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Toyota Yaris Prices Paid



  • asa805asa805 Posts: 29
    also dont expect to find a liftback in the Tri-state area without a ton of useless extras AND the power package and ABS. Chances are if they have those add ons then they will also have the mats, spoiler, armrest etc. and the price will definatley be higher than 15. Just fyi. I guess examine how badly you need power (ABS imo is uneccessary in NY).
  • mikey38mikey38 Posts: 141
    ABS is unnecessary in NY? People don't slam on their brakes in NY?
  • asa805asa805 Posts: 29
    ABS is not good in certain weather conditions (ice, snow, very wet), For dry conditions you can just pump your breaks which is more effective than ABS.. but you just have to remember to do it.
  • violinviolin Posts: 20
    You won't find a liftback with the power package and ABS in NY. You are in the same region I'm in (NJ). I had to travel to PA to get one with the power package and ABS (also came with the matts & armrest). You won't get one for under list for some time.

    I am so happy with this car, it was worth the train ride to Philadelphia.
  • xdreem18xdreem18 Posts: 5
    Thanks for the info.

    What about just the power pkg in NY area? If I can get the liftback w/o abs but WITH power, I would go for it, but I am finding that the problem is nowhere has the car, only w/o power.

    Where in PA did you go? I was thinking about heading down to the Phila area. The problem is that dealers will tell you that they have the car and when you get there they want to sell you the sedan. I went to 3 so far, all of which I would have to order the features I want with a 3 month wait. My current car might not wait that long, any further advice? I am willing to travel outside of tri state area. Thanks in advance.
  • xdreem18xdreem18 Posts: 5
    What dealership in Phila? Weird that those options are avail only an hour drive... Please let me know if you can. Thanks.
  • violinviolin Posts: 20
    Mine also came with the cold weather package and keyless entry. The armrest is the only option I didn't want but I find that I like it. I wanted alloy wheels too but they aren’t shipping them anywhere near here. I ended up adding them on my own and they look much better than what Toyota was offering anyway (Konig Helium).

    For whatever reason, our region is not getting the liftback with the power package. I wasn't comfortable in the Scion XA so I wouldn't have purchased one. If they're trying not to compete with the XA, they're doing something stupid. I nearly purchased a Honda Fit because I couldn't find a decently equipped Yaris Liftback.

    I hope I'm not violating forum rules by including a link to Central City Toyota in Philadelphia:

    I found them by checking the inventory of PA dealers online (those that would let me). My search showed Central City had one like I wanted. When I called them, they told me it was already sold but they had one just like it in port. I left a deposit over the phone and they called me when it arrived at the dealership (about two weeks). I took a train to 30th Street Station in Philly and the salesman picked me up. They were straight up and did everything they agreed to.

    I don't see one listed on their site now, but it probably wouldn’t hurt to give them a call. You might try searching inventories of other PA dealers.

    As far as dealers telling you they have one when they don't - I'd get a VIN # from them first.

    Good luck!
  • xdreem18xdreem18 Posts: 5

    Thanks, you gave me great information. I called that dealer - he said they HAD one, just sold. Said they will be getting more in, def with the power. He took my number, hopefully he'll call. Definitely making the trip - willing to pay MSRP. The guy in Staten Island, NY quoted me about $15,000 to order it (with power & abs). I thought that was way high, especially to have to wait 3 months. Crazy to even consider buying this car without ever driving it. Guess I'll just take your word for it. Thanks again, D
  • lucynethellucynethel Posts: 81
    I paid about $473.80 LESS than sticker (list price) in Carlsbad California on my white 2 door Liftback auto trans unit. Has the spoiler, carpets, upgraded stereo with MP3 jack, rear bumber protector.

    Wednesday I am having aftermarket tweeters installed at a local stereo shop. Had all my windows tinted DARK. Only got 27.3 MPG in city driving on my 1st tank but not sure if my dealer topped off my tank like I did?
  • asa805asa805 Posts: 29
    I have virtually the same vehicle (cept with alarm & armrest but no power package). Do you mind sharing what the MSRP was on yours?

    I also got 27 mpg on my first fillup. Big dissapointment. I dont th ink the dealer topped off the tank either but, it didnt matter because i averaged the total gallons put in (it was 10) to the total number of miles driven. Im hopeing for big improvements. Im in NYC so do only city driving as well and we have ethanol. IM still wondering if that makes a big enough difference. Good to see someone else with similiar numbers though. Seeing everyone getting 35 and higher city is really makeing me anxious.

