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Honda Fit New Owner Reports

SylviaSylvia Posts: 1,636
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Have you picked up your Fit? We want to know...


  • johnd15johnd15 Posts: 41
    We are now the proud owners (1st in N. MI we are told) of a Storm Silver 5 spd Sport. I drove it home last night about 60 miles. I can tell we will love this car, and it's right at home & garaged sitting next to our 02 Odyssey. I'm impressed with the quality look all around. And it's a solid feeling car to be sure. May take a while to get used to the bug-eye headlamps, but they sure do light up the road (very advantageous in deer country up here). This is a peppy vehicle and I forsee a lot of fun zipping around on some curvy roads. Too bad it is really my wife's car! For now I will take it easy as break in is 600 miles according to the Honda manual.

    What I like... great transmission tied to a eager 1.5 VTEC. This car wants to go! The large shifter knob feels great. Of course, the expected fuel economy was a big draw too. Quiet & solid feeling. Seats are very comfortable. No doubt, the car feels big from the inside, and the seating position feels elevated too. The alloy wheels are sharp looking too. We saw a base model and the wheel covers are inexcusible. The dash looks cool too; the blue light effect looks good. Safety features are key too, wouldn't buy a small car w/o side curtain airbags.

    What is disappointing... not much really. But I expected better of the 200 watt stereo. Speaking of the stereo, the large blue lit interface is too much. It could be 1/2 the size. It's hard to see in the sun too. For some reason the headrests on the back seats are larger than on the front. This obscures visibility somewhat looking in the rear view mirror. RPMs were at about 2800 rpm at 60 mph! What's up with that Honda? Fortunately, this is an intown car for us 98% of the time. This car is geared for the city. Also, they didn't have carpeted floor mats in yet, so we will need to drive back 55 miles to get them. Why they don't include them, I don't know.

    Our dealer experience was just fine. We paid MSRP and were in & out in less than an hour, including the test drive. They threw in a free oil change too.

    For those tracking demographics, we are mid 40s professionals. Love Hondas, could afford much more expensive cars, but hey, they are just cars. Rather buy a $16,000 new car and retire earlier. Also think it is ridiculous & wasteful how many people drive around in these huge OPEC-friendly trucks & SUVs while US soldiers are dying in Iraq. It's a disgrace... OK, off my soapbox now.

    Love the car! And wow... just $16K.
  • moparbadmoparbad Posts: 3,868
    We are now the proud owners (1st in N. MI we are told) of a Storm Silver 5 spd Sport.

    5 spd automatic or 5 spd manual?
  • johnd15johnd15 Posts: 41
    We bought the Sport 5 speed manual Storm Silver (a great color, for sure). I take back my disappointment with the stereo... I have since played with the equalizer and am much more satisfied. I have also experimented with the rear seats. They really are ingenious and easy to adjust.
  • fitcoupefitcoupe Posts: 9
    My first impressions and reasons for buying are nearly identical to you alls - except I am 48 and the car is for me, we got her a CRV in 98 and she still loves it.

    I have been an audiophile and found the stereo rather cloying, but not worse than expected. I think changing speakers might help.

    My dealer took an extra 40 minutes trying to figure out the paper work, it being their first Fit sale, but that was OK.
    They threw in splash guards free. Problem was they were designed for the Base Fit. So if I remove the body skirts I can use them. :P

    Only major complaints so far: 1) Wish it had 14" alloys not 15" (from what Ive heard on this forum; how can I tell when the tires are low on air? they already look flat!)
    2) Need that seat height adjustment and or steering wheel extension. I am 6'1" with long legs so my arms get tired when I have the seat back as far as I like it. Moving it forward at bit helps, but then I have less "resting space" for left foot than I would like.

    Anyway, I bought it sight unseen to be among the first (really tired of waiting for the "perfect" car!) and can get used to the quirks. Safety and performance beats my 76 hp 87 Civic sedan (will be tough to get rid of, great car) hands down.

