anyone help me with this??
  • My 95 Silverado blower motor has finally stopped after some days working and some days not. Once it came on it would run all day until I turn off the engine. But, when I started it back up there was no air coming from the vents again. Hours later or the next day or two, it would come on again. Until, last week. I've replaced the blower motor (passenger side underneath dash), resistor (behind the glove compartment), and checked ALL fuses left of driver and under the hood, and still the blower motor does not run. A/C comes on but no air from any of the vents on any settings, heat, a/c, defrost, floor, vents, or combination. Anybody out there who has any advice, please help, ITS HOT, I'm listening.

    Single dad of 2 children,
    on a tight budget.
  • cisawcisaw Posts: 1
    My 95 GMC Serrea AC will not blow cold air. The pressure is right in the system. The compressor run right. The air does get colder when running at freeway speeds but warms up at lower speeds.
  • momwagmomwag Posts: 14
    Similar problem in GMC Sierra was solved by replacing the A/C control module in the dash. It is a circuit board that cracks easily and causes this problem.
  • I have an A/C problem that only acts up occasionally. The A/C will only come out of the floor and sides and not out of the front vents and when the A/C is turned off it makes a noise that almost sounds like grinding. When the A/C works it doesn't make any sound and everything works fine, and blows nice and cold. Please and suggestions. Thanks in advance.
  • Hi, hope someone can help me. My Odyssey van sometimes makes a loud "whoo, whoo, whoooo" noise, almost like a car alarm. It does it intermittently and I think it has something to do when my AC is working. It usually happens a few seconds after I turn off my car, sometimes I'll hear a short low pitched "whup" while driving but rare. One dealer could not reproduce it but said it is normal for the air/ ac filters (?) to make a noise like this. Went to another dealer and they want to charge me a $70 diagnostic fee if they are unable to reproduce. I have been trying to reproduce b/f I send it back to dealer so they can hear it but it is intermittent. Any ideas? Thank you for your help!
  • KCRamKCRam Mt. Arlington NJPosts: 3,516
    You inadvertantly found the Chevy Silverado/GMC Sierra pickup section. Try these links for an answer to your Oduyssey questions:

    Honda Odyssey care and Maintenance
    Honda Odyssey: Problems & Solutions (2005+ Models)

    kcram - Pickups Host
  • Did you get his problem fixed? Mine is doing the same thing and I just went over 36,000, I took it to the closest dealer several months ago and they gave me their famous line "we couldn't duplicate the problem".
    If you know what they did to fix it and don't mind let know.
  • i have a 2004 chevy silverado reg cab 4x4 with the 5.3 V-8. I am having difficulty finding the cabin air filter to replace it. does anyone know where the damn thing is?

  • I have a 1996 silverado 1500 truck. My question is when i turn the blower motor off for my heat i still heat it running like its still on low. And it still blows a little. Was hoping someone had any ideas of what is going on. Thanks in advance for any suggestions.
  • check and make sure that your body to frame grounding strap (it is usually a flat non-insulated braided cable) is not broken or corroded. Mine is under the heater hose area connected near the starter. If you can't find it, then install one. More ten one is O/K.
    Less then one can may lead to this and other odd problems. Don't give up on her. She is only truckan. Get it? Human?-Truckan? Seriously. After 10 yrs, My 96 is running better then new. No thanks to the dealer (Warnock).
  • Around 75,000 miles my 2004 1500 EXT Silverado 4x4 was blowing heat from driver and passenger side regardless of the settings. Took it into the dealership they replaced the fan clutch for $341.17 on 1/8/07. Now today I noticed the driver side has A/C but the passenger side is blowing hot again.

    Does anyone have a solution to this problem?
  • ahoronahoron Posts: 30
    I have a 2002 the filter is located under the dash near the middle. There is 1 screw that holds a L-shaped cover the screw is located near the firewall. It has foam on it to seal the housing and it is about 1"x6".After you remove it the filter is inside it 2 parts. Only some models have a filter I think the ones with ac. hope this helps.
  • Mike,
    I have 03 Silverado LS, and I am having the same problem except the passenger side is hot and the driver controls work. They tried replacing the control panel (Very easy to get to) no luck. They then went into the dash and said that there is a door that is ran by a actuator and that the door was broke and would not open or close or anything because of the way it is broke. Here's the kicker, they wanted $886.00 to replace it!!! Needless to say it is back home and I am trying to find out how hard this is to fix myself. If anyone has any suggestions, please, please let me know.
    Thanks Folks!!!
  • Just purchased a 2003 Chev Sivverado 2500 Duramax,
    Only 44000, Noticed the heater blows cold air on an intermintent basis? The dealer witnessed this but can find nothing wrong.
    Says he has no bulletins except one on the air conditioner
    any ideas?
    Also would yu purchase an extedded warnety??
  • obyoneobyone Posts: 8,054
    Get one from GM. You can price shop it between dealers as any GM dealer is authorized to sell it.
  • what is wrong with my 2004 gmc 1500 pick-up, i only have one setting of five on my cotrol module that i just replaced for my heater. is there something that i have not tried yet? i am in alaska where is not a dealership around. my options are limited to where i can bring it. thank you, fm, losing hope on my gmc
  • mossfivemossfive Posts: 4
  • mossfivemossfive Posts: 4
    My 1993 Chevy's air is leaking from the low side hose port. It has already been converted to r134. Does anybody know how to replace the hoses or is there a way to fix the port?
  • biggtbiggt Posts: 4
    I have a 97 1500 with same problem. The fan only works on high. The guy I bought it from replaced the control module and I still only have high. I heard that the fan relay switch may need replacing. $24.00 part. I'll let you know if this fixes it.
  • i found out the problem on my blower motor. the blower motor resistor was fried. the part cost me 45.00 and now all the heat settings work fine.
  • biggtbiggt Posts: 4
    Is that he same as the fan relay switch? If not where was the blower motor resistor found on the truck? Thanks....
  • the resistor is located under the glove compartment. mine was mounted right on the fan. there should be a big cover underneath the glove compartment, right about where your feet are. take the cover off and the resistor is right on the fan motor. there should be two wires to a plug in in the fan motor.
  • jconleyjconley Posts: 2
    does anyone know what would cause an a/c vent to knock when the ignition is turned to run or off?
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