Toyota Camry Hybrid: Ordering Process

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Have your ordered your Camry Hybrid? Talk about options and wait time here!


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    Just put an order in with my dealer. Here's the MSRP pricing he quoted:

    Base 25900
    Destination 580
    Base model cost 26480

    Navigation 1200
    Sunroof 940
    Leather 1300
    Convenience 470
    Fully loaded 30390
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    What about floor mats?
  • hardchemisthardchemist Member Posts: 61
    My dealer told me that the minor things like floor mats, rims, dang "toyo-guard" are added at your regional distribution center. All Toyotas here in the SE stop in Jacksonville FL and that's where they add on the last-minute stuff.
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    Is the $712 "Southeast Toyota Administration Charge" that is tacked onto each Toyota sold in the Southeast a negotiable fee? Is there a comparable fee in other regions? If not, why would anyone in the Southeast not go to another region to buy their Toyota?

    Thanks -
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    It's called TDA in the other regions.. an explanation of it is all over these forums in one place or another. If you can negotiate it away on a hybrid Camry we have an opening for you to settle the mess in the MidEast.

    It's a valid charge that the dealer has to pay to the regional office. They have no choice in the matter.
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    Everything is negotiable. The only other comparable fee I'm aware of is in the Gulf States Region. These two areas, Gulf States and SET, are run by independent distributors, hence the fees. Worse yet is the above mentioned add-ons. Toyo-Guard! Woo hoo, paint sealant and sound dampening!

    I've heard horror stories of vehicles purchased in the Gulf States region, where the common practice is to "upgrade" the vehicle with alloy wheels that are in fact a non-OEM copy of the original Toyota wheel. They are usually easy to spot since the center cap doens't have the Toyota logo on it. Now the fun part comes in, if you ever try to get warranty work done on one of those wheels (out of balance, clearcoat peeling, etc) Toyota tells you no way since they are not a genuine Toyota part.
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    I just got on a wait list at a local dealership for my TCH. They required a $500 non-refundable deposit. Has anyone not had to put down an non-refundable deposit? Also, I've been told price will be MSRP, with no negotiation. I expected that, since there is a wait list. Anyone had any different info? I'm just glad the price won't be above MSRP!

    I'm trying to get a fully loaded one, except without navigation system. I think you got it almost exact on your prices.
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    Non-refundable? I think I would have found a new dealer. It isn't like he would EVER get stuck with a TCH just "sitting" unwanted on his lot. Come on--this dealership is taking you for a ride.

    I put down a refundable deposit at 2 dealerships. One actually put the $500 on my CC, the other just xeroxed my card as a "good faith" thing.

    With your non-refundable deposit, if you chose NOT to get the car, you should be able to sell your "spot" in line to someone else for $500, if you ask me! If I were you, I would be worried that they will NEVER get in a TCH fully loaded without NAV. At least in the mid-Atlantic, those constitute less than 1% of the allocations!
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    We placed our order on the 14th, and received the same quote on our fully loaded titanium metallic (30,390). Dealer didn't require a deposit. He did say he had no idea as to when to expect it, but he thought realistically, perhaps around July.
  • tamaritamari Member Posts: 7
    Thanks for the reply. Maybe the dealer simply meant the $500 was to reserve my spot on the wait list. I agree that if I choose not to buy it, I should be able to "sell" my spot to someone else for $500.00. I will check it out with dealer, and I'll also check to see if they've run the money through the credit card. Another local dealer didn't require a deposit, but said that when the cars come in, they would call people on the list, at which point people would have to pony up a grand to keep their spot. Don't know what to make of all of it, but would like to hear others' experiences.
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    This is typical of low volume, high interest vehicles of all makes. It's been in place for 3 years on the Prius. $500 is standard on a $20K-something vehicle.

    Dealerships are not in business to scam $500 off customer deposits. The term non-refundable is a poor choice of words so I'd clarify what it means but as you can see from most posts here dealerships try to be fair and not take money up front from customers until they know more definite information on pricing, delivery and availability.

    Over the past 3 yrs large dealerships which have done significant business in Prius' have likely had as many as 20-150 'deposits' in hand waiting for the vehicles to arrive. In these cases buyers have often been on 2 or 3 wait lists with 2 or 3 deposits 'pending'.

