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1999 Ford Windstar, all of the front electrical items have quit working a/c blower radio power window contols turn signals and heaadlights but all rear light and a/c work. This is intermittent.


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    That sounds like a defective front body control module--I think Ford calls it a "FEM". There are two in your vehicle, a front and a rear.

    This fem is located under the driver's dash but I don't have a diagram to pinpoint it for you. You can find it and inspect it for damage or water intrusion, but really, the only way to attack this problem is with a professional scan tool that can read the data from the fem.

    You could also check the fuse box and do a "wiggle test" to see if things go off and on when you do that. That would be a hint that you have a fuse box or harness problem.
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    Thank you.  I will check into this. I have replaced windshield wiper lever, many fuses and relays.  Also sometimes wipers come on whenever they want. 
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