Can I get the lease rate for Mazda 3 sport and touring automatic 36/10 in Los Angeles?

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I was offered a Mo payment of $189 plus tax ($206 total), 0 down, $1200 fees (bank fee, 1st month, title, registration) on an msrp of $20,200 discounted down to $17,995. Also quoted $230 per month for the touring (includes sales tax), 0 down, very similar feed cost. Does this sound like a decent deal? I’m attempting to determine if there’s any more room to get them down under $200 per month.


  • tangerine5tangerine5 Member Posts: 2
    $189 was for the sport. And both are 2018’s.
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    $189 was for the sport. And both are 2018’s.

    Assuming these are sedans?

    .00001 MF
    50%/54% residual for Sport/Touring
    $1800/$790 lease cash on Sport/Touring

    If I deduct the $1800 from the sale price on the Sport, I get $170/mo.+tax.. Which is within $5/mo or so of your quote.

    I'd need the MSRP and sale price of the Touring to calculate a payment, but if it's a similar percentage discount to the Sport, then I don't see a lot more room... as, the Sport seems fairly priced.

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