Water on floorboard of pontiac g6

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Bought a used 2007 pontiac g6 gt yesterday and that night i found that the floor board on the drivers side front and back were very wet. This morning i used a rug shampooer and sucked the water out and dried the floorboards. I rinsed the car off with the water hose and left the car for a few hours. Came back and the floors are soaked again same side front and back. I dont think it leaked when i rinsed it the seats doors and windows were dry after i rinsed. its the entire floor board front and back i didnt even run the car so its not the ac drain. Any idea what it is?


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    You're going to have to search. You probably sucked out the water in the low area and there's more water that is sitting that migrated. Or more water came in while you rinsed the car. My ideas are from reading lots of leak searches on Pontiac and Buick forums when I had leSabres and my memory is a little foggy on what was actually found.

    You may end up having to take all the carpet out to get it dry and also to be able to see water coming in that normally hides under the carpet and the mat that's under it. That avoids mold if you can actually air dry them on the garage floor, e.g..

    Take out rear seat bench to see if you have water under there that's migrating.

    Look in trunk and check the wheel humps for leaks that lets water thrown by rear wheels get into the car.

    Check the front floor board for leaks coming from HVAC box from where it gets air from the cowl air intake and drains down on front floor below firewall.

    Check for leak around windshield.

    Sunroof? Check for leaks for the two front drains that go through the floor at bottom of the A-pillars.
    Rear drain tubes can also uncouple and leak.

    A side note is that the sealing caulk on a few seams in the body under the cowl intake leaked on earlier cars. So it was a matter of resealing. On some Cobalt/HHR bodies, there was a square that sealed an access hole and that could end up leaking water into the HVAC box area.

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    I have a 2006 Pontiac g6 coupe that I purchased in March 2006. I am the only owner of my vehicle. I, too have experienced and continue to experience water coming into my vehicle. I, did not know why the passenger back floor was always wet. I noticed that everytime it rained, my floor would become wet. I didnt see any leaks anywhere. So, recently I pulled up the front passenger floor and there was so much water! I had to get three large towels to soak up all the water. I also noticed the foam blackish. That is a complete sign of mold. I am looking for a lawyer, because they knew that this car was not put together right. Everytime it rains the towels are soaking wet. I have to take them out and put them in the washer and dryer and back into my car. I have yet to be able to drive around like a normal person with my flooring the way it's suppose to be. I have children that have to get into the car. And that is not safe for them or myself. You pay your money, you expect to be able to drive around without water coming into the car everytime it rains. I live in the State of FL where it rains just about every day. I am pissed!! I don't think I should have to pay for this issue to be fixed. This was an issue from jump start. So, I am lawyer shopping!
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    I think it would be cheaper to just fix the problem that to lawyer up at this late date. Most interior leaks come from a clogged drain in the cavity below the fresh air vents (under your windshield wipers), or from a clogged sunroof drain. It's pretty rare for water to be kicked up through body seams under the car, although that is possible. Another possibility that people often overlook is leaking tail lights--water enters the trunk and during braking works it's way up into the car's interior.

    Sometimes spreading down newspaper in the interior and then working the car over with a garden hose can reveal the source of entry.
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    The newspapers are a great idea. I'd put them over the door sills from under the door to the seat. Used to recommend baby powder to see if any water fell out of the door behind the inside panel.

    If any work has been done inside the doors, power windows, power door locks, etc., you may have a bad seal on the water shield that deflects the water back to certain drain holes and to the outside of the door to drain through the holes on the bottom edge. (Are those holes open? Or blocked by tree debris?)

    Another has been drains for sunroof that come down through the A-pillar and then through the floor. Sometimes they've become disconnected close to the floor penetration and the sunroof water goes inside the car.

    If these "easy" diagnoses fail, then take off the cowl and look for penetration there around seals or caulk that have let go.

    Extreme examples are the wheel well in the trunk having a crack in it that let water that was slung by the tire get into the trunk and go forward on the floor. Or into the wheel well--have you checked in it for water?

    Again newspaper shows water really great. I'd paper the inside of the trunk with it. TAke out the rear seat bottom and put paper there. Under the door edges. Even under the dash up against the firewall on top of the carpet.

    As for suing GM, if I were defending such a case I'd point out that immediate remediation by seeking a professional shop should have been done to prevent aging of the problem and mold occurring.

    If you've got a garden hose and a sunroof..., you can have someone run water slowly into the corners and you can lie on the ground to see if you do get drainage out of each of the 4 corners (I assume all sunroofs use 4 drains).

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