    Just call and ask specifically what it means at the store where you left the deposit. If you're still uncomfortable then cancel it.
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    I placed an order for mine last week. I asked for the dark silver, with all the options. At the time, the dealer could not give me a price, nor could he give me an estimate as to delivery. I do know that I am number 11 on the list. I made a $500 refundable deposit.
  • bjoh11bjoh11 Member Posts: 3
    This is my first post.. so here goes. Three weeks ago I wrote a $500 check to a rural MN dealership and they report I am second in line for a TCH--- they state they will not cash the check until I buy my vehicle and they have not done so--check requested as a "show of faith" and I can back out if I want. They say they have another list of individuals interested but not writing a check...those who leave a deposit will be called first- thought I have nothing to lose.

    They report they will sell the car at MSRP without dealer add ons. Confirmed this with a friend who bought a Prius at the same dealership at popularity height- so I would not expect any change in this. Sounds like they have little control over the vehicle color or options in their initial allocations. My salesman reports the individual in line ahead of me will take whatever car first arrives regardless of configuration. I will choose first from there according to my dealer and they will call as they learn what they can get. Don't need the vehicle immediately but will expect/hope to buy before the Sept 30th re tax deadline :shades:

    I was hoping for silver with nav- no leather or sunroof- sounds like this will not happen. Other posts seem to indicate Nav only in loaded cars?? Never had a car with leather- although they look and smell great I find them cold in the winter and burning bare skin in the summer--- for sure I cannot do a sunroof- I am 6'7" and barely fit as it is...believe it or not- I do fit with acceptable comfort sans moonroof. :surprise:

    Seems like this is as good a deal as can be done given the market. Dealership is small with good local rep.
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    Everything you posted sounds on the up and up so I think you are protected.

    The sunroof issue might be a major issue to getting one sooner rather than later. As I understand it there will be 3 configurations:

    'Base' : Std Eq + heated O/S mirrors
    'Middle' : Std Eq + heated O/S mirrors + Sunroof
    'Loaded' : Everything on it
    Pricing is not official yet, just good suppositions.

    This may change later in the year or next year but to qualify by Sept 30th I'd take the 'Base' trim since the other options are not important to you.

    We have two coming in on our first allocation:
    one base trim
    one loaded trim
  • stj4stj4 Member Posts: 27

    This is my first post, and I am quite excited to put up this post.

    I got VIN # today for teh TCH coming for me(in the midwest) The dealer is getting 1 car. The dealership was not taking any advances, but had my $500 with them from a prior order which I was able to use for this.

    Car should come mid may. Base verson, silver color. I will pay MSRP.

    I will keep it updated if there is an interest from the listeners.
  • kdhspyderkdhspyder Member Posts: 7,160
    Wow, Congrats.. the first one I've seen to get a VIN on a TCH. You'll love it.

    Trophy and ribbon to follow. :)
  • babyrocketbabyrocket Member Posts: 54
    I am on the waitlist at Fitzmall, and was told today that they expect to begin receiving the first Camry Hybrids in late May. I was also told that they will be selling them at MSRP at their "Internet Price".
  • bullymombullymom Member Posts: 2
    Just got back from Maroone Toyota in Davie, FL. Discussed the TCH loaded,including Nav,(except I don't want the sunroof) and was given a price of $30403. When he gave me the invoice, in a black pen was written +$2995. I asked what that meant and he said all the dealers are doing it because it's a limited version of a car and the demand is high. He said some dealers are even charging more. Needless to say, I didn't put down a deposit. Is anyone else seeing this? Oh he said none had been built yet and they don't expect them for three months.
  • kdhspyderkdhspyder Member Posts: 7,160
    We are not.. Two are coming to us at ~$30500 +/- ( incl SR ) but no addendums. It's often a regional perception of the market. We have not had any addendums on the Prius' either for the last 3 yrs.
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    Just a typical uninformed car salesman.
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    The Ocala, FL dealership ( does not put surcharges on their hybrids but does charge MSRP. Unfortunately, as of the beginning of April, there were 16 people on their TCH waiting list (I'm #2). Who knows how many are on it now with $3.00/gallon gas. They also requested a $1000 refundable down payment (which I had no problem with).

    They are responsive to my emails, and after I wrote about the VIN#s for TCH's in the pipeline (care of this forum) they responded with "There are a very small amount of Hybrid Camry's that are in the pipeline. We, however, did not earn one. I expect to have one in our pipeline come May 4th." I hope that it's one that I would want (loaded), and that Mr. or Mrs. #1 on the list doesn't want it....LOL
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    Hi All: The TCH looks great and the one write up I have see on the car looks outstanding. However, with Toyota limiting Camry production to 7% hybrids, 93% non-hybrids for 2007, I cannot see a reasonable deal taking place with Toyota, so I'm buying another new car.

