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2007 Toyota Avalon



  • captain2captain2 Posts: 3,971
    the '05 redesign did plenty to differentiate the Av from styling point of view, and I also feel that the egronomics are wonderful although I guess the NAV needs some 'friendliness'.
    What I would like to see is for Toyota to REALLY turn the Avalon into a 'poor man's Lexus' which some may contend it already is. Dropping the XL end of the line, and turning the engine 90d a certain way to do this along with a starting pricetag of $35k or so with a standard option level approaching what a full boat Ltd. is currently. And don't drop the 'sports model', a ticket back into that 60+ demographic in which the previous Avalons languished along with Buicks and Caddys.
  • captain2captain2 Posts: 3,971
    well, at least the 07 Camry doesn't look too much like the 06 Avalon. While the Camry's styling is much improved, I personally prefer the Av - but point taken - when I was out car shopping a year ago the Avalon wasn't even on my list (Maximas, Tls, G35s) until I accidentally caught one on a dealer's lot, drove it, and the rest is history.
    FWIW, think there remains a very popular misconception that the Avalon is still a nondescript 'box'. My car is more often mistaken for a Lexus, even a BMW (from the rear, I guess) than it is for something as tame as what many folks think the Avalons are.
  • I'd really like to see the same power adjustments for the passenger seat as on the drivers seat - especially the seat extender on the LTD. Passengers have long legs too!
  • tjc78tjc78 JerseyPosts: 6,652
    The 4-way adjustment is just a cost cutting measure. My '03 XL had more adjustments on the pass seat than my '06 XLS.

    On another note, I agree with previous posts that the cover on the radio should go. I never close it, and it obsures the CD opening when open. One other thing that needs "updating" is the RDS and CD Text. Why don't they scroll? Having to hold down the text button to advance the display is a distraction. Every other vehicle I have driven with RDS scrolls the data.

    More power to differenciate the Avalon from the Camry. This would help to justify the price premium.

    2017 Buick Enclave / 2017 Hyundai Elantra

  • I think we're overlooking something here. The Avalon is a great car. Who cares if the new Camry aims to look like a smaller version of that great car with a similar engine? the fact is that the ride/comfort/driveability of the Avalon will always distinguish it from the Camry.

    Other car manufacturers do the same thing. BMW's latest 5 series looks like a smaller version of the 7 series....and the newest 3 series comes closer to this image than the previous 3 series. BMW uses similar engines in the 3 series and the 5 series (except that the 5 series offers a more powerful engine than the 2.5 and 3.0 liters common to both 3 and 5 series). Other than price, the thing that separates the 3 series from the 5 series from the 7 series is size/comfort/ride/driveability....the same things that separate the Camry from the Avalon.
  • throwing loose change in the sizeable center compartment with other junk in it makes that loose change difficult to access when you're searching for 21 cents to pay for your ice cream cone at Dairy Queen.

    the solution is a simple one for Avalons without seat warmers...add a little tray/cup in the spot where the seat warmer controls would otherwise exist. Alternatively, a flip out tray could be added under the trunk/gas release buttons.
  • The cover over the radio is a most distinctive Avalon feature, in my view. I almost always keep the cover closed since it is easier and safer to operate the steering-wheel mounted controls, anyway. The closed cover hides unnecessary distractions and contributes to the exceptionally clean and elegant look. As we recently realized, this look is subtly accentuated at night by faint blue-white overhead lights. I believe Consumer Reports listed the Avalon's interior among their "dream-car" features and the radio cover is probably part of the reason.

    There may be an issue with the cover not opening completely out of the way. If so, it could be re-designed for 2007 to more fully retract inside the instrument panel.

  • smith1smith1 Posts: 283
    Not only BMW but most upscale marques, from Mercedes to Jaguar to Lexus, consciously strive to maintain a "family resemblence" among the various models in their range. Can't fault Toyota for doing this too.
  • mittiemittie Posts: 5
    1. Throw away the door over the radio; it's useless and ugly
    2. The interior colors should be darker; no one wants to keep cleaning light carpet and the wood is too light.
    3. Add BlueTooth
    4. The Moon Roof should be an option (not mandatory) for those who want it. We live in Phoenix and no one wants the Moon Roof, it's already too hot!
    5. Let the buyer select the options they want instead of the packages.

    We would have already purchased a new Avalon except for the above. We're now driving a 98 Avalon and love it! The interior is much more useful (darker) and the car was ordered without a Moon Roof. But the car now has 140,000 miles and it's time to replace it.
  • bigd58bigd58 Posts: 39
    When I first heard about the 07 Camry I was immediately sold. Never previously owned a Toyo. Went to local dealer to feast my eyes on the new reincarnated Camry. Couldn't help but notice the Avalon right beside it. Couldn't help but think that is actually a better looking car, despite the new styling. But no six speed auto & no bluetooth.
    Wish list? Far as I'm concerned they need not redesign the body. I wasn't exactly thrilled at what they did to the Camry. But right now, today, IMO it's the best deal in town. Update the Av with new tranny & bluetooth and you'd have a better looking car that has it all.
    In my own mind I've reserved a 07 SE Camry when I'm ready to buy in a few months. If I hear Toyo announce the new Av will be updated with those features, there is a good chance I'll rethink the Camry.
  • tjc78tjc78 JerseyPosts: 6,652
    You should look at the Touring model. It only comes with Black interior and the moonroof is an option, so you should be able to find one (or order it) without one.

