1996 ford ranger, automatic, 4.0

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1996 ford ranger 4.0 started having accelerating problems awhile ago. When I first start it up, it struggles to stay running, pushing on the gas In park a few times usually prevents a stall. But a few weeks ago, it started having problems on the road. I push down on the gas and rpms climb but it takes a long time to accelerate. The other day I was driving home from Walmart, I hit the gas after a red light, it made a loud reving sound but the truck didn't make it past 10 mph, after about 15 seconds it finally picked up. It did that a few more times at about 3 blocks from home. I've been on a few forum pages and it appears it might be something called "limp home mode". No check engine light on, and I took it to O'Reillys the only thing that came back as an issue was the battery, it didn't read on the test. They said its at about 5 out of 10 for the life of the battery. I've checked the oil and that seems okay, might need an oil change. Check the tranny fluid, its at the right level. it still has its color, its just a little dark. I have to disconnect the battery over night because the alarm likes to go off. apparently I cant fix that besides just disarming and removing the whole system. ****I know NOTHING about mechanics**** Can I get some advice?


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    It sounds like you have transmission problems--some kind of hydraulic pressure failure in there. You should take it to a transmission shop and they can test it externally at first, and then maybe drop the oil pan and have a look. "Limp mode" has nothing to do with that level of slippage you are experiencing. How many miles on this truck?
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