    If they come out with an Fit HX version next time and trade off some of the sportiness for say 46 mpg hiway then I will upgrade. Otherwise I can be happy with this one for a long time.
  • mebmanmebman Posts: 100
    I went to 5 dealers in the Houston area yesterday and had to play them against each other to get a fair deal. Its funny how they say they couldn’t possibly come up 1 more penny on my trade in but when the dealer down the street is 500$ better they quickly offer 600$ more. I said it before fair profit is fine but greed is unacceptable. I truly hate the games that dealers play.

    Well it took all day but I finally got blue book trade in value on both of my cars, and bought 2 new Fits yesterday. They are Storm Silver and Vivid Blue both sport automatics. I placed an order 3 months ago (no deposit thankfully) thinking that they would all be pre-sold. I really got discouraged and walked out when my dealer tried to hose me by 1200$ below bluebook trade in. I thought that now I would have to re-order and wait months, but to my surprise there are plenty of Fits on the lots of Houston.
    Honda has done such a poor job marketing this car that at least around here nobody knows what it is, and the buyers are impulse buyers that came in looking for a civic. It’s good to be done with the car buying thing.

    The cars are both great everything you would expect out of a Honda. No rattles, smooth power, nice fit on everything. I think that I will keep these cars a long time.
  • vcarrerasvcarreras Posts: 247
    Purchased Storm Silver FIT Sport AT from Sterling McCall in Kingwood, TX (Houston area) on Wednesday. Packed it that night and drove to Atlanta yesterday. Got it at MSRP less my 05 Ody EX which they gave me $300 below blue book. Drove to BPT where I topped off tank. Dealer stated they had filled but no, after 75 miles took 4.5 gallons. From there to Mobile, Alabama 397 miles took 9.48 gallons for a 41.75 mpg!! Had cruise at 72 mph but at times up to 80. Happy to say the least. From Mobile to Atlanta looks like milage dropped going up and down rolling hills. Has an additional 340 miles on it with about 2-3 gallons in the tank. I'm figuring about 35-36 on second tank before fillup today.

    The FIT was SUPER comfortable on the trip. My wife and I both agreed that we were not any more tired then in the Ody. At 72 mph the engine in turing about 2700 rpm. Only gets a little buzzy when it would kick down in the hilly areas getting above 4500 rpm.

    From here heading for St. Petersburg, Florida Monday then back to Texas in about 10 days. Figure I will save between $200-250 alone in gas with the FIT over what I would have gotten with the Ody!! SUPER FIT..LOVE IT!!! :) :) :)
  • hungarian83hungarian83 Posts: 678
    Congratulations on your Fits, and persevering until you got a decent deal on your trade-in.

    Have fun!
  • bodble2bodble2 Posts: 4,519
    "Got it at MSRP less my 05 Ody EX which they gave me $300 below blue book."

    So you traded down and got money back in the transaction?
  • ramoramo Posts: 66
    Hi! Thanks for the demographic info. We are cohorts. We too are looking to retire early, so I had to think long and hard about trading our perfectly good Tercel for a new car. Thought about a used Matrix, but it just wasn't going to be that much cheaper. I have justified the Fit using safety. I have one air bag in the Tercel....or maybe two!!!!! Congrats on your car. I wait impatiently for ours.
    Right now I use an IPod with a RoadTrip in the cigarette lighter. Does the IPod just plug in somewhere and play on an FM bandwith?
  • Picked up a Storm Silver manual sport yesterday (bought in a Portland, OR suburb). I have been on the waiting list for about a month for a blue manual sport, but the first shipment that my dealer received didn't have that color/model combination. They did reserve the Storm Silver for me to see and test drive, giving me the option of buying it or letting them try and trade with another dealer for the blue model.

    I liked the silver color a lot more than I thought, so I didn't want to play the waiting game any longer.

    REALLY impressed with the car. Meets all of my needs (safety features, mid-30s mileage, flexible cargo space). Many others have posted their plusses and minuses on the vehicles, and I thought I'd contribute to the conversation.