    Good luck with y our car and cograts on getting an awesome deal (i paid full MSRP - 13,7 without alarm!) ! :)
  • canuck785canuck785 Posts: 160
    I am now considering the yaris, after seriously considering the chevy aveo and the scion xA (still on my list!) but i am wondering about the acceleration. don,t get me wrong, i don't expect something like a caddy sts or a dodge viper here... ;) but i dont wanna be scared on the highway if i need to pass! how are you guys finding the driving on highways in your yaris? i dont really like to speed, i follow the 70 limit unless passing. i am not concerned about city driving, i am confident it is just perfect!! and i have to say, even though i am still to see one " in person" the yaris has to be the cutest little car on the market right now!! i love the audi TT and the yaris reminds me of it with all the round curves. blue bayou would be my pick! anyone got it in that kinda kaki green?
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 176,567
    If the tank wasn't full in the first place, then your calculated mileage will be lower than actual MPG..

    So, you are on to something there... Check out the second tank, and let us know..


    Did you get a good deal? Be sure to come back and share!

    Edmunds Moderator

  • bws2bws2 Posts: 7
    I just read your post and thought (in case you haven't already purchased your car) that you may want to remove the Ford Focus from your car options. We have an 02 that has some serious engine issues (occassional bucking & jolting at various speeds ~ not fun at 70 mph!). I was unaware that this was a problems with a Focus until I started specifically researching it. Unfortunately service teams & buyers are at a loss to figure out what the deal is on them & start randomly replacing parts in blind hope of fixing it :( $$$. I just ran into another Focus owner with the exact problem ~ so just be VERY cautious if you choose the Focus. It seems trouble free at first and then the problems come on like a tidal wave. Because of the Focus issues, I just purchased the Yaris Liftback and I love it! Great little car with the Toyota reliability ~ I've learned the lesson ~ you get what you pay for :) Best wishes.
  • robertknrobertkn Posts: 94
    Just got back from talking to a local dealer here in Toledo, OH. I told the salesman what I would like on a Yaris coupe. He worked everything up and told me that Toyota would probably be willing to build it as I wanted. He gave me a price of $14,120 which is MSRP right to the dollar. He told me it would take 3-5 weeks to get order acceptance from Toyota, then it should be on the lot in another 2-3. I asked him at what point in the "process" does the final price become cast in stone. He said, "The price I gave you will be the price of the car" and went on this schpiel about how there is only $400 profit in the car, etc. I said, "Oh, so if I offer you, say, $13,999 you're going to tell me to walk?" He said, "Don't waste your time and don't waste my time. We're the biggest dealer in NW Ohio and we sell a lot of cars. Toyota will do builds for us that they might not do for smaller dealers. You might go to a smaller dealer and get a lower price, but you might never see your car."

    I sure hate to think about paying MSRP, but I don't know whether I'll have any other choice if I want my Yaris the way I want it.
  • lucyllucyl Posts: 4
    These things are impossible to find in So. Cal. At first I wanted the power package, but the 3 month wait was harsh. Especially if I needed another car asap. Amazingly, I was lucky enough to find a black liftback with connivence package and automatic. I don't miss the power at all. It was purchased at MSRP 13210 plus tax and fees. It wasn't a bad price since every Toyota dealer by me was marking up the liftbacks. I even talked to fleet managers that couldn't even offer me MSRP.

    I'm very happy with my purchase. The sales guys over at La Cresenta were awesome. They showed and described to me every little detail the Yaris has. And gas mileage is amazing. So far I have yet seen another Yaris Liftback on the road. XD
  • robertknrobertkn Posts: 94
    Well, I put my money down. I'll be back to report on whether I receive what I ordered. I will say that it wasn't a particularly pleasant experience. This was the first time I've ever purchased a new car, so maybe it isn't supposed to be a pleasant experience. They really didn't act particularly appreciative of my business--more like they were doing me a favor. It was almost as though they hate having to sell Yaris's.

