Did mechanic bend my valves?

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So i was driving a few weeks ago and all of the sudden the engine of my 2005 sebring convertible started overheating quickly. I got home and saw the coolant was leaking out the bottom. After a diagnosis, it was determined coolant was leaking out of the water pump, and so it would be necessary to replace both the water pump and the timing belt.

So my friend has a friend who has fixed his car no problem several times, so I gave it to him to do the job. But after a couple weeks he called me and said he had replaced the timing belt and water pump but he could not get the car to start at all, that he thought he needed a special tool or something. So he took it to a shop and paid them to have it put back together.

So I eventually called the shop and the shop told me that the car would not start because i had no compression and my valves were bent! So what I guess I am wondering is, did the mechanic who tried to replace the timing belt bend my valves by doing it wrong? The car started perfectly fine and drove fine when i handed it over to the mechanic, it would just overheat after a while from no coolant. I also know that my timing belt was intact and did not break while I was driving it. So is it possible that this guy could bend my valves without even being able to start my car? He seems to think not, of course, and he is even paying to have another mechanic to another compression test and take a look. But I want to know if its possible to bend valves when the car won't even start? Don't want to start throwing accusations around before i know


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    It is very likely that an error during assembly resulted in the valves colliding with the pistons. The person working on the car has to be very careful and precise to ensure that the work is done correctly. These kinds of repairs can quickly exceed the capabilities of someone who really isn't a mechanic but does some repair work on the side.
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    Sure sounds like that's what happened. Now you have an expensive repair on your hands. The head (or heads if it's a V-6) will have to come off and the damage assessed. Hopefully no cylinder wall or piston damage.
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    Oh boy....
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