    + The magic seats work incredibly well. I didn't really have a sense of how easy it would be to flip the seats up. We have a 2005 Odyssey and I expected that I'd have to grunt my way through manipulating the magic seats, similar to the effort involved in taking the 2nd row seats out of the Odyssey. My fears were unwarranted. The seats flip up with no effort and you don't need to trigger any mechanism to unhook the seats from the floor. My 4-year old son could probably figure out how to flip the seats up.

    - The only issue I have with the seats is that putting it in lounge mode is the trickiest. The fit between the rear seat cushion and the top of the front seat is quite tight and the front seat has to be in a specific location for them to fit together. Unlike the other modes (which I'm able to do right the first time), it seems that half the time I don't have the front seat forward enough when I try to put it in lounge mode. That said, I imagine that lounge mode is not going to be a mode I'll be using too much.

    - I am disappointed in no daytime running lights, or at least headlights that turn off when the keys are removed. All my cars since 1990 have headlights that turn off automatically and I like driving in the daylight with my lights on. I imagine that I'll be stuck with a dead battery multiple times. Speaking of the battery - it's tiny! Seriously, it looks like a battery that you'd put in a remote control car. That's not a negative - just something I noticed (however, I can imagine that it won't hold out too long if I leave my lights on).

    - Really wish it had an arm rest for the driver's right arm.

    - I can see why it doesn't have a dead pedal (the wheel well would be in the way) but I sure wish it had one.

    + Coworkers and friends all rave about the car's good looks and features. This will be a popular model once the word gets out that it's not just for 25-year old tuners (like Honda seems to think the car is designed for). I'm in my late thirties with a family who commutes to work and I feel that this car was made for me.

    + Pleasantly surprised about road/engine noise. I was worried that the little engine would drone on at highway speeds, but it's really not noticeable. The engine doesn't strain at 65-70, which is usually where I'm driving it on the highway. General road noise (mostly a function of the tires and soundproofing) is a bit pronounced, but not unbearable. When the OEM tires wear out, I'm hoping that there's a good alternative tire that might be a bit quieter.

    + Sport wheels are really nice looking. I'm not one who would really ever considering buying aftermarket wheels, but holy cow are the base model's wheels ugly. I mean, we're talking UGLY. They look like temporary spare tire wheels with plastic covers tacked on that don't really hide the ugly black steel wheels.

    ? Haven't decided if this is a plus or minus - (black) cloth interior is very nice looking now but I imagine that it will be a bear to keep looking clean.

    - Floor mats are a necessity with this car. As noted, it will be hard to keep the interior looking clean and the carpeting seems to be about as thick as a t-shirt (slight exaggeration). It won't take too much driving before your passengers wear a hole through the carpet with their feet. I'm also buying a cargo mat since the floor of the cargo area doesn't look very rugged.

    I've listed a number of negatives on this car, but the fact is I couldn't be more pleased with it. I knew some of these issues going into the purchase. For the money, it's wonderful. Probably the only thing in the car that looks/feels cheap is the carpeting. Everything else appears to be typical good Honda quality. Yeah, I have some wishes (things I wish the car had) but I have absolutely no regrets about buying it.
  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,909
    Is there at least a buzzer/chime if you leave the lights on?
  • vcarrerasvcarreras Posts: 247
    Yes. Got out of the Ody payment so with trade now have the FIT paid off. The FIT is light days in fun to drive over the Ody.

    Second fillup 350 miles it took 9.68 gals for a 36.208 mpg. For the two fillups I'm averaging 38.98 mpg! :) :shades: :)

    Just tried using the sport mode on the AT. Feel it will be a lot of fun driving here in the hills surrounding Atlanta.
  • hungarian83hungarian83 Posts: 678
    "I imagine that I'll be stuck with a dead battery multiple times."