    I live in the southeast and hate the regional distributor mark-up and game; and to buy a hybrid, I must play it.

    Having previously been in sales management in the car business, I ask you who must put deposits down to use a credit card and get in writing the refundable nature of the deposit. It is a ticket for a dealer to add on many profitable surcharges to your deal.
  • dbspeerdbspeer Member Posts: 1
    Yesterday I ordered a TCH at Thompson Toyota in Doylestown, PA. They said they weren't offering anything off of MSRP. Since I went there because it was in the Costco car purchase plan, I asked what was the discount for Costco members. They told me I would receive $500 off of MSRP. There was no dealer add on fees and my deposit is fully refundable. They seemed like a very legitimate, up and up dealership. I didn't expect any major deal on the price because of the hybrid situation, but the price for leather, moon roof, NAV, heated seats & mirrors was $30,480. The XLE with similar options I was considering would have been in the same range. No promises on delivery but I'm in no hurry.

    I'm satisfied....
  • ozarkgolferozarkgolfer Member Posts: 22
    I ordered a loaded Mag gray/ash TCH from Autopark of Fayetteville, AR for $500 off MSRP with no dealer fees (they usually charge $199 dealer doc & prep fee) on 4/21. I am #1 on the list. This dealer does not charge 'market fees' on 'hot' sellers - strictly first come, first served.

    I test drove the V6 XLE and was very impressed with the driving dynamics and comfort. Way too fast a car for me - I'd just get traffic tickets! The 'auto-stick' tranny very impressive.
  • kdhspyderkdhspyder Member Posts: 7,160
    I live in the southeast and hate the regional distributor mark-up and game; and to buy a hybrid, I must play it.

    I also live in SET territory but work in CAT territory. Why let a local annoyance keep you from having what you want? If a particular doctor annoyed you wouldn't you just move to another one elsewhere?

    You last paragraph was unclear. Why would anyone put a deposit on a vehicle unless all the terms were clear in advance?
  • consumer46consumer46 Member Posts: 17
    The following may be helpful. The prices for CAT (Central Atlantic Toyota) region have been released for the Camry Hybrid. Initial dealer deliveries should begin around May 17.

    Pack #1 = FE, HM ( 50 States and Heated Outside Mirrors) with CF= Carpeted Floor Mats............MSRP $26,709.00

    Pack #2 = FE, HM, SR ( 50 States, Heated Outside Mirrors and Sun/Moon Roof) with CF, DK = Carpeted Floor Mats................................MSRP $27,649.00

    Pack #3 = FE, LA, NV, SR, CQ ( 50 States, Leather Package, Voice Activated DVD Navigation System, Sun/Moon Roof, Comfort and Convenience Package) with CF = Carpeted Floor Mats..................................MSRP $30,589.00
  • kdhspyderkdhspyder Member Posts: 7,160
    Precisely correct. CAT btw 'strongly' advises the local stores against ADM addendums. The prices are what they are. Our first is due 5/13-15 then about 10 days later for the 2nd.
  • kiawahkiawah Member Posts: 3,666
    Spyder, which dealership do you work at?
  • kdhspyderkdhspyder Member Posts: 7,160
    It's bad form here so I can't. See my profile if you'd like to contact me.
  • spectrabluespectrablue Member Posts: 28
    I just got my VIN! Went to my dealer tonight and what do you know a 2560 showed up on the inventory sheet.
    Don't know how my dealer pulled it off getting it exactly the way I wanted: Blue Ribbon/Ash, Heated Mirrors, and Floormats...

    I've seen alot of interest in Blue Ribbon lately on the boards, hope I didn't steal it from someone ;)

    Someone help me out on a projected delivery date for a KC region dealer. It says my ETA is PT0425.
  • kdhspyderkdhspyder Member Posts: 7,160
    PT 0425 I believe means due at the port of entry ( Houston ? LA? )on 4-25. Then typically it's 7-14 days to the local store depending on how far it is from the port.
  • gtgtcobragtgtcobra Member Posts: 268
    I don't blame you. Toyota dealerships are not giving big rebates on the Hybrid Camrys. You are better off buying something else.
  • chasgoosechasgoose Member Posts: 12
    I have called my local dealer in the Phoenix area recently and they don't know anything about hybrid ordering yet. We knew more than they did, yet I keep seeing people talking about ordering hybrids. I know its not because we are a small market becuase the dealer I called is one of the highest volume dealers in the country. Are certain parts of the country getting delayed shipments of Camry hybrids?
  • kdhspyderkdhspyder Member Posts: 7,160
    They are not giving rebates of any kind on any Camry. As you know from being a Ford proponent rebates are a sales tool to stimulate volume. The new Camry doesn't need any stimulation now. What kind of logic is there in your latest negative statement about Camry's. ( gt...., a poster that travels the Camry forums and makes unfounded statements about the quality of Camry's made in the US )

    What's ironic is that you state on another forum that you recommend buying only Japanese made Camry's since the US made ones are crap, but this hybrid version is made in Japan, now you say don't buy it. What gives?