    I will add that I thought I would be remiss if I failed to at least drive a Honda Fit before ordering the Yaris. So, a few days ago I stopped by the Honda dealer right next door to the Toyota dealer. A salesman told me they didn't have a Fit in stock, but he would call me when one came in. Yesterday afternoon he called me and said they had just received a Fit that was not yet spoken for. He said they would be closing in a half hour, so asked whether I would like to come in the next morning to check it out. I said OK. This morning I called him to let him know I was coming over and he told me it was already sold. After hanging up I called the other Honda dealer in Toledo to see whether they had one. The salesman said no, and that they would not have another for the rest of the year. That seems really strange to me, but whatever. I hope I get my Yaris.

  • homeriq5homeriq5 Posts: 5
    I've recently been looking to get a new car under 15,000 that gets good gas mileage and has a good seat of features to boot. Ive been interested in the Toyota Yaris and am planning to visit the dealership sometime next week. I also recently visited a nissan dealership and was presented a great deal with a Sentra 1.8 S Special Edition, about 14,000 for a car that includes keyless entry, 6 cd changer, 9 piece speaker system with woofer, spoiler, etc. Do you think this deal is good enough to be aptly used as leverage to lower the price of a Yaris Sedan with a convenience package, priced around 15,100? I'm writing from Durham, NC.
  • nippononlynippononly SF Bay AreaPosts: 12,726
    Invoice is only about $1000 less than the MSRP, and I seriously doubt you would get them anywhere near invoice on this car, but who knows, maybe. I am sure you could get $500 off list.

    Now, could you get a Corolla LE with all that stuff (except the spoiler and 9 speakers) for $14K right now? No sweat.

    2014 Mini Cooper (stick shift of course), 2016 Camry hybrid, 2009 Outback Sport 5-spd (keeping the stick alive)

  • robertknrobertkn Posts: 94
    It never hurts to try. But, most people here are reporting that the dealers are insisting on MSRP. At this time it is most definitely a "sellers" market on this car--especially if you intend to order one a certain way. You never know, though. If someone has one on the lot that you like you might find a salesman who is willing to deal a little to make a sale that day. The salesman I dealt with told me that the Yaris is a "zero day supply" product--meaning that, based on supply and demand, there is already a buyer for every one that comes into the country. Obviously, the dealers would rather sell every buyer a car that has more profit margin. So, when they sell a Yaris with such a low margin they are going to eek every last dime out of the sale. Using another car as leverage won't necessarily work because, with supply and demand the way it is, if you don't take the Yaris they know there is someone else who soon will. I know that's discouraging, as no one wants to pay retail for a car, but that seems to be the reality in many places, at least at this time.
  • laurie_tlaurie_t Posts: 15
    Those are some sweet wheels! I'm going to do the same thing probably for a lot less money than Toyota wants for rims.
  • laurie_tlaurie_t Posts: 15
    I decided just last week that I wanted a Yaris (after seeing it online at and falling in love with it's looks) but I had no idea how hard they were to come by! I started out by looking online at dealer inventories (those that had websites), because I wanted a red liftback... Haha... that's when I noticed that there were barely any out there at all, much less in red. The few that I did find online in Michigan were all grey, and all located at least 100 or more miles away. On Saturday morning, I got up, did another search and decided to call a dealer nearby even though there wasn't one listed in their inventory online. The salesman told me that he had just gotten one in the night before off the truck.. in blazing blue, manual trans (which I want), convenience and cold weather package... and it wasn't yet sold. I got my butt out the door, and put a deposit on it! I'm picking it up tomorrow, and I can't wait :) I didn't dicker on the price, I don't care - I just want the car. As I was sitting in the dealership, I watched as every single person who walked by the Yaris stop and look at it... and I'm thinking, "get away, that's mine!" LOL

    I'll let you all know how it goes tomorrow.
  • rodnreelrodnreel Posts: 13
    Congratulations Laurie! I had the same experience about two months ago, only I wanted a Blazing Blue and got one. Yours has the same features as mine.

    I love my lift! I have yet to see another one on the road. (I bought mine May 19th and paid MRSP) I would have liked to have had all the power package stuff, but it is just fine how it is. I don’t even notice when I’m cruising. I’m working on mile 4200… :)
  • asa805asa805 Posts: 29
    sounds like you got lucky. As did I. My dealership had two in stock when i went in. Both unaccounted for. A white l/b & a blazing blue both in auto. I ended up taking the white. I almost wish i took the blue as i have seen pics and it really is a HOT color. At the time i thought it was too bright for me.. but i realize now I WANT bright - it stands out!