    All the Hondas I have ever driven have a chime or some sort of noise that indicates you left the lights on. The Fit is no different. There is a two-tone chime. You will definitely know if you forgot to turn them off.
  • Yes, the car has a beeping tone when you leave the lights on that's different than the tone that dings when you leave the keys in the car. I need to train myself to react to that tone - For some reason, I find it easy to ignore/not notice those sorts of warning signals in cars.
  • bodble2bodble2 Posts: 4,519
    "There is a two-tone chime. You will definitely know if you forgot to turn them off."

    Unless you're parked next to a busy, noisy thorough-fare. It may be more helpful if the warning is a continuous, loud buzzer, rather than just a chime.
  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,909
    I have to admit I will miss the auto-off/auto-on feature that I have on my car now, but at least there is a chime.
  • bodble2bodble2 Posts: 4,519
    I know what you mean. When you're half-way up the ski hill on the chairlift, it's good when you don't have to wonder, "Now, did I turn the lights off?"
  • sd_driversd_driver Posts: 49
    I went for the red. Boy does it stand-out. Looks like I’ll have to delay maturity another few years…

    First, I have to say that the Fit looks far better in person than it does in pictures. Somehow photos make it look cheaper and plasticky. In person, it’s none of those. It looks like…a Honda! My mechanic, whom I’ve been going to for seventeen years, who helped keep my last two Civics going for 300,000 miles, looked at it and said, “You bought a Civic.”

    That’s actually a good starting point: It kind of looks like a Civic hatch might have looked if they would have made one before last year’s model change.

    My last car was a 92 Si. Put 180,000 (total 219,000) after I bought it used. Technically, for the last three and a half years, after I had the engine/transmission replaced, it hasn’t been an Si. The engine and gearing I got were not the same. The car was slower…but got better mileage. ?

    Comparing the Fit to my 92 Si: There’s no comparison. The Fit is far superior in almost every way to my old 92 Si.

    The Fit is the best handling car I’ve ever driven. Yes. This forum is filled with jaded auto-enthusiasts who will surely inform me how the Fit doesn’t compare in handling too…whatever. Please spare me. I haven’t driven those cars. I’ve only driven my own cars, some friends’ and family members’ cars and some rental cars. And the Fit beats all of them—by a wide margin.

    My old 92 drove like a rattling mush wagon in comparison to the Fit. The Fit is unbelievably tight, solid.

    Acceleration is superior to my old 92 in it’s original configuration and especially after the engine swap.

    Headroom: No comparison. I almost feel like I’m in a mini-van in the Fit.

    Rear passenger room: Much better in the Fit. And access to the back seats of my 92 (2-door) was limited to the agile.

    Quality of construction seems to be as high or higher in the Fit in comparison. The only thing that seems a little cheaper is the carpet. But I got Fit mats and a cargo liner.

    Cargo capacity: No comparison. I’m 6 feet and I can duck-walk around the Fit’s cargo area with the seats folded down. I won’t be doing this often; but it can be done.

    In other words, an awesome little car.

    Now for it’s shortcomings. I’ll start with the really nit-picky stuff and save my one big gripe for last.

    Factory stereo: It’s not bad in the Fit, but not great either. Sorry. Car companies just don’t seem to put really great sound systems in cars. It sounds fine. I’ll get used to it. (Actually, it started sounding a lot better when I faded the speakers toward the back.) And I appreciate the MP3 jack and that it plays MP3 and WMA disks. But for 600 bucks I could have gotten a system that smokes it.

    Lack of “dead pedal”: That little piece of rubber covered, flat, raised metal to the left of the clutch that my left foot used to call home in my 92 is now a carpet covered, angled lump. Feels awkward right now. I’ll get used to it. (I hope.)

    Power windows/Power locks: Yes. Everyone else likes/loves these things but they drive me nuts. It’s going to take some training to remember to keep the key in the ignition until everything’s rolled up and shut down. I wish they had button so you could open and close the windows with the key out.

    Is there an aftermarket way to do that?

    No hot-wired stereo. Once again, the bureaucrats of auto industry are “protecting” us from wearing down the battery by forcing us to have a key in the ignition to listen to the radio. I absolutely hate this. Yes. This is probably true of every car made today, but I still don’t like it.