    Don't you have a Ford forum to lurk about in?
  • fullofbeansfullofbeans Member Posts: 33
    I'm about to commit to the camry hybrid. In Ottawa, Canada, the dealer is telling me MSRP and I'll get it at the end of June. Has anyone had experience with this model in Canada? (price, availability) etc... tx I was considering a loaded Hyundai Sonata. but this hybrid has won me over.
  • stj4stj4 Member Posts: 27
    Anyone knows what does FE mean in the Package # 1?

    Thanks in advance
  • consumer46consumer46 Member Posts: 17
    FE = 50 state emission requirement
  • degdeg Member Posts: 14
    Paid MSRP matching exactly what the Toyota web site stated. Problem seems to be IF you want the Leather Package you must order the Nav package because that is what the shipments are coming in as. I wanted everything but the nav. What I ordered was $29,578 but I told them if I had to then I'd just take the Nav package. Dealer is seeing if anything is coming in any shipments without that combo. The good news is she is really trying. DOES NOT have an attitude because of the limited amount of Hybrids.
  • houtex1houtex1 Member Posts: 82
    I went to a Houston dealership today as I had sent an internet request for a hybrid. I know exactly what I want and priced on the Toyota site comes to just under 31K. This is pretty much a fully loaded Camry. There are just a few things I do not want or see a need for.

    This dealer called today and had me come in. They actually have a car which is pretty much what I want but maybe with a couple of extra options (comfort & convenience package) ... It is the very first hybrid coming in. They are not keeping a waiting list.

    Anyway to make a long story short, the price was 34K. When I asked what made this car worth 3000 more than what I had spec'd on the Toyota site, he kind of mumbled ... Then said it was the first one coming in.

    Of course they never give you anything in writing so it is difficult for me to say how they were trying to justify the extra 3000 exactly.

    Can dealers just charge anything they wan? Is there any recourse. Does Toyota care?
  • gagricegagrice Pahrump, NevadaMember Posts: 31,450
    Can dealers just charge anything they want? Is there any recourse?. Does Toyota care?

    No unless you just walk out.
  • kdhspyderkdhspyder Member Posts: 7,160
    Yes local stores can charge anything they wish since they are independent businesses and not at all a part of Toyota. Toyota only publishes a Manufacture's Suggested Retail Price. But in fact they have no say whatsoever over what goes on locally, nor does any other auto maker.

    Now certain districts do try to police the local stores ( CAT for instance ) but GST and SET usually do not. Vote with your feet if it annoys you.

    Here is the other side of the coin. Each store will get about 2 vehicles a month. That's it. If they have to cave in on all the sharpies and under-invoice buyers day after day on the higher volume vehicles they look to the Prius and TCH and FJ Cruiser to make money while the vehicles remain hot. It's the American way. You'd do the same if it was your house you were selling, right?
  • houtex1houtex1 Member Posts: 82
    Toyota may not care, but this experience left a bitter taste in my mouth. I almost equate it to price gouging (for hotel rooms, gas) during a hurricane. Is that the American way...

    It soured me on this dealership and and to some effect on Totoyta. I'm not willing to pay above MSRP. There will be other cars, other incentives from congress etc.... I don't have to have a new car this year. It just seemed like a cool car to own.
  • gagricegagrice Pahrump, NevadaMember Posts: 31,450
    Toyota may not care, but this experience left a bitter taste in my mouth.

    I felt the same way when the dealers were gouging on the Prius II. I expected a higher level of "Green" from Toyota. After all there is no good reason for the hybrids other than using less resources in a cleaner manner. I do not consider the hybrids in the same light as the FJ Cruiser, Dodge Viper etc. The hybrids are supposedly for the common good. Toyota and many of their dealers have breached that goal. It would seem that a company that is interested in promoting a "Green" image would do all in their power to sell as many of the vehicles as possible to accomplish that end. Toyota has failed in my opinion. For them it is business as usual. All the lame excuses are not going to induce me see them differently.