    But im very happy with my little white baby. :)I think finding a l/b (in stock) is all about luck for the time being...

    ps. that blazing blue car was sold that same night by a girl who came in for the white after i already agreed to buy it. lol
  • laurie_tlaurie_t Posts: 15
    Thanks :)

    I have yet to see another on the road myself, and I live just outside of Detroit where there's a gazillion cars on the road!

    I do want to add some extras eventually - I'd like to get chrome rims for sure, maybe tint the windows.. I've been driving a "mom minivan" for four years and I'm ready for something cute and fun! LOL
  • laurie_tlaurie_t Posts: 15
    I think the white would be pretty hot looking, too! I've had a few white cars in my day, so I wanted something different... red was my first choice, blue my second. I quickly realized that I couldn't get picky about color (or much else) though!

    How's the auto trans on it? I got a stick because I thought it might give me a little more "oomph" during acceleration.
  • mare2579mare2579 Posts: 5
    I've been looking in FL at 2006 Corollas, no power w/d with 0% financing and the best they offered was $15,900 (without taxes, tags, prep fee. I said no way, so then they brought out an ugly granny-silver with black trim and no extra Toyoguard crap at $14,968. It's nothing special (other than being a Toyota)Now they claim they have a red Corolla that they forgot to show me... :mad:
    I've been pricing Yaris too but they keep steering me away from it. There are 2 liftbacks on the lot, a white and silver w/ convenience pkg, Toyoguard and mats. This car is really cute and different although I don't like the center IP. I need auto - I hate driving manual.I'm looking at $13,900 and putting $8000 down.

    I'm torn between being practical w/0% and driving something CUTE. :blush: Any advice? I drive a 2000 Civic now and am giving it to my teenage daughter. Can't even find a FIT in the area to check out...
  • laurie_tlaurie_t Posts: 15
    Get the Yaris - I LOVE mine! If you are putting $8k down, your car payment will be next to nothing anyway - I say go with cute and fun - you only live once ;)
  • robertknrobertkn Posts: 94
    Well--if they have Yaris's on the lot, there is obviously only one reason the would steer you to somthing else. They don't care what you drive, only how much $$ they make. That's why they exist. Keep in mind that you don't get 0% financing for "free." The financing cost is embedded somewhere else in the deal, be it the price of the car, dealer incentives, or whatever.

    Did you drive the Yaris? My wife and I both had concerns about the center IP. But, after driving it I said, "I would have no problem getting used to it." My wife said, "I think I like it better."

    Pick the car that works best for "you."
  • lhansonlhanson Posts: 268
    Get the liftback if you like it. It's a great car, but very scarce. If you don't act quickly, it will be gone, even with the salesmen steering people away due the low spread between invoice and MSRP. Expect to pay full MSRP. Anything less is a bargain.
  • mare2579mare2579 Posts: 5
    Thanks for the advice everyone! It makes sense that the 0% doesn't end up being a bargain because they don't want to discount the car.

    I drove the sedan, but not the liftback. It reminded me a lot of my Civic.

    I think the Yaris might be a little easier to get down here because there are so many elderly and wealthy people who buy big luxury cars.

    As far as the center IP, I have to look at the rear view mirror in the center anyway - so what's the difference?
  • robertknrobertkn Posts: 94
    "As far as the center IP, I have to look at the rear view mirror in the center anyway - so what's the difference?"

    About 17". :D

    Just kidding, I think that is an EXCELLENT point! I hadn't thought of that.
  • mare2579mare2579 Posts: 5
    Gee, I only went to look at the liftback last night after having looked and driven the sedan earlier this month...and I bought it. I got an automatic with convenience package in "meteorite silver." A bright color would have been nice, but they didn't have any and the silver is actually pretty sharp. They had 2 other liftbacks - silver and white and the three had just come in.

    Final price seemed OK at $14K - I was planning on it being less but when I got to the dealership they had tacked on the Toyoguard package, stripes, door guards, mats and some chrome stuff that I wouldn't have wanted. They came down a couple hundred. I didn't have time to order one so I took it with the extra stuff.

    Needless to say the woman who was working with me on the Corolla pricing the other night was very disappointed when I told her I bought from another dealer. :cry:

    It's very comfortable, smooth and fairly quiet. The inside is really cute too, and I like the speedometer better than the one on the sedan.