    Is there a way to hot-wire the radio without messing up the electrical in the Fit?

    Front seat leg-room. It’s not bad, but it’s not great either. My 92 had puh-lenty of leg room in the front. The Fit seems to have a couple of inches less, even all the way back.

    No telescoping steering wheel. My 92 didn’t have one either, so I’m used to it. But I would have liked to have had one.

    No hidden storage bins, pockets, drawers, trays. My 92 had this way cool hidden little pull-out below the ash tray that was practically invisible. In four break-ins, I never had anyone even find that spot. Except for the glove (and that’s hardly hidden) there’s no closeable storage within reach of the driver.

    Harsher ride--sometimes. Okay. That IS the trade-off in getting this level of handling. And the fact is that the ride is fine—98% of the time. But I hit my first speed bump last night. Wow. Quite a jar. But I’ll get used to it.

    No temp gauge. Come on. This is a critical piece of info for a car.

    And finally, the one thing that irks me the most about the Fit:

    No 6th gear!!!

    The Fit needs a sixth gear. It really does. A sixth gear would improve the fuel efficiency and the drive-ability of the Fit.

    At 75mph the Fit spins 3500 rpm! The median speed on free-flowing CA freeways is about 75; the are some freeways where, if you’re not doing 80, the SUVs will blow you off the road. At 75, my old 92 would spin about 2350 rpm. Granted, it was geared way low, but that much a of a difference is too much. I can’t believe that 3500 rpm is optimum for economy and engine wear.

    Freeway passing. Many freeway traffic situations involve accelerations and braking between 55 and 75 mph. Unfortunately, there is a “gap” in the Fit’s gearing around these speeds: 4th gear accelerates too slowly at these speeds for emergency situations. 3rd gear hits the redline way too fast at these speeds. Therefore, it’s a tough choice between trying to protect yourself and trying to protect the engine.

    6 gears and a supercharger: What a little econo-rocket you’d have with that!

    To sum it up:
    1) The Fit is fantastic. The best car I’ve ever owned. The most fun to drive. The most practical.

    2) I got a decent deal at the Honda dealer, but I had to work it a little. (See previous post.)

    3) No 6th gear is the only major drawback to me. But, I can live without it.

    Happy motoring.">
  • justjulesjustjules Posts: 14
    ... because the dealer wrecked my Fit. They were taking it out to put in fuel, still covered in the shrink-wrap stuff from delivery, and it got T-boned. I didn't believe the sales guy's story. I figured that they had an automatic delivered and didn't want me to know that they hadn't gotten what I had ordered. But seeing 150 miles on a brand-new Fit made me start asking questions.

    After I completed the purchase of my (replacement) Fit, the salesman asked if I wanted to see the original Fit that I was supposed to purcase. It had been hit right on the driver's door. The side airbags had deployed, but the doors (both front and back) had held up really well, with no intrusion into the passenger compartment. I feel better about the side impact safety of a Fit after seeing some evidence with my own eyes!

    I asked what would happen with the Fit that was supposed to be mine, and he said that he thought they would end up repairing it and selling it on the used lot. So if anyone in Central Florida wants a heck of a deal on a Fit with next to no miles on it, there will be one avilable before much longer...
  • I think they should bring the (wrecked) Fit into the showroom, and set it up with a sign next to it as a demonstration of how safe it is (for those who would be afraid to buy it because it's small).
  • vchiuvchiu Posts: 565
    Agreed with your post. the further I read the first owner's review, the further I feel lucky to have the CVT version.

    1)I estimate less than 3500 RPM at 85+ so cruising at 75-80 makes the engine stay very quiet.