    The comment about selling a house at the highest price possible, is not the way all of us operate. I could have gotten $100k more for a home we just sold to a young couple that would not have qualified if we had not sold it for the lower price. So don't include everyone in the Toyota scheme of ripping the soul out of the hybrid sales.
  • tchthinkingtchthinking Member Posts: 8
    What's the real deal on the deposit and the wait?
    1. Can I make the deposit refundable to me under any condition?
    2. Should I get real specific on my preferences and sit tight for a few months?
    3. Is it clear that I'm gonna have to accept SR, NAV and moonroof just to get leather, or will that change over time?
  • kdhspyderkdhspyder Member Posts: 7,160
    This is a silly position on both your parts because every single automaker in the US does the same thing on high demand vehicles. Why is it 'wronger' for a local store to ask a premium on a TCH than the Chevy next door ( like ours ) to ask $20,000 market adjustment on the new Corvette? or the Sky? or Solstice? or PT Cruiser several years ago? etc, etc. It's the American way of doing business.

    I know that you like to look for ways to 'skewer' hybrids for the least sidestep off your perceived 'path of righteousness', but it's just business nothing more. For many reasons not the least of which is that the individual stores are not at all controlled by Toyota the list prices are Suggested. Not Fixed.

    What if... the Suggested price put out by Toyota and others on the vehicles is actually too low? The market will determine what is the correct price. It's how our system works. If Malibu's are Suggested to be at one price and no one buys them then that price has to be lowered and rebated. If FJ's are being snapped up by wealthy offroaders where $30K is of no consequence then $30,000 is too low and the price will be increased.

    To your last comment, you are right behind Mother Theresa in line for sainthood for giving up $100,000 in the sale of your home to a needy couple. But it wasnt good business on your part. I am sure you sleep better for it though, well done.
  • kdhspyderkdhspyder Member Posts: 7,160
    If you deal with a reputable store you can specify that the deposit is refundable if you don't get the vehicle you want within '... days' ( 30, 90, 180 days ). Do it with a credit card so that it can be reversed if need be.

    1. Refundable under any condition? If you are serious about it and then back out because of buyer's remorse when the time comes then you might have to wait until 'your' reserved unit is sold to someone else.
    2. I certainly would specify the vehicle as I want it withing the ordering parameter which are just being published now ( see prior posts ).
    3. If all you want is leather then I'd suggest the base package and add leather aftermarket when the vehicle arrives. That way you don't have to pay for Navi, SR or heated seats. It'll cost you the same for the leather but you'll save about $2500 on the options you don't want.

    BTW this deposit in advance process has been going on for many years on high-demand vehicles, most recently the Prius over the last 3 yrs. There are very few if any reports of people having problems.
  • tchthinkingtchthinking Member Posts: 8
    Thanks for the thoughts... 3. "Aftermarket" seats. How does that work? Would I be buying new seats from the Toyota dealer parts department? Or are you suggesting I go to "Joe's Car Seats" and buy a pair or get the originals reupholstered?
  • houtex1houtex1 Member Posts: 82
    How is it silly to be upset about the following?

    You get a call from a dealer who says you will be part of their "VIP" program and you have a set appointment with a manager who will give you a "special" price. No dealing with sales people, straight to management. Furthermore, I was told all my information was on the computer already. No need to bring anything.

    When I got there no one could find my name on any computer and the "special" price is 2000 to 3000 above MSRP. Give me a break!

    Hell will freeze over before I pay 34,000 for a Camry!
  • kdhspyderkdhspyder Member Posts: 7,160
    I'm sorry that the one store that you chose in your vicinity seemed to mislead you. It is not indicative of most other stores throughout the country but does seem to be a regional occurance. Even in your area, GST, it seems from reports here and other places that several stores are treating their clients well.

    My comment in reply to yours was that this practice has nothing to do with Toyota or any other local store it's just an individual store's policy, which may be annoying but it's not 'wrong'. I admit it does antagonize potential buyers in that local market. But other than the misleading part it's just doing business in a capitalistic market environment in every product.
  • degdeg Member Posts: 14
    My Texas Dealer told me that since I did not want the NAV but it seemed that Leather shipments all came in with NAV that they would put on the Leather Seats. Cost $999.00 They do this all the time. Purchased my Prius from them and it came without Leather -- I took the first one they got in -- not caring WHAT was on it!! Leather added after. No Problems. Like anything else -- must be a company you can trust. They also put on the Side guards and window tint. Family owned Toyota Dealer just outside of Dallas. I drive by two much larger dealerships to deal with this one. Mom (Barb) runs the Internet sales Dept and Daughter (Natalie) works for her. Straight up honest folks. :)
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