    This is by far the cutest car I've ever owned. Someone was already checking it out at the grocery store parking lot. :D
  • giantkillergiantkiller Posts: 273
    "I got to the dealership they had tacked on the Toyoguard package, stripes, door guards, mats and some chrome stuff that I wouldn't have wanted"

    Hey Toyota! Are you listening Toyota? Wake up before you lose your market share.
    All these garbage and no side airbags? I guess people are so stupid nowadays that they can do without side airbags but not pin stripes, door guards , mats and whatever the heck Toyoguard is. Outstanding market research to all the people in Toyota.
  • laurie_tlaurie_t Posts: 15
    Congrats! May you have many miles of fun driving :shades:

    As for the add-ons - that sounds like a scam, but what can ya do? My dealership didn't do that, thank goodness.
  • nippononlynippononly SF Bay AreaPosts: 12,726
    the distributorship - Southeast Toyota - doing all that idiotic pinstripe/Toyoguard crap, not Toyota Motor. They do it to make more profit, just like when dealers add alarms to cars that already have factory alarms. Idiotic. Should be criminal!

    2014 Mini Cooper (stick shift of course), 2016 Camry hybrid, 2009 Outback Sport 5-spd (keeping the stick alive)

  • asa805asa805 Posts: 29
    Extra money for an armrest!!! You must be freaking kidding me. i spent almost 800 extra for door guards, bumber guards and mats. I mean come on. That really pisses me off. If not for the fact that i REALLY loved the car and knew that it was luck that had it their in the lot for me when i got there and for the fact that i needed an inexpensive car and needed it within the week, well i would have scoffed at those ridiculous extras. I think we will see after a year or so that the Yaris is on the streets they will be forced to get rid of some of those ridiculous extras. I really think people will not pay for them. The only reason they are now is because the car is hard to find and its basically take it the way it is or watch the next person grab it up.

    Too bad they had to make the car so darn cute!
  • robertknrobertkn Posts: 94
    As regards some of those "extras," the way I understand it is you can tell the dealer to keep some of that crap. They can remove the armrest, mats, any cargo net, etc. I'm not sure whether the guards can be removed once they have been put on. Obviously, the pin stripes will have to stay.
  • asa805asa805 Posts: 29
    Well i was told if it is on the sticker its yours. You pay the price... they can remove but you still pay for it.
  • mare2579mare2579 Posts: 5
    It is a Southeast Toyota thing...and the sales people try to justify it by saying "Well most people want it." Bah. No one wants it. My parents got stuck with it (Toyoguard) on their Corolla too. It's a scam just like extended warranties. Between 2 dealers in 2 different towns there were 4 liftbacks that had just come in and they all had the Toyoguard package.
    Again, I was in the same position. I liked the car, needed a car right away, needed cheap car, and was told they don't get many.
    It really is an adorable car! I love it so far.
  • famof3kidsfamof3kids Posts: 160
    My sister is trying to find a Yaris. Our local dealer, the largest in western Virginia doesn't have any on their lot. When we inquired, they said that they are just telling folks to put $500 down and they would place your name on the waiting list. Hahaha

    When you search the website for the southeast region, it list over 800 Yaris that are available for delivery to the dealer within 1 day. What's up with that? Why won't Toyota just put them on the lots? I think it's a scheme to force the buyer to settle on the 'one' that comes in and to lead them to believe they are in such demand you have to settle for whatever you can get. I emailed the VP of sales of toyota last week about this, he didn't reply. Ha..

    Both our local Nissan dealer and Honda dealer have several of the Versa and Fit in stock. Hum...

  • Relax if possible. When the PT Cruiser arrived. our local dealers marked them UP a whopping $5K!!!! And even worse, they GOT it. I bought mine New Years Eve a few months ago with a/c & power windows for $11488.99! Over $4k UNDER MSRP. It's hard to wait, but sure expensive if you don't!
  • tjw1308tjw1308 Posts: 296
    Hi all =). I am an internet manager for a local Toyota dealer and actually ordered a l/b yesterday. In doing my research as to what everyone thinks about the car (yes, even 7 year Toyota "insiders" like to hear what "real" people think haha), I am amazed at the hostility towards dealers. What we have here is a clear case of supply and demand (and yes I am paying sticker, no I don't want to, and no, I won't drive a domestic because they are such screamin "deals" :) ... good luck with that PT Cruiser in a few years... let me know how that "deal" turns out if you ever try and trade it in).