    2) the absence of any gap makes the CVT optimize any accelerating at any speed

    3) seems can get a bit better mileage than 5 speed auto. User's reviews will confirm

    Fit customers should lobby for the CVT. it is very well matched with the 1,5 Engine
  • ramoramo Posts: 66
    This is a good, detailed review. Some people here write well enough to go professional so I have learned a lot about my car to be. If I had a choice, I would never order power windows; I need the upper body work out
  • twoktwok Posts: 5
    It feels like I've been looking for a new car for about the last ten years: I wanted (more or less in order)reliability and affordability, then interior cargo space, then mileage, then safety, then handling/features/etc. Of course it's a balance of all these things I've been looking for; they're not entirely separate. I feel like I've stared at car reviews, and esp. CR subscribers' reliability feedback, 'till I've started to go blind .... Recently, the XB was almost there, but on the awkward side design-wise for me. If Toyota had rounded the corners in some fashion I probably would have had one by now. I can't claim to have been waiting for this specific car (Fit) as long as many more knowledgeable posters here, but it still seemed like a long time since I found out about it last summer?. I picked up my SS Sport (Auto)/(wife alt. driver) today - paid list, plus 50 for "processing"; wheel locks thrown in gratis. I'm 6'2", with semi-clodhopperish size twelves that I think would have been a problem with closely spaced clutch/brake pedals - as it is, my left foot seems to feel the lack of a defined "dead pedal" -type space, but I'll get used to it; I'm used to cars seeming smallish. I have about a 120 mile daily mainly interstate commute, usually at 65-80, with a few thousand plus foot hills to surmount each way. My SE-R beater has been great for this purpose, but it's 13 years old, and it is impractical for my other purposes. My Corolla All-Trac Wagon (auto) lacks power, however great it is in other respects. T-100 too expensive on gas. I guess I'll 86 the All-Trac to a family member and pay down my new car note.
    Thirty five miles down on my first Honda: better than I had hoped, but I'm nervous about how MPG will turn out. Plenty of power for me. And looks sleek I think.
    I want to thank the regular posters here for informing all of us inexperts about so many details concerning the car that helped me at least to come to a decision. Thank you Hungarian especially.
    Insofar as anyone is interested, I'll have a lot more driving and cargo-carrying experience to share fairly soon, I would think. (for those still considering).
  • hungarian83hungarian83 Posts: 678
    Congratulations on your first new car! :)

    I'll be interesed to hear about what people are actually able to fit in their Fits. So far, my only use of the Magic seats is to show people how versatile they are. ;)
    Well, a few trips to Costco and IKEA will change all that!
  • johnnyb11johnnyb11 Posts: 50
    Re: the comparisons of the Fit to the xB. I just traded in my xB (05) for the black , fit sport mt.

    I drove my xB for 20k miles, just under a year. Very roomy, fun to drive, and really you get a lot for your money. But, you get even more with the Fit.

    The Fit is quieter - road noise, wind noise and engine noise, oh, and squeaks and rattles (despite earlier writer suggesting otherwise).

    The Stereo in the Fit Sport is better (except no steering wheel controls - which in a subcompact seem rather silly to me).

    The Fit handles better than the xB.

    The xB's actual gas mileage was a huge disappointment - I was lucky to average 27 mpg - totally unacceptable in a subcompact with a 1.5l 4cyl 105 hp motor.

    The interior fit and finish, placement of controls, quality of materials, is simply night and day better in the Fit.

    The drivetrain is far more refined than the xB (though the xB is no slouch for the price point).

    My kids lost some legroom with the Fit, but it's still quite spacious back there for my 6' tall 14 year old - and I now have far more useable room behind the back seat than in the xB - this comes to the heart of the matter regarding space between these two vehicles. The overall measurements in the two vehicles are nearly identical, but the Fit's space is simply more practical. Yes, the box offered lots of perceived space, but the fact is that most of that height was almost never needed - it is length and width that is more important. And, the truly flat folding seats in the Fit give almost the same height as the Fit.

    I believe gas mileage will be far better in the Fit according to some real life tests - avg. 32-35 (much better than 27).

    The Fit just looks better; while I enjoyed the uniqueness of the xB, in the end, after a year, I still felt a little odd in it (I'm 38 years old).

    The xB had too many rattles - that was totally unacceptable, and surprised me about a Toyota.