    2017 Buick Enclave / 2017 Hyundai Elantra

  • 1.I am an Ole Foggie that fails to turn-off the turn signals after a lane change, I purchased a model with the illuminated signals in the outside mirrors. Still have the same problem in daylight (I do notice the signals at night). I suggest that a timed loud buzzer be included that would sound after a predetermined elapsed time with the signals on.
    2.The odometer on the 2005,s is so dim that it can hardly be seen in daylight. Use LED,s.
    3.Make Back-up Sensor a factory option.
  • dickh2dickh2 Posts: 9
    NO one has said anything about a 38k car that does not have a power TILT AND TEL. STEERING WHEEL....even the 28k Azera has that! A must when your 6'4" and your wife is 5,3"
  • smith1smith1 Posts: 283
    Maybe that's because most other 38K cars don't have power tilt/telescope either. If that is so important to you, guess you better buy the Azera.
  • dickh2dickh2 Posts: 9
    Smithy...Today I drove the ES 350 at 38K and it had the power tilt/telescope...Maybe YOU need to look a little more!
  • smith1smith1 Posts: 283
    Yeah, and that's how Toyota sells the ES, by not making every feature available on the Avalon. If they didn't reserve some of this stuff for the Lexus nameplate, very few people would pay 38K for what is essentially a glorified Camry. For 38K Toyota gives you the option of a bigger car, or a more lux car. If they gave you both for 38K, where would that leave the ES?
  • dickh2dickh2 Posts: 9
    Smith1...I don't disagree because this would be my third Avalon. Albeit, in the Limited it would be nice if the wheel was power. Also, do you agree that the computer should be upgraded to include service intervals and and possibly also tire pressure?
  • smith1smith1 Posts: 283
    Service intervals on the computer would be good, as long as they don't "nag" you with a flashing light or have to be reset/cleared by a dealer -- that would be irritating.

    Tire pressure monitor would be a nice addition too -- this feature is showing up on lower priced vehicles now.
  • avalon95avalon95 Posts: 17
    Federal regulations are supposed to mandate some sort of tire pressure monitoring system on all cars by October, I believe.

  • raleighwolfraleighwolf Posts: 40
    I am currently driving my second Avalon. A 2002 XLS with 110K on it. I am thinking it might be a good time to get a new car. I drove the ES350 Saturday and did not like the center console but loved everything else about it.

    IF the AVALON would put a Navi in it that is usable and Bluetooth like the RL....I would just by my Third Avalon.
  • dickh2dickh2 Posts: 9
    Raleigh...We are both going down the same path with our current 2002 xls...we also drove the ES350 and we were not crazy about the dash and some of the things we wanted come only in some packages pushing the car to 40K...we were able to find out a few things about the 07 chrome grill as std. ex. on limited, possible touch screen nav, and six speed in Limited...have you looked for info on the 07.Avalon and if so what did you find?
  • smith1smith1 Posts: 283
    ....for 2007? That doesn't sound right -- if it's coming at all, it should be on all trims.
  • dickh2dickh2 Posts: 9
    Smithy...The six speed info was from the dealerships inventory would think they would have the correct info?
  • smith1smith1 Posts: 283
    Far be it from me to suggest that a statement made by a car dealer wasn't the gospel truth ;)

    All I know is, given that *every* V6 Camry has the six-speed, it wouldn't make sense not to put it in every Avalon.
  • rodc2rodc2 Posts: 26
    On the limited there are three unlighted, but identical switches placed side by side that do completely different things. I'm talking about the fuel filler door switch, the trunk opener switch, and the electric sunshade switch. This is a really dumb human engineering design flaw on the part of Toyota engineers.

    How many of you will admit to trying to hit the sunshade switch while cruising down the freeway and opening the trunk or fuel filler door instead? One cannot see these switches clearly as the steering wheel obstructs ones line of sight, they are unlighted, and are identical except for the writing which can't be seen in any event!

    In the aviation business, human engineering in cockpit design has been a critical element for years. For example, A number of years ago a particular type of fighter aircraft was being lost with no mechanical failures, just prior to landings. The cause was found to be the placement of a communications radio on a side panel which forced the pilot to turn his head to the side and look down in order to change a frequency given while in a descending turn to final. This induced vertigo when the pilot looked back up and forward, causing several pilots to lose control and crash. Moving the radio to the forward center panel solved the problem.

    Over time, most gear handles became shaped like wheels and most flap handles became shaped like flaps for obvious reasons. Today, many thousands of man hours are spent on control placement and design of modern aircraft cockpits.

    I'm not saying Toyota should design their "cockpits" to the same detail as airplanes, but even a little human engineering can go a long way!
  • tjc78tjc78 JerseyPosts: 6,652
    I have an XLS so I don't have the sunshade, but the buttons are differenciated by a "bump" on one but not the other. This helps me find the right one just by feel.

    2017 Buick Enclave / 2017 Hyundai Elantra

  • In the XLS the fuel filler door button is also more laterally placed, corresponding to the door location on the side of the car; this helps me distinghish them.

    But I totally agree with rodc2 that these buttons need to be moved to a visible location, illuminated and perhaps further differentiated. There is no reason to hide these buttons.
  • dolfan1dolfan1 Posts: 217
    "Yeah, and that's how Toyota sells the ES, by not making every feature available on the Avalon. If they didn't reserve some of this stuff for the Lexus nameplate, very few people would pay 38K for what is essentially a glorified Camry."

    I've also noticed the Lex's output is 306hp vs the Camry's 268 from what is essentially the same engine. I wondered why not have the Camry with the 306 horses, but as you say, then why buy the ES?
    Heck, when you think about it, if the 306 were available in the Avalon that'd really take away ES sales!
  • smith1smith1 Posts: 283
    The ES350 is rated at 272hp, not 306.
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