    No one wants the "extras" dealers put on these cars (my store doesn't btw), but remember, it's the vehicles we CAN'T sell for MSRP that make us greedy on the cars we can. If you don't want to pay MSRP or for any extras, wait for pete's sake. Or if you want a Tundra... I can practically give one away haha...

    But that's my point, no one WANTS a thirsty V8 right now, so we are forced into deep discounts. I'm not here looking for any pity, just making the observation that consumers drive prices down on us just as fast as we drive them up. People do WANT cheap fuel efficient cars. As far as I am concerned, if the demand is there, why not mark them up as much as people are willing to pay? Why is that any more of a crime than the Tundra I had to sell at invoice because of LACK of demand yesterday?

    People often forget that THEY are the ones that set pricing on vehicles anymore. Everyone has information on invoices and holdbacks and factory to dealer incentives. If we have to give something away, we will, if it's a hot product (can anyone say Prius?), we want to make as much as humanly possible (we are a business last I checked lol)...

    I know everyone is pre-disposed to hate the "car business", but most of us are honest, hard-working folk who love our cars (especially Toyota's).

    Anyways, flame away, but I thought I'd drop in my 2c.

    Looking forward to my l/b very much.

  • nippononlynippononly SF Bay AreaPosts: 12,726
    Well said! Now order me an l/b in Bayou Blue with the power package with alloys and don't charge me more than MSRP, and you will be my new hero! :-)


    Even on these little cars, I think there's a decent amount of profit for the dealer built in at MSRP. So I think it's a bit much to jack the prices way up over sticker, but you are right of course: car sales are a business, and businesses charge what the market will bear.

    The car biz is screwy - everyone is getting jacked by SOMEONE, even the dealers who have to put up with the whims of the manufacturer and the distributorship.

    2014 Mini Cooper (stick shift of course), 2016 Camry hybrid, 2009 Outback Sport 5-spd (keeping the stick alive)

  • laurie_tlaurie_t Posts: 15
    Well said - and I'm not going to flame you.

    It's all about supply and demand. Like you said, nobody wants to buy an SUV anymore because not only is it like throwing money down the drain (or rather, at the Saudis and Exxon/Mobil execs), people who drive SUVs look stupid and inconsiderate of the environment.

    I bought my Yaris l/b a few weeks ago, and I LOVE it! I didn't pay that much over MSRP, and my dealer didn't tack on any "extras" that I didn't want (though they did try to sell me overpriced fabric protection, etc.. but ALL dealers do that) and I didn't feel like I got ripped off.

    Plus, I've gone over 200 miles and my gas gauge still reads 1/2 tank! Gotta love that. So yeah, maybe the dealer made some money on my deal, but so what, I'll get it back in gas savings in no time.

    And I agree w/what you said about domestic cars; I had a Plymouth Horizon back in the 80s that I literally abandoned on the side of the road because it was such a piece of crap, and later (because I still hadn't learned my lesson) owned a nightmare called a Chevy Chevette. I'll never drive a domestic :lemon: again. Ever. Again.

    Peace out :)
  • w9cww9cw Posts: 888
    All of the extra "stuff" you paid for are called "dealer packs" in the industry. There is only one reason it's done: to increase the profit margin.

    Run, don't walk, from dealers who do this. And, never fall in love with a car on a sales lot. Once you do this, they've got you, and you will pay whatever they ask.
  • Just got back from ordering my blazin blue automatic hatchback with armrest & ABS. The price after tt&l walking out door was $14200.00 They told me the usually 6 to 8 wks. delivery. Oh Well, I can wait.
  • rodnreelrodnreel Posts: 13

    U did good. I paid the same, for the same car, that was on the lot (just the night before, it would have been gone the next morning). I frickin love it. Good luck to U. :shades:
  • tjw1308tjw1308 Posts: 296
    Looks like my next inbound l/b mt is Blazing Blue, so being the impatient "car guy" that I am, I bit and it's mine haha... Again, it's MSRP, and I even paid for license plates and *gasp* tax AND doc... For some reason I'm walking perfectly fine and don't feel screwed at all.