    In the end, I've always been a Honda person, but found the xB package to much of a value to resist. The Fit, though, just did a better job of everything, really. I'll miss stability control and traction control, but I think I'd rather have the side and side curtain airbags. And, in the end, the Fit's price is better too.

    Ultimately, I am totally impressed by what you get for your money in the Fit. The xB was quite a deal, but this is even more, which says a lot. I feel lucky to know that I can get most of what the SUV and horsepower folks are getting in space and amenities (and safety) for less than half the price, and way less gas. To any prospective buyers, jump on this vehicle. It's great. (yeah, I too wish it had height adjustable seats, armrest, 6th gear - but nothing is perfect - nothing). Thanks Honda!!
  • Hey i got my fit,
    Drove 20 miles, loved the handling, could not try the acceleration yet.
    Mechanic told me to wait for 5k to changen the oil. This sounded absurb. he told me honda adds special addiative to the oil to get the engine to Gel.
    Ill do mine at 3K.
    The fit has a cool oil feature that tells you the oil life left. I wonder how this will work.
    I love the car. Just wished it had a temp gauge( really surprised by the lack of this).
    Stereo was ok not great.
    Tires/rims are vry nice.
    I took off all dealer adverising.
    Take cars,
    :) :) :P
  • kagedudekagedude Posts: 407
    Man I'm weak, I don't think I can wait another year for Honda to add the stuff that is missing so on the 3rd dealer visit and approx 4 hours of haggling, I'm taking delivery of my Honda Fit Sport Meteor Silver as soon as they get it in.

    The car is very peppy for its size. If you are driving by yourself, you are a speed demon but I do feel once you add passengers, it will drastically slow down.

    Another thing I found is that it can be a bit bouncy when it recovers from bumps or when doing abrupt stops. Could be due to the short wheelbase?

    Either way, I am in love with the gauge cluster. Its cool on the eyes and even on all the time like my old Acura TSX. Honda definitely got it right on this one part!

    Did notice no map light but I do have my Tomtom now. The 200W radio had nice highs and acceptable bass so again, its not bad.

    With a trade in of my 05 Mazda 3i auto/31k miles, I only owe the dealer $5520. Might be a little high but you do get to be the first kid on the block with the Honda Fit! :)
  • bodble2bodble2 Posts: 4,519
    You traded an '05 Mazda3 for the Fit, and you had a TSX prior to that (which couldn't have been that old)? You must lose a small fortune turning your cars over that frequently! :cry: Just out of curiosity, what prompted you to ditch the TSX?
  • kagedudekagedude Posts: 407
    Picked up my old post from the Acura TSX Forum:
    Remember that Acura described TSX owners as passion buyers? My TSX has always been my baby and couldn't see driving it to work every single day and for reasons below.

    1. I drive 600 miles a week.
    2. With the mileage that I do, the warranty would expire in less than 2 years.
    3. To replace 17inch tires every year and a half will be quite expensive.
    4. Main thing that was getting to me was no body side molding. I couldn't stand parking it and having to think about people accidentally hitting the door. Seen too many RSX, MDX and CLs with weird door dings... dented vertical lines around 8inches.
    5. I'm too paranoid with this car. Remember the Jetta commercial with the supermarket cart. I'm that guy. =)

    My old commuter car used to be a 2002 Hyundai Accent GL. I just thought I needed something better to make me feel good about driving everyday. I think the Mazda 3i fills in quite nicely.

    As far as losing a small fortune, depends on how you look at it. For me its a car expense and as long as the monthly expense averages to a certain number throughout owning the different makes, I'm okay with it. I might lose on 1 car but will make it up on the next. :P

    Lets see how long the Honda Fit lasts!
  • mauicedarmauicedar Posts: 34
    Would an owner of a new Fit please check and see if the lid locks when you lock the car. Every Honda I've ever had at least had a gas lid lever release inside the car. My current BMW opens unless the car is locked. A bunch of people are complaining that the gas lid does not lock. Are they right or just don't know the facts? :sick:
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