    Just for the record (I had a customer leave over it the other day lol), even MANAGERS at most dealerships pay the Documentary fee ("doc" or "d&h" or "dealer prep"). It is $369.00 at my dealership, and while I know it varies, it certainly doesn't bother me.

    Sure, I COULD have waited a year or longer and probably saved a few bucks (Prius people keep telling themselves that, and yet 5 years later we STILL get over sticker even on employees haha...), but I wanted it NOW.

    Hot stocks get more $$$, property does too, so does just about everything negotiable in the world.

    If you are going to whine, just WAIT lol... No one puts a gun to your head and forces you to buy this "toyoguard" I hear about (I wouldn't pay for it either btw), but when push comes to shove, you DO, and that's why dealers keep charging it. Not because they want to rip you off anymore than anyone else in a business does, but because the demand allows them to.

    Being ripped off would be BELIEVING toyoguard was worth it, then finding out later you got overcharged.

    Paying for it because you can't wait, isn't.

    Try offering invoice on some beachfront property in California... :D
  • To TJW1308: Just special ordered Yaris "S" sedan, got car and added options at invoice. Please advise on the following fees leading up to final cost besides destination, and tt&l.

    TMF/toyota marketing fees 200.00
    TAF/toyota advertising fees 295.00
    PIO/HB 4.00
    BASE-VEH-HB 283.00
    Finance Reserve $141

    I have researched and first 3 should be ok although high for Toyota since they have middlemen. The last 2 I have issues with; I believe the 2nd to last is holdback which the dealership will get once the car is sold to me so why am I paying for it? And the last thing, 'finance reserve', is a term used to confuse buyers and basically is dealership assistance, or helping them pay interest/overhead for having the car on the lot over certain periods of time, but mine's coming straight from Japan so it does'nt apply. I was also told TMF is national and TAF is local.

    Oddly enough, my price sheet is the invoice version, not msrp, and their invoice is about 330 below what edmunds lists.. but he also said msrp includes all these fees, you just don't see them.. but if he's adding them to invoice then I'm not really paying invoice right? Please advise. I have left a $500 refundable deposit, but regardless I probably will want the car anyway.. also oddly enough I have calculated over and over and it seems like I'm saving about $900 on the total by paying invoice instead of MSRP, which is eerily almost the difference between MSRP and invoice in the first place (when comparing base model prices, no options added). So where did the fees go? Am I missing something? Thanks!!!!!! :confuse:
  • tjw1308tjw1308 Posts: 296
    If you are only paying for the MSRP on the actual Toyota window sticker you are doing just fine and need not worry. I would try and avoid anything else besides Tax, Title and a reasonable "doc" fee though (199.99 to 499.99 is nationwide average there).

    The truth about holdback/reserve (keep in mind I have no financial gain involved here and you are a fellow Yariser hehe), is really not what people like to hear. Yes, in a way, it is additional dealer profit.

    The simplest explaination is that holdback/reserve is a way for dealers to recoup the financing loss they take after having a vehicle sit on our lot for months unsold. Luckily we at Toyota rarely have that problem (granted I have a Land Cruiser about to celebrate a birthday :) ).

    While it's true that your vehicle will cost the dealership nothing in relation to holdback/reserve, you have to remember the big picture. A dealers "floorplan" (or the total amount they are loaned from the bank to purchase every car) involves EVERY car on their lot, so basically, the holdback on your Yaris is for that Land Cruiser that's already been there a year and has long since eaten away it's 2% holdback. It comes out a wash for us more or less.

    Believe me, you'd be denying the dealer a much bigger profit elsewhere (SERVICE is the cash cow of any dealer, even Toyota and Honda... does anyone negotiate their service bill? I do :) ).

    Now some dealers don't floorplan anything. Is holdback then just additional pure profit? Yup. Do you still have to pay it? Depends on what vehicle and when, but usually, Yup.

    In the end, and in reality, we dealers really don't profit much in sales (we don't do bad either, certainly not looking for any tears lol). As said before, the money's really made in service and to a lesser extent finance (you seem to be getting a killer rate though, so don't worry).

    The marketing fees actually come from Toyota and are a regional thing. We have a dealer advertising fee on our invoices as well.

    Do I want to pay it? No. Do I want to pay a lot of things? No. Do I? Yup :P

    You are getting dollar for dollar the best car on the market... I could get anything I want, and it's what I'm getting :D (My colleagues are sick of my excitement